JAMES, I'm SORRY...that we couldn't go ALL THE WAY, but WHEN I GET PAID, I'll BE THERE. I don't want MR. WONDERFUL to BEND OR BREAK my TEENAGE HEART, but you're UNDERCOVER, so you can DO IT 2 ME, even when it's NOT MY BIRTHDAY, and we can just BLAME IT ON SEPTEMBER..

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texting Kaitlin last night
  • Kaitlin:Are there only 21 letters in the alphabet?
  • Me:No, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, stupid.
  • Kaitlin:Oh yeah, lol, sorry. I forgot u, r, a, q, t hahaha lol #winning. I'm awesome.
  • Me:Sometimes I wonder about you.
  • Kaitlin:Were you born on a highway?
  • Me:No~ What the balls, Kaitlin, I was born in a hospital! Are you high?
  • Kaitlin:Because that's where most accidents happen! ohhhhh son. You just got served!