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my favorite thing????? about mars??????? pfft i got nothing- *list of reasons why i love mars comes spilling out of my pocket, saying things like how I'm so grateful for Mars, and how amazing I think Mars is, and how hard working, creative, talented, and funny Mars is, and how I'm surprised I can even call them my friend because Mars is just that great and chill and deserves all the respect in the world* wait fuck- no- this isnt mine- fuck- no hshut up - im not jenna- i was hacked---

Jenna lmao I love you and Mars you’re both so good

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hi!! love your blog. so, I had a question. I'm a desi girl and it's taken me a long time to unlearn all my internalized racism. I'm a lot more grown now but I'm still surrounded by ignorant people. my cousin's don't listen when I tell them not to use the n word. they say their black friends don't mind. I don't know what to do about it and I'm sorry to ask but it bothers me so much. thank you!

Their black friends don’t mind but there are black people who do. So if they want to keep using it then they can’t be surprised when they get called out on it if they insist.


Back to the Beginning( Don't tell him part three)

Pairing: Tyler/ Reader, Josh/ Reader Warnings: Smut, Bondage, Wax, Slight name calling, Surprises,Daddy kink(slight), Choking(slight) Cliff hangers(you’re welcome) Rating: Mature A/N: HAHA READ IT AND WEEP(please don’t stop reading the series, this isn’t what it seems.)

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You got into your car and started your long drive to work. It had been officially two weeks since you and both of the boys had been together as a trio, and things were going perfectly, or so you thought. You’re snapped out of your thoughts when your phone buzzes and alerts you of a new text. You look over and see Tyler’s icon come up, and wait for a red light to check it. Once you pick it up and see it, you read what it says and immediately turn your car around to head to his place. The text said there was a big emergency and he needed you to be there asap. You make sure to call your boss and let them know you can’t come in, and park your car in the boys driveway. You run inside, using your key, and walk in to see Tyler sitting casually on the couch. “Tyler, what’s wrong?!” You yell. He looks up at you calmly and smiles. “I just wanted to see you..” he mumbled, standing up and crossing the floor over to you. He wraps his arms around your waist and you glare into his eyes, trying to calm yourself down. “Tyler, you’re a fucking idiot. I thought you or Josh might’ve been hurt” you say, trying to get out of his arms. He doesn’t loosen his grip, only holds you tighter. “I’m sorry baby, I just…I missed you, I miss our little dates we used to have her..” he says, looking around the apartment. You sigh and can’t help but feel saddened by Tyler’s words. “I thought you were okay with all of this. It was your idea..” you say, looking up into his big brown eyes. He looks back into yours and bites down on his lip, hard. “I know. I just wanted you to be happy and he had stuff to offer you that I didn’t..I just miss being alone with you, watching movies with you, having you strip for me..” he starts to mumble his words softly into your ear. “Watching you dance for me, fucking the lights out of you, tying​ you down” You cut him off. “Then let’s do it” He looks at you questioningly. “What do you mean?”// “For tonight only, let’s go back to how it was. You can tie me down, I’ll dance for you. We’ll go back to how things were without Josh, just for tonight.” You say, kissing along his neck. He lets out a loud groan and tips his head back, giving you better access. You feel him let out hums when you realize you're​ making a mark. You pull away and he moves his lips onto yours, slowly moving you up to carry you upstairs. On the way up, Tyler rips off all of your clothes and throws them lazily around before dropping you onto the bed. He pulls off his shirt when he walks over to the familiar dresser, and pulls out the old ropes and ties. You smirk as he walks over and ties your first wrist to the headboard, and then the next. Tyler takes a blindfold and ties it around your eyes. You feel him move away and hear a click sound, not even a moment later you feel a stinging sensation on your stomach, and are quickly realizing it’s candle wax. You inhale sharply, feeling the familiar rushing feeling in the pit of your stomach. He starts to write something with the wax. It doesn’t take long for him to finish, and traces his finger over it. You aren’t sure what it says, but Tyler wipes it away and moves back up to kiss you. He starts sliding down his pants and massages your breast. He slides his underwear off, and aims himself, thrusting in slowly. Once he feels you’re fully adjusted, he thrusts into you, harder. You groan against him and struggle against your restraints, just wanting to touch him. He chuckles at your obvious discomfort and interlocks his fingers with yours, leaning down to be able to go deeper inside of you. With his new angle, he was hitting you in all of the right spots, and you couldn’t stop yourself from calling out his name. He continues to talk dirty to you, starting to push you over the edge, when suddenly. “Hey, Ty, where are you?” You and Tyler both start whisper yelling, and you hear Tyler pull on all of his clothes. “Okay, babe, you wait here, and I’ll be back” he says, leaving you tied up and blindfolded, completely exposed. Meanwhile, downstairs. “Hey, Josh, what are you doing here?” Tyler asks, crossing his arms over his chest. Josh looks up at the boy and smiles. “Well, (Y/N) is at work right now. So I thought maybe we could do something special for her when she gets back?” Josh suggests, already placing bags in the kitchen. Tyler starts biting his nail and looks at Josh, sighing. He had to admit, it was hit for him to think about you, tied up, naked, and waiting for him. Maybe he should make you wait. “What were you thinking?” Tyler asks, opening the bags. “I thought we could make her food and then watch a movie and…You know” Josh says, laughing at himself. Tyler smirks, loving the fact that you were up there. “Well, we both know I’m the better cook of us two, so you can look through the movies while I cook?” Tyler says. Josh nods and goes to Tyler’s living room. Tyler starts blasting the music and Josh chuckles, flipping through the movies. Josh lifts his head when he hears a slight noise, but looks away. But when he looked down, he saw a bra. Your bra. And the rest of your clothes that Tyler left laying around. He clenches his jaw and stands up. “Ty, I have to go the bathroom” Josh says, Tyler doesn’t respond, probably with how loud his music was. He clears his throat and starts walking up the stairs, and heads to Tyler’s room, assuming you’d be there. He sees you and feels rage, but also becomes very turned on by the sight of you just laying there, waiting, wanting. You hear the movement and the music, and think Tyler was coming back up to finish, and turned on the music so Josh wouldn’t hear. You hear the sound of pants coming off and more shifting, and smile. “Coming back to finish, huh?” You ask. You inhale sharply when you feel a cold finger running along the burn from the wax. You try and see through your blindfold, but you can’t. It doesn’t take long for you to feel yourself being stretched out again, but it felt different. Your thoughts are cleared when he starts thrusting in faster. “T-tyler” you let out, pulling at the restraints.“Call me daddy” says a whisper. You bite your lip and start screaming Daddy to him, encouraging him to go faster. He grabs something from the table and you hear it start vibrating. He grabs one of your hips to be able to hit harder, and starts rubbing the vibrator onto your clit. “God, Daddy, yes” you say. You feel yourself reaching your end, and you can tell ‘Tyler’ is also about to from the grunts they’re letting out. You feel his hand reach up and wrap around your neck, squeezing, and completely sending you over the edge. The sounds you let out are vulgar and choked, and you feel the warmness entering you as well.“I don’t appreciate you calling out my best friend’s name while I’m fucking you” he says. Josh. He lifts the blindfold and you’re at a loss for words. For some reason, it was hot to you. “And slut, that’s a new one” Josh says. You look confused until he points at your stomach and you realize that’s what Tyler had burned into you. You laugh softly and shrug. That’s when you hear the clearing of a throat. “So, this is the second time I’ve walked in on you two. I’m thinking you just want to be caught” he says, crossing his arms on his chest and leaning against the doorframe. Josh mumbles some curse words and pulls his underwear on, yet no one makes any attempt to untie you. You groan. “Tyler, I thought Josh was you..” you say. Tyler looks at Josh. “Did you fuck her and not even tell her it was you?” Josh doesn’t say anything. “Dude, that’s so fucked. And you knew I was downstairs?!” Josh finally stands. “Ty, you decided to take her for yourself in the first place! It was supposed to be all of us or at least we were supposed to let each other know something was happening!” Josh yells back. Tyler sees you sitting quietly and unties you. You pull the cover over yourself and start biting you nail, not knowing what to say or do. “Maybe this was a mistake.” You say, loud enough for them to hear. The three of you sit in silence. Tyler mumbled something, but no one heard. “What?” You ask. “I agree, tonight started as my fault” he begins. “Tyler…”//“Let me finish. I think tonight was just a mess, but (Y/N), this wasn’t a mistake. At least, not for me. I think…..” He starts mumbling again. “What?” You ask again. Whatever was said, Josh heard it when you didn’t, and he looked pissed. “I said. Marry me” (THATS WHERE IM ENDING IT BUT GET READY FOR THE NEXT PART OML)

Since deleting all but one of his Instagram posts earlier this week, Kendrick Lamar has shared a surprise new track called “The Heart Part 4″ which hints at a new album set to be released next month. It’s difficult to write about a song like, because it’s one that you simply have to press play and bask in its greatness, so we’ll keep this one short and sweet: Kendrick truly is the “greatest rapper alive”. 

Watch on
even: I joined kosegruppa to meet you

isak: *is surprised*

us: CALLED IT. now tell him about how you never really forgot your ID, and you interrupted him kissing emma on purpose, and you orchestrated that whole first kiss underwater because you’re a total romantic and totally extra™ and totally in love with him. go on. we’ll wait.

Zervis edition for my FT Christmas Sweater Couples Mashima Art Style Whatever The Hell. I’m so glad to be free from drawing zervis in some sort of meme because I swear to god the only time I draw them memes are always involved.

As always, anyone is free to colour but make sure to tag me so i can scream about it! 

Here’s the nalu edition lineart!

I guess I can stick around with this style for a few more draws, what ft couple should I draw next whilst I’m still at it? 

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

eta: changed a couple of things up top

eta2: apparently i got the quote wrong 8D;;;;;;;;

Otayuri saying goodbye in Barcelona

• When it came time for Yuri and Otabek to say goodbye after Barcelona, Yuri tackled Otabek in a hug just before he had to get on his flight and Otabek was so surprised he just handed Yuri his number and the scarf he was wearing as Yuri ran to get on his flight
• During the flight Yuri was sitting there like omg I hugged him and he have me his number?? What does this mean??
• He then proceeded to search Otabek Atlin social media and spent the rest of the flight looking back at Otabe'ks old photos
• He came across a photo of Otabek hugging a kitten and immediately liked it, only to realise he’d posted it 4 years ago
• Yuri just sat there for 5 minutes having an internal crisis before realising you can unlike a photo
• Otabek however had seen the notification and also had an internal crisis surprising his friends by calling them and yelling in their ears about how HE SAW THAT YURI LIKED HIS PHOTO FROM 4 YEARS AGO AND HE MIGHT HAVE FOLLOWED HIM AND LIKED 6 OF HIS PHOTOS HELP
• His friends being scared for the first minute because they’ve never heard Otabek so flustered before telling him to breathe and that it’s going to be fine
• Just as they got him calm he received a message from Yuri and started freaking again and that’s when they realised Otabek was actually in love with this boy and had a sneaky feeling the “beautiful boy with the eyes of a solider” returned his feelings
• Later that night when Yuuri and Viktor went to check on Yuri they found him fast asleep with Otabek’s scarf in his arms

- mod Isla

I think I love you - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word count : 1,484

Warnings : none

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Your phone rang in the pocket of your jacket making you jump by surprise. You answered the call before showing your index to your friend Archie, meaning that it would only take a minute.

“Hi, this is (y/n) speaking.”

“Hey (y/n), how are you?” You instantly recognised the groggy voice behind the line.

“Jughead! I’m good! What about you?” From the corner of your eye, you would’ve swore you saw Archie rolling his eyes.

“Marvellous. So, what are you up to this evening? I thought we maybe could’ve hung out tonight. You know, me, you, at Pop’s?” You chuckled lightly.

“Sorry Juggie, I was planning on spending the night with Archie… You can tag along if you want? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” A small sigh made its way into your ear. You had to admit that you spent a lot of your recent time with your new red-haired friend. Jughead still occupied the position of best friend. He didn’t have to worry about it.

“I promise we’ll do something together tomorrow, alright?” It was silence for a while before you heard back,

“Yeah sure.” You pursed your lips, mentally cursing yourself. It wasn’t the first time that you had turned down your best of friend for Archie. Lately it had been happening more than before. It made you feel like the worst pal.

“See you.” With that, Jughead hung up. You understood how he felt. It wasn’t right that you weren’t spending as much time with him.

“Jughead, wasn’t it?” You looked up and saw Archie sprawled across the black beanbag in your bedroom. His hands were attached on the new acoustic guitar his dad had got him for his birthday. You nodded and played with the sleeves of you sweater. Your friend continued strumming the strings of his instrument.

“Hey- I wrote this song last week, and I wanted to know what you thought about it. I’ve been trying to talk to Josie about her playing some of my compositions, but she’s not that into it. You’re her friend, right? Maybe you could listen to it and try to talk to her?” He asked questioningly.

“Of course, go ahead.” His fingers moved to the tuners and accorded them as his other hand rested on the waist of the guitar. A few seconds later, a pleasant melody filled the room. Archie then started singing the lyrics he had written. The song wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was quite catchy. The redhead friend of yours had talent. Before Archie could go on, you blurted out something you soon would regret.

“I’ll probably spend the day with him tomorrow.” The small tune that Archie had started suddenly came to an end. Archie hadn’t spoken to Jughead since this summer. The tree of you and Betty we’re supposed to go on a road trip the fourth of July but Archie left you hanging at the last minute. Since then, the boys stopped talking completely. When you mentioned one of  them to the other, you saw the irritation and annoyance in their expression.

“I thought you were coming to my game tomorrow. I’m playing in the varsity football team this year, remember?” You bet your lip and fiddled your hair with your fingers.

“I’m sorry Arch. I haven’t seen Jughead in a while now and I don’t want him to feel like I stopped being his friend. I’m making a vow that I’ll show up to your next game, how about that?”

“Why does it always have to be about him? Everything constantly has to be about Jughead.” Your were caught off guard by the sudden raise in his voice.

“That’s not it… I’m just trying to do what’s best here.”

“By ditching me at the last minute, that’s how your making things better? I didn’t think of you as an inconsiderate and selfish person.” He replied bitterly. In all the time of you guy’s friendship, you had never seen this side of Archie. Usually, he would be sweet and just shrug off any problem that faced his way. But the words he had just told you, they hurt your heart. Your eyes were starting to fill up with tears and your bottom lip started quivering.

“I’ve spent all my time with you for the last month. You. Not Jughead. Why are you treating me like this?”

“You know what? I don’t want to spend any more of my time with you right now.” With that, Archie got up and left you alone in your room. Without even noticing, a trail of tears had made its way down your cheeks. A sob escaped your mouth and your hands covered your face as you poured your heart out. You laid in your bed and continued crying.

It was all your fault. Archie now hated you and would probably never talk to you again. Why did you had to be so stupid? If only you had kept your mouth shut. Maybe he still would have been on that beanbag, singing.

Maybe half an hour later, you heard the wooden creek of your door meaning that someone was coming in. You didn’t even move, your pillow pressed against your face. The mattress shifted to the side from the sudden weight that it now had on it. You felt a piece of your hair being put behind your ear. You smiled at the sweet gesture and assumed it was your mother. You slowly got up and saw Jughead sitting beside you. Automatically, you vaulted in his arms tearing up once again.

“Sssh. It’s going to be okay.” He rubbed your back comfortingly. Your forehead was against his chest, his two upper limbs protectively holding you. Your eyes were probably red from all the crying but you couldn’t care less. You continued sobbing in his chest until you eventually felt calmer.

“Why- Why are you here?” You asked with a small voice. Jughead gently whipped your cheek with his thumb.

“Your mom saw Archie leave in a rush and realized that you two probably had a fight. She heard you crying and thought that you would be more willing to speak about it with me than her.” You grinned at the boy.

“I ruined your shirt.” You noticed, and felt guilty.

“Nothing to worry about (y/n/n). I never liked that jersey anyway.” You giggle with your best friend. You sniffed and observed Jughead who his face was only about a foot away from you. You had to admit that he was good looking. His prefect blue eyes were mesmerising and his pink lips appeared so kissable. Forever you considered the boy as nothing more than a platonic relationship to you. Never had you ever felt anything for him. But in that moment, something clicked. Jughead wasn’t only a friend to you, not even a best friend.  A stronger feeling overwhelmed your body. You felt love. You loved Jughead Jones. 

He was the one who your mother called when you were sad. He was the one who came rushing to your house as soon as your mother hung up. He was the one who was holding you and comforting you, whispering sweet nothing to you as you were crying. He was the one who was there for you.

“Jughead.” He raised his eyebrows at you.

“(y/n)?” You asked yourself in your mind if it was the right time to confess your feelings towards him. Your breathing started quickening as the anxiety rose in your core.

“I think I-” He watched you with intending eyes, indicating to continue your phrase.

“I think I love you.” Jughead eyeballed you, astonished at your revelation. He quietly answered, almost inaudible for you to hear.

“I think I love you too.” He leaned towards you and slowly pressed his lips to yours. Fireworks were going off in your stomach. The heaviness on your shoulders disappeared. In this moment, nothing else mattered in the world. Both of your lips moved in sync as you played with his raven locks. His arms pulled you closer to him, leaving no space between you two. Jughead backed away and kissed every each of your face, including your cheeks, temple and chin.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He whispered in your ear. You gave him a last long peck on the lips before saying,

“Do you want to lay down and cuddle with me?” He moved his head up and down calmly and took a blanket that was already on the bed to cover you. Cuddling was not something new for the both of you. You had always cuddled together, and whenever. His hand ran through your hair bringing a comforting and fuzzy feeling. His body pressed behind your back and his hot breath was tingling your neck. Before you even knew it, you and Jughead had fallen in a deep slumber, both dreaming about each other.

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