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I’ve wanted to examine Jim’s bedroom for awhile now because a person’s bedroom usually says a lot about them. It looks like:

  • jim is a pretty big reader. he has two bookshelves full of books
  • he likes space. there’s a poster with an astronaut, a model rocket ship, and a globe covered in constellations in his room
  • he played baseball when he was younger. I’m guessing elementary and middle school aged based on the different batting helmets on top of the bookshelf 
  • he must not be too good at it and/or didn’t do it that long though since he only has one small trophy to show for it
  • theres also a microscope up there. does he like science? 
  • he’s passionate about race cars and motorcycles as well as vespas. cool vehicles in general
  • he wants to try skydiving
  • he keeps a calendar
  • there’s a pinewood derby car on the one high shelf and a green robot that kind of looks like a Transformer
  • okay he definitely likes science. this room is so much science and engineering. even though he doesn’t like math
  • he must also like some wild west movie about a dude named Chad. maybe its his favorite movie
  • there’s no personal photos in his room. not him or his mom or Toby. i feel like thats kind of significant 
  • he also keeps his room very clean (but that’s not surprising)

jensen at nash con, sings solo & with jason, rich & rob, + bday surprise

nice compo, + the b-day surprise to jensen was great, glad they remembered.

j & mark p with the b-day cake

j & rob

j singing

j & jason

(fangasm pics, + you know the drill abt videos, youtube etc)


tiny children

The News

Pairing: Rich x Reader

Summary: With news in hand you head out to surprise Rich for his birthday. Will your news be good or bad? Will Rich want to know?

Word Count: 2723

Warnings: Mentions of being sick(more detail in tags), Rich humor, a little bit of language, suggestive language and gestures, angst, then fluff, arguing

A/n: This is for RPF Appreciation Day 2017. I’ve never written Rich before but I hope you enjoy! This has been sitting on my computer forever. Trust me, just ask @impalaimagining

  You sat in the uncomfortable, blue chair and chewed your lip nervously. The test results would tell you whether your surprise would be good or bad. The nurse had led you into the room thirty minutes before and had said the doctor wouldn’t be long. No surprise there that the doctor hadn’t shown yet but you wanted the results before you left town. You were too involved in fidgeting with your phone to notice when the door opened.

 “So, (Y/n), I have some really good news and a little upsetting news but nothing major.” You frowned at hearing those words.

 “Alright, Doctor Baker, give it to me straight. I just need to know if we need to do anymore treatments before I head out of town, or can they wait?”

 “Well, the treatments can wait but you can’t leave town.”

 “Wait, what?” you cut her off. “But I thought you said I would be good to go.”

 “(Y/n), sweetie, calm down. I was saying you can’t leave town until tomorrow. I just have one more thing for you to do. We need to go back down the hall to one of the exam rooms. That’s the upsetting news.”

 You gave her a look of exasperation. You moved from the chair and fixed your loose top to flow the right way over the jeans that were trying to slink down your hips. The treatments had caused you to lose weight drastically.

 “Come on, Sweetie, it won’t take long at all.” Your doctor moved to open the door for you. You stepped into the hall and immediately shrunk back into the room after a loud roar of voices surrounded you.

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“You know, 90% of the country believes in ghosts? Less than a third believes in evolution? 35% can correctly identify Homer Simpson and the fictional town which he resides. And less than 1% knows the name Thurgood Marshall. But when you put 12 Americans together in a jury and ask for justice? Something just out of brilliance happens. Often as not, they get it right.”

Films watched in 2015: The Judge (2014), dir. David Dobkin


Neymar’s gift to his mother on International Women’s Day 2017 | 08.03.17

“Thank you, my God, for giving me this wonderful, affectionate son and still today with such an important game, he remembers me…” Nadine wrote with the first photo (of the card).

With the second photo she wrote: “I love you son! God is Faithful ….. even from afar, he remembers/knows how to surprise me.”

Just realized I hadn’t shared it here - one of our local comic shops had several artists visiting for Free Comic Book Day. An artist named Ron Leary Jr had some gorgeous prints, but was also doing sketches for a good deal less than his normal commission rate. So… Anders. He wasn’t familiar, so I also got to talk to him a bit about the character. He also seems anti-circle, so, excellent :-)