So many times we share pictures of things we do, places we visit and more, but we rarely show people the food we prepare for our customers. If we decide to go someplace else, we make sure the restaurants have a fantastic local flavor. When you visit Nicaragua with www.Nica.Travel you’ll get a genuine and Aunthentic travel experience. Un fuerte abrazo Nicatravel Team www.Nica.Travel 800-679-1947

Where Surfing and adventure are just the beginning

We started off almost 10 years ago as two humble friends who shared a passion for business and exploration outside of the United States. One project after another lead us down many paths over the years until we finally found it! What is it? You guessed it… Nicaragua! I know what you are thinking… revolution, rebel gangs, guns, and violence, right? Wrong!!!!

We quickly learned that it’s the misunderstandings of what this country is that makes it a hidden gem, with preserved natural and majestic beauty. It is a dreamer’s paradise and is considered to be an undiscovered wonder of the world. With the majority of the country uninhabited, nature is at your fingertips. As an American and a Nicaraguan we have always had different perspectives on life but somehow this country’s magical energy aligned our thoughts and dreams which turned into the vision we now have today.