“Copy, we see you Echo Team. Prepare for extraction.”

“Great. It’s about time we got out of here.”

Dusk till Dawn


I can’t possibly express how happy I am to be back in this stuff. It took a long while of re-downloading and further downloading other things to be able to make this one. I gotta say, the work was worth it.

The character responding to their extraction is Marcus Silom; the ODST closest to the Spartan-III, Alyx-G059.

We are back in business!

Ivette Nadal - Vivim la nit


Miro la nit
miro la noche
guardo la notte
miro el mar
miro el mar
guardo il mare
les hores petites se'n van
la horas pequeñas se van
le ore piccole se ne vanno

Alça la copa i brindem, amor
Alza la copa y brindemos, amor
Alza la coppa e brindiamo, amore
pels dies que vindran
por los días que vendrán
per i giorni che verranno

Pugem les escales de dos en dos
Subamos las escaleras de dos en dos
Saliamo le scale a due a due
encén una espelma i que cremi tot
enciende una vela y qué queme todo
accendi una candela e che bruci tutto

Vivim la nit
Vivamos la noche
Viviamo la notte
mirant el cel
mirando el cielo
guardando il cielo
buscant Saturn
buscando Saturno
cercando Saturno
o la creu del sud
o la cruz del sur
o la croce del sud

Vivim la nit
Vivamos la noche
Viviamo la notte
mirant el cel
mirando el cielo
guardando il cielo
comptant estels
contando las estrellas
contando le stelle
mentre ens estimem
mientras nos amamos
mentre ci amiamo

Miro la nit
Miro la noche
Guardo la notte
miro el mar
miro el mar
guardo il mare
el tren vermell ja se'n va
el tren rojo ya se va
il treno rosso già se ne va


In-game look of the new Age of Triumph sets!

These sets are a throwback of old Y1 gear (or “lazy reskins” as the people who complain about everything call them). Chroma-enabled, including class items.

Warlock bond transitions into different versions of the Shield!

Dragon’s Breath Ornament! Lord of Wolves Ornament! And TWO SUROS Regime Ornaments!

Age of Triumph Sandbox Reveal

Elemental Raid Primaries are EXOTIC versions of their non-elemental Legendary counterparts!

Vex Mythoclast will not be getting any type of Sandbox change. It will function just like its 170 counterpart!

Necrochasm exotic perk changed! ANY type of kill will trigger the Cursed Thrall explosion! (HELL YEAH)

Black Hammer is NOT returning. (A sad day)

Specifically, Crota’s End and King’s Fall Ornament particle effects will disappear when receiving damage. They will “grow and glow” back after a few seconds!

Wrath of the Machine and King’s Fall will receive Elemental Exotic Primaries as well!

Age of Triumph Armor will be Chroma enabled! Including the Class Items. The Age of Triumph Warlock Bond will transition into different forms!

Auto Rifles will be getting a nice range buff while Hand Cannons get a very slight 3 meter nerf on their range.

Skorri’s Harmony will now only activate once getting a kill while your super is full. It will last 1 minute! This is mostly to prevent long drawn out Trials of Osiris matches from happening.

Sidearms stacking ammo in PvP will be gone! When killed with your sidearm you will always spawn with rounds in the magazine, but your reserves will be gone.

Special Ammo crates now instantly reload your Special Weapon! No more reloading an empty gun after getting more special ammo!

No Land Beyond will now have flinch!

SUROS has TWO Ornaments. Black and Yellow Basilisk, and a Reverse OG color scheme

ir-anuk  asked:


25 prompts meme

19. Going Undercover

Ikora Rey has never been much of a one for stealth. She’d rather let her shotgun close any watching eyes. Her philosophy is that you’re completely invisible once everyone around you is dead.

But somebody in the Crucible had been taking bribes to throw matches. There isn’t enough evidence for the Vanguard to take action, but when Shaxx comes to her with the name of a bar, when he rumbles, I trust your Light and your wits, Guardian—well.

It’s not the sort of bounty that she’s used to taking from him, but Ikora Rey has never backed down from a challenge.

That’s how she finds herself slouching over a tin cup filled with vodka, a headscarf wrapped around her head, fringe drooping low over her eyes. Her Light is tamped down as far as possible—she won’t be able to summon Axion Bolts worth a damn, and a Nova Bomb is clean out of the question, but no Guardian will sense her light without getting in range of her shotgun

Ikora doesn’t worry about anything that’s in range of her shotgun.

She does worry about looking mortal for long enough to catch this cheating Guardian.

The Suros representative is still sitting alone at his table. Ikora eases a glance around the bar, keeping her eyelids low, movements fluid.

Halfway through the her scan of the room, her gaze lands on a cluster of students seated together. (She guesses that’s what they are, from the thick books piled around them.)  At the same time, one of them looks up.

Their eyes meet.

He’s twenty at most, tall and scrawny, with brown skin and a shock of ink-black hair. His dark eyes widen instantly, and he makes a quick, abortive gesture, knocking over his glass.

“Shun?” says the girl sitting next to him, at the same time that the boy beside him wails, “Traveler’s cleft, my notes,” and grabs a napkin.

But the student—Shun—is still staring at Ikora, and with a sort of idle amusement, she stares back, watching his flush grow deeper. Are the children of the city so bashful, these days?

Something moves in the corner of her eye. Ikora turns, and sees an Awoken striding between tables, his faded cloak still too like a Hunter’s cloak, the swell of his Light too poorly-hidden for her Warlock senses.

The culprit sits down by the Suros representative and they start to talk in low voices.

Ikora rises smoothly from her seat, fingers quietly finding Invective.

She doesn’t look back at Shun as she strides toward her prey. If he’s still watching, well, then he’ll get a show.

Takes place in the same continuity as my story Glory 0.1; Shun recognizes Ikora because he’s watched every one of her Crucible matches 15 times.

This fic was inspired by the card Ghost Fragment: The City Age 2, and also by a tumblr post that I now cannot find, which speculated that Ikora might have actually first been taught intrigue and spying by Shaxx.


I needed to practice my ability to draw guns. Namely, Destiny guns. Becuase its something that is so far outside of my normal range that it was pretty painful to have to draw them whenever I needed to.

What you are seeing is 7 hours of work and 23 different weapons. Almost all are D1, but Sweet Business snuck in there as a viewer request. I can safely say that this has helped me a lot in drawing weaponry. Now I just need an excuse to draw this stuff more often.