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Top 10 Mtg Cards

So I wanted to try a hard exercice of listing my top 10 favourite mtg cards. I also invite all of you to do the same thing and share what you favourite magic cards are! Let’s get started!

#11-15 & Honorable Mention

My honorable mention is Lord of the Pit; that card was my favourite when I was a kid & I played it in all the decks I ever made. Was it good? Hell no! Was it fun? Hell yeah! This card still has a special place in my hearth and even though the Beta version I had when I was young got stolen, I still love the Unlimited altered that I got to replace it. Some of the cards that didn’t quite made the top 10, but are easily some of my favourite cards ever printed. Pack Rat is just such an amazing card that let’s you turn any dead draw into bigger rats! Also, Cabal Therapy & Thoughtseize are 2 discard spells that I LOOOOVE since they’re really really efficient. For some reason I also have a big thing for Surgical Extraction, which in my eyes is one of the best magic card ever printed, but that’s just the opinion of a black-lover. Also a very big shoutout to my favourite land card ever printed, Mishra’s Factory (I have a huge soft spot for the Seasons printings in Antiquities).

#10 - Unmask

Looking at your opponent’s hand and making them discard a non land card? Yes please! I’ve always thought this card was insane and I sooooooooo regret not getting some while they were sitting at 5$…I thought I had all the time in the world to buy them but now the price skyrocketed and I can’t do anything about it. This is still a card that I love SO SO much!

#9 - Mind Twist

There is something about paying XB to make an opponent discard X cards at random that just feels so good. I remember playing this when I was a kid and just loving the expression of my brother’s face each time. 

#8 - The Rack

I love this card so much because it just goes so well with my favourite strategy: discard. I remember when I was younger and playing a bunch of discard spells and I saw this card at the LGS and I was like “how can a card be so good??!” I instantly put it in my deck and it stayed in it for almost 20 years.

#7 - Death Cloud

This card but be higher on the list but I didn’t get to play it as often as I’d want. Still Death Cloud is just amazing and perfect in my eyes. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than resolving a big Death Cloud.

#6 - Hypnotic Specter

This is another one of those cards that has been in my deck for a very long time. This was my big threat when I was younger (besides Lord of the Pit). It used to give my brother nightmares (not literally, but he hated this card so much), this evasive repeatable discard (at random nonetheless) is such a beast.

#5 - Hymn to Tourach

Speaking of random discard! Hymn to Tourach is just so busted! 2cmc to make an opponent discard 2 cards at random??? TWO CARDS AT RANDOM!! You can easily fuck up your opponent’s plan for just 2cmc! This card is just….wow!

#4 - Duress

A classic, but a goodie. This card has seen so many printings that people now take it for granted, but this card just gets the job done. You get so much information and you get to deal with cards that you don’t have removal for, like enchantments & artifacts, something that black has a hard to to deal with when they resolve. Or just draw out their counterspell before making a big play; they either have to counter Duress or you take counter out of their hand anyways, so unless they’re sitting on double Force of Will usually a Duress makes the coast clear for any plans you got. I’m just so happy when I see this card getting reprints, every single time.

#3 - Smallpox

When I first saw this card getting printed I was just so happy. I was literally ecstatic. I can’t stress on how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Smallpox! It does everything you would ever want! You make your opponent lose life, discard a card (this is the best part), sacrifice a creature AND sacrifice a land!! (okay you have to as well, but that’s not important). There are only 2 things in this world that feels better than casting Smallpox; resolving a big Death Cloud and:

#2 - Pox

OH YEAH! This is the only better thing than Smallpox! This is the real deal, the original, the classic, the magnificent & sublime Pox! Everything about this card is perfect. I just UGHHHHHH. Losing 1/3 of their life, 1/3 of their hand, 1/3 of their creatures & 1/3 of their lands (ROUNDED UPPPPPP). You want to ever see an opponent die a little inside? Turn 1 Dark Ritual into Pox. Just watch their face as they see the spell resolve. Just watch them reluctantly toss all those cards into the graveyard and the way they look at you with hatred in their eyes.

Now under the cut I’ll show my #1 favourite card; but before that, I invite again all of you to do this as well, please I want to know:

What is Your Top 10 Mtg Cards?

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Here is an example of a red-letter dental day.  The first photo shows the patient’s dental chart.  I am still learning all of the ins and outs of charting and consider myself a novice still in dentistry, but I am getting more detailed and more comfortable with my oral exams.  The purple-highlighted teeth were teeth that simply fell out during the oral exam or cleaning process, or that were so loose I could pull them out with just my fingers.  The dark red teeth were those that were missing.  The light pink teeth were those that were extracted.  

Abbreviation definitions: FE = furcation exposure, in other words, the bone between the roots of the teeth had rotted away to the point that one could stick a probe between the roots and it would come out the other side of the tooth (grade III).  Grade I and II have only partial loss of the bone under the tooth.  RE = root exposure where the gum and bone have receded, exposing some of the root.  M = a mobile tooth.  PP = periodontal pocket.  X, XS, XSS all mean extracted, XSS = surgical extraction where the roots are divided with the drill and a gingival flap is made.

Here are some of the teeth that were extracted!  21 in total, poor dog.

Veterinary dentistry is overall practiced very unevenly among vets.  Many vets barely know the finer points of dentistry, will practice without x-rays, or will do outdated procedures on teeth.  I know I am still a beginner but I am always trying to learn more!

TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”



It was going to be a long night.

Even if the Avengers all came back from their current mission in one piece, Cass would still be required to meet them in the hangar upon their return. As the medical officer on duty, she would have to give them all the once-over and clear them to proceed to de-brief.

Apparently they were responding to a crisis in San Francisco. Sounded like they were in for one hell of a fight. They even took the trickster with them. Cass called him the trickster because the other titles she had for him weren’t exactly suitable for her to say in polite company.

She figured even if they got back before midnight, and no one was banged up too badly, she’d still be up till two or three filing post-mission medical reports. Nights like these, she wondered why she even took the damned job. Then she thought back to the day Pepper Potts recruited her, promising state-of-the-art medical facilities and all the research funding she could ever ask for. Work on the Avengers when they needed medical attention, work on her genetics research the rest of the time. Her research had made great advances since agreeing to Pepper’s proposition, but sometimes Cass missed her tiny, dark office in her outdated little lab at the university.

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I hate to ask.. it’s been so long since I’ve been desperate for money and needed to ask communities for assistance but I can’t afford this on my own, and while I do have some insurance from my dads plan.. it hardly covers any of the costs. To put it simply, I had a root canal back in 2010, November 1st 2010 to be exact. I had an abscessed tooth and it got inflamed and hurt like hell so I got a root canal the following day. The procedure alone is already pricey, so we couldn’t afford a crown to cover the gaping hole in my tooth.

Fast forward a year, I crack the tooth in October 2011, ignored it. It was still useful. A few months later I cracked it more and part of the tooth fell out, okay. Now i have a hollow shell of a tooth for a while. Late spring 2012 I got a filling (which is weaker, it’s NOT a safe alternative for a root canal) and it’s been.. okay for awhile, but within the last year more of the actual tooth has been breaking off slowly.

And just over an hour ago the filling has fallen out entirely, so theres a gaping hole in my tooth with shit stuck down in the drilled roots and well, it hurts. I need to get it removed before it gets infected and possibly become gum disease if left untreated. 

Most procedures cost around $100-200, but this is going to have to be a surgical extraction.. I don’t have the time to take commissions.. 

I’m looking to at least get close to 300.. maybe more if it costs so much more, because dental is expensive and I only trust one dentist (since the second one I went to is the one who put in the loose filling ahaha;;; ) I’m sorry again.

my paypal is, please send me an ask or something so I can perosnally thank you.. I’m sorry again for the bother.

Content Warning

(Same players from A Combined Effort, though not all the same characters).

Our half-elf rogue and drow rogue explore in front of the group into a darker section the rest of the group can’t see through to scout for traps and enemies. After making sure the next two immediate rooms do not have any threats, we begin to check for any details or things of note, and the only thing really worth seeing is a pile of disconnected arms and legs seemingly surgically extracted and tossed into a steel cage. The door was busted open from the inside, so we would probably have to deal with that later.

Upon returning to our group and explaining it was clear, the drow rogue stopped, and warned the group.

Drow: “I should warn you all, it’s a little bit of a horror show down there.”

Cleric: “What do you mean?”

Drow: “How do you feel about limbs?”

Cleric: “I’m fairly attached to mine”

Drow: “Well, these people aren’t anymore.”

There is anterior dislocation of the lens. Rupture of the zonular fibers may result from ocular trauma or other conditions. The patient underwent surgical extraction of the dislocated lens, anterior vitrectomy, and implantation of an iris-fixated intraocular lens.