surprise we came

a story even shippers weren’t really quite expecting

First Season:
Black, two sugar. BTW I’m manipulating you.

Second Season:
I don’t count? I don’t cOUNT? WHERE THE HECK DID U GET THAT IMPRESSION YOUNG LADY??!?! You do count. Now that we established that… would you mind help me fake my death? I need you.

Third Season:
Help me solve cases because I’m not good with thank yous. Also… you’re the one who matters the most. Chips?

Fourth Season:
fuck, okay, I love you. There. I said it. Wait.. oh shit. I love you.

1. Swing Set

so, a little while ago, andavs asked me to make her a Not Quite Normal OTP challenge and because, she’s awesome, she said she would actually do the challenge. And then I decided to do it as well because fair’s fair!

BUT, then we decided that we should do an Attempted Mind Meld Challenge. Basically, this means both of us are doing the challenge (don’t worry, I’m writing not drawing) and then posting our work on the same day and seeing how well they line up. We haven’t talked about them at all before posting so really, this is probably going to be a complete disaster. 

Regardless, here’s #1: On a Swing Set

(Post Season 3B, Sterek, Angst to Fluff, 2k)


Stiles never looks up at the sky anymore.

Derek watches for it, waiting, a part of him wondering when exactly he pinned down that small quirk that belonged to Stiles and Stiles alone. He can’t really remember when he first noticed it- maybe his subconscious had noted it right away, when he spent their first few interactions in cars with Stiles while the younger boy looked towards the heavens for help. Or maybe it was later than that, when he spent large portions of his time threatening Stiles into helping him and Stiles’ cocky eye rolls had come hand in hand with his computer skills. Probably it wasn’t until the long summer that Stiles spent at his loft, researching through Scott’s shifts at Deaton’s, staring at the ceiling as if that’s where he would find the answer.

Really, though, he doesn’t notice it until it’s gone. Until it’s after the Nogistune and after Allison and Stiles’ eyes stop flicking upwards.

Nowadays, Stiles moves like a person who is trying very hard to control every tick of his body, while pretending very hard that nothing’s changed. He meets people’s eyes when they speak to him and smiles when he’s supposed to and flails his hands when he is telling a story (though he’s half a beat behind the words instead of two beats ahead). It isn’t a particularly good imitation of his former self but it fools most people – the acquaintances, and teachers, and even Lydias of the world.

His dad isn’t fooled. Neither is Scott. Neither is Derek.

And by all accounts, Derek should be fooled. Because he and Stiles, they aren’t… they aren’t anything. Maybe they were once enemies, maybe they were once unwilling partners, maybe at one point they grew a mutual respect and understanding but…

But it had all faded into some weird gray area. Before… before everything, they had reached an area where it was okay for their eyes to cling to each other, as long as they were in the middle of an argument. An area where they were allowed to touch as long as it conveyed frustration rather than comfort. An area where they could save each other again and again as long as they never mentioned it.

And now… well, now all Derek can think about is the fact that Stiles never looks up anymore and how much that bothers him.

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Primrose Smith

WELLP, GUESS WHO CAME OUT TO HER TWO SISTERS TONIGHT! THIS LESBIAN! Of my immediate family only my mom would be the only one left to know. I dunno my dad’s opinion so I’m not coming out to him anytime soon that’s for sure, plus the fact he doesn’t live in this country. One of my sisters did ask me like 3 times if I was sure, and tbh, hey your sexuality can change, I’ve learned that, mostly cause you don’t gotta label yourself but it takes time to know oneself but for now I’m p sure I’m a lesbian. Also it was kinda touching that when I told my other sister and her son, who’s a gossipy lil 9 year old, overheard she made sure to correct herself to “Boyfriend” just so he didn’t out me, considering I don’t like her much, I feel blessed. 


Welcome to the 1N2D nightclub

Rich Youth | Chapter 3

chapters: 1 | 2 | 34 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point

warnings: language

word count: 2.7K

Taeyong placed another chaste kiss on my lips as we walked hand-in-hand down the beach. It was getting late but the summer sun was refusing to set. The beach was only a 15 minute drive from the country club but I knew we had to leave soon in order to make it back in time for yet another networking dinner disguised as a family event.

“Walking on the beach. Who would have thought Lee Taeyong was so cliché?” I giggled. Taeyong smirked at me.

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(( @incubrothers ))

The twins snickered and smiled as they floated through the halls of their friend’s home, sneaking around to surprise the male with a visit. They peeked in each room, using their ghostly abilities to remain undetected as they searched the premises. 

After a few minutes they finally found who they were looking for and frantically gestured to each other to stay quiet as they tiptoed towards their unsuspecting target. Once they were close enough they both pounced on the other and exclaimed in unison,”Surprise, Matty!!! We came to visit you! Did you miss us? Did you? Did you?

lovelyblackcupcakes  asked:

also how tight did each of them hug you? were they smiling when they did it? AAHHHHHH~! Who was The greasiest during the hugging and throughout the whole time you were there?

OMG  you litterally ask the best questions! haha i love this! ok lets do this

Namjoon: Well considering i think he could tell how much i liked him ( because i told him lol) It was a very sweet hug! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i asked ” can i have a hug namjoon ) and he smiled and said ok sure! so this is how it went down , i was holding his waist while he hugged me and his hands wERE ON MY BACK ADFGHJKL hes so fucking slim BRUH he has a nice body lemme tell u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i just kinda didnt want it to end omfg my hEAD WAS IN HIS CHEST HOLY ASDFGHJKL we both smiled at eachother after that i alMOST PASSED OUT  he smelled so damn good tbh it was actually kinda funny cuz i hugged namjoon first so the rest of bts were just kind of standing there watching lol ( also i would say he was the best hugger ) 

jimin: BRUH BRUH ME AND JIMIN ARE THE SAME HEIGHT SO U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . After he signed my album i was like ” Jimin!can i have a hug ” he laughed and said ” ok! ” and we hugged and same again with namjoons hug my hands were on his waist and his were on my back . after wards he smiled and handed me my album and said “thank u thank u very much!” also meanwhile suga was standing next to us because he was about to sign my album lol and he just kinda starred and smirked  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

jin: I asked him for a hug more towards the end of filming hehe he said “ok!” and then he had to bend down to hug me haha beCAUSE HE SO DAMN TALL WTF he was kinda shy  when he hugged me tho because before i asked him for a hug he was sitting on of the swing chairs near the kitchen and he tried to get up but he accidentaly tripped a little bit and he starting chuckling because he knew that we almost saw him fall haha! he so clumsy and cute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

yoongi: He seemed to be the greasiest tbh lol wich is what i expected haha! I hugged him when i was talking to him alone ( it was just me and him and one of the staff ladies near by so she could translate) i just asked him for a hug and he smiled and said ok! and he motioned his hand for me to hug him haha my hands were on his waist and his hands were on my back! he started rubbING MY FUCKING BACK HOLY SHIT   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  after we stopped hugging he started laughing and i was just smiling like an idiot bruh and we was just staring at me OMFG after that we just kept talking until it was time for him to film! i remeber he told me that he was surprised that we came to see them! that we were here for them! ya know , he told me he thought that they didnt have that many fans here ! i was so shocked! i told him ” no were definetly here for you guys and only you guys! we love bts so much were only here for you” and i stuck out my hand so he could shake it and he just said in his cute engrish ” thank you haha so much” and he shook my hand and i just held onto it for awhile haha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  i wonder what he thought of me? hahaa

jungkook: his hug was really cute he smelled so good and hE WAS SO DAMN TALL patted me on the back while we were hugging! he was really cute about it his hug was relativley normal ! he said “thank you” afterwards haha! i was like no thank you! and he just gave me one of those cute scrunched up smiles that he does and it was adorbz!!!!

jhope and v : gave me normal hug too! they were very nice about it ! they smiled at me afterwards! :) 

thank you for your questions! this was one of the best ones ive gotten! hehee feel free to ask more! 

Under my Skin

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request I got a few days ago. I hope you’ll like it.

Imagine finding a little tattoo parlor with Daryl.

word count: 1504

“What’cha thinkin’ ‘bout!?” Daryl was observing me closely, I could see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye.
“You’ve been staring out the window for a while now. I was wondering what’cha thinkin’ ‘bout.” He still had his eyes fastened on me.
“Eyes front, Daryl”, I said reaching out to force him to turn his head towards the street again.
“Ya ain’t gonna tell me?!” His head flung around again with a smirk on his face. I couldn’t tell if he was really interested or just teasing anymore, but I shrugged my shoulders and sighed deciding that I might as well tell him. It was rare enough for him to ask. 

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[soompi] jonghyun clarifies former comments about shinee’s “business” relationship on “happy together”

source: soompi

on october 20’s episode of  happy together , shinee has the chance to talk a bit about the true nature of their relationship as a group.

host yoo jae suk asks jonghyun to clarify what he previously meant when he said that shinee had been formed for business reasons. jun hyun moo expresses his shock at the comment, but the guys ask why that’s surprising.

“we came together for work,” explains jonghyun. “we didn’t know each other before we joined the agency.” yoo jae suk responds that after nine years together, some groups might not describe their relationship as business-like.

jonghyun then asks him when he and park myung soo met, and yoo jae suk admits that they met because of work twenty years ago. “so you got closer while you worked together,” points out jonghyun. “your relationship was formed on the basis of your work.

”the same way,” he goes on to say. “we’re extremely close.”

minho admits, “when i first heard that jonghyun said that, i thought, ‘why did he have to say it like that?’ i was a bit upset. but if you try to understand the meaning behind what he said, it’s that we were like that in the beginning, but now we are both loyal and close to each other. it’s because of work that we have this relationship.”

in response, jonghyun smiles, seemingly pleased that minho understood, and key bumps him with his elbow playfully while onew nods.

Losing Her (part 3)- Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Yay! The conclusion to Losing Her is finally here! I want to say thanks so much to everyone for all the likes on my last post holy wow I couldn’t of asked for more. To get into writing this final part I was listening to Fitzpleasure by alt-J for the fight scenes and All I Want by Kodaline for the ending! And now, Losing Her part 3! Thanks to all who followed and enjoyed this story! :)

POV: Peter Parker/Spiderman

Part One         Part Two

Originally posted by teamunderoos

I made my way through New York silently aiming my webs at roof tops, allowing my self to swing above the streets. It took a while to find the place, but the smell gave it away. The air around the shabby abandoned building was tainted with the scent of booze and cigars. How stupid were these guys, all meeting in one place, practically setting them selves up for the cops? I shook my head landing quietly on a building above the scene. 

Below me a group of villains leaned against the brick wall no doubt comparing tattoos and laughing about how many crimes they committed this week. I felt something building in my chest as I glared down, crouched in the shadows, it was pure anger, the days of waiting, of looking, the days without her were driving me crazy and now I was so close. Don’t get me wrong I tried to think rationally about how to confront these guys I mean they were twice my size and I was out numbered six to one outside of the club, who knew how many were actually in the place, but suddenly none of it mattered. I swung down landing right in front of the men and stood to face them. At first they were caught by surprise, but they recovered quickly stepping towards me reaching for knives or guns or whatever they had on them. I however, was not in the mood. 

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Redo pics of my first Hong Kong haul - I pretty much spent all of my HK dollars on school supplies. I was in HK and China for my senior Capstone course, so supplies shopping was a pleasant surprise. We came back to HK at the end of the trip, which is when I went to Muji for the first time and bought a few 0.38 black and blue pens.

anonymous asked:

could you do a blurb thing where you and Michael just got engaged or just got married and whenever he holds your hand he plays with your ring?

The days following your marriage with Michael was actual paradise. Cancun was one of the most beautiful places you have ever experienced, but experiencing it with Michael on your honeymoon just made it even better.

Every day he had something new planned, going from horseback riding on the beach to going zip lining in a tropical forest. The overwhelming feeling of love Michael showered you with made your heart thud in your chest and your lips tingle whenever his touched yours.

Even today, the last day of your honeymoon before you both left to go back home, he was driving you to a surprise destination. Michael claimed he wanted it to be the best out of all, but all the days you’ve experienced were amazing so you were truly wondering what it could possibly be.

“Can you at least give me a hint, Michael?” you questioned for the second time, glancing over at him as he drove. He glanced over at you with a smirk, shaking his head as a small laugh escaped his lips.

“Why not?” you complained, shooting him a look as he slowed down at a stoplight. You crossed your arms, shifting your attention to the window as you gazed out at the beautiful scenery.

“C'mon, babe! Why can’t you let me surprise you for once? You even said you liked surprises before we came here,” Michael replied, a playful smile tugging on his lips. He reached over, forcing your arms apart as he took ahold of your hand. He leaned over the center console and left a soft kiss on your lips.

“I know, I do like surprises but…” you trailed off, tugging on your bottom lip. “You’re saying that this day should be the best out of all the days we’ve spent here, but all of them have been so amazing so I’m really anxious to know what it is.”

Michael pressed on the gas pedal, driving down the street as he kept his eyes focused on the road ahead of him. You looked down at your hands, fondly focusing on the beautiful ring Michael bought you.

He held your hand up, toying with the expensive ring and twisting and sliding it around your finger. You watched in curiosity, loving the way it shined and dazzled in certain lighting.

“Why do you do that?” you softly asked, shifting your gaze from the way he was playing with your ring to his focused expression. Michael glanced over with a confused look, then back at the road.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, coming to another stop at a red light. You motioned to the way he was messing with your ring, a smile now on your face.

“The way you play with my ring whenever we hold hands. You always twist it and turn it and slide it all around,” you explained, reaching up and scratching your nose. Michael shrugged, looking down at your hand.

“I don’t know,” he murmured, “probably because it’s never been there before and I’m still getting used to it. I like the way it looks on you, too.”

You let out a laugh, looking the other way to hide your flustered appearance. “Stop making me blush, you fucking idiot! But thank you for the ring… you know I love it too.”

Michael nodded, waving the subject off as he let out a small sigh. “Still can’t believe you’re my wife now, Y/N. Almost seems unreal.”

You nodded your head, fully understanding what he was saying. The car drove forward again and Michael rested your hand on your thigh, still playing with the ring.

“Love you,” you murmured, letting out a small sigh as you watched the scenery zoom by your window. Michael chuckled a little bit before breaking out into a song.

“And I will always love you,” he screamed, mimicking the way Whitney Houston sung the famous song. You winced at his horrific screeching, bursting into hysterics along with him as you drove on the roads of Cancun.

anonymous asked:

you do not think 1d is coming back as a band? why so? idk i think they will but wanna know your thoughts :)

Thanks for the question - it’s a really interesting one. I don’t not think they’re coming back (if that makes any sense).  I don’t think I’ve ever commented about this before. The short answer is: I don’t know.  but has anyone who follows this blog knows, I’m really bad with stopping at the short answer. 

I think predicting the future is a fools’ errand at the best of times - and demonstrably more so one it comes to 1D (there are things that have been clearly signposted - but the band is also the epitome of that moment in Buffy where Whistler’s voice over is all “the big moments - you never see them coming.”

What I’m most sure of at the moment - is that there is messy behind the scenes negotiations that are limiting what Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall do.  I think there are plenty of signs of this.  Whether it’s Dawbell not announcing Harry as a client, Liam not being able to release his Juicy J collaboration, Louis signing with a management company whose demonstratable skill is to get people on British TV, when the official story is that he’s in LA for the indefinite future.  

But more importantly than any of that - is that nobody is trying to make money off of them at the moment - either individually or collectively.  The nice thing about capitalism is that it does help make things clear.  And if you have a brand as valuable as One Direction and no one is trying to making any off of any part of it - it’s pretty clear to me that no-one can at the moment.

If One Direction were definitely breaking up - then I’d expect one or two of them to try and launch a solo career relatively quickly.  Their brand and fanbase will dissipate during the break.  And the speed with which Zayn’s solo career was launched is I think indicative of that. 

So I think the big question will be - what happens when things start happening.  I basically see three options - either the thing that’ll happen will be an announcement of what One Direction is doing next, or it’ll be the launch of solo careers in a way that is incompatible with One Direction doing more for a long time, or it’ll be the beginning of smaller scale solo projects with One Direction still officially ‘being on a break’.

Basically I don’t think we’ll know anything until people try and make money off of 1D, individually or collectively - and when that happens we’ll have a lot more information.

If I was going to guess I would guess at the moment they think they’re coming back. Just because what people can do at the moment is position themselves for what happens next.  And apart from maybe Niall, they don’t seem to be positioning themselves for solo careers.  But I don’t really know enough about the range of ways that band members have positioned themselves before going solo to make that judgement.