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Unlike many of the magical academies, Pacifica School of Witchcraft & Wizardry is located in the heart of a city, Pacific City to be exact. Settled in Northern California, the school is home to all that embodies the west coast lifestyle. Being a short drive from the beach, the students often spend their days off surfing or swimming. This school is unique in another way too! The school is actually set up in a small city townhouse but due to a complicated set of spells, when you enter the school the inside becomes as big as a castle! To keep prying eyes away from what could be happening in the house, students exit and enter the school through a series of port keys, connected to a small house out in the country. The dorms are spacious and each bedroom houses ten students in rows of five on either side of the room.

The school specializes in muggle magic, utilizing muggle items in order to conduct their magic. By doing this, it allows students who must live in the muggle world post-grad to adapt to the world around them. It teaches students how to survive in an urban environment, practice their magic, and not get caught. The students at this school often end up in Ministry positions after university because of their understanding of the relationship between muggles and magic folk. 

Adding to the unique feel of this school, there are no uniforms and there no houses. People are just sorted into groups of ten for each dorm room and assigned a wing of the school based on gender. For those who are non-binary or trans they are allowed to pick between living in a gendered wing or in a separate gender neutral housing. Because of the lack of houses many of the students often claim Hogwarts houses for fun. 


Good morning.

This morning at the beach I heard that Rihanna song “Only Girl (in the world)”. I’m not a big Rihanna fan, but she nailed it for me with her words. I think every girl should feel that way in her relationship.

And then a seagull stole my son’s donut right out of his hands. Nine o'clock in the morning and I’m already ready for a nap!

Happy humpday, y'all

(Not my beach, btw)

Rainbow Rider’s Birthday Adventure (book)

Continuation from this post. Be sure to look at that one, you do NOT want to miss that incredibly smug pegasus!

Comments: Surfing Days, the pegasus, is glaring at her companions as though she’s about to punch them out and Hula Hula is planning on teaching palm trees to dance. It should be noted that that pony known as Hula Hula in the UK was called Pina Colada in the US … sounds like she’s had a few already!

The ponies agree to stand in a boat. The pegasus possibly turns into a sea pony once on board. She seems ticked off about it. But not as ticked as Hula Hula (aka Pina Colada), who is positively GLARING out at the viewer. I think she’s angry about what’s happening to her hair … whatever it is. Like, seriously, what is happening to her hair??


Good morning!

My daughter has given me the green light for trying new water sports again. Last week I convinced her to try SUP. We followed instructions and took the path we were supposed to, but it was two miles up-wind in a harbor! She was not as impressed as I had hoped. Today it’s a half-day surf lesson. I’m just grateful we have this time together❤️❤️

Cheers to mothers and daughters!

H/t tarteyogurt

anonymous asked:

hey, do you have any advice for selling gijinkas? im really just getting back into fr but this is my first time doing stuff and actually trying to make gems/treasure. i put up a gen1 gijinka earlier for auction starting at around 100g but im worried thats too much, and no ones bid anyway yet. im not really surprised because i dont have a following for my art, but any advice to advertising it or making it appealing would be greatly helpful! its fine if you cant answer but thanks either way!

Ok I thought this over and here’s my advice (sorry for getting to this late orz)

1. Watch what other people like, whether it be accents, skins, or other people’s gijinkas. It’s a really good way to gauge what the community is currently into in terms of themes and colors! Tracking the FR tag on tumblr is a good way to start. Surf thru it every day and just look at what other people are doing. Observe!

2. Don’t be afraid to price your stuff fairly. A lot of people undersell and regret because of the amount of work they do for relatively little payout. I always think that it’s better to price high and then drop it by increments if no sellers show up.

3. A following is fairly important to get your stuff around, but advertisement on FR is relatively easy. There’s a large and active community on tumblr, as well as quite a few Discord and Skype chats that you can join to talk shop about art and show your stuff.

4. Befriend other artists in the community! Talk to them about their work and how they sell, there are thousands of active artists on FR and they all do things slightly different. Once again, observing is sometimes the best way to learn.

5. Buy pretty dragons. This seems p straight forward but conventionally “pretty” or aesthetically pleasing dragons with good genes generally sell better for beginner gijinka artists. Once you get a following you can branch out a bit and go for the weirder dragons you find on the AH, but for the time being go for cheap and attractive.

6. Gen 1s can be a good (if risky) way to get your gijinka stuff going. There’s a lot of interest in gen 1s with decent colors, especially with art to go along with. Just be careful with this one.

7. Use the ping lists available to you! There is one specifically for dragons with art, use it as often as you can to attract interest. Make sure to follow the instructions on that one tho.

8. Auctions can be a good way to build interest, but a lot of people who are new to them don’t realize how time consuming they can be. Until you’re comfortable with auctions in general, stick to flat sales.

9. Don’t be discouraged if nobody bites right away. It takes a bit to get a little following and tailor your stuff to what people want. Do one dragon at a time until you are more confident.

That’s all I got for now, if anyone has anything else to add feel free to!

Sunday surf days.
Felt amazing to be in the water again.

Thinking of Jessy getting ankle battles (at Swami’s Beach)

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