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We’ve just started to be able to look at data in the Sherlock fandom post-S3; it will take a while for the dust to settle and some of the trends to become clear.  But in conjunction with the Three Patch Podcast, I looked at what we can tell so far from AO3 about the following questions:

  • General activity levels:  Has the fandom seen an increase in activity post-S3?
  • Fix-it fic: Do people want to fix more things about this series than previous ones?
  • Mary and Johnlock: How is the fandom – especially the Johnlock shippers – responding to Mary?  Has the amount of Johnlock shipping changed?  
  • Rare pairs: How has the shipping landscape shifted for rare pairs?

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  • Patrick’s new favorite thing is this giant inflatable rat outside of a construction site on the corner of our street where non-union electricians are doing work. He screams “I want to see the giant rat claw!” as soon as we get in the car to drive to daycare. I did a quick Google search and apparently the rat’s name is Scabby. I spy a teachable moment about the history of labor unions and working conditions in this country. (-__-)
  • The Pope is going to be in Philly at the end of September and we have already started planning for it. (POPE PLAN!)  An Uber driver recently told Jason  that they will be charging a 4x surge rate for four days straight! (4x actually seems pretty low to me based on my memories of NYC Winter of 2013 surge rates but maybe things have changed since then?) Long story short: Patrick’s daycare will most likely be closed for at least one day, Jason will not be able to get to his office from our house, there will be MILLIONS of people visiting, and our number one goal is to make sure we have enough booze and snacks and shows on the DVR to keep us all happy and sane until the chaos has passed.  
  • Update on EuroCup Tickets: Jason won / bought via lottery system four tickets TO THE FINAL GAME!  O_O !!!!!!!!!!!  (Speaking of chaos…) 
  • I have a two week free trial for ClassPass and there are so many 6am options! (I am trying to *~reclaim~* some space for myself and realistically the only time that can happen is when my kid and my husband are still sound asleep. Also, I’m trying to get back to being a morning person because, I don’t know, I just like it.)  Wish me luck!  (Any other Philly peeps using ClassPass? Whatcha think? What’s good? Wanna work out? ) 
  • Here’s a really cute picture of my kid after the waitress the diner asked him if he wanted cookies not five seconds after I told him he wasn’t allowed to have any because he hadn’t behaved well enough during dinner last night.  He was very pleased to have won that battle.
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