surlyprincess replied to your postfeeling right now like i could write a book called…

Sometimes I don’t know whether to offer condolences or not. I will say I’m sorry you lost someone you once loved. I hope you’re okay, babe.

Just broke up with the guy I was dating. Sucks to be alone but I figured it was going to be a lot harder later if I continued hanging out with him. Truth is I’m not ready for another relationship, especially since I’m still reeling from the last one that ended. He was really considerate and really sexy, and I really liked him so I feel shitty that I let that go, but it wouldn’t have been fair.

This month was also the three-year anniversary of my best teenhood friend Eric’s death, and I feel like I’m destined to be in the business of losing guys I feel close to. In a nutshell.