Before I became a mutant – before I learned I was a mutant – I never even knew there was a difference between human and mutant! I thought the idea of somebody hating somebody else for NO GOOD REASON was stupid! Is this all ya can DO– is this what the BIG FIGHT is ABOUT? Humans ‘right’ to PUNISH – to TORTURE - TO HATE?! Is that what you’re fighting for?! If it is…ya can keep yer stinkin’ 'humanity’!

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featuring the X-Men’s very own Jubilation Lee, Noriko Ashida, Xi'an Coy Manh, and Hisako Ichiki

Surge (Noriko Ashida)  // Marvel Comics

Surge is a mutant who can absorb electricity from all sources (e.g. static in the air, outlets, etc.), and her powers are based in such a way that she absorbs electricity at all times. 

To control her ability, she must wear specially designed gauntlets to control her powers, or else her constant absorption of electricity clouds her thinking, makes her speak very fast and in a jittery, electronic fashion, worsens her control over her discharges, and radically alters the electrical impulses in her nervous system. (X)


its been a year but i finally have enough to do another photoset so magical marvel girls part three (which i think will be their official name aka mmg )

i have a few characters that im gonna redraw who are getting new looks because marvel updated their designs ( scarlet witch, black cat, wasp ) but ill get around to it later

anyways the next set will be exclusively requests so send me requests for characters to get contracted yeayuh

( my magical girl tag )


To everyone who’s been asking. Yes. SURGE is still a thing. You just gotta know someone in the Russian government like nibbles does.

PS I did not give nibbles surge. Well once I did. He used to be a hamster.