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hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with


fucking heCK i read this message too late but i whipped up something really quick because I LOVE MY HOME BOI KURAPIKA!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KURTA everyone loves u can u stop being sad n come home to ur fam

OK but let me direct your attention to Sungmin, look at that piece of human sunshine he’s standing there with a smile on his face waiting for heechul to promote Yesung’s song and he is so shocked and #offended when heenim promotes himself instead… I’m just saying… Sungmin is a little ball of fluff and we don’t deserve him.

gif credit to: @kyuhyu-k

Thank you so much!

I got so much fan art for my silly au and I am super stoked to see so many talented people like my characters.

If you guys have any anachronous fan art you wanna give me I will be 100% grateful and you will probably make me cry.

Just be sure to tag me or use the anachronous tag so I can see it! Thanks again! :’)

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But imagine greek!jason and annabeth meeting roman!piper and percy and thinking at first glance that they're in a relationship but nah they're just best bros and imagine how awkward will be jason

all four of them would just assume things about the other two and act accordingly without actually confirming because they are All awkward babies

though i THINK because piper would be a child of venus, she’d still have that ability to sense?? relationships between people? so she doesn’t think jason/annabeth are dating–just thinks they are literally related. and her and percy are defs the kind of friends to have entire conversations w/ nothing but the word ‘bro’ and very expressive eyebrow signals, so, it would really confuse jason/annabeth on that front. 

like jason’s just “you two aren’t a conventional couple, are you” when percy/piper high five each other after a long-ish separation. and they just freeze mid-high five and laugh like “a couple?? US?? why would i date THIS loser omg” 

also: jason being a TEEEENY TINY bit jealous of roman!pipercy tho. imagine. just a tiny little bit jealous bc piper is Cute As Fuck and percy can just casually put an arm around her like it’s no big deal, but jason has yet to say two words to her that don’t involve him completely losing his train of thought every time she sMIRKS at him. annabeth is forever just rolling her eyes at this bc jason is Hopeless

I was telling my boyfriend about this and I decided that I had to make a post to introduce tumblr to Pedals the bear.

Pedals is a very special black bear because he always walks on his two hind legs and doesn’t like to use his front paws (bipedal, hence Pedals). A few years ago people started seeing him in and around my town and for a while no one was sure what the heck he was. Some people claimed that he was a man in a bear suit until people started capturing footage of him doing his thing. He became a local celebrity and NJ news networks started covering his appearances. 

People started worrying that he might be injured or a lost performing animal that wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness, so they called for an investigation from the local wildlife service to see if he needed to be taken into captivity. After monitoring him though, it became clear that Pedals taught himself how to do this due to an injury to his front paws when he was young, and continued to walk out of habit. He’s perfectly healthy and able to forage and be social with no problem, so he’s still free and wandering around my town. He has fans who follow his appearances and seeing him is a great surprise :]


natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman // Two years ago today my friend Sarah and I woke up in Denali National Park in one of their backcountry units. As we opened the tent flap, to our surprise a grizzly bear was wandering around just below our hill. I quietly set up my camera and was able to capture these peaceful shots as it started climbing up the mountainside. The last clip of the sun hitting him is definitely my favorite. Looks like he found the best view for sunrise. Follow me @tobyharriman for more!