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Ok so blame @the-pontiac-bandit for this entirely. And giant thank you to @elsaclack for reading this after I convinced myself it was garbage.

Jake’s never prayed in a hospital hallway before. He’s seen plenty of people doing it, sometimes on tv, sometimes on an average day in his job. It’s always sickened him a little, stuck with him, caught in his thoughts, the fact that watching someone praying that they don’t lose their whole world is just another day at work for him. It must be worse for the doctors and nurses, he guesses, the people on the very front lines between life and death. The memory that’s sticking in his mind, right now, on the hospital floor, is the man who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with his family.

He remembers it sharply, acutely, agonisingly, even though it was years ago now, and memories from the days before that one are faded, time-bleached. The man had paced the floor for two hours, the whole time Jake had been here with his old partner. His eyes had been wild, his lips graced with whispered curse words, prayers, spit-flecked bargains, and blood had been running down his arms from his neck wound. But that hadn’t mattered to the man. Oliver Lawson. His name had been Oliver Lawson. And once those two hours had been up, a doctor and two nurses had approached him with certain looks in their eyes, looks that Jake didn’t have a name for. Looks that Oliver understood instantly, like the half-madness of terror and grief had taught him a new language, taught him to understand what each individual crease on someone’s face meant. Oliver had crumpled to the ground, screaming a sound that Jake never knew humans could make. Through being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Oliver Lawson’s wife and two daughters had been lost to him forever.

Jake wonders, from the cold hospital floor, knees drawn to his chest, where Oliver is now. Whether he still replays that day over and over in his head. Because if this goes the way that Jake has convinced himself it’s going to, he can’t see himself ever leaving this day, not really. His body might carry on (or actually, it might stay here on the pale blue tiles forever), but his brain will live right here. It will analyse every single thing that’s happened since they woke up this morning, wondering what he could have done differently. It will rewind to her excited, apprehensive smile. To her, ‘the baby’s coming. She’s coming.’

A hand find Jake’s shoulder, and he snaps his attention to the faces in front of him. They’re not doctors, or nurses, not angels, not some deity come down to say they’re sorry. It’s Captain Holt and Rosa, crouched in front of him, hands on his shoulder. Rosa’s face is stony, determined, brow furrowed, jaw set. Captain Holt’s is sombre, readable for once. For a split, blood-turns-to-ice second, Jake’s convinced that they’re here to tell him. That they’re here because the nurses couldn’t face him, so they’re making his friends tell him instead. They’re only here because Amy went into labour whilst Jake was at work, only here because he announced to the whole precinct that he was gonna be a dad real soon. Only here because everyone swung by once the night shift took over, because they were excited too.

“Did she-?” Jake can’t finish the sentence, can’t even wrap his tongue around the words properly. They splutter and falter in his mouth, the taste of them making him feel sick.

“We haven’t heard yet, son,” Captain Holt tells him, squeezing his shoulder.

“Come sit down,” Rosa reaches for his hand, nodding in the direction of the waiting area.

“I can’t.” They don’t get it. He’s sitting right outside of the doors of the hallway that leads to the operating theatre. If he sits right here, if he keeps wishing and praying and listening, something’s got to work.

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Prompt 11 with McCree x Reader? :o

I……….love me some cowboy. I am weak for McCree. Thank you for requesting him. Also this is *probably* Blackwatch McCree because I’m having…a thing for it/him.

From this ask prompt!

11. “Are you-are you flirting with me?”

The cowboy was back. For the third time this week. Sighing you felt around his chest for any broken ribs. Trying to ignore the blush staining your cheeks. “You really should learn to be more careful.” you scold lightly. 

Jesse was leaning back on his palms on the examination table. “Well, I have faith that you can get my patched up, doc.” he winked at you, showing you his signature smirk.

“One of these days, if you’re not careful, you’re gonna end up with a wound I can’t patch up.” you mutter darkly, frowning down at the discoloration of his torso. You didn’t miss the multitude of scars that covered his chest and arms. “Doesn’t look like anything’s broken. But your ribs are bruised, I’d take it easy for a while.” you pulled off your medical gloves and the cowboy hopped off the table with a grunt, reaching over to retrieve his discarded shirt.

Unbidden, he caught your eye. Who could blame you? The man was absolutely stunning. A healthy smattering of chest hair, toned abs, and that fucking perfect V that led to the goddamn promised land as far as you were concerned. Specimen. He must have felt you staring because suddenly he turned his head and grinned at you. You quickly looked away and touched your cheeks, willing your blush away. 

You heard the tell-tale sounds of spurs jingling behind you and you spun around to find him leaning over you, forcing you to press your back to the wall. He placed his palm flat on the wall beside your head. Your eyes were wide and your face was on fire. You scanned his face, trying to find a safe place to look. It was a mistake to look down because oh god he didn’t put his shirt back on yet. “See somethin’ ya like, darlin’?” he purred, leaning just a little bit closer to you.

“Are you-” you cut yourself off, clearing your throat. “Are you flirting with me?” you squeaked, the question sounding foolish even to your own ears.

“Have been for months, darlin’, but thanks for noticin’.” he smirked, tilting his head to the side coyly. 

“Oh…” you said dumbly, your lips still parted in surprise, gaping like a fish out of water. Wow, how did you miss all of those signs? Well, in your defense you did just think he was a flirty person and he did that with everyone. But then again…he had been coming into the infirmary a lot and for minor injuries that most agents would have ignored too. You just thought he was a stickler for his health.

You were certain you were as red as a tomato, and McCree had this smug smirk on his stupidly handsome face. Fuck it, you thought. Blowing out a huff of air you grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. Just before your lips connected you saw the look of surprise on his face and heard the squeak that passed his lips. If he had been purposely flustering you all these months you thought it was high time you start fighting fire with fire.

do you ever just think about how the people magnus dated in the past probably never told him how much they loved him let alone do little things to show their love and that’s why he always looks so surprised whenever alec confesses his love or does something kind just because he wants to or surprises magnus with something purely because he knows he’ll like it. like im so happy magnus is finally receiving the love he deserves like he deserves to be told how beautiful he is and how his feelings are all that matters and he’ll never be alone and that someone honestly can’t imagine living their life without him and he deserves to have someone who will fight for him and love every part of him, the good parts and the bad like im just happy magnus and alec found each other

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


More Jin Kim’s style (or kinda) practice!

I had to fight too much with this man’s face. Sweet Jesus I still don’t know if I fully understand how it works. BUT it’s very fun to draw and I’ve learnt a lot of things, such as draw: sternocleidmastoid, oris/oculi orbicularis, angry men, very angry men. Did I mention how proud I am of the necks? 

I’d totally love to work on Eponine and Gavroche expressions but sadly, I have to keep working on the portfolio so they will have to wait *cries a river*

So guess what I’m still thinking of? If you guessed “the seven birds as gods” you are correct. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of what they might be patron gods of and what kinds of prayers they’d be most likely to answer.

Lucretia - She’s a goddess of protection, of course, and also guidance in difficult decisions and forgiveness. She answers prayers for those looking for protection, but her most generous answers are for those who pray for protection on behalf of others, in the defense of others. She provides guidance to those facing difficult choices and quiets guilty hearts of repentant people. Lucretia cannot force the forgiveness of others, but she can ease the hurt between people so that both sides suffer less.

Davenport - He’s a god of travelers and journeys, of clear thoughts and articulation. A lot of sailors and adventurers pray to him and he guides them to safe passage, but he also receives prayers from people who have difficulty communicating - either because they have difficulty collecting their thoughts, difficulty expressing themselves, or difficulty being understood. He gives them the right words in a variety of ways, and ensures that those who cannot speak for themselves are not overlooked of forgotten.

Merle - He’s a god of fertility, dance, and hope. He answers prayers of families and performers (though the ways in which he answers performers is unpredictable and frequently hilarious). He gives special attention to families that are strained or in some way separated; he provides healing even if the family cannot be reunited. He also answers the prayers of people looking for hope in desperate and dark situations, and those asking for second chances; it’s very rare that those kinds of prayers ever go unanswered.

Magnus - He’s a god of strength, skill in battle, lost love, and endurance. Magnus gets a lot of prayers from fighters looking to be stronger than anyone else, and he usually answers those prayers by guiding them closer to other people. He has a similar solution for those praying for lost loves and endurance - he guides them to other people, and things to do, causes to live for. It’s the best advice he has. (Julia is not technically a goddess but sometimes she answers prayers too, especially prayers from oppressed people suffering under unfair rule.)

Lup - She’s a goddess of chaos, justice, patience, and freedom. She appreciates unrestrained displays of magic. Some pray to her mistakenly expecting her to answer prayers of destruction or vengeance, but she only answers where there is a wrong to be righted. Like Julia, Lup answers the prayers of the oppressed, as well as the desperate, betrayed, and those facing impossible odds. (The answers to these prayers are sometimes destructive, as the situation calls for it.) Lup also answers prayers of patience, and calms passionate spirits until the time is right; she answers the prayers of those trapped physically or in a dangerous situation and aids their escape.

Taako - He’s a god of cooking, trickery, and teaching. He’s a trickster god and so it’s sometimes difficult to know answered prayers have actually been answered, but that in itself is a lesson - be careful who you trust and seek your own solutions. He’s known for listening to students struggling to learn for reasons outside of their control - a lack of resources, or specific learning needs. The answers to those prayers are usually detrimental to who or whatever is standing in their way. Most prayers involving tricks result in the trick failing spectacularly or putting the person who said the prayer at the receiving end. There is a specific prayer attributed to him to check food for poison; he almost always answers for people like those in his audiences, and if a dish is poisoned it will glow with a soft pink color. 

Barry - He’s the god of research, memory, and finding lost things. Barry most frequently receives prayers from people who are looking for something - many different types of something. Some are looking for insubstantial goals, such as love or success. Some are looking for answers, or information, or a favorite item. He pays special attention to prayers looking for lost people (either those who are missing or who have lost their way). He also answers prayers to preserve and refresh memory; when the memory cannot be helped directly, sometimes he’ll answer these prayers by surrounding the person by reminders of things they’ve forgotten.