Digital Paintings by Dr Lukas Brezak

“Dr. Lukas Brezak is an independent serial artist focusing mostly on digital paintings, illustrations, graphic design, photography, 3D art and other medicines and kunsts… he extends his artistic vision into all domains of his creativity.”

Behance | Saatchi Art | Society6

Posted to Cross Connect by Miyuki

I’m still scared and worried. I also am noticing some things about myself that I’m pretty proud of. I’m setting boundaries for myself. I’m accurately and directly telling people what I need. Maybe that’s just because I’ve got this whole cancer card I can brazenly use, but I hope that I can carry this practice post-surgery. 

I’m collecting some positive affirmations to say to myself while healing; the picture is the first one I’m groovin’ on. Any others you want to add? 

Also, for my mental health, I’m creating a list of things I’m going to do post-surgery that I’ve been hemming and hawing on for one reason or another; not the right time, what about the consequences, I’m scared, etc. So let’s go through them:

  • Get motorcycle license
  • Get first tattoo
  • Adopt another pet
  • Plan summer trip to Europe with sister and brother-in-law
  • Plan Xmas trip to Ireland with best friends
  • Make Wonder Woman armor 
  • Fix up a road bike and start to cycle in the city
  • Go on a road trip 
  • Speak at Dragon Con again
  • Figure out a new attack plan on PCOS to take care of some symptoms
  • Figure out handstands and increase parkour practice

I’m pretty happy with this list - let’s get it done!


When the first snow fall (a blizzard no less) of the year happends during your Mom’s major surgery and you collect a bunch of it, only for someone to accidentally throw it out…

*bangs head against wall*

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner… (I seriously think I’m going to cry. That was a once in a lifetime chance.)

It had the most beautiful rainbow sheen to it too, and not because of any pollutants either.