surgeons cuff

Tom Davis

I had a great chat the other day with Mr. Tom Davis, the Master Made-to-Measure Specialist at Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue. He’s been with Brooks for 49 years. It turns out we have several mutual friends in common–the menswear world is a small one.

Dylan (postgradfrat)

Balancing his time working in medical device sales as well as at Ben Silver in Charleston (and running an amazing blog), it would be hard to say I’ve met many people as passionate about menswear as this gentleman. From his love of Stubbs and Wootton slippers (shown here) and unlined sport coats to his unique take on Anglo-Italian style injected with a strong dose of Southern influence, this guy really knows his stuff. If the world wasn’t small enough already, I found out he grew up in my hometown and went to a rival prep school.

beepboopwhrrr  asked:

Thinking of having a red double-breasted blazer made (Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit Cotton and Linen Sport Coat for colour reference). Any suggestions on details that may/may not work such as ticket pocket, single/double vent, surgeon's cuff, etc?

Personally, I would go with surgeon’s cuffs, double vent, and ticket pocket: