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BTS Reacts To You Writing A Song For The Baby You Lost

Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran 

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When he heard your soft voice from the living room he got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. 

“And you’re miles away
And yesterday you were here with me.” You sang out, your voice cracking with the tears that were flowing down your face.

Tae walked to your shaking body and hugged you. 

“We’ll be okay Y/n.. I promise we’ll be okay.”

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He went to the studio and was surprised to see that you were there. You hadn’t been out of bed since the incident and he thought he’d never see you do the thing you love, sing.

“Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? “ Your voice cracked as you placed a hand on your stomach. 

J got up from his seat, tears streaming down his face, and engulfed your body in the most heartfelt hug.

“I’m sure they have the best view of all the stars, jagi.”

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He had been watching you crying and singing for over 10 minutes now.

“Float down
Like autumn leaves..” You sang out. 

He broke down, walking to the patio of your house and looked over the railing to see all the different colored leaves falling down around him. 

You walked up and hugged him from behind. 

There was no need for words.

Just you, Jimin, and the autumn leaves.

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He knew you were upset but he didn’t know it was this bad. 

“Ooh how I miss you
And I, I miss you and I wish you’d stay..” You cried out.

Jin let a tear slip before walking up behind your and hugging you. 

“They’re in a better place now, jagiya..”

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You remembered how Jungkook would wake you up early in the summer morning when you were pregnant and make you come outside and listen to all the birds singing, it was the most calming feeling ever.

“ Is it that it’s over or do birds still sing for you…?” You sang out and then broke down. 

Jungkook fell to his knees beside you and cried with you while holding you.

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He watched as you sang up on stage about what happened.

He was upset that you would make something so private everyone’s business.

“My symphony played the song that carried you out..” You whispered in the mic before shedding a tear.


When it was time for BTS to perform, Yoongi was completely out of it. That was the first time he’d heard the finished song and he was distraught.

It was time for his part and he went to lift the mic to his mouth but couldn’t do it. He just let the backing instrumental play.

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Rap Monster:

He watched you as your performed your song, rooting you on in his head.

“Touch down
Like a seven four seven
Stay out and we’ll live forever now…” You brokenly sang out.

Namjoon’s heart stopped. 

747 was the flight you two had first met on, if it wasn’t for that flight you guys may have never even spoken to each other.

He couldn’t cry, he wouldn’t. He knew you needed someone to be strong and he wasn’t going to let you down.

Once you got off stage he ran to you and held your body against his. 

“We’ll live forever now..” He whispered before kissing the top of your hair.

Treat you better (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Peter x reader based on treat you better by Shawn please❤  / To be honest anything angsty would be great haha. Maybe even with a few parts of you’d rather by @thefandomplace

A/N: Requests are open!

Peter opened his door to find his best friend crying. Tears run down her face as sobs escaped her throat.
Peter opened the door wider, letting her in and helping her remove her coat before hugging her close to him. He kissed her forehead softly, waiting for her to say something.
‘’I went to his house to surprise him with his birthday gift’’ she whispered, tears still on her face, ‘’and when I arrived he… He… He was with another girl. When he saw me, he started to apologise but… It hurts so bad, Pete’’ she cried on his jumper.
He hugged her closer as his blood started to boil -he couldn’t stand to see you hurt.
‘’Go sit on the couch’’ he whispered, ‘’I’ll go get some hot chocolate.’’
She nodded and let him go, walking towards the living room.
When Peter arrived at the kitchen, he rested his hands on the counter, trying not to scream and go after the boy that had made her cry.
He arrived at the living room with two cups of hot chocolate, giving her one. Her face was not as red anymore, but he could still see the traces of tears on her cheeks.
‘’You should dump him’’ Peter said as he sat on the couch, not daring to look at her face.
‘’What?’’ her voice came out strangled, her eyes opening wide. ‘’But I love him! And he loves me as well!’’
Peter sighed loudly and rubbed his face, trying not to shout at her.
‘’[Y/N]…’’ he started. ‘’You have just come to my house crying because you have seen him cheating on you and you still say that he loves you?’’
He looked softly at her, his hands still covering half of his face. Her eyes were filled with rage, and she looked ready to shout at him.
‘’Thank you for nothing, asshole’’ she said, getting up from the couch. ‘’I thought I could always count on you and when I need you the most, you treat me as if I was stupid. Fuck you.’’
Just as she was about to put on her coat, Peter shot a web at her. She wasn’t even surprised -he did it all the time, although it was usually as a joke.
‘’[Y/N], listen to me!’’ Peter shouted, already mad. ‘’He treats you as if you were a piece of shit, and you deserve somebody who treats you like the princess you are! I can’t understand how you fail to see that!’’
Peter could hear the blood rushing through his veins and if he put enough attention, he could also hear [Y/N]’s heart beating in her chest.
‘’You have no right to choose what’s right and what’s wrong for me, Peter Parker’’ she told him, a murderous look in her eyes.
‘’I know I don’t, but I’m your best friend and I love you! God, I love you! I’ve been loving you since you fell asleep on my bed doing our History project in 8th grade and I will love you until we are eighty! And I promised myself I would let you be happy with him, that I wouldn’t tell you my feelings in order not to confuse you, but, shit, [Y/N], I just can’t stand here and see your life and your happiness go to waste because some random asshole thinks you are not worthy of love!’’
When Peter was done with his monologue, all he could hear was her heart beating faster than it ever had.
‘’I can treat you better’’ he whispered at her, finally letting go of the string of web.
He hadn’t realised her body getting closer to his and he jumped when he felt her hand softly caressing his cheek, closing his eyes a moment after to enjoy the feeling.
‘’Pete…’’ she whispered. ‘’I… I don’t know what to say.’’
‘’Please, don’t say anything. You said it yourself; you love him. I understand that, but, please, don’t go back to him. You deserve way better’’ he whispered, his eyes still closed, not wanting to see the rejection hers held.
She hesitated for a moment and kissed his cheek, softly removing her hands from his cheeks and leaving his house, an empty feeling in his heart after he had poured everything he had ever wanted to say.

Bts Reaction To You Telling them They Have The Best Hugs

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Jin: me? Awe thank you jagi! *surprised at first because he doesn’t really think of himself as a cuddly person*

Yoongi: Of course I have the best hugs! 

Hoseok: That’s because I’m yours to hug jagi~

Namjoon: really Jagi I have the best hugs? *proud*

Jimin: Did you hear that kookie I have the best hugs!

Taehyung: Well you’re my favorite to hug jagi!

Jungkook: Of course I’m the best to hug because I’m the only one you should hug!

BTS Reaction to surprising you on your birthday

Anon Requested:  GOODMORNING! This may be a bit selfish to ask, but it’s my birthday and I was wondering if I could get a BTS scenario of them surprising y/n on her birthday, thank you 😊

Jungkook: You hugged the last family member that had arrived at your party. You were standing in a sleek black romper that hugged your body perfectly with a fake plastic crown that said birthday girl on top of your head. You looked at everyone and couldn’t help but have a pang of sadness hit you as your best friend wasn’t there with you. He called you early in the morning telling you the plane from Seoul was cancelled due to the weather, you of course understood that he couldn’t make it but it still sucked.

You lowered your head and blew out the candles, closing your eyes and making a wish. You heard the claps come from all around you as family and friends looked at you. Soon enough the crowd around you split in two and there stood your best friend.

“Jungkook!” You screamed running towards him and jumping into his arms giving him  the tightest hug you’ve ever given somebody.

“Did you really think I’d miss your birthday?”

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V: You felt the needle slide out of your arm and soon pressure was put on by a small cotton ball and a nurses hand. She made sure to be gentle with you as your arms were already slightly bruised from getting your blood tested a couple days ago and the first years not having a clue on how to put a needle in a vein, even better, they lost the sample of your blood which is why Shelly the nurse currently wrapping your arm in gauze had to take some more. 

“Happy birthday (Y/N).” She said sweetly before leaving the room.

It was your 21st birthday and here you were, laying in a hospital bed and almost certain this would be your last birthday. 

“Knock knock.” Your head snapped to the door where a tall body stood with their face covered by balloons and flowers. Your head quirked to the side confusion covering your features. Soon the flowers lowered down and you finally see who it is. 

“Tae!” You yell, arms shooting up and soon wrapping around your dear old friend’s neck. “I can’t believe you’re here, what’re you doing here?”

“It’s your twenty first birthday! I’m here to make it the best birthday ever!” Tae cheered, smile wide and full of happiness. You smiled back knowing if this was your last birthday ever, you were glad to spend it with Taehyung.

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Jimin: “So (Y/N) how’s Jimin?” Your friend asked you while you were getting ready to go have lunch with your friends.

“He’s good, he’s really bummed that he couldn’t be with me on my birthday but we had a skype date when he woke up.”

“Aren’t you bummed?” You shrugged your shoulders to her as you finished applying your mascara.

“I mean of course I am but I know that his fans need to come first, he’s on tour so he has an obligation to make those millions of fans happy before me and I’m okay with that, I understand that.”

Your friend just simply nodded and excused herself to go to the bathroom downstairs. Soon after you heard a knock on the door, you said come in but no one opened the door. You smoothed over your dress and walked over to the door and opened it.

“Jimin!” You screamed wrapping your arms around your boyfriend. “Oh my god what are you doing here! You’re not missing tour because of this are you?” You instantly questioned him.

“Ah jagi calm down. I missed you, happy birthday.”

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J-Hope: You had been roommates with Hoseok for about a year now and he hadn’t failed to surprise you with new antics of his. You expected him to be up by the time you got up but you were shocked to see that he wasn’t in the house. You looked in the living room to see if he was sleeping on the couch, that was a no. You looked in the kitchen to see if he was making food, that was a no. And soon you knocked on his door and soon went inside but what you found shocked you.

There were balloons falling out of his room and covered your feet, you saw streamers still in their packaging and candles too. 

“You weren’t supposed to see that.” Hoseok’s voice came from behind you. You whipped your head around and saw a cake on the kitchen counter along with a small box in Hoseok’s hands. “Happy Birthday (Y/N).”

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Rap Monster: You had been in a relationship with Namjoon for over a year now and you two still hadn’t made it public yet. His excuse has always been that it wasn’t time yet or he was worried how the fans might react. You kinda figured you most likely would never be public.

You groaned, sitting across from your laptop as you saw the boys doing a live video blog. They had asked their fans to ask them questions and instantly thousands of messages came in. The boys had answered some simple questions like what their favorite colors and foods were, it wasn’t that it was boring but being around all the boys you had already knew the answers. 

“Oh isn’t it (Y/N)’s birthday? Did you wish her a happy birthday?” Hoseok called over to Namjoon who was still in front of the laptop reading questions. You saw how his face started to get red instantly. But just like that the questions started to fill asking who you were and why Namjoon was getting so flustered at the mention of your name. Other comments had asked if you were his girlfriend and others had said happy birthday even though they had no clue who you were.

“Um, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for quite a while but haven’t made it public yet..guess now is as good as any to tell the world huh. Happy Birthday jagi, I love you.”

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Suga: You hadn’t planned on doing anything today. With it being your birthday and your boyfriend out on tour you didn’t really feel like doing anything but staying in bed all day. 

This was the first birthday you two would’ve been away from each other and it was getting to be a lot harder than you thought. Yoongi was supposed to be home in two weeks. You could make two weeks you’ve made it through the past five months, you could definitely make the next two weeks.

Yoongi unlocked your front door with the spare key you had given him and found your apartment completely silent. No tv was on in your room or the living room. No stereo was on blasting your favorite music. No hum of your voice any where. He dropped his bags down on the couch and proceeded to walk into your bedroom where the door had been shut, confused as to why it was shut since it never usually is shut. He opened the door and saw you, face buried under the covers and head down in a pillow. He slipped into bed and wrapped an arm around your waist, shocking you completely as you let out a scream.

“Jagi! Jagi! It’s me!” Yoongi laughed at your shaking body. “Happy Birthday.”

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Jin: “Jin!” You screamed at the top of your lungs as you saw your boyfriend in the reflection of the dance rooms mirrors. He was standing in the doorway watching your practice when you noticed him, completely ruining the choreography but you didn’t care. “How long were you standing there? Oh my god! I missed you so much.” You went from yelling to mumbling into his chest as the emotions you’ve pushed back for the past month came tumbling in. Tear were in your eyes and now you couldn’t help but blink and let them roll down your cheeks.

“Jagi don’t cry. It’s your birthday!” Jin tried to cheer you up but there was no way the tears would go away. Jin pulled you back into his arms and held you tight kissing the top of your head. “I missed you too.”

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dating charles xavier and being plus size headcanon please!

Dating Charles Xavier and being plus sized:

  • Always knowing when you’re feeling insecure (for obvious reasons), and when he does he’ll just reach out and grab your hand and squeeze it.
  • Loves wrapping his arms from behind you and resting his chin on your shoulder or head. 
  • Always surprising with little gifts or taking you out on impromptu dates because he wants to keep you happy.
  • Encouraging you to open up about your insecurities and talking about it to him rather than bottling it up and feeling bad about it.
  • Likes having lazy days where you just cuddle on the couch and play with each other’s hair.  
  • Absentmindedly running his fingers up and down your arm.
  • Loves hugging you. You give the best hugs.
  • You making him promise not to read your mind, but he checks in every now and then.
  • Gets really defensive of you if he even thinks someone is looking at you in a way he doesn’t like.
  • When he has to use a wheelchair, and you push him around, he likes resting his hand on top of yours when you put your hands on his shoulders.


160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS] Skinship you like best?

Answer Choices: 1. Holding hands / 2. Hugging / 3. Cuddling / 4. Peck / 5. Kiss / 6. All

Namjoon: 1. Holding hands, 2. Hugging, 5. Kiss

Seokjin: 6. All

Yoongi: 1. Holding hands

Hoseok: 1. Holding hands

Jimin: 6. All

Taehyung: *checked every answer choice*

Jungkook: 1. Holding hands, 6. All


KuKi Appreciation Post!

Because I just realized, I had so much works between these two that I haven’t posted up- In reality I’m itching to show the fandom this adorable OTP of mine that transcends LawPhelia by a 0.00000009 margin. xDDDD

Now, who do we have here? None other than @quiethistess for Kira and our favorite lazy cat Kuro, as the OTP—— [ KuKi ] !!

These two are giving me the diabetttuuuuss because of the fluff— so go on and see ‘em for yourself!!! <3

^Because being comfy together is what they do best~

^”May I have this dance?”

^meme gifs that reminds me of them. Sulky Kuro tho xDDD

^Kuro tries.

^How Kuro surprise hugs VS.

^occasional surprise hugs from Kira.

^Because lion form Kuro is a great bed too. Warmth, fluff, and his gentle purring~

^Oh and because Kira plays Overwatch and mains Mercy, we’ll have Kuro be her partner too— which leads us to Kuro Genji!! (dont mind the Neko Kuro tho xDDDD hehe). Once again, SHIP THEM.

^And we have Kira trying to review, and Kuro trying to help her review… but that “help” is intended for something else. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehehehe

^Oh and because Kira faints quite a number of times during chat… Kuro either lays down beside her and poke her awake, or he makes it worse by saying lines like these. xD

I also have little drabbles about their daily lives too, ranging from fluff to smut. HEHE, but anyways—- *has to scroll up 4 times to quench the ship* I MEAN SERIOUSLY!! LOOK AT THEM. LOOK AT THEM AND SQUEAL. AhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH Too cute for words! Their personalities are so similar yet so distinct that it compliments them so well! 

Hmm hmmm!! KuKi is, right now, part of my lifeline haha! But anyways, thanks for reading till the end! And even though I said this is a KuKi appreciation post, I’ll have to also point out that this is an appreciation post for @quiethistess herself! She’s an amazing artist y’all! And watching her stream her works just makes it even better– So make sure to check out her blog and her works cuz you guys are missing out oN A LOT!!!   (^ ⓛ ω ⓛ ^)

❤ ❤ ❤  KUKI FTW!!!

Hc: hugs


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  • surprise hugs
  • don’t speak to her about the hug afterwards!
  • but if you do… congrats, this just was your last hug from her


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  • he gives the best hugs, I kid you not
  • you may get a bit overwhelmed by how affectionate he can be
  • rubbing your faces together is his jam


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  • tight hugs as if he’s afraid he’s gonna lose you
  • probably because he really almost lost you since he only hugs you when either of you has had a near death experience
  • won’t let you go for a long time but if he has to he will still hold hands with you
Sabriel Headcanons Part 2

- Gabe wearing fluffy socks and sliding around the house in them, Sam is always surprised when he suddenly gets hugged from behind while making breakfast

- Gabe forcing Sam to wear “silly” Halloween and Carnival costumes, which actually look pretty badass (like wolverine including the claws or something) but Gabe always keeping changing them a little over the evening so they end up looking totally ridiculous (the cat ears Sam got back home with were still the best one)

- Cookie midnight snacks and couch cuddling while keeping each other awake

- Sam having a breakdown while studying and Gabe trying to cheer him up with sweet, sweet, milky coffee and sweet, sweet hugging, although he is quite uncomfortable standing next to the desk all the time. He doesn’t complain.

- “So nah, nah, Honey, I’m good…”. All hours of their drive home. All four of them. 

- Sam getting a bit too drunk and struggling with eyesight and walking, so Gabe has to carry him back into their car
- Drunken Sammy talking about altered reality and the meaning of life and Gabe blushing and getting his heartbeat going nuts when his moose mentions he’s his meaning of life

- You Are My Sunshine but instead of “Sunshine” Gabe singing “Samshine” (yes, I stole that one. Sorry but it’s just too cute.)

- The two of them watching Lilo and Stitch together and Gabe being totally amazed by Stitch because he’s “THE CUTEST FUCKIN BADASS EVER, SAMMY“ and Sam connecting with Lilo and the bullying thing so much

- Endless phone calls because Gabe wants to be the one having the last “I love you”

- Humming songs together and smiling because fuck, that’s cute

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You liked Don's appreciation post last night! For that, you get a surprise hug, clinging from behind after a particularly sneaky teleport.

The bug mage chittered in surprise, before bursting out into giggles, “Good mornoon to you too, Don,” her antennae played over his back and shoulders as she leaned back a little, tail wrapping around him to hug him back.

She held up a forkful of biscuit and gravy, “Hungry?”

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Headcanon request: Hugs from Millie

She’s small but gives the tightest hugs. Those hugs that you just need. The ones where she clings to you tightly, holding you there and just burying her face right into your neck/chest (depends where she can reach). She loves hugs so will happily hug someone for ages. She usually just surprise hugs her friends a lot of the time (so far, she’s found that Scott gives the best hugs).

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Aphmau all of them

Holiday headcanon

She loves having all her friends there for the holidays because when she was younger it was always just her and her mom

Cooking head canon

Makes the best muffins ever even Kawaii chan is jealous

Sleeping head canon

she dabs in her sleep it’s tragic

Driving head canon

gets antsy really quick and needs to stop frequently on long car rides

Bathing/showering head canon

Takes really long showers to the point where Aaron usual has to join her if the both need to take one

Hugging head canon

She gives Aaron lots of surprise hugs where she just jumps on him and won’t let go for like five minutes

Kissing head canon

kisses are always really messy and loving

Sex head canon

likes to hold hands during sex

General physical contact head canon

she’s really big on physical affection and loves to cuddle with while watching movies

Physical appearance head canon

short and chubby lil poot

Wardrobe head canon

shops at forever 21

Jewelry head canon

she has her cartilage pierced

Nickname head canon

she’s fine with being called Aph or babe by Aaron, but really likes hearing him say her full name, Aph just sounds to rushed

Dancing head canon/Singing head canon

has a total dance like no ones watching, sing like no ones listening kinda a style

Anger head canon

when she gets genially mad she’s not really scary but she will guilt trip the fuck out of you

Soft spot head canon

there’s a spot where her neck meets her shoulder that if you bite it she lets out a really cute moan

Favorite possession head canon

she has  a pair of lightning mcqueen crocs her mom got her at the thrift shop when she was seven and she still has them to this day

Favorite photograph head canon

no clue what this means

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for the wip thing: hug, smile, breath/breathe

ur the best


“When he got to Hamilton he extended his hand but Hamilton ignored it, instead pulled him into a hug, and rather than stand stiffly in his arms (as he surely would have done if not for those damn shots, were the room not spinning a bit), Burr hugged him back, wrapped his arms around Hamilton’s body for just a moment and was surprised as how strong he felt.”

“She even hugged him, and he hugged her back, cautious – though he’d been here several months now, everything still felt new, felt like unknown variables.”

“Hamilton pulled Burr into a hug goodbye that lasted just a beat too long, and when he withdrew Burr felt strangely cold.”

(all from an unfinished hamburr equestrian AU)


I have a ton of these but here’s some favorites

“But she feels the weight of a hundred pairs of eyes on her, hears the click of the photographers, sees Alexander’s heartbreaker smile, so instead she walks forward, and takes his outstretched hand.”

“The woman’s dark eyes widen with understanding and she laughs too, her smile broadening, and Eliza finds herself staring at her lips.”

(from a Maria/Eliza WIP)

Burr, who does not trust himself to talk - it might sound too much like begging - only smiles, and nods.”

(from a Bellamy/Burr WIP)

breath/breathe -

Burr beat him back to the hotel and they stood out front, both out of breath, both soaked anyway.”

(equestrian AU)

“The last word is half-cry, half-animalistic scream, and Hamilton is reminded far too much of how Eliza had cried out in the doctor’s office after Philip had counted out his last breath.”

(a really cheerful Hamburr WIP, obviously)

(send me a word, if it’s in a WIP document I’ll answer with that sentence)

Sometimes I just have a lot of feelings about Renee being the first one of the foxes that Andrew allows to touch him after Neil?

Like maybe one day, years in the future, he just goes up to her and hugs her because she’s the one who knows him best after Neil and who always kept his secrets before Neil was there and who was there to support him because she understands that he’s screwed up and that he doesn’t know how to be okay and she never pried and always respected his wishes.

And Renee is really surprised at first but she hugs him back anyway and she’s so happy for him because Andrew is finally healing.

Just… Andrew hugging Renee because she might be the closest thing he has to a best friend.

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i just watched 11x23 for the first time and i just realized how sad the cemetery hug actually was ... omg

Originally posted by b0ttomdean

“is that a reaction or an example”

Anyway yeah it’s something else when it comes to DeanCas hugs >.> Possibly the second saddest is the Purgatory hug but only when you zoom right in on Cas clenching his lil fist like “Aaaaaah conceal don’t feel” in the face of surprise hugging… 

Originally posted by bagginshield

With this one it’s all out there: they’re SO MISERABLE to be parting like this. 

I am really just assuming we’re talking the DeanCas one because of this blog’s main purpose but the Sam and Dean one is actually weirdly empowering and makes me emotional for totally different reasons because it’s concluding the whole Carver era arc as best it can while obviously leaving a few loose threads because we can’t solve it all when there’s a new season afterwards - especially as I was rewatching my way through season 8 before it and have watched the last part of season 8 and to the middle of season 9 since… It does feel conclusive in a way, and not just narratively, which of course it delivers in spades, but for Sam and Dean themselves, they both have waaay too much experience with having to watch the other one die (Sam especially comes to mind just because I’ve also re-watched season 3 in the last month as my rewatched shifted gears to drag my mum into this show :P) and Carver era pokes and prods at their issues with that extensively, as the main cause behind all their drama, at every turn the root of their current argument is something to do with them letting go or not… So to me that scene between Sam and Dean had a sort of acceptance to it which was very hard won through the drama we’d had to go through in Carver era, and the set up was very deliberate to give them that platform…

(christ, DeanCas shippers ruin friggin everything I can’t find a gif of the friggin Sam and Dean hug, all the friggin gifs in the episodes tags are Destiel or Cas WHAT A NIGHTMARE - i’d say this is an algorithm thing but Tumblr is always suggesting I follow J2 and brothers blogs so apparently this is just what you get when you do the search :P)

Originally posted by bubblemish

Anyway yeah, it’s all grim resignation and a deep understanding that this is what they do, they always do it, and their change has come from a deep internal place on how they relate to that fact. Their lives SUCK, because they’re always having to do the sacrifice and they’re always dying, and it’s a very different thing between them, especially with the 4-season long emphasis on coming to terms with that in some way or another, because the opportunities to watch each other die and lose each other KEEP COMING.

But oh, no, Cas… He doesn’t get in on this drama in the same way. He has unfinished business with Dean - he has a need to be with Dean. “I could come with you.” The story that’s going on between them hasn’t hit a point of acceptance or understanding or resolution - it’s as open and desperate as ever between them and this “ending” between them reflects that. Like, yeah Sam isn’t very happy to lose Dean /going for the understatement of the year thing here, but there’s finality in that parting hug. And Dean and Cas don’t have that. Their conversation in the car is interrupted, Cas still says he could go with Dean which suggests there’s still basically a ~journey~ they need to take together, and they don’t have the words for this conclusion. 

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I scrolled past something on my dash this afternoon and unfortunately can’t remember what or where now because I only half-read it while nodding and agreeing, but it was pointing out Dean’s platitudes there:

DEAN: [accepts the hug good-naturedly but then looks sad]



All right.

Like, who’s he even reassuring there… Between him and Cas there’s less the sense that this has to be done, because it’s not the story between them: when Cas loses Dean he doesn’t cope too well:

Originally posted by subcas

He kind of just sleeps and misses Dean as far as we know for this chunk of time. 

Dean isn’t much better without Cas…

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but these losses might upset them hugely but they don’t twist the story around them like Sam and Dean losing each other into obsessively trying to recover the other - they just give Dean or Cas a REALLY rough time dealing with the other being dead (the closest it came on either side was Dean dealing with Cas being left in Purgatory/trying to get him out, and Cas being pulled into the save Dean plan at the end of 10, but given a careful remove from the way Sam was handling it, becoming part of the plan after it was too late in many ways)… 

But I don’t think they’ve ever been given a chance to say goodbye like that. Not calmly and knowing full well what’s about to happen and just feeling helpless and out of time. It’s just… I dunno, excessively personal. We’re watching them have this moment and it’s not telling us anything except for how much they don’t want to say goodbye to each other, and the history contained in it is just the history of how much they love each other and how much they’ve lost each other already… 

*still sobbing about this the entire length of hiatus later*

Was there already an au fic where Lafayette and Alexander are lovers, soulmates and like at the track to getting married (like laff proposed to alex and that was the greatest day of both their lives) THEN Laff got into an accident which ended his life. And It broke Alexander so much (because Laff was the love of his life, his best friend, confidant and lover all rolled into one).
Then on the funeral Thomas Jefferson comes late and at first Alexander was so surprised like is he dreaming? Why is Laff there?? Breathing and ALIVE??!? Then Alex runs and hugs Jefferson tightly and just breaks down there and shit. Then Thomas will be like tf but also is not heartless enough to push alex away so he stands there awkwardly hugging him back???
But like the reason he was there was because he also just recently found out that he has a long lost identical twin brother and he wanted to finally meet him after months of trying to track him down (like he was excited because yes he’ll finally meet him and was told that his twin bro is attending a funeral, but jeff didn’t know it was his TWIN’S FUNERAL).
So yes that got them in an awkward first meeting. Anyway Alex wanted to make it up to Jeff because it was embarrassing and shit but then Thomas started talking and by the end of their ‘conversation’ he fucking hates him already. Like this guy is so different from Laff! He’s rude, arrogant and all his opinions contradict his! And in turn Thomas was like, how tf did my brother put up with you??!??!?
Yet everytime Alex looks at Thomas, it physically hurts him. Especially at moments where Thomas doesn’t frown and will have that expression you do when you’re thinking about something, added to him tying his hair once. Sometimes Alex wants to pretend that it is Laff right now, sitting there and sipping his coffee… Well until Thomas opens his big mouth and the moment shatters.
As for Thomas he ends up sticking with Alex for awhile (More on barges hamilton’s doorstep even though alex explicitly says he does not want to see his fuckn face ever again) because he is the closest person to knowing Lafayette, the brother he never got a chance to meet (Also it always puts him in a better mood when he gets to rile alexander up). And through Alex he learns bits and pieces about Laff, and also along the way the reason why his brother fell in love with him.

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6) Hoshi, Woozi, and Vernon 😂♥️

6. Hug / Kiss / Slap

My svt biases wkdbwkxhsn

Hug - Hosh!! He would give the best hugs :)
Kiss - Woozi (is anyone surprised? No)
Slap - Vernon, he’d probably make a dumb joke or something tbh but I’d slap him outta love

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I went to Pax East this year and I could tell you how disappointed I was when it ended. I couldn’t find anyone I wanted to meet and I was able to go to none of the panels. I was devastated. So there I stood in downtown Seattle waiting for my shuttle in tears when I notice someone walking by, and it was Sean! I called his name and he look a bit surprised but after I asked for a picture he noticed I was crying and hugged me and I told him what had happened. We took pictures and hugged once more. I still cannot believe this happened, what are the odds? Thank you @therealjacksepticeye for taking time out of your day to comfort me. It was so sweet and I love you. (he gives the best hugs)