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Supreme Leader Snoke is in fact not actually the leader of the First Order, but a apprentice to the greatest mind in the Galaxy.

The Droid Chopper.

Turns out that droid is the master mind to everything that has happened in the galaxy. In his mind, it is now time for all the lower lifeforms to worship him.

  • [Amami and Ouma are playing a game of chess]
  • Amami: So Ouma, what are you going to do now?
  • Ouma: [in his head] Chess sure is fun.
  • Ouma: [In his head] You know what is even more fun? Killing your best friend.
  • Ouma: [In his head] That doesn’t sound like fun at all Ouma.
  • Ouma: [In his head] Well how do you know? All you know is how to be a perfect surpreme leader.
  • Ouma: [In his head] I think Ouma is right.We should branch out our hobbies more Ouma.
  • Ouma: [In his head] Oh snap! Amami has stopped talking! He wants you to respond! Say something stupid!
  • Ouma: I wasn’t thinking about killing you.
  • Amami: Aww! Thank you!
  • Ouma: [In his head] Nailed it.
  • Teacher: *taking roll*
  • Teacher: Kuro Honda?
  • 2p Japan: here.
  • Teacher: Allen D. Jones?
  • 2p America: WASSUP
  • random student: what does the D stand for
  • 2p America: *smirks*
  • 2p Japan: don't
  • 2p America: it's D for Daniel
  • 2p Japan: stop
  • 2p America: AS IN-
  • 2p Japan: shut up
  • 2p America: -DAMN DANIEL
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Yeah, that’s the correct reaction to seeing American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange in real life.

anonymous asked:

If Louis didnt have the het chav image Rusty is pushing to him, he'd still wear the clothes he is wearing! (Maybe not in Vetements haha) but like, this is Louis' style! Yeah sometimes some think he wanted to dress up better -SOMEtimes- but other than that, thats how he likes to dress! People want him to dress like Harry, maybe he doesnt want to! He used to wear sweats& hoodies ALOT even in 2015 before this ''supereme lad" image was pushed! He does dress up in jeans and tees when he wants to tho!

to be fair, I think the surpreme lad image was pushed earlier than 2015, but agreed.