surprised cats

Adrien the Old-School Nerd

So, it turns out anime isn’t the only visual media Adrien draws inspiration from.  Remember this dance from Rogercop?

I thought it looked familiar…

  • Chat Noir: Something about Paris makes me wanna dance 
  • Fred Astaire: Yeah SAME (Top Hat, 1935)

Luna the Surprise Apartment Cat doesn’t like me taking things out of boxes. I had to stop unpacking because she’d attack me when I reached in the box for stuff. (And is it just me, or does she look a little chimera-ish with the split face?)

I’m always telling everyone that i’ll be the crazy cat lady of my family but i just now realized i already am only my “cats” are actually fictional couples

Chapter Twenty-Two

The moon was far over the Aulmir by the time the Gathering party returned. They were exhausted and frustrated, slinking to bed without much more than a comment about Brokenstar being late and talking forever. Firepaw quickly joined his friends in the apprentice’s den in the hopes of striking up a conversation, but even Ravenpaw hardly responded to him. Firepaw then went outside for entertainment, only to see the Clan dispersing to rest. Sighing, he reluctantly followed suit, curling up by the entrance and thinking about nothing in particular. 

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