surgical extraction

Content Warning

(Same players from A Combined Effort, though not all the same characters).

Our half-elf rogue and drow rogue explore in front of the group into a darker section the rest of the group can’t see through to scout for traps and enemies. After making sure the next two immediate rooms do not have any threats, we begin to check for any details or things of note, and the only thing really worth seeing is a pile of disconnected arms and legs seemingly surgically extracted and tossed into a steel cage. The door was busted open from the inside, so we would probably have to deal with that later.

Upon returning to our group and explaining it was clear, the drow rogue stopped, and warned the group.

Drow: “I should warn you all, it’s a little bit of a horror show down there.”

Cleric: “What do you mean?”

Drow: “How do you feel about limbs?”

Cleric: “I’m fairly attached to mine”

Drow: “Well, these people aren’t anymore.”