Agents of s.m.a.s.h dating headcanons: A-bomb

• It’s amazing how this little dork freaks out over his s/o

• I mean, he’s faced against the Leader, the Abomination, Suron, the wrecking crew and a whole bunch of other stuff but you leave him gobsmacked

• At the start of the relationship he follows you about like a lost puppy

• Red even made a joke about how Rick should be the new dog boy which earned him a punch and a glare from you and Hulk

• By the way I’m not saying that it was Hulk who hit him…

• A-bomb REALLY likes taking pictures of you

• If he saw you doing doing something particularly cute he’d thank the stars that his cameras can also take pictures

• He’d get really embarrassed if you ever found out but for now he’s happy to coo over that one really cute picture of you sleeping in a Devil Dinosaur onsie