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James Sie once again takes over another role for Jackie Chan; this time as Master Monkey in Secrets of the Scroll and Legends of Awesomeness. James had also voiced Viper’s father, Great Master Viper in Secrets of the Furious Five and Secrets of the Scroll. Prior to that, James had voiced Jackie’s animated persona for Jackie Chan Adventures as well as the Fire Demon Sorcerer, Shendu, and Chow, a member of The Enforcers.

Lucy Liu voiced the sleek, deadly, yet sweet and compassionate serpent, Master Viper in all of the KFP movies and Secrets of the Scroll; reprising her role for the LoA series. Liu had previously guest starred in Jackie Chan Adventures playing as one future version of Jackie’s niece, Jade Chan.

James Hong is known amongst KFP fans as the voice of noodle shop owner and Po’s adoptive father, Mr. Ping. I know him best as the voice of Daolon Wong, a powerful, evil wizard and Dark Chi Master whose goal is to become even more powerful and spread evil, either by use of his own magic or with the twelve talismans of Shendu or other magical artifacts he gets his hands on.

Amy Hill had voiced the stern, feisty, and overprotective mother of Tohru as well as Su, the former leader of the Ladies of the Shade, a traveling group of thieves.


*Whispers* It is finally time… TIME TO REVEAL PROJECT DARKNESS (at the least that’s what I’ve been calling the entire project in my mind). 

This a project that @uncpanda​ asked me to do and since I had nothing better to do at the time (things are getting busy at university). Basically, Lady Panda asked me if I could do some character design concepts for (YJ) Batmom/ Hell Cat, along with one more thing). 

Since there hasn’t been any specific physical details about Batmom, I took the liberty for designing a plus size ver. design as well. 

Here are some contexts:

  • Panda liked both designs for the Plus-Size version so I decided to keep both. The robe/yukata is a full yukata but is drawn like there is a missing half to it. 
  •  The main weapon that we decided on was the clawed gloves (inspired from Cheshire (from Young Justice)

Overall, this was pretty fun and educational. Also, this tested by character designing skills and I say it turned out alright :33 

SURPRISE @uncpanda! HERE’S AN EXTRA GIFT! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Never felt so honoured that you asked me to do this project for you. It was a lot of fun! :D :33


“Peter got me some parts I used to upgrade my car.” 

Thanks for the ask. -P

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What do you think about Tsukiyama's attitude about the Tou Ken marriage?

Mod A: I feel like it was kind of weird but given that this is ishi/da’s writing I’m not surprised.

Mod K: I personally think that it shows how far Tsukiyama has come. Also, I don’t think that anyone was really surprised, the pandas in the panel imply that they were were all waiting for this to happen, so he might’ve already expected it.


Imagine: Being the one person that the Joker just can’t seem to let go. He’ll do anything for you. So when Batman kidnaps you to lure out the Joker, he kills anyone in his way and comes to get you. 
A/N I really wanted to make this realistic as to how the Joker is. And I hope I did him justice. 

You can hear him in your head. His manic laughter and the way he says doll face. You know you must be crazy to love a man that can never actually love you back. But the two of you have your own kind of love. You’ll do anything for each other and while you don’t mind, you know Mr. J hate that he has a weakness. 

“He’s here,” Batman says standing in front of you. Struggling to look past him to see if Mr. J has really come for you, it takes you by surprise when a panda runs through the door first. After the panda comes several people and Batman has his hands full. 

“Hi, doll face,” someone says and you’d recognize that voice anymore. He unties you and pulls you in for a kiss. He kisses you with force before pulling away. He’s got a huge smile on his face as he watches behind you at Batman fighting. 

“Come on, baby,” he says prying his eyes of the fight. You follow him outside where a helicopter is waiting. He gets on first and then turns to help you. Soon enough you’re in a hotel room hidden from the world and Mr. J throws you in the couch. He’s never been one to care if his actions hurt you, but God forbid that anyone else hurt you. 

“Did the bad man hurt you?” he says getting on top of you. He’s kissing your neck leaving red marks everywhere. 

“No,” you whisper with a smile. This is what makes you happy. This toxic, dysfunctional relationship. You’re his and to some extent he’s yours. Once you accepted that his plans and his game with Batman would always be first priority, it became clear to you that Mr. J truly cared for you in his own twisted way. And that’s all you ask of him. 

“I like your suit,” you say looking down at him.

“I wore it for you,” he says placing his hand over his mouth. On his hand there’s a huge grinning mouth and you can hear him laugh. It makes you laugh as well. 

“You complete me,” he groans inhaling your scent. You almost tell him you love him, but the last time you told him that he nearly beat you. Mr. J doesn’t like that word. 

“Kiss me,” you say instead.