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Ivar x Reader

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Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“What?” Ivar snapped as he answered his phone and you rolled your eyes.

“Rude, what’s wrong with you?” You asked, trying to be as quiet as you could as you snuck up to his apartment.

“Nothing. I’m just alone. On Christmas.” He complained and you rolled your eyes as you got in the elevator. “Are you on your way up to mine?”

“What!” You squeaked and he chuckled, you could hear the soft tap of one of his crutches as you approached the door which he yanked open before you could find your key.

“Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.” You said and he scrunched his nose up.

“You’re all I get after the things I got you?!” He huffed and you mouth fell open before he kissed you and yanked you into the living room where he’d built a nest complete with christmas lights, snacks and a full spread fit for at least four that you assumed Aslaug sent. “I suppose you’ll finish the ambiance.”

“Glad to help.” You huffed, being span as he pulled your coat off, shoved you onto the sofa and lay with his head on your lap before handing you the controler.

“You can make me watch an awful holiday film if you play with my hair.” His rude tone made you think he thought you’d decline the offer and you assumed a huge meal and your sudden arrival had put him in a high mood.

Check out my new kicks. :-)

The colors might not show up correctly on all monitors, but these are some Converse All Stars in the bi-colors: Pink, Blue, and Purple. They were custom ordered–you might say “bispoke”–for me by my fantastic wife (Fierce Ally ™) and given to me as one of the best surprise Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. I’ve had to resist the urge to wear them everywhere, with everything. (They’re not suitable for the weather this time of year in Boston, nor for every outfit or occasion.) But I’m wearing them as much as I can.

Including to the SuperCuts the other day, where the stylist noticed them and in the middle of the full store, said to me, “Oh, those are awesome. What do the colors mean?”

I had a split second to decide if I was going to “out” myself to an entire store full of strangers.

I went for it. “Oh, they’re the bisexual colors. I’m bisexual, and my wife got me these as a Christmas present.”

The stylist said, “That’s fantastic. They’re great.” The dude in the chair across from me swiveled around saying, “You have bisexual sneakers? I have to see them….” and seemed totally chill as well as admiring of them. A few other people within earshot just chuckled. Only one, who had been looking at them and listening, was noticeably silent and suddenly found her magazine very interesting.

My heart was racing. These little moments, unexpected, when we need to claim our identities in public, in front of strangers, still throw me more than anything else. But I figured if I was going to wear these shoes, well….I’d better be willing to walk the walk. And I was happy to do it looking so cool.


A/N: First off, I would like to address the fact that my last fic got 45 notes as of the time I am writing this. I cant believe that 45 people took their time to read my stuff. So thank you to whoever reads this and I hope you enjoy this and any past or present fic. Second, How the hell did this get so long. It is currently 12:46 am and I just finished writing. No matter that I have to be up at five, I do it all the time. Anyways, it was getting really long and I am tired as crap, so I think I will do a part two to this if you guys want. Let me know what you think and as always requests are open and you can always say hi.

Prompt: She has your cheekbones. (OK this will be in part two)

Warnings: Cursing, cheating, yea not much

Word count: 2600 words

Cheater Masterlist

“Mommy, your phone is ringing!” you hear you daughter shout, as she runs over to you bringing the ringing phone with her. Seeing Clint’s name, you sighed and answered the phone after mumbling a small thank you to your daughter who had gone back to playing

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My Christmas Prompt list (Only one prompt per request)

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So I’m coming off Semi- Hiatus to open prompt requests for Christmas because last year I didn’t get them done in time.

  • “Guess who signed us up to go Christmas caroling?” 
  • “If me and Santa got into a fight, who do you think would win?”
  • “Why are you even worrying? The kid’s just going to ignore the toy and play with the box.”
  • “Umm just so you know, I’m kind of stuck in the Christmas lights.” 
  • “I hate winter.”
  • “Will you help me go Christmas shopping?” 
  • “It’s supposed to snow today!”
  • “Interesting reaction. But what does it mean?” 
  • “We’re snowed in…”
  • “You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.” 
  • “Please stop singing Christmas songs.” 
  • “Only two weeks left till Christmas!”
  • “Treat every day like Christmas.”
  • “Oh, by the way, don’t eat the yellow snow.”
  • “I got this, I watch food network.”
  • “You have such a pretty face. You should be on a Christmas card.”
  • “Call me elf one more time!”
  • “If I hear this song one more time there will be blood.”
  • “The price limit was 20 dollars!” 
  • “Is that mistletoe hanging from the light?”
  • “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.” 
  • “What did you get?”
  • “You cannot do what you did last year.” 
  • “Want a cookie?”
  • “When did this turn into an ugly sweater party?” 

The recommended blogs section on tumblr reminds me of like when u tell ur grandparents ur sort of into something and suddenly they think thats the ONE THING to get u. They figure ur pretty much obsessed with the thing and suddenly thats all u get for ur birthday, christmas, random surprise presents and u dont know how to tell them it was really just a phase and u got sick of it to days after u told them.

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Christmas Prompt Masterlist: (It’s early as heck but hey! At least i’m not late this year)

Christmas Prompt List

Brett x Reader -  “Is that mistletoe hanging from the light?” (Requested by @joeynihil)

Kol x Reader -  “Umm just so you know, I’m kind of stuck in the Christmas lights.” (Requested by @mikaelsonsmagic)

Derek x Reader -  “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.” (Requested by @jazzrivera27)

Klaus x Reader - “If I hear this song one more time, there will be blood.” (Requested by @sassymcgonagal1651)

Jon x Reader - “Guess who signed us up to go Christmas caroling?”  (Requested by @whatshernamemaria)

Dean x Reader - “You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.” (Requested by @christinalibertymikaelson)

A Surprising Christmas Present - Chapter 1

(Read on ao3)

For the first time in his life, Harry is alone on Christmas Eve, well not completely alone. He still has the company of his cat Amelia. His friends have drifted away from him after his godfather’s death and he can’t blame then. He wasn’t easy to be around for several months. But now he wishes they were here with him. He wishes he was over at his best friend’s house and celebrating with his family.

Amelia struts along the back of the couch Harry is sitting on, clearly bored. Harry looks at her with a smile. She is incredibly proud, even for a Siamese cat. She shunned him for days when he accidentally stepped on her tail once. She rubs her head on his and then jumps off. He doesn’t have to watch her to know she’ll disappear into his bedroom. She probably decided to get some sleep as there’s nothing more exciting to do at the moment.

An hour later, Harry decides it is time for dinner and before he prepares his own, he scoops cat food into Amelia’s bowl and calls her. When she doesn’t come strutting out of his bedroom, he is confused and goes to see whether she’s still sleeping. When he enters the room he is greeted by two empty beds, one for cats and one for humans and left even more confused and a little worried. He calls out for her again – maybe she just found a different cosy corner to nap in – but gets no response. When he can’t find her in the other rooms in his flat either, he concludes she must have taken off on her own. He leaves her alone in the flat quite often, it wouldn’t surprise him if she had found ways to get out of his small flat to explore the whole building.

He sets off to find her so he won’t be completely alone this evening. His first stop is the flat next to his where just a few weeks ago a guy about his age moved in. Upon hearing Christmas music from inside, he rings the bell and patiently waits for the door to be opened. He doesn’t have to wait long until his neighbour does – he’s even more handsome up close, Harry notices – and waits for him to say something.

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i have no idea which seventeen album to get and idk if i should preorder or wait to see what they’re like bc i want a free poser lmao

sarasanddollar  asked:

*SLAMS DOOR OPEN* I HEARD CHRISTMAS REQUESTS AW HELL YE I need all the headcanons with Dazai. Please I'm begging, putting up the tree with reader, putting on the star with reader, reader and him nearly setting the house on fire because of Christmas lights, reader trying to stop Dazai from choking himself to death with a tinsel noose, playing in the snow with reader, drinking cocoa with reader, jUST EVERYTHING I'LL STOP BEFORE I HEADCANON EVERYTHING MYSELF PLEASE SATISFY ME AND THANKS SO MUCH AHH

:0c I will give you many Christmas/holiday headcanons to sate you

Dazai Osamu

  • He doesn’t mind cold weather and especially like to watch the snow sometimes. If he happens to get chilly, he’ll end up putting his cold hands on anyone within reach including his s/o.
  • Guilty of putting snow down everyone’s shirt or pants 99% of the time (Atsushi is the most common target next to Kunikida)
  • Drags his partner under a kotatsu with him when they’re hanging out at home.
  • He will get his s/o a present for christmas even when they tell him not too or that it’s too much trouble. His face lights up when he sees that they love their gift regardless.
  • Loves receiving gifts equally as much as giving and will flaunt the fact that he got it from his s/o to his coworkers.
  • He carries mistletoe in his pocket so his s/o has to follow tradition and kiss him whenever he wants even though they would even without it.
  • Ugly christmas sweaters every day of the week leading up to christmas and they match his s/o’s. Some of the ones he chose weren’t family friendly and he’s banned by everyone from leaving the house with them on.
  • He ends up tangling the christmas lights up horribly when he pretends to decorate himself as the tree instead. 
    • Also ends up plugging in too many things at once somehow and blows a fuse in their apartment.
    • jfc
  • He believes hot cocoa MUST have the marshmallows or it’s no good. He won’t settle for less than perfect cocoa.
    • Also says that his partner makes the best cocoa ever even though it just regular microwaves milk and powder.
  • His partner is automatically invited to the agency christmas party (if only to keep him from causing too much trouble)
    • Arrives arm-in-arm with his s/o and Kenji gets a really cute photo of them that Dazai later puts in a picture frame on his desk.
    • It turns out his secret santa was Kunikida.
    • While no one saw what was in Kuni’s box, it made him angry enough to drag Dazai away and give him a holiday ass kicking.
  • If Dazai’s s/o celebrated a different holiday other than christmas he’d be sure to read up on it and ask what they do for it. Whatever it is, he dives into celebrating with them as much as possible. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
By which I mean Halloween, I really hate Christmas.

Unfortunately, my family and friends LOVE that dreadful winter holiday, so I decided to be NICE this year and make them things because I’m SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

The camera is for Rachel, because she’s a hobby photographer who takes LOVELY pictures. The two birds are for my favorite aunt (I also made her the wine thing two years ago) and my grandmother, who is The Nicest.
And of course the hoop is for Trinity, because Trinity gets EVERYTHING.

These were done on both 18 and 14 count aida, just scrap I had laying around. I actually did most of these between Matt’s projects (like, two more weeks, guys, then I get to see him and get his stuff out of my room and out of my life and onto this blog). Then I sewed them to fabric and stuffed them with stuffing because I thought ornaments would be nice??? What else do you do with small projects?

Jackson Healy & Holland March & Holly March ~ The Nice Guys

This is a small Christmas-Surprise-Present for the super mega amazing and talented @littledozerbaby! <3

I have had so much fun and happiness sharing my Rambo fan art and fanfiction with you over the past month, I can’t express how glad that makes me! And your amazing art from Nice Guys has motivated me to watch the movie AND to draw some fanart of them, because honestly … YOU CAN NOT NOT SHIP THEM!!!! (somehow everything I imagine they do happens in some kind of swimming pool … xD HAVE SOME CHRISTMAS ENGAGEMENT FLUFF!!!)

So hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and will have an even greater and successful New Year! *____*

Rajigaze Dec 23

Reita (reading mail): “I’ve been dating my boyfriend, a full-time worker, for 6 months. I’m still a student so we don’t have many chances to meet, but this Christmas we both happened to get the day off so we’ll be able to spend it together. It’s our first Christmas together and I want to get him a surprise present, but our age difference is pretty big so I’m having trouble deciding what I should get him. I want some advice from you two! I’m seriously looking forward to your anniversary live! I hope I can see the GazettE a lot next year! We rock!”

Uruha: Hmm…

Reita: So they have an age difference – I wonder how much? Well anyway, we don’t know but…they’ve been dating for half a year, and it’s their first Christmas together, and she wants to get him a surprise present.

Uruha: That’s the happiest time, isn’t it? (*I think he means in the relationship, because it’s still the beginning)

Reita: So what would you suggest for a present? Like, if you get him this, your relationship will go well.

Uruha: Ahhh, but that’s really the most fun time, isn’t it?

Reita: Please suggest a present!

Uruha: But honestly I just think they’ll be happy just to be with each other!

Reita: Yeah, yeah, I know! BUT! She wants to get him a prESENT! A surprise present.

Uruha: Hmm…a surprise, huh…I wonder…what would you consider a surprise Christmas present at this age?

Reita: Me?

Uruha: I mean, we’ve already given you pretty much everything.

(Uruha giggles)

(Reita cackles)

Reita: Yeah, we’ve already worn it out…

Uruha: We’ve covered everything

Reita: We’ve covered everything…and there’s just no feeling in it anymore

Uruha: Mhm…

Reita: Yeah…..but what could she give him that would make him happy? A thing, or…

Uruha: Her heart?

Reita: I mean, it really is the heart, but…

Uruha: This, right? *pounds chest*

Reita: Here? *pounds chest*

(both laughing)

Reita: My chest muscles are sore, I can’t hit it too much!

(both gigglin n gigglin)

Uruha: But what should she give him? Other than her heart

Reita: Oh! I get super happy when people write me letters…or like, how about a homemade cake!? Or…it could be like accessories, or something else you buy…we have to suggest something!

Uruha: A homemade cake would be nice eh?

Reita: Yeh homemade cake

Uruha: A letter…like, yeah it’s nice, but…idk….that goes along with the gift, you know? That’s not like, the main part.

Reita: Ohh, like when you give them the gift, the letter comes with it?

Uruha: Yeah, you just write like a few words…you don’t have to write that much

Reita: Okay so what should she get?

Uruha: I…I like the cake idea…..

Reita: Cake……

Uruha: But isn’t that a lot of work to make?

Reita: Yeah, it seems like it would be.

Uruha: It’s too much effort

Reita: Yeh

Uruha: You gotta think of like a design too…

Reita: Yeh

Uruha: Too much work

Reita: Yeah and like, if she’s going to his house, she could just take the cake there, but if they’re meeting somewhere first and going out, she’d have to bring the cake…..

Uruha: Ahhhhh….well then, they can eat the cake when they get home, so couldn’t she just bring it along with her…I guess not…….

Reita: (laughs) What, like she’s gonna take the cake to the movies?

Uruha: Hmmm…

(Reita laughin)

Uruha: Yeah I didn’t think about that

Reita: It should be something that’s not too big n bulky

Uruha: Well, she has to walk around with it…so what about like a teddy bear!

Reita: (laughing) Well like I guess…is she even gonna have time to get something? Like, this is broadcasting in the middle of the night on the 23rd…and she’s meeting him 2 days later! No matter what we suggest she’s not gonna have time to get it!

(Uruha laughs normally)

(Reita laughs very hard)

Uruha: She can’t wait for us to answer, she has to get ready!

Reita: Yeh……why don’t we just forget it then

Uruha: hehe

Reita: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Uruha: Do cake! do the cake!

Reita: Yeahhh! I would be so happy if I got a homemade cake!

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Yeh…do u like cake

Uruha: Idk I don’t really eat it

Reita: I like kugurofu

Uruha: Huhuhu

Reita: Kugurofu, and…what was that other one…I forgot (laughs)

Uruha: Well it’s been a week

Reita: Hexon house?

Uruha: Hehehehehehe

Reita: What was it…? Oh hexenhaus!

Uruha: Bush something 

Reita: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA– yeah so get him cake and a letter.

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Yeah

Uruha: Yeah