surplus sale


Surplus sale!

I have a bunch of stuff left over from Geekkon and would like to clear out some stock!

I am offering print bundles, P5 keychains, and Voltron keychains! I sold out of Red, so that is not currently available.

Print bundles contain 3-6 prints, plus a mix of bookmarks and stickers!

Print bundles/mystery prints - $20
Keychains - $7

If you are interested, please contact me at @smartass-telepath!

The Iron Of The Regime: The Tariq Pistol - 9mm Parabellum

The Tariq, such an odd gun that’s so mechanically basic. This gun is one of the weirder Beretta’s you’ll see as it’s the standard issue sidearm of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

The Tariq’s story begins with the original gun, the Beretta M1951. This was Beretta’s first pistol in their first wave of guns made post-World War II, includnig the BM59 and the PM12. It’s also really basic, single stack, locked breech and so on. It was sold to a number of countries around Italy like Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, some to Haiti. 

The big two non Beretta made models are the insanely more common Egyptian Helwan. Those are pretty much copies of the M1951 used by Egypt as well as Israel and are pretty boring as a lot of them were imported to the US as both surplus and straight civilian sales. The Tariq is cool because it wasn’t.

The Tariq was made by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Saddam bought all of the tooling after Beretta ceased production of the M1951 as well as the Model 70 pocket pistol and began making the Tariq. These were made from 1981 until ceasing in 2003 as the regime collapsed before restarting in 2009 and continuing to this day. The Tariq’s are reliable from most reports, but their quality is very iffy, though more moderns ones are somewhat better. They are the main sidearm of the Iraqi Police though they are starting to be supplemented by other guns as well as the Kurdish Zeravani and Asayish.

They also made gold plated presentation guns because totalitarian regimes love gold plating everything.

The Tariq series of guns are desirable in the US not for their quality, but because of their scarcity. Most guns of this type in the US are usually GI bringbacks, legal or other wise. And most GI bringbacks always tend to commend a big price and one that’s tied to one of the longest wars the US has ever engaged in fighting is a really desirable piece, even if it’s broken.

Jack Spade Surplus Sale!

Everyone should know by now, that when it comes to men’s bags, Jack Spade is like my fave! Well next to LV and Marc Jacobs.

Well I woke with the best e-mail ever this morning! “Jack Spade Surplus Sale!”

I seriously woke up at 7:30, walked with my dog, and before I even got ready for my first day at Michael Kors, I went ahead and bought a leather briefcase!

EEK! Genuine purple grain leather, cotton canvas lining, front compartment for my iPad, interior sleeve for my future MacBook, and a removable & adjustable nylon strap! Originally $500, and I got it for $150 =D 

Sucks that there wasn’t any additional discount with all Liz Claiborne sample sales=/ BUT! Everything was pretty much as cheap as if the discount was counted.

AHH! I’m so excited!! Can it be next week already??? =]

’ Seeking Becomes Fate ’  Unaltered abstract photograph by Bob Bauer  Found in a surplus equipment sales yard.  I like the suggested iconographic ‘heads’ of the left grayish area playing off against the whites on the right.  Make it a Rorschach test.  New image this month.

ok so this summer I bought two winter jackets it army surplus sales and they both have HUGE AMOUNTS OF VERY LARGE POCKETS on both the inside and outside and I’m realizing why women’s coats don’t

because now I have 

  • an apple pocket
  • a pocket full of cruschelles
  • a bottle of tea pocket
  • a candy pocket (with an entire bar of chocolate, a box of tic tacs and random hard candies)
  • a silverware pocket (because thermos in backpack)
  • a triscuits pocket