The Demon’s Many Faces


Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis from:

  • Musical Kuroshitsuji: Lycoris that blazes the earth 2015
  • Musical Kuroshitusji: Noah’s Ark Circus (2016)

Photographs of William W. Keen’s successful operation to remove a brain tumor from a 26-year old patient, 1887. The patient was a carriage maker who exhibited symptoms of severe headaches, seizures, and partial blindness; he also had a history of a head injury and was prone to aphasia.

Owing to Keen’s demands at that proper antiseptic measures were taken for the operation (including removing the carpet and cleaning walls and ceiling), the tumor was removed after a two hour operation. Despite some complications with wound closure and cerebrospinal fluid leak, the patient lived for thirty years, even donating his brain to his surgeon for anatomical study.

Journal of the American Medical Association, 1918.


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@otabek-altin-week Day 6: AU/Crossover | Past/Future

Because I can’t call someone my favorite character until I daydream up a Nursing AU for them.

So here’s a few companion sketches for a fic idea I’ve been playing around with. It’s one where Otabek’s a travel nurse who just so happens to be assigned to the same city where a certain Canadian rock star suffered some freak accident during one of his charity concerts…

Roman Bronze Castration Tongs, 1st-4th Century AD

Two arms hinged and closed by a screw nut form an oval-like ring, accompanied by the serrated teeth of two longer arms. The penis was kept out of harm’s way by insertion through the oval, while the teeth sliced away the skin between the scrotum and the body.