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So after Marco says all the stuff about how he likes Jackie the box says "it wasn't u who lied" and at the end when star yells "Marco Diaz!" The box said truth so does that mean star knows she likes Marco or doesn't? So confused


Serious talk, this wasn’t even supposed to be an ambguous scene. The Cube was still set on the “Who do you have a crush on?” question, Star yelled Marco’s name AND surname, since as we’ve see the surname is needed for the answer, and the cube went

Yeah yeah, rainbow of feelings and all that, but in that moment Star was clearly thinking about how she feels about Marco. It wasn’t even subtle, she looks sad and dejected when Marco refuses her offer to have breakfast together to go to sleep/daydream about what just happened between Jackie and him.

Shifted - Part 1, Chapter 12

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Author’s note: This is the final chapter in Part 1. Part 2 begins next week!

It was deep in the night when Claire awoke, breasts aching. Breathing heavily, she tried and failed to still her racing heart. Brianna would be hungry soon – and Claire didn’t want the baby’s cries to wake Frank.

Frank hadn’t fought her on Brianna’s given names – but of course, her surname was Randall. He had no idea how bitter of a pill that was for Claire to swallow. Had no idea how difficult it was for Claire to look at him every day and see his putative six-times great grandfather. Perhaps this was her punishment for being unfaithful – for deliberately choosing Jamie over Frank.

But if Frank’s face was her punishment – Jamie’s face, in Brianna, was her greatest joy. Claire so treasured the quiet times when it was just her and her daughter. During the small, dark hours of the night, while Brianna nursed and Claire stroked her hair, she told her all she knew about the Frasers – her aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and, most of all, her father.

Now it was time to nurse – and Claire felt the pull to go to her daughter. To care for her, and keep her safe. As Jamie would have.

In the darkness of the bedroom she fumbled for the lamp at the side of her bed – but her hands grasped air. Had she settled further across the bed while she slept? God knew, she dozed fitfully these days, sometimes waking tangled in the empty sheets on Frank’s side.

She shifted closer to the edge of the bed – only for her elbow to land squarely on Frank’s chest. What was he doing there? He always slept on the other side –

“Christ, Sassenach! Are ye trying to kill me?”

“Jamie?” Her fingers blindly reached to find his face.

“Ye’re expecting someone else, then?” His fingers found hers and pulled her hand to his face. Her thumb traced the rough stubble at his jaw, and she crumpled against him.

Quickly Jamie wrapped his arms around her. “What’s this, Claire? Have ye been dreaming again?”

He pushed her face into the crook of his neck, gently drawing a hand up and down her back. She breathed him in deeply, and began to sob.

“Hush, a nighean. Hush. It’s that damned dream again, isn’t it? Where I sent ye back?”

She nodded, not capable of speech, clutching his nightshirt.

He sighed. “It’s all right, Claire. It’s all right. I’m here. Brianna’s just here. I love you.”

Warmth and sweet, sweet relief bloomed in her heart. Acting purely from instinct, she pulled his head down for a scorching kiss.

“I love you, James Fraser,” she murmured against his mouth after a long moment.

He bit her lower lip, teasing.

She tasted his smile.


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Hoje tá sendo um dia daqueles, mas eu penso em você e a gente vai indo 


Today is being one heck of a day, but I think about you and we carry on 

1. “Almost two years of us” 

2. “I wanted to make a lot of drawings of you, but you are not yet out as I am, so I give you this universe mask, for until you do.”

3. “I’m always trying to get out other people’s tongues, 
It’s a bit weird living so balanced in others people’s opinions, 
But the thing is, every time I’m about to jump, I remember my fear of heights, 
I’d rather live on your tongue only.”

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hello!I have a question, I read a story where Lilly survived the attack and raised Harry and Draco together ,because Narcissa was killed(she gave up Draco beacause when she feard for her life) They lived next door to Hermione and became friends and together went to Hogwarts.Draco take surname Black..


Circumstances of an Unexpected Trio By: Musicangel913 - T, 22 chapters, Words: 56,815 - The first has a dead father and a psychotic madman out to kill him. The second has lost everything except his tainted family name. And the third learned the truth more than three years before she was technically supposed to. Lily and Sirius have their hands full - once these three turn eleven, Hogwarts won’t know what hit it. Twisted canon.

- Lisa

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Hi there! So I read your post regarding the background and culture of Symmetra. I was making gifsets of every character in OW using their native scripts for their names. I used Devanagari (which was a little bit off but since someone notified me I'll amend that later) but since she's from Hyderabad it'd be more appropriate to use Telugu. What would be her surname in Telugu? Thanks in advance!:D

I…can’t actually read/write Telugu…
I can only understand it when it’s spoken

…I’ll ask my uncle

okay, he says it’s వాస్వాని

(and her first name is సత్యా …just for reference)


If this is to end in fire,

Then we should all burn together.


Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.  EDIT: This is way too late and probably futile, but for the record, this comic takes place in a domestic Earth AU.


‘What would they play?’ Life is Strange Ver.

Wowzers im actually capable of continuing a series. Here’s a lil extra:

edit: ^^^^dw thats not jefferson guys sorry if samuel looks like him :’D he’d play a much more fucked up game ofc…

More from this stupid idea: 

-Gintama ver

Zoe Saldana’s Husband Takes Her Name, Doesn’t Care What You Think

Zoe Saldana’s husband doesn’t “give a sheet” what people say about his decision to take the actress’ last name.

The “Guardians of The Galaxy” star sits beaming on the cover of the July issue of InStyle magazine, in which she reveals how Italian artist Marco Perego took her name after the two secretly married in the summer of 2013. Perego, it turns out, made the progressive decision in spite of his wife’s doubts.

(Photo Source: Stuart Wilson via Getty Images)