surge of fur

Helen of Troy patches her aloof heart with ancient texts,
the hungry light that existed in the world of Homer and Euripides,
measuring her visage by the love in dead poetry
the gleam of deceit from the curl of such red lips.

She threads between the fatal link of night and day,
the rush of an ocean unhinge the stars in her hands
undoing their hungry light for a new generation.

Medea is a lovelorn girl and a monster messiah,
a tornado that will shake the world beneath her feet.
She reigns with a crown of broken thorns
as Corinth wavered in the sands of tragedy and fell.

Amen to an afire heart
Running ablaze over the world she conquers,
seeped light outlining the leaves of Medea.

Cassandra still collects the truth like silver coins
and gives them to those in need,
never understanding the disbelief of her offerings.
Her heart on the table is unworthy if she doesn’t give it to a man.

She keeps her taunting smiles in her pockets,
dug her nails into the luxurious gilt of those truthful ‘lies’
and doesn’t let go.

Andromache loves with a maddening consciousness,
her nails dragging over the blaze of Hector’s glory
like the claws of a surging lioness whose fur
dusted with sparks of cutting jewels.

Her glinting teeth hurt from swelling kisses,
in the dark she held Hector’s lifeless body of decayed gold,
the yawning abyss and its silver echoes open in her heart.

—  ​the chase of the world | (p.v)

astraltactician  asked:

For the injury/kidnapping combo, how about Kaden/F!Corrin? (seriously though, why are all these terrible things happening to the Avatar? they seriously need a break ;-;)

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Kaden didn’t lift his nose from the ground for an entire hour straight, following the trail frantically after the fiends who kidnapped his wife. You were in the midst of battle against the Nohrians, secure by his side. It was when you engaged a pair of Wolfskin they lunged simultaneously.

He only had enough time to see one sink its teeth into your arm before the other barreled into him, and their battle began. He snapped and clawed at his enemy, Kaden’s nine-tailed form superior to the hulking clutz that was the werewolf. He didn’t realize that the giant’s assault was a distraction.

Not until he looked up and you were gone, nothing but a trail of blood dotting the landscape. Just like that, Kaden was out.

He howled in anger, ears flat against his head when he burst forward, sprinting after the trail. He was going to find you and eat that wolf alive. And so his muzzle pressed to the grass blades, nose crinkling more with every bit of blood he came across. If you lost too much…gods knew what would happen.

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