Back to the Lab (Closed RP)

[Aster stepped out of the elevator and began walking down the corridor to his main lab, his arms crossed behind his back. He had a lot on his mind from his most recent visit to the GBJ, but he also felt that a lot of weight had been lifted off his shoulders.]

[His talk with the shadow demon known as Suro had helped relieve a few of his worries, but had also added new concerns that he needed to look into.]

[But at least for now, he could start with taking a DNA sample from his newest prize of a specimen: An ancient Picsian corpse, the last known in existence. It had once been Suro’s host body, but after the demon had created a new body for himself, he had given this shell to Dr. Aster for preservation, as well as for his own personal study.]

[Unlocking a magic seal on the door, he opened it and reached in to turn on the light before entering.]

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“…” Divine seems to become a bit somber, at the…

Pardon me, then.” Suro smiled at the tiny Kirby, and waved back with one of his disembodied hands. “I know someone that would be happy to meet all of you, her mother told her you all were in hiding, but not so nearby. Enough of her, Nice to meet you, Booker.”



the stage was OWNED

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“I read it in a book. It was called ‘Men and Women Beneath the Sheets’.”

“Tales of Xillia” Skit Starter Sentences

“You read WHAT?!” Ludger knew that book. Milla talked about it once, and he knew from what she told him that it was a very…adult book. In other words, most certainly NOT a book that a young developing mind like Atsuro’s should be exposed to without proper knowledge on the subject. And even has his ripe age of 22, he didn’t even read past the first few pages! It got too weird for him.

“Atsuro, where do you get that book? That kind of book is too old for you!” Ludger heavily scolded the teenager, searching through the clutter of Atsuro’s apartment to confiscate it. “Once you’re old enough to find yourself a nice lady and decide you want to marry her, THEN you can read that kind of book. Right you’re too young and I’d be a horrible Nii-san if I let you ready books not suited for your age!” 

“If I can’t find that book, you’ve got two minutes to give it to me! Otherwise, I’m not making you anything until you DO find a nice lady! And that could be a long time!” 

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(Its Suro time) "Howdy! How's that cyan soul that Chara gave you? I'll laugh if it somehow mystically gained life."

(*She looks Pissed to find the Soul Canister on the ground, and broken.)

“You tell Me, if it Gained life.” (*That Sounded like it was full of Sarcasm.)

Armsday (8/24/16)

Foundry Orders:

  • SUROS DIS-47 Scout Rifle*
  • Omolon Thesan FR4 Fusion Rifle*
  • Hakke Judith-D Hand Cannon
  • SUROS JLB-42 Rocket Launcher
  • SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher

*personal recommendation

Test Weapons:

  • Hakke Sniper Rifle - Cabal targets
  • Omolon Fusion Rifle - Crucible use
  • Hakke Pulse Rifle - Crucible use
  • SUROS Pulse Rifle - Vex targets
  • Hakke Shotgun - Crucible use

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Satan and Data sittin' in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G! First comes love then comes marriage, then comes a tiny bud in a baby carriage! - The Incredibly Smart and Genius Anon who is not Suro.

*s-satan? i’m sorry. i don’t know a satan…

Armsday (8/17/16)

Foundry Orders:

  • Hakke Arminius-D Auto Rifle*
  • SUROS PDX-45 Pulse Rifle*
  • SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher
  • Hakke Jingukogo-D Shotgun
  • Omolon Eirene RR4 Sniper Rifle

*personal recommendation

Test Weapons:

  • Hakke Auto Rifle - Cabal targets
  • Hakke Auto Rifle - Fallen targets
  • Omolon Fusion Rifle - Crucible
  • Hakke Sniper Rifle - Cabal Centurion targets
  • Omolon Sniper Rifle - Fallen Captain targets

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(thenaturalbalance) "Ebott? no, no, no no, You can't be dead. You-Your one your path to YOUR golden ending. You never even got to realize how much you care for people. Look buddy, ya-ya can't die alone under the ground like this. Can I take you somewhere, the surface, the GBJ, just do-don't die alone in the underground... please."

[* Ebott looked at Suro in a panic.]

S- Suro… please help me…. I d-… I don’t want to die… Help me, I… I’m scared… I’m…


[* And just like that, Ebott’s life slipped away.]

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(Death meme) "Huh? Oh hey, Suro, I didn't realize you were sleeping here. So, I had this question about... uh... hey, aren't you going to wake up? Suro? Ah... hey, this isn't funny... C'mon, wake up, I have something I need to ask you about! ...? Suro! Please, wake up! Please! N... NO! WHO DID THIS??" ((jellycatanomaly))

Suros colors flickered and began fading. “jelly, i’ll be fine.. it doesn’t matter who did this. i’ll be back soon enough… ask me then, and then I get to experience meeting you agai-” his core shattered.

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AKIM! Not In a ceNtury Even, has there Been a bEtter team of Who ARE you two again? (Suro, thenaturalbalance.)

“I think the better question is who YOU are.”

*Akim scoffed.*

“What do you want?”

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A black pile of goop floated out of the ground. It was wearing Sunglasses. "Ya know, bud. I woulda done this as an anon but ya ruined my fun. The Name is Potens Suro." He took off the sunglasses. "And I'd like to say 'Hello'"


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"Jelly, do you have family besides Gaster? We've talked a lot about my past, but what about yours?" (thenaturalbalance, suro)

“Besides Aster? Well, there’s Johnny… who’s not TECHNICALLY my brother, but he may as well be…” 

“But besides that, there’s nobody. All of the other specimens that Aster made died before they hatched.”

“But it’s okay, really. With all the friends I have, it feels like I already have a pretty big family anyways.”

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"Wait a minute... are you alive, or am I high? There is no way... you are alive. Much more, that I would randomly meet you. Just in case, dillusion of my mind. I am Potens Suro, and I greet you. If you are real, welcome back." (thenaturalbalance)

“I am indeed dead. Perhaps the simplest way to explain things is I’m possessing Dapster. But just his hand. And he’s okay with this. … Who are you and… how do you even know who I am?”