Killing Them Softly (2012)

This is the story of two smalltime hustlers, one a maniac Australian smack head, the other a guy just trying to get by. When Johnny Sack from The Sopranos convinces them to blag a protected card game they end up in deep doodoo. Two hitmen, the hyper cool and hyper dangerous Brad Pitt and the Schlubby yet magnificent James Gandolfini are quickly set to task on righting the wrong.

So when I watched this the first time I signed off with “brilliant movie, cannot wait to rewatch”. I’m therefore surprised it has taken me four years. This thing really holds up. People didn’t really go for it the first time around but I wonder if they would get more second time around.

Set against the background of economic downturn in the US with a dark comedic undertone and occasional extreme and shocking violence. Gloriously written, with superb interplay between the characters making every scene scene compelling. There is what must be a ten minute scene of Pitt sitting in a Hotel room with Gandolfini (wearing a dressing gown obviously) talking and it is just thrilling. 

Slick, stylish and only occasionally straying into Scorsese-lite this is a film od superb imagery and clever camera work herion-cam and car-door-cam for example are excellent.

Great cast, several guys from the Sopranos plus Pitt who is in imperious form, as cool as he is ruthless, Gandolfini’s small part as a washed up trigger man is fantastic and Mendelsohn has some of the best lines in the film.

This is awesome.

“Very few guys know me”.

“I was drinking before you got out of your father’s cock. Don’t tell me what I do”.

“This guy wants to tell me we’re living in a community. Don’t make me laugh. I’m living in America, and in America, you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s just a business. Now fucking pay me.”

“They cry, they plead, they beg, they piss themselves, they cry for their mothers. It gets embarrassing. I like to kill ‘em softly. From a distance”.


The american actress Rooney Mara wore a black dress with lace details from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 Ready to wear, for the premiere of her movie “The Discovery”.

I’m not really a fan of Louis Vuitton’s creation and this is not an exeption. Moreover, I wish Rooney will surprise us with something more colorful, as we have seen a million of this little black dress on her.

I’m The dullest person ever I’m surprised people can handle talking to me for more than 5 minutes. I can’t even speak correctly half the time.

Did Len forget to take his nap before Monday’s show? Because he seemed grumpier than usual. An injury has already shown up and someone got sent home. Let’s see how the second week unfolded: 

Chris and Witney: This was not a surprise. Chris had the lowest scores last week and I wasn’t sure he’d be able to get the votes. We found out why he was so stiff–he had to have several surgeries to correct an injury. His back is messed up and his neck is stiff. Yet he still came out and managed to deliver a pretty good routine, even if it wasn’t up to par with the others. 

Normani and Val: If they hadn’t told us, I doubt anyone would’ve known that she had just flown in from Japan only hours earlier. She and Val delivered an excellent routine that could’ve easily been done by the pros rather than a star. Normani is definitely one to watch. 

Rashad and Emma:  He showed us his vulnerable and emotional side in a beautiful dance with Emma. Rashad is definitely keeping up the proud tradition of great football players on this show. 

Heather and Alan:  Maks got injured during rehearsals and he’s not entire sure when he’ll recover. Alan, from the troupe, stepped in to dance with Heather. She delivered an excellent jive and got to show off a bit of her hip hop moves as well. While it’s clear she’s going to miss Maks, I think she and Alan will work well for however long they need to. 

Bonner and Sharna: I know there are rumors going around about them dating and I wouldn’t be surprised. There was just something between them and frankly, Sharna doesn’t hide it well. Otherwise, their waltz was absolutely gorgeous and romantic. 

Simone and Sasha: I thought she did well. She and Sasha have a great relationship, though I could understand why she might’ve wanted a member of the troupe to help her with “sexy” rather than Sasha. It might’ve been more awkward for her, depending on her experiences. 

Erika and Gleb: Last week was fun and had a unicorn. This week though, Erika showed she can actually dance as she pulled off a great routine with Gleb. On another note, Gleb is apparently a dad. Who knew? 

Nancy and Artem: Nancy doesn’t like to be complimented, saying it was something from how she was trained for the Olympics. And I believe it. She was definitely trained in an age where coaches weren’t known for coddling their athletes. Artem is being patient with her and they keep working well together as the competition goes on. 

David and Lindsay: He busted a move. I’m not sure it was as good as last week but he’s still holding his own. And it’s clear he’s having a lot of fun, as is Lindsay. 

Charo and Keo: Reports say that Charo is threatening to quit if the judges don’t scare scoring her fairly. What she means is that she thinks she deserves higher scores but I’m not sure that’s true. Her paso was pretty good, but there were still moments were she looked too wild and like she was all over the place. And I’m not sure why she hates Bruno, but hopefully security will protect him. 

Nick and Peta: Peta and Maks’ baby is so cute! While Nick is pretty good, I do think Peta may have overestimated his capabilities in Week 2. I think the routine was ambitious and he tried, but would’ve done better with an easier routine. 

Mr. T and Kym: Oh, Mr. T. He’s trying. And he’s having fun. But I predict he’ll be the next to go. Especially because everyone is going to want to see if Charo kills Bruno. 

Next week is most memorable year, I believe. So stock up on the tissues!

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A boy with curly blond hair jumps up and down on the platform. He covered his mouth in surprise. He waved his fist in ecstasy. If I hadn’t glanced his screen before and knew he was playing Clash of Clans, I’d mistaken him for an underage football fan, despite the fact that today is Thursday, and that it was 8.43 in the morning.

@facetiousdespair answered your ask:

It definitely qualified as surprise… for a minute or two… but how else was one supposed to react when found face to face with…… themselves!?

Of course, when the shock wore off, her mind got right to work.
The detective’s usual neutral expression hardened- lilac irises glossing over every inch of her doppelgänger in seconds.

Hair. Eyes. Voice.
Clothes. Height. Shape.
Every detail. Every inch. Investigated.


“Enoshima, what are you doing here, and why are you dressed like me?”

Our story is about a town—a small town—and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world. Safe. Decent. Innocent. Get closer, though, and you start seeing the shadows underneath.


It’s a new year at Riverdale High and it’s full of surprises—like the death of our beloved Jason Blossom (may he rest in peace). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like his death will be the first or the last. You heard right, Riverdale High. There’s a murderer on the loose. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t open the door. Don’t try to escape. But most of all… DON’T SCREAM!

main. navigate. characters.

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David had been left alone in the apartment not having the chance to leave but cooped up inside distracted by his own mind. Personalities were running rampant with in the corner of his mind. It was hard to focus to find his centre. It was like multiple hands were covering his own eyes making him blind. Hands were on either sides of his head, everything inside the apartment was shaking & soon the weight of the building began to tremble & creak. Breath intake was fast paced, with his heart hammering quickly beneath chest. Body would perspire due to the strain & stress of his mind & body. This was all due to the build up  of the manifestation of his own power wanting to burst out. Grimacing mouth would open as David would cry out in pain -  there were too many voices - all calling out his name & speaking to him at the same time like they were taunting him. Becoming surprised when he saw Sophia appear before his own eyes, looking shocked as twitchy hands would lower down to his hips. Feeling her hands against the top of his head caused him to relax & simmer down. The apartment building & everything inside ceased to shake, following her voice & instructions to breath. Shutting his eyes closed slowly, inhaling deeply & exhaling slowly with each breath. Heart beat would soon begin to ease down. Hands clenched into shaking fists would unclench slowly. Eyes would open, meeting his gaze with hers.” I didn’t see you come in.”David spoke in a soft tone, feeling her soft hands on his cheeks, blinking slowly. Was she real or was she merely a delusion.”Brown hues would scan around the apartment before fixating his eyes to look on her face. It was fortunate for him that Sophia had arrive, she was his anchor.” Thank you & I am not saying thank you for saving my life but I am saying thank you for saving the lives of people.” Tone of voice sounding saddened, sniffing, as face would turn away.”I shouldn’t even be alive, Soph. I am a freak & most of all I am dangerous. I told you someone like me can’t be saved.”

John Legend surprises bystanders with impromptu performance at St Pancras station

Footage has emerged of singer John Legend performing at London St Pancras station, UK.

The video, captured on Wednesday, shows the musician singing and playing his song ‘Sure’ on the piano, surrounded by a huge crowd.

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and here i thought i was gonna be blamed for this

you’re safe this time,

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Immature jokes aside I was actually wondering what happened to you earlier today so this is a pleasant surprise ❤

aW!! WELP, school kicked my ass, then i kicked school’s ass, and then i decided to remake this shit and i pop in from time to time !! and ive also been in a different fandom :’))

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💋 "Flipped."

Send a symbol, and my muse will…

💋 Kiss yours on the lips.  (Include “Flipped!” for your muse to do it instead!)

The last thing Talon expected when the other approached them was for her to lean forward and kiss them square on the lips. It took a moment for the assassin to react because they were so surprised. Pushing Diana away, they take a few steps back, a mixture of confusion and anger on their face.

“W-what do you think you’re doing?!”