Ivette Nadal - Vivim la nit


Miro la nit
miro la noche
guardo la notte
miro el mar
miro el mar
guardo il mare
les hores petites se'n van
la horas pequeñas se van
le ore piccole se ne vanno

Alça la copa i brindem, amor
Alza la copa y brindemos, amor
Alza la coppa e brindiamo, amore
pels dies que vindran
por los días que vendrán
per i giorni che verranno

Pugem les escales de dos en dos
Subamos las escaleras de dos en dos
Saliamo le scale a due a due
encén una espelma i que cremi tot
enciende una vela y qué queme todo
accendi una candela e che bruci tutto

Vivim la nit
Vivamos la noche
Viviamo la notte
mirant el cel
mirando el cielo
guardando il cielo
buscant Saturn
buscando Saturno
cercando Saturno
o la creu del sud
o la cruz del sur
o la croce del sud

Vivim la nit
Vivamos la noche
Viviamo la notte
mirant el cel
mirando el cielo
guardando il cielo
comptant estels
contando las estrellas
contando le stelle
mentre ens estimem
mientras nos amamos
mentre ci amiamo

Miro la nit
Miro la noche
Guardo la notte
miro el mar
miro el mar
guardo il mare
el tren vermell ja se'n va
el tren rojo ya se va
il treno rosso già se ne va

Immigrant workers, families to protest by staying home

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Organizers in cities across the U.S. are telling immigrants to miss class, miss work and not shop on Thursday as a way to show the country how important they are to America’s economy and way of life.

“A Day Without Immigrants” actions are planned in cities including Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Austin, Texas.

The protest comes in response to President Donald Trump and his 1-month-old administration. The Republican president has pledged to increase deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally, build a wall along the Mexican border, and ban people from certain majority-Muslim countries from coming into the U.S. He also has blamed high unemployment on immigration.

Employers and institutions in some cities were already expressing solidarity Wednesday with immigrant workers. Washington restaurateur John Andrade said he would close his businesses Thursday, and David Suro, owner of Tequilas Restaurant in Philadelphia and a Mexican immigrant, said he also planned to participate.

The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts said it would remove or shroud all artwork created or given by immigrants to the museum through Feb. 21.

In New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation, school officials worried that hundreds of students may stay home on Thursday.

“We respectfully ask all parents to acknowledge that students need to be in class every day to benefit from the education they are guaranteed and to avoid falling behind in school and life,” principals with the Albuquerque Public Schools wrote in a letter to parents.

Students who take part in the protest will receive an unexcused absence, Albuquerque school officials said.

Organizers in Philadelphia said they expect hundreds of workers and families to participate.

“Our goal is to highlight the need for Philadelphia to expand policies that stop criminalizing communities of color,” said Erika Almiron, executive director of Juntos, a nonprofit group that works with the Latino immigrant community. “What would happen if massive raids did happen? What would the city look like?”

Almiron said that while community groups have not seen an uptick in immigration raids in the city, residents are concerned about the possibility.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is among leaders in several cities nationwide who have vowed to maintain their “sanctuary city” status and decline to help federal law enforcement with deportation efforts.

Many people who make the choice to skip work Thursday will not be paid in their absence, but social media posts encouraging participation stressed that the cause is worth the sacrifice.


Associated Press writers Collin Binkley in Boston and Russell Contreras in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contributed to this report.

Errin Haines Whack covers urban affairs for The Associated Press.


This story has been corrected to show that the day of a possible student protest in New Mexico is Thursday, not Wednesday.

akim9  asked:

Akim walks up to Ebott, clearly upsett about something. He squatts down, to be on one level with the flower. "Don't fucking say a word." He quickly leans forward and gives him a kiss.

[* Ebott got kissed. He doesn’t know what to make of it for a couple seconds. Then he gains THAT grin. You know the one.]

Golly, Akim! I didn’t know you felt that way about me! If you wanted yto be my matesprit, you could have just asked!

[* He gets out his phone to text Suro that Akim is in love with him.]

Living weapons

In addition to being incredibly powerful in their own right, Exotic weapons are “alive” in their own way. Their Exotic shard contains a pseudo-soul that, when in the hands of a Guardian, connects to their Light and can manifest a voice and even a personality over time. After being in the hands of a Guardian for long enough they can tap a portion of their Guardian’s Light to speak freely to other members of their wielder’s fireteam. Each weapon, from Suros Regime (which has many copies of it) to the three swords, has their own unique personalities. Some exotics, like Claws of Ahamkara and Thorn are inherently dark and what some call evil. Guardians holding them must be wary of their personas as they sometimes whisper darker deeds to be done in their own interest.

thesmilingtragedy  asked:

Well, gifts ARE a p p r e c i a t e d, but not WHOLELY expected! After all, I believe c a t e r i n g to someone you LOVE is quite the g i f t enough, even if it's just for a d a y! Who will you c e l e b r a t e with, JELLY?

“Hmmm… probably with Suro, and my dad, and probably Quinton, and whoever else comes by!”

(mentioned: @thenaturalbalance, @gasterflowey, @mantifortgardens)

Stranger [closed]

Ghost felt strange not carrying the Queen’s colors into a match of Clash. Their fireteam had urged them to move on, to forget what had happened in the Reef and to express themself in a way that didn’t involve Her Majesty. Their fireteam of three with Bolden-33 and Maeve, along with a few random guardians that offered to join in, dropped into Rusted Lands.

The petite carried their Suros Regime, Her Benevolence, and an Arc sword if they managed to grab heavy ammunition when it dropped. Their armor happened to be the full Spektar set, colored the shiny metallics of Thunderdevil, and sporting blue chroma. The titan had focused their energy in favor of Arc instead of their usual run of Void. It was what they usually used when against other guardians.

Ghost watched their team charge forward, led by Bolden, a hunter, who was whooping loudly and hopping about. Maeve, the warlock, as usual, stayed in proximity of the small titan, watching Ghost’s back as they pulled out their sniper. They gazed at the purple and gold colors for a moment before looking down the scope towards A. There was glimpses of the opposing team running past the small opening they could shoot through, until a hunter stopped to stare back down the line of fire. Without hesitation, Ghost fired before he could barrel out of the way.

“Nice shot,” Maeve murmured through the comms, quickly getting out spoken by Bolden’s squawking as he got killed over by where Zone B would be.


Some say the best weapon for a Guardian is the one they can customize to match their intent. Suros believes in options - weapons that can be repurposed for a variety of combat situations. Suros talent grids offer two columns of two stat perks, granting more options for changing weapon stats than any other foundry. The single behavior perk is grounded in the middle of the talent grid as a focus point for the weapon’s core potential. If you want a weapon that can flex from CQ to ranged, quick to powerful, fast handling to hard hitting all with the swap of a few nodes: SUROS.

In a Ghostshell...

In a nutshell, as of August 2nd (Some of these courtesy of Reddit:

  • Festival of the Lost is coming back
  • “Tons of new weapons and armor”
  • New Iron Banner armor
  • SRL is coming back
  • Artifacts are getting a major overhaul
  • Max Light is 385, 400 for Hard Mode WotM
  • The raid is called Wrath of the Machine (WotM)

From Reddit:

  • The Iron Lord armor set will come from a Rise of Iron Record Book
  • Radiant Treasures: Confirmed Microtransactions for Ornaments (NOTE: THIS DOESN’T MEAN EXCLUSIVELY MICROTRANSATIONS. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS SAYS).
  • Radiant Treasures seem to be the new version of Sterling Treasure. Obtainable on a weekly basis for completing goals and then also through Eververse
  • New Faction (NM, FWC, DO) armor sets, sparrows, ghost shells.
  • Thorn is getting a quest to obtain it, just like Gjallarhorn.
  • The Kvostov 7G-0X is a new exotic auto rifle with a fire mode selector. It can basically be a scout, pulse, Suros Regime, or bullet hose. Also acquired from a quest.
  • Sepiks prime is back as Sepiks Perfected . And The Summoning Pits will be the Abomination Heist .
  • SRL/MoT type book to track progress of ROI
  • New Cruicible mode - “Supremacy” - kill enemies to make them drop a crest. Your team only scores if someone (you or a teammate) picks up that crest. Enemy team members can also pick up the crest to deny your score, but they won’t gain any points themselves.
  • “Archon’s Forge” - basically new Court of Oryx. They have adjusted the summoned encounters to last longer –“around five minutes” and the drops used to summon the various possible difficulties come from Patrol. via u/YendysWv
  • PS Exlusive Map - Finally, this year’s PlayStation exclusive map is Icarus, a solar-collection site on Mercury. The arena is the raised structure at the center of the much larger crater-like array. Its circular shape inevitably funnels into furious conflagrations at the center.
  • When Speaking on Exotics, “These Include the long- awaited arrival of Warlock exotic boots (finally!), a new sidearm reminiscent of the classic RoboCop gun, and a SIVA-themed pulse rifle that blossoms out a cloud of seeking energy for a successful precision kill.”
  • every class item that has ever shown up in Destiny is returning to circulation with the exception of items from previous raids
  • Class Items can change color via shader
  • All Year Two weapons and armor can be infused to Rise Of Iron stats
  • Me: *brings Rahool about ten Exotic primary engrams over the course of the last two months*
  • Rahool: *gives me Suros Regime every time*
  • Me: Hey man can you please just give me Zhalo Supercell just once maybe.
  • Rahool: Nah I think what you really want is another Suros.
  • Me: Actually really no I don't have a need for this gun anymore, but fine whatever.
  • Xur: *sells Supercell this weekend*
  • Me: *buys Supercell* Thanks a lot Xur, you my homie.
  • Rahool: *the next day* Oh hey look what I was able to decode out of a Legendary engram. *gives 310 Supercell*
  • Me: What the fuck.

Gjallarhorn Hand Cannon!!!! This is supposedly ONLY FAN ART, but we can dream can’t we?? Imagine miniature Wolf Pack Rounds? [Get Your Taken King T-Shirt Today!]