In a Ghostshell...

In a nutshell, as of August 2nd (Some of these courtesy of Reddit:

  • Festival of the Lost is coming back
  • “Tons of new weapons and armor”
  • New Iron Banner armor
  • SRL is coming back
  • Artifacts are getting a major overhaul
  • Max Light is 385, 400 for Hard Mode WotM
  • The raid is called Wrath of the Machine (WotM)

From Reddit:

  • The Iron Lord armor set will come from a Rise of Iron Record Book
  • Radiant Treasures: Confirmed Microtransactions for Ornaments (NOTE: THIS DOESN’T MEAN EXCLUSIVELY MICROTRANSATIONS. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS SAYS).
  • Radiant Treasures seem to be the new version of Sterling Treasure. Obtainable on a weekly basis for completing goals and then also through Eververse
  • New Faction (NM, FWC, DO) armor sets, sparrows, ghost shells.
  • Thorn is getting a quest to obtain it, just like Gjallarhorn.
  • The Kvostov 7G-0X is a new exotic auto rifle with a fire mode selector. It can basically be a scout, pulse, Suros Regime, or bullet hose. Also acquired from a quest.
  • Sepiks prime is back as Sepiks Perfected . And The Summoning Pits will be the Abomination Heist .
  • SRL/MoT type book to track progress of ROI
  • New Cruicible mode - “Supremacy” - kill enemies to make them drop a crest. Your team only scores if someone (you or a teammate) picks up that crest. Enemy team members can also pick up the crest to deny your score, but they won’t gain any points themselves.
  • “Archon’s Forge” - basically new Court of Oryx. They have adjusted the summoned encounters to last longer –“around five minutes” and the drops used to summon the various possible difficulties come from Patrol. via u/YendysWv
  • PS Exlusive Map - Finally, this year’s PlayStation exclusive map is Icarus, a solar-collection site on Mercury. The arena is the raised structure at the center of the much larger crater-like array. Its circular shape inevitably funnels into furious conflagrations at the center.
  • When Speaking on Exotics, “These Include the long- awaited arrival of Warlock exotic boots (finally!), a new sidearm reminiscent of the classic RoboCop gun, and a SIVA-themed pulse rifle that blossoms out a cloud of seeking energy for a successful precision kill.”
  • every class item that has ever shown up in Destiny is returning to circulation with the exception of items from previous raids
  • Class Items can change color via shader
  • All Year Two weapons and armor can be infused to Rise Of Iron stats

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