The Last Jedi Spoiler

Supreme Leader Snoke is in fact not actually the leader of the First Order, but a apprentice to the greatest mind in the Galaxy.

The Droid Chopper.

Turns out that droid is the master mind to everything that has happened in the galaxy. In his mind, it is now time for all the lower lifeforms to worship him.

  • Teacher: *taking roll*
  • Teacher: Kuro Honda?
  • 2p Japan: here.
  • Teacher: Allen D. Jones?
  • 2p America: WASSUP
  • random student: what does the D stand for
  • 2p America: *smirks*
  • 2p Japan: don't
  • 2p America: it's D for Daniel
  • 2p Japan: stop
  • 2p America: AS IN-
  • 2p Japan: shut up
  • 2p America: -DAMN DANIEL

anonymous asked:

Do you think there is any chance that R***lo will be a thing? I don't even know why it is so popular, that ship didn't even occur to me when I saw the movie, I thought she and Finn were clearly the budding romance. Although I have heard Finn will get a new love interest?

No I do not. It is rumored that fans inspired some rewrites to the script, however, surprisingly enough…R**lo is not a popular ship even though the shippers can be loud. The evidence here are the top three ships in the Force Awakens written on AO3 [IN ORDER]:

Yes, the typical pattern [and even though I am a Kylux fan myself], of two white men being a random favorite ship reigns surpreme here, but it decimates R/eylo [sorry to my followers and friends who ship them] in terms of popularity cause this fandom stems from Marvel…it was bound to happen.

We don’t know enough thanks to the trailer, but if the rumor is right and they did write based on Fan demand [and the other Rumor that Hux is gonna have a bit more action in the TLJ is true] we are more likely to see Kylux happen than R/eylo, which if that is the case I as a Kylux fan, am so sorry for the Stormpilot fans who got rejected by Kathleen Fuckadizzle either because Miss Fuckadizzle was apalled of the idea of two POC dating so she thought the white guys being gay was easier or because Kylux is going to be the Gay ship and Kathleen Fuckadizzle was like…NO THERE IS ONLY ONE GAY SHIP THAT SHOULD BECOME CANON [I wouldnt put it past her if that was the case].

But you can breathe easy. If Disney did its research and saw these statistics, the chances of R/eylo happening are definitely lower than the idea that Han Solo is Snoke. So surprisingly, Kylux saved the day here [as well as caused destrcution.]

As for the love interest thing. I think its up in the air. I know with the Luke x Leia x Han triangle it was sloppy. As I said before it was definitely intended for Luke and Leia to be together and then Carrison happened. BUT as weird and gross it was in the beginning cause Ani was a child and Padme was a teenager, it was kept consistant Anidala was endgame, this could be the case with Finnrey as well, especially cause they came from Disney, they are well aware of what happened when they Split Clintasha which was intended to be endgame for that weird ass Br/ucenat romance and probably know splitting a couple clearly endgame is NOT going to end well. However the introduction of Rose worries me if Finnrey will be endgame. [which I feel so bad for Rose if that was the case like they litterally brought her character so Finnrey wouldnt happen which is gross].

My only thing that is keeping my faith up with Finnrey as that Rian Johnson for now seems to not like Kathleen Fuckadizzle’s racist Ideas the fact he fought for a WOC to play Rose and won is proof, so I am hoping he kept it to be consistant….but I asked my magic Carrie Fisher picture for Finnrey to happen as well as Han’s Ressurection and she barely lets me down X3.

But TL;DR,…the idea of R/eylo becoming Canon is DOA. Dont worry.