Things to Know When Getting Top Surgery

- It’s not as scary as it seems. You’ll be awake one minute, preparing for top surgery and be awaking up after top surgery (wondering if it really happened) the next.

- Chamomile tea and Benadryl can both help with itchiness after top surgery.

- You should not take T for a week after top surgery.

- Do not use icepacks or hot packs after top surgery (as they can destroy the healing skin).

- Bendy straws are your friend.

- You will probably need someone to help you sit up and lay down.

- Rest the first two days after top surgery, even if you don’t feel like you need to, you will thank yourself later.

- You can ask as many questions as you want. Getting top surgery is going to effect the rest of your life so you should ask any and all questions you have. You can also request certain specifications done to your chest.

- Drains may seems scary but they prevent some of the swelling and they promote healing. After your drains are out a lot of your pain goes away but the drains are definitely worth it.

- Always have someone with you for 24 hours after your surgery.

- The ace bandages that you have to wear after top surgery will feel a bit tight but won’t hurt nearly as much as binding.

- It might be hard to get on and off of high beds and chairs so make sure you have a step stool handy.

- Use pillows to prop yourself up.

- You have to sleep on your back after top surgery and should do so for 3 months if you get nipple grafts (the recommended time for sleeping on your back varies depending on who you ask but I still recommend 3 months just to be careful).

- After top surgery you should not lift your elbow above your shoulder for a few weeks (usually 6) or until you are healed.

- After top surgery you can not lift any more then five pounds (for about six weeks).

- Buy some button up/zip up shirts that are a couple sizes too big for you. You’ll need these to go over your drains.

- Shave your armpits before top surgery. The hair will get in the way of your bandages and possibly the surgeon while preforming surgery if you don’t.

- Go around the place you will be staying after top surgery with “T-rex” arms to see what maybe a problem for you after surgery and find a solution to it before you get home. (Ex. if you have to reach far into your sink to wash your hands it may be best to get a washbasin). 

- If your results aren’t perfect they can always be revised. 

- If your nipples are smaller then you’d like them to be, or oval when you want them to be round then you can always get a tattoo artist to tattoo around the outside of them to fix those imperfections. You can also get your nipples tattooed on instead of the nipple grafts.

- The nipple grafts require three weeks of dressings after surgery while the rest of your chest does not need nearly as much work.

- Your chest won’t look great after top surgery but over time it will look a lot better. They recommend waiting at least 3 months to a year after your surgery to get revisions. 

- You might be really nauseous after top surgery and you might not be able to eat normal foods right away. Get some sourdough bread and ginger ale the day before your top surgery and allow the ginger ale to flatten just in case you can’t eat normal food.

- Have someone to talk to about what you are going through really helps.

(These are just recommendations and are in no way strict guidelines for what you should do when getting top surgery. I am also not a medical professional, so if you plan on following the above advice please ask the opinion of your doctor or surgeon before hand.) 

hey yall. my name is Hannibal. i’m a mentally/physically disabled jewish NB fella and i’m in a bind. i’m having a life-saving surgery next month (PM for details; i don’t talk about it openly because people have been sending me hate) and i don’t have any funds for my recovery (hospital stay, meds, food, aids). i’m also out of T and need it badly (i’m VERY late on my last shot and i’ve started to get really sick, cramp and bleed badly). my paypal is

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5 unexpected things about travelling as a trans person

1) Hideously overpacking because GOD KNOWS how this outfit will look on me in a few days.

You. Need. Options. Dysphoria can be crippling, often suddenly changing wearing one of your favourite outfits into the most dysphoria-inducing experiences in your life.

This means usually packing at least 3x as many clothes as you need in order to HOPEFULLY be able to find something you feel comfortable in.

2) Booking a hotel room and consistently getting weird looks when you appear at the hotel alone.

Particularly for transmen, we often look very young for our age and this can make for some pretty awkward situations when travelling, including getting very weird looks off of hotel staff when they realise that yes it was actually you who booked the room on YOUR card and you will be staying there alone without parents.

That’s if your card/details aren’t in your birth name because you can just TELL when the receptionist feels awkward for seeing you as the guy you are when you first walked in.

3) Body. Scanners. Need I say more?

You’ll almost always set them off if you pass pre-surgery, because, you know, binders to body scanners have a tendency to make it look like you’re hiding something on your chest.

Then, to make matters worse, you have to get a pat down but neither you nor the officers are entirely sure (for an incredibly long few seconds) whether the male of female officer will conduct the pat down. Cue awkwardness, dysphoria and the very real fear of being strip-searched.

4) Having to be very wary of where you book to go.

A lot of places in the world are less than accommodating to trans people, and some are downright dangerous. Having to consistently weigh up your likelihood of being faced with backlash or potentially thrown in prison or even killed for your gender identity means that even some of the most popular holiday destinations are off the cards.

5) Having little way of cooling down in the heat

Swimming? Off the cards. Between outing yourself and the dysphoria resulting from very tight wet clothing there is no way of being able to fully enjoy the relief of being in the water away from the heat.

You can’t go shirtless, but dysphoria also doesn’t let you walk around in a binder. All those open-shirt holiday looks just don’t work when you’re too concerned with passing socially whilst on holiday in the heat.

(All this is doubly difficult if you’re from a cold climate)

So I was informed that tumblr hides posts with external links so I figured I’d try to share this again this way and hopefully tumblr will let it be viewed.

It is my goal to be able to get this surgery by early October if possible so please share and get the word out there!

Thank yall again for all the help and kind words!
Testing Custom 3-D Printed Prosthetics for Refugees
Healing Wounds of War in the Middle East: What began as a trauma project more than a decade ago has evolved into something much bigger.
By Doctors Without Borders

Caring for patients whose lives have been shattered by bullets, shrapnel, or severe burns is often a long and complex process.

Off-the-shelf prosthetics can be prohibitively expensive and are generally one size fits all. But no two patients are alike—from lifestyle to skin tone to aspirations, each has different needs when it comes to the prosthetic design that will benefit them most.

This is where 3-D printing comes in.

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