An estimated 20.8 million people in our country are living with a substance use disorder. This is similar to the number of people who have diabetes, and 1.5 times the number of people who have all cancers combined. This number does not include the millions of people who are misusing substances but may not yet have a full-fledged disorder. We don’t invest nearly the same amount of attention or resources in addressing substance use disorders that we do in addressing diabetes or cancer, despite the fact that a similar number of people are impacted. That has to change.
This morning, (Donald) Trump named former neurosurgeon and current coma patient Ben Carson… to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  This is surprising, ‘cause just a few weeks ago, Carson made it clear he wasn’t qualified to run a federal agency.  But today, Carson’s spokesman explained that he is perfect for Housing and Urban Development because 'he did spend part of his childhood in public housing.’  So get ready for our next Surgeon General, 'someone who has been to the doctor.’

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Zika virus. While symptoms are usually mild, there can be serious health consequences like birth defects. The good news is we can all take steps to protect ourselves and our communities. Do you have questions about Zika, how to stay safe, who is at risk, and what we are doing to prevent it? The U.S. Surgeon General will be answering YOUR questions in a Tumblr #AnswerTime on Monday, September 26 at 3pm ET. Start sending in your questions to the White House Ask Box now. 

The New Surgeon General (Finally!)

I know I talked about Dr. Vivek Murthy a while ago now.. he was nominated to become Surgeon General last November. Unfortunately due to politics (and ignorance) he was rejected by the senate… but after a year of not having a Surgeon General, the senate finally accepted the nomination!

It’s going to be very interesting to see where this is headed. This is the first time we are having such a young Surgeon General, and with his close ties and beliefs to Obamacare, his actions and decisions will be very unique compared to all others that preceded him.

I am looking forward to hearing about all that will change… Good luck Dr. Vivek Murthy!

13x13 on a Nutshell

- No matter how much cutting edge technology, skill or talent you have, without experience, you can’t really teach (learn if from Webber, Minnick)

- No matter how good of a resident/doctor/surgeon you are, you don’t have superpowers. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Bad outcomes are part of the job and a really important part of the education of a resident

- Arizona is actively being a peds surgeon again?

- What was the point of having Leah Murphy back again? As if the show wasn’t already overcrowded 🙄

- Perhaps GSMH should prioritise getting the right people to do the job before thinking about teaching. An ortho performing abdominal surgery on a 9 year old and a trauma surgeon being chief of General Surgery aren’t really promising signs of excellence and good qualifications

- Catherine changes her mind about April like she changes cities

- Has Alex got his job back or not? Haven’t the court papers been back yet?

- Has Maggie been spending so much time with Meredith that she’s learned how to be bitter and rude?

- Have Maggie and Meredith completely ignored that Amelia is “missing”? No one gets to bang their heads this week guys, sorry, we are closed for neuro

- GSMH trains trauma surgeons to perform elective surgery on cancer patients? Impressive Chuck Norris style surgeons. How many hours of training do they get a week to be skilled in so many different specialties?

- Nobody cares about Ben and Bailey’s marriage

- This season has had one of the worst continuity, writing and storytelling I ever remember seeing

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just want to send you all the hugs and anony support possible. What's going on seriously sucks but I hope that things turn out as well as they possibly could. Here is to hoping for minimal anxiety, speedy operation scheduling, and an easy operation! :D

Thank you so much anon!

I was actually meant to hear from the (potential) surgeon today, but their office didn’t call. I see my GP (doctor) tomorrow morning, and I imagine she’ll chase that up then and hopefully we get an appointment to see him soon.

There’s a lot to come still. I can’t even get the blood tests done, because I need this rare blood test called a Chromogranin-A, where one of my medications that stops me from living with permanent gastritis, always gives a false positive. So I have to go off that medication for 10 days (and get gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining, and hurts) so we can get an actual reading and not the false positive. (They also make you lie down quietly for thirty minutes before that test, it’s called a ‘resting blood test’ - they’ll take about 14 vials for other things as well).

So yeah I can’t get the blood tests done for at least another 10 days from going off that medication. Then the gastritis will need to heal.

I also need an MRI with MRA (angiography, basically an injection of a bunch of contrast material - means the test ends up lasting about 60-90 minutes), to potentially see my endocrinologist, and of course to see the surgeon himself.

So there’s lots of stuff. Because this is such a big surgery, they generally want a neurologist or neurosurgeon on board, because the risks of brain damage are phenomenal. (I was in ICU last time for almost a week, and most of that was monitoring for brain damage, more than anything else, it’s basically like a stroke recovery protocol), and lining up everyone’s schedules gets trickyyyy.

That being said, I get the sense things are moving faster this time than last time. I’m really hoping the surgery is done in the next few months, because I forgot how bad the anxiety is just kind of walking around thinking about the tumours in my neck all the time damn time.

Anyway, like you, I am very much hoping for minimal anxiety, speedy operation scheduling, and an easy operation!!! I would love to hear the surgeon say: ‘the risks of brain damage are way lower now that we have all of these wonderful techniques’ or some shit, I’m hanging out for a positive first meeting with him. He’s like the head of vascular surgery and runs the Perth Vascular Clinic so he’s one of the best. I just hope he takes my case. Some vascular surgeons refuse because of the risks. And most have never heard about this condition before.

Hamilton Grey's Anatomy AU
  • Washington: Literal sweetheart, badass chief of surgery. He literally built his hospital from the ground up. Level-headed general surgeon (literally Richard Webber)
  • Burr: Arrogant and cold, head of cardiothoracic surgery. Thinks he's Hot Shit™ just because he graduated med school early.
  • Hamilton: Orthopedic trauma surgeon. Tiny, tiny man who breaks bones for a living. Truly Non-Stop™. Chief Washington has to physically kick him out of the hospital at the end of every week. Constantly hooking up with Laurens in the call rooms and thinks that their relationship is subtle, but the whole hospital knows they're fucking.
  • Laurens: Surgical oncologist specializing in pediatric surgical oncology. Gets Too Attached™ to patients. Parents and patients love him.
  • Hercules Mulligan: Pediatric surgeon who's best friends with Laurens. Has a soft spot for the kids and gives them piggy back rides everywhere.
  • Lafayette: Trauma surgeon who did his residency in the military. Adorable badass who's best friends with Peggy and is always flirting shamelessly with Hercules.
  • Angelica: Cardiothoracic fellow who's technically a better surgeon than Burr and is always fed up with him. She's planning on stealing his job once she finishes her fellowship.
  • Eliza: Neurosurgeon. Seems like a sweetheart, but will cut a bitch (literally).
  • Peggy: EMT that's constantly working in the hospital's ER (that's how she knows Lafayette).
  • Jefferson: Prissy private practice plastic surgeon that's double certified in ENT. Occasionally called in to do work at Washington's hospital. Hamilton despises working with him and has had actual temper-tantrums when they have to share an OR.
  • Madison: Neurosurgeon at Jefferson's private practice. Smol, nervous, and literally always sick??? Dating Thomas on the DL.

As much of a political moron as Ben Carson is, he’s a brilliant neurosurgeon, so it would have made sense if Trump had nominated him for surgeon general. His policies on women’s health would have been just as bad as whoever Trump will eventually nominate for that job, but it would have at least been within his area of expertise. Instead, Trump went, “Housing and Urban Development, huh? Urban means black, right?”

It was the heat of a thousand moments culminating in one great flash of starburst and sunlight and it was John.

John Watson, formerly of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, retired Royal Army Medical Corps trauma surgeon turned part-time general practitioner, part-time personal physician, part-time blogger, medical expert, bodyguard, tea-and-toast-pusher, 1.69 meters tall, blond hair, blue eyes, forty-two years of age, once divorced, stop: now, standing in the kitchen of 221B, holding Sherlock’s bicep in his hand, keeping him tethered to the earth.

It was John, who had carefully pried the mug from Sherlock’s fingers–frozen in anticipation, in want, in that daring hope he was never able to fully crush–it was John, who had said, “That’s quite enough of that, don’t you think?”

And brushed his mouth against Sherlock’s, gently, softly, slowly, a whisper of nerve-endings and it takes between thirty-four and one hundred and forty-six muscles to kiss someone.

That’s what John was doing: kissing Sherlock.

—  darcylindbergh, the lingering taste of orange juice

@ at everyone like ‘why did bailey make a trauma surgeon head of general?’

because trauma surgeons are board certified general surgeons like they have been the entire show??  because in canon it’s literally been established,  verbally,  that april is a general surgeon??  throwback to her and jackson fighting about a patient in 12x19 where she reiterated that she is a general surgeon.  like y’all.  c’mon.

Drs Reid: End

“Are we insane?” Derek asks softly, his lips still only a breath away from yours. His kiss had pretty much knocked you senseless.
“You’re my best friend’s sister. And my doctor and you live in Maine.”
“Spencer’s good with it. He told me the day you came into the hospital.”
“What about the other two?”
“Well, I’ve been offered a position by the Surgeon General that I’ve been kicking around.” You give a little shrug, “And technically the second you were discharged you were no longer my patient.”
“Are you sure Reid’s okay with this?”
“He said something along the lines of he’d like it because he knows you could protect me. I don’t know why I’d need protecting but if that’s what gets his blessing then okay.”
“You’d need protecting because there are dangerous people out there and you’re a beautiful woman.” You can feel your cheeks heat at the last part. His hands gently cup your cheeks and he smiles down at you, “I mean it. You’re so beautiful. Not just your looks but your mind, personality, all of it. You’ve completely wrapped me around your finger.”
“I didn’t mean for you to.” You whisper.
“I don’t think either of us could help it.” Derek says with a smile. You wrap your arms around his neck then pull his lips to yours. His lips are soft against yours and when his tongue darts out you part your lips willingly. His fingers slide through your hair as his tongue brushes yours sending goosebumps along your arms.
You don’t know how long you and Derek sit under the stars, talking, laughing and kissing. He’s wonderful, you can see why Spencer would be so close with him. You can also see yourself falling for him, 100%.

I had an ask to do number 72 of “One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’” for Rowaelin, and I accidentally deleted the ask. But heres the fic :)

72. I’ll meet you halfway.


Rowan was exhausted.

He was both mentally and physical drained. It was only Tuesday, and yet it felt like it should be Friday. Not that he really cared what day of the week it was anymore. His wife didn’t follow a Monday to Friday schedule, so Rowan stopped getting excited about the weekend. He was going to spend it alone anyways, grading papers probably.

He was a high school History teacher. Rowan worked the same hours Monday to Friday, with ever holiday off. Even getting some snow days in the winter months. But Aelin… Aelin was in the middle her surgical residency. She wanted to be a general surgeon, wanted to help people. Rowan loved that about her, just like he loved basically everything about her. But, he didn’t love her hours. Twelve to fourteen hour days. And Aelin being Aelin, she worked overtime all the time. Trying to help as many people as she could.

They hardly saw each other. The time they had together was a few minutes in the morning and just as Aelin was climbing into bed at night. If Rowan wasn’t already asleep.

This little time together, it wasn’t good for them. For their marriage. Rowan told her that much this morning, when he yelled at her that if this kept up he’d have no choice but the leave.

It made him cringe just thinking about it.

It broke his heart just thinking about leaving Aelin. She was the love of his life. But he couldn’t build a life with someone he only saw 30 minutes out of a whole day.

Rowan sighed. He took his keys out and unlocked the front door before pushing it opened. It was quick in the house, but Rowan was use to quick.

He absentmindedly dropped his keys and bag, taking off his jacket before walking into the kitchen to get dinner.

Rowan’s heart stopped. He froze on the spot as he took in the scene before him. Dinner was cooked and set on the table. Candles lit. And Aelin quickly stood up from her chair. He hair was down and she was out of her scrubs, dressed in black pants and a pain white shirt.

“I made you dinner.” Aelin pointed out quietly after a few moments. She sent a wary smile his way.

“You’re home.” Rowan slowly walked towards the table. He glanced down at the food then back up at Aelin.

She shrugged. “I left early. Bailey’s covering my surgeries.”

Rowan didn’t reply. He simple pulled out his chair and sat down. Aelin followed his move soon after.

Neither moved for the longest time. Neither knew what to say either, it would seem. Silence stretched out between them. And after a few moments, Rowan reached for the bowl of mashed potatoes on the table.

The two ate in silence. Rowan didn’t know what to say, which was a first for him. Especially around Aelin. But just this morning Rowan told her if things didn’t change, he was leaving. What do you say after you tell the love of your life that?

So the only sound in the whole place was the sound of forks and knifes on the plates.

Just as Rowan was eating his last piece of chicken, Aelin placed her fork down.

“I’m sorry,” She blurted out.

Rowan stopped chewing. He raised an eyebrow at his wife as he swallowing.

Aelin took a deep breath in through her nose before looking Rowan in the eyes.

“I know. I know my job sucks.” Aelin explained. “I love my job but it sucks. And I know I’m not the best wife, and I’m never here. I know you’re frustrated with me. You’re angry, at me, at my job. That’s fair. And I’m so so sorry. For all of it.”

Rowan sighed, Aelin’s unyielding gaze never leaving his.

“I know you love your job.” Rowan said. “But I love my wife. All I want is to spend some time with you. Not only getting to see you as you’re walking out the door or climbing into bed.”

“And I love my husband.” Aelin’s eyes started to shine over. “I love you so much. More than my job. But I still love my job. I love helping people. That’s why, I have to ask you to meet my halfway from now on.”

Rowan’s brows pitched together slightly. Aelin read the look on his face, because she suddenly stood up and walked over to her purse sitting on the counter. She came back a few moments later, standing next to Rowan’s chair.

She didn’t speak, just handed something over to him.

Rowan’s heart stopped dead in his chest. He took in the small black and white photograph in his hands. The swirls and shapes that didn’t seem to mean anything. But that little figure on the middle flipped his word upside down. And it was then that Rowan realized he was holding a sonogram.

“I’ve clocked enough hours in the OR that I can take an extra-long leave.” Aelin spoke softly. “And when I go back, I’ll take on less. It’ll be hard, with me still doing my residency, but I’ll talk to the chief. Plus, my residency is almost over so-“

Rowan stood up from his chair. He grabbed Aelin around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips claimed hers, cutting off her words.

The kiss only lasted for a moment. Rowan pulled back and looked down, meeting Aelin’s watery gaze.

“How far long?” His voice broke slightly at the question.

“Just six weeks.” Aelin said softly.

“Aelin,” Rowan whispered, taking her face in his hands. “What I said this morning-“


“I have too,” Rowan sighed. “I was upset. Angry not at you, but at your job for taking you from me. I know how much you love it. And I would never ask you to pick between me and your job.”

A few tears leaked from her eyes and Rowan whipped them away with his thumb.

“We’re both at fault here,” he continued. “It’s not just you and your job. I’ll do better too. I’ll take on less afternoon school actives. I’ll help in whatever way I can.”

“So you’ll meet me halfway?” Aelin asked with a watery smile.

Rowan placed another kiss on her lips before placing his hand on her flat stomach.

“I’ll meet you halfway.” Rowan smiled, his gaze burning into hers as Aelin placed her hand on top of his. “I’ll always meet you halfway, Fireheart.”