surprised he didnt lift up his shirt to wipe his nose!!!!!!


Shawn - your eyes open slowly, letting the dull light of the rainy saturday morning fill them. you notice the sound of something very familiar and comforting, your body being drawn to the sound, you roll over to reveal shawn sitting on the end of his bed shirtless strumming soft random notes on his guitar. you sigh contently making his face brighten in a wide smile as he notices youre awake. ‘Morning beautiful’ he says leaning over and kissing you lovingly on the forehead. 'Play me a song shawwwwwwn’ you beg 'you know how much i hate the rain’ you say trying to convince him. 'okay okay’ he giggles a slight blush flooding his cheeks. He huge hands run up and down the guitar as if trying to decide which song they want to play, he nods his head slightly and begins to play sweater weather - the neighbourhood, which he knows you love, his eyes never leaving you apart from when they close to reach the higher notes. You snuggle back down into the covers breathing in his scent deeply as you listen to his perfect voice sing to you.

Taylor - You wake up feeling a weight on top of your body, usually that sort of feeling would make you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable but you laughed briefly looking down and seeing taylor, still with his bandana in tact on his touseled hair with his head nestled in your boobs, his arms wrapped around you but with hand resting typically just under the waistband in your pjama shorts and his body going diagonally leaning on one of your legs. As weird as it might sound this is how taylor always liked to sleep on you, you slap gently on his face in an attempt to wake him and he grumbles taking your hand in his and looking up to you. 'morning mr caniff’ you say smiling, 'hey babe’ he replies with a smirk kissing your boob before wrapping his arms all the way round you and using his strengh to roll you both over so you’re now lying on top of him both of you tangled in the sheets laughing as you always did with taylor. 'So what shall we do today?’ he asks readjusting his bandana. 'Just this’ you reply kissing the top of his abs gently as he runs his fingers through your hair.

Matthew - your eyes snap open revealing a passed out matt snoring ridiculously loud, he’d just got back from LA last night and was so tired he’d fallen asleep mid conversation with you and now his heavy snores had woken you up but how could you mad at that angelic face? You smiled at his worn out face, his under eyes all purple and puffy, his lips slightly parted, you leaned and kissed his nose causing him to wrinkle it creasing his forhead and shifting his postition, but not quite waking yet. He began mumbling words in his sleep making you giggle; 'cartahhh thats my shoooe’ 'cartahh did yoohou shut the door this time?’ 'carrtahh noooo stop it’. You reached over and began vining him as he grumbled more sleepy talk, in the last few seconds you got up close to his face and shouted 'MATT!!!’ causing him to immediatley wake up, jumping so much he almost fell off your bed making you laugh uncontrolably in the last second shot. He rubs his eyes trying to understand what actually just happened. 'HAHAHAHAhahahaha im sorry matt’ you say gasping for air, he turns his back on you prentending to be mad, your laughing subsides and you lean accross him cupping his face and kissing it all round. 'Matthew im sorrrrrry’ you say inbetween kisses, his face breaks out with his winning smile returning the kisses to you - he could never resist when you called him matthew. He wraps you in his arms and whispers into your hair 'god i missed you’.

Nash - you wake up noticing one side of your face is hot you lift your head slowly peeling your cheek off his chest glancing upwards checking hes still there as if you couldnt tell from his strong arms wrapped protectively around you. Sure enough, your eyes our met with his piercing blue ones looking down at you, he runs his fingers through his hair 'morning princess’ he says to you in a silly voice, you could feel yourself getting lost in eyes as you often did, trying to work out what each shade was and the order they went in. 'morning nash’ you chuckle in reply eventually pulling your eyes away to rest your head back on his chest running your hands up and down his body as he rubbed your arm gently with his other hand tracing patterns on your back under his shirt that you were wearing. You loved the sound of his heart beating underneath you, it made you feel safe and calm; the peace between you was soon interupted as Nash’s phone went off next to you- it was cameron facetiming him. You reached for his phone passing it to him 'nash its your girlfriend, she wants to facetime’ you say laughing. he gives a you sarcastic 'ha ha ha’ and answers the call 'hey cam whats up’ 'hey bro, we’re all going to the beach today and were wondering if- oh hey y/n’ 'hey cam’ you say waving. 'thanks cam but im spending the day with y/n today’ 'WHIPPED’ you hear cam shout which makes both of you laugh. 'cmon bring y/n too, lets enjoy LA while we’re here’ cam continues. You smile 'yeah cmon nash lets go, i like the beach’. 'yes fine okay we’ll meet you there’ nash agrees. When the call ends you sit up 'i suppose we better get up and get-’ but nash pulls you back down '5 more minutes baby’ nash tells you wrapping his arms even tighter around you kissing the top of your head. You smile relax back down while he plays with you hair.

Cameron - the sound of gentle sobs wakes you up, you roll over curious as to where or who it was coming from the minute you saw his face it all came flooding back to you, you’d had your worst argument of your whole relationship last night, the reason behind it became irrelevant, it broke your heart to see him crying like this, the last time you had seen him cry this much was when Chris left. you immediately get up and move closer towards him feeling the tears prick in your own eyes, you sit on him wrapping your legs around his waist 'shhhh cam its okay, we’re okay’ you say running your hands through his hair and wiping his tears away from his red tired eyes with your thumbs. 'im so sorry y/n, i didnt mean what i said, im sorry, ill make it up to you baby’ he whispers, causing small tears to run down your cheeks. You both rest your foreheads on eachothers ’ i know cam, im sorry too, no no dont worry’ you say closing your eyes. Cam slides his hands up the back of your shirt stroking your back and pulling you closer to him, 'we’re okay’ you reassure him again and he crashes his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. When you pull away you wrap your hands around his neck and pull him into a tight hug as he whispers 'i love you’ repeatedly into your chest. He then kisses your neck making you giggle. 'cam?’ 'mmmm’ he hums into your skin, you use your hands to pull his face to face yours again, 'know how you can make it up to me?’ you say raising your eyebrows, he bites his lip as he leans in close to yours but you stop him just before he has a chance to kiss you again - 'you can make me breakfast’ you say smiling. He laughs looking down, surprised he didnt know you’d pull that one, 'anything for you’ he grins pecking your lips one more time before heading out towards the kitchen.

Jack g - you’re woken up to jack kissing you gently, you smile at eachother and you straight away lean back in towards him for another kiss but he pulls away teasing you which makes you wrap your hands round his neck pulling him closer and after a bit more teasing he leans down and bites your lower lip allowing you to kiss him, it wasnt long before it became very heated. He lifted his tshirt off of you over your head fircely and threw it to the ground as you scratched at his back as if trying to take off his tshirt too which of course he wasnt wearing anyway. You ran your fingers through his hair pulling it slightly while he kissed along your collarbone and up and down your body as his hands squeezed your butt. After a while you both soon begin to get breathless at which point he pulls away smirking before leaning down to kiss your shoulder, both of you relaxing and catching your breath back. You both laugh slightly, 'Morning’ he finally says smiling.

Jack j - you were woken up by something wet like a lick on your cheek, at first you assumed it was your dog but you open your eyes slowly revealling jacks face there in front of your own, you break into laughter shoving him off of you 'ew jack what are you doing?!’ 'waking you up in the nicest way possible’ he says smiling attemting to look cute. You squish his cheeks between your fingers and kissing him on the lips before breaking the kiss, you move your tongue to lick his cheek back. You both laugh as you turn over allowing him to fit in behind you as the big spoon, you fiddle with the bracelets and wristbands he wears while you both chat for a bit but after a short silence jack suddenly moves, 'right, MY turn now’ you turn round confused 'cmon’ he says rolling round so his backs facing you. you sigh 'really jack?’ you say laughing 'yeppp cmon’ he replies pulling your arm round his body making you the big spoon. 'You’re crazy jj’ you say as he snuggles into your body 'i know and thats why you love me’ he says kissing your hand.

Hayes - you burst into his room excitedly revealling him lying on his front in his bed still asleep of course. you run over to him and jump onto the bed 'HAAAAAAYYYYYYESSSSSS WAKE UP LAZY ASS’, he rolls over rubbing his eyes 'y/n its so early!!’ he groans, 'no hayes its 11 i want to go out the suns out for once!’ you say continuing to jump on the bed. In one quick motion he sits up and grabs your legs at the knees and pulls you down onto the bed with him tickling you making you giggle uncontrollably 'hayes stopppppp!’ you say. You notice his phone in the covers next to you so you pick it up and run quickly around his room and then towards the door, he quickly catches up with you and grabs you from behind picking you up throwing you back down on the bed, you both playfight around a bit until you eventually give in and give him his phone back. He hovers over you on his hands and knees looking at you for a bit before leaning and in kissing you. Suddenly Nash pops his head round the door 'keep it clean poobear’ he says ruining the moment, 'GO AWAY NASH’ hayes shouts back his cheeks flushing red. You start laughing and hayes tickles you again making you bury yourself under the covers so he cant get you. 'cmon y/n thought you wanted to go out’ he says with a smirk.

Sammy - you wake up suddenly, moving too quickly causing a sharp pain to shoot through your head reminding you of the night before. you glanced up to the body you were leaning on relieved to find it was sam sleeping peacfully. you try not to move too much to make sure you arent sick, a wave of panic and embarrasment goes over you as you faintly remember you both confessing your love for eachother you look up and notice just how perfect he really is tracing up his chest and along his jawline with your fingertips. you look back down and move your hand away to but its quickly caught unexpectedly by his making you jump, he giggles his special sammy giggle which makes you smile, 'morning’ he says smirking. 'hi’ you reply. after a short silence you panic and say 'so, umm do you uhh remember last night? like did you mean it? i mean it doesnt matter if you didnt i just wanted to check you know..’ 'haha yeah of course i meant it, i really do like you y/n’ he answers while playing with your fingers. You felt your body relax in relief, you smile up at him but hes concerntrating still on your hands. 'soo umm did you maybe wanna go on a proper date?’ he asks blushing nervously avoiding eye contact with you but intertwining your hands together. 'definitely’ you say using your free hand to turn his face so you can kiss him on the cheek. he smiles an even bigger smile, 'but right now could we just stay like this? my head hurts’ you say laughing. he nods as you wriggle back down and snuggle into his chest.

Aaron - your woke briefly, still half asleep to the feeling of being carried by a pair of strong arms, you were so tired you just immediately fell back to sleep. A few hours later you wake up in your boyfriends bed still with your clothes on from the day before, at first you’re confused as to how you got there as you distinctly remember falling to sleep in the car on your long road trip back from magcon in texas but you as you see aaron who is lying on his front in the bed next to you you remember his strong arms carrying you in from the car. He stretches out before turning his face to you smiling at you, you smile back as he leans in to kiss you you exchange good mornings before you relax into his chest wrapped in eachothers arms. 'breakfast?’ you ask after about 10 minutes. 'sure’ he smiles back kissing the top of your head. you walk off into the kitchen and start making breakfast before being suprised by aaron wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug 'so how can i help?’ he asks with a half smile and the two of you make breakfast together and spend the day watching disney films cuddled on the sofa.

Carter - you’re woken by a playful slap on your ass as you look down and see carter leaning on your legs still in his hoodie, you notice the discomfort of your arm bent up behind your head and realise you had both fallen asleep on the sofa fully clothed in the middle of what was meant to be a movie night. 'morning’ you both say as you share giggles at the fact you had ruined another of your attempts to be cute together, the popcorn covered the floor where carter had dropped it and you felt all hot and sticky in the awkward way you had fallen asleep. Carter stood up and removed his clothes so that he was only in his boxer shorts as you peel yourself out of your jeans and run your fingers through your hair finally putting it up in a loose bun. He reaches out his hand to you pulling you up and round so that you can jump on his back and then runs with you into his room, you both climb into his bed enjoying the coolness of the sheets on your hot bodies. You lie next to eachother as he fiddles with your hair with one hand and scrolls through twitter with the other. You decide to spend the day watching the films you didnt get round to watching the night before.

Dillon - you wake up suddenly like a kid on christmas morning, excitement bubbling in your stomach. 'DILLON DILLON DILLON WAKE UP ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!’ you shout jumping up and down and then moving so you’re sitting up accross his tummy leaning back against his knees. He laughed and rubbed his eyes at how you were more excited than him for his own birthday 'morning bae’ he says taking your hands in his kissing them gently. 'so what are we gonna do today?!’ you ask he thinks for a while before deciding 'lets just go on an adventure’ he says smirking 'good plan’ you say bending down to kiss him. 'But first i gotta shower’ he says as you climb off him lying back down in bed, 'oh no no no, its my birthday youre coming with me’ he says winking at you as you giggle and follow him out of the bedroom.

Jacob - you wake up in a panic gasping for air, and using your hand to feel around in the darkness, 'JACOB JACOB’ you attempt to shout but the sound only comes out in a whisper. You feel an empty space next to where jacob should be causing you to panic more tears streaming down your eyes. Suddenly the door swings open and jacob walks in from the bathroom 'Y/N its okay baby calm down, it was just a dream, you’re okay im here’ he says running towards you quickly holding your head in his hands. He carries on trying to calm you down with his soft words which slowly begins to work, he climbs back into the bed next to you wrapping his arms tightly around you and rocking you gently to soothe you. You slowly felt your heart beat and breathing return to normal while jacob sings in your ear stroking circles onto your arm which eventually lulls you back to sleep.

Mahogany (friendly not romantic)- You both wake up around the same time and you sit up your eyes scanning the hotel room and the awful state it was in, you were at a magcon event and all the boys had moved their food fight into yours and mahogany’s room last night. You both look at eachother eyes wide with shock and just start laughing at the pizza stuck to the wall and crumbs that were scattered around the floor, you could barely even see the floor. 'Are they always that crazy?’ you ask rubbing your eyes 'yepp, i told you y/n its like 14 little brothers!’ mahongany replies rolling her eyes smiling. 'omg but how are we gonna clean this?!’ you ask her. 'WE arent going to!’ she says still laughing, you look at her confused and she gets up treading carefully on the tiny patches that arent covered in mess. 'cmon, you get cam,nash,hayes, carter and matt, ill get the rest’ she says pulling a jumper on over her pjamas, you nod and follow her out the room, on a misson to get the boys.

A/N - Okay, this is my first preference sorry its so long (i guess its more like a mini imagine for them all) and the grammar is awful but i tried my best! Let me know what you think, i’d really appreciate it and if youve got any requests or suggestions feel free to say!