surprised frog

Fluffy (Is that still his name? I lost track): 

At night when the lake is a mirror
And the moon rides the waves to the shore
A single soul sets his voice singing
Content to be slightly forlorn
A song rises over the lilies
Sweeps high to clear over the reeds
And over the bulrushes’ swaying
To pluck at a pair of heart strings

The fact he can talk is something, but what makes it interesting is that everyone seems surprised, even the other frogs. This is not a normal frog. I suspect he’s is another transformed like Beatrice. 

Haikyuu boys and favourite animals

Hinata: dog

Kageyama: whales

Tsukishima: dinosaurs (duh)/ and he likes koalas

Asahi: Bears

Yamaguchi: cats

Daichi: horses

Sugawara: rats

Nishinoya: leopards

Tanaka: rabbits

Ennoshita: Llamas

Bokuto: Lizards (surprise!)

Kuroo: Chickens

Kenma: Frogs

Akaashi: Squirrels

Oikawa: Horses

Iwaizumi: Ostrich

Lev Haiba: Hummingbird