From Gastroposter M. Feist:

When your husband’s a chef you don’t have to go further than the kitchen table for a scrumptious meal. Tuna & scallops with soba noodles, pickled seaweed, grilled eggplant and cucumber. SURF all the way.

From Gastroposter Shyla Tibando:

Since Surf and I don’t get along, it’s all about team Turf. 

We ate ourselves into a delicious mess with a full rack of ribs with sides of corn bread and beans from Hawgs Gone Wild at Ribfest this weekend.

From Gastroposter Don Chow:

Turf: Vietnamese braised beef (bo kho) tacos

[lemon grass braised beef, butter sauteed carrot, hickory sticks, tahini yogurt sauce, cilantro, crushed smoked almonds, fried onions]

From Gastroposter Marcus Kihn:

For the Surf & Turf mission this week, I decided to go with both. A succulent Canadian snow crab cluster along side organic hand made, grain fed beef patties seasoned with garlic, basil and spices all accompanied with a side of blanched green beans.