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2017 DCI Season Preview – Mike Hellums – Medium
All you need to know and more about the upcoming DCI season, complete show info, analysis, and bold predictions on every World Class corps.
By Mike Hellums

On the eve of the tour premiere, it is finally time to unleash this beast!  Check out my write up for the 2017 DCI season!  Be sure to save it somewhere so you can point and laugh at how wrong I am come August.


So I painted shoes for DCI Atlanta this year for me and my friends; I’m thinking about painting them and selling them on Etsy for 10 or 15 bucks to raise money for tour fees next season, any takers?

(In order shown: Bluecoats, Carolina Crown (for brass), Carolina Crown (for guard), Madison Scouts, Santa Clara Vanguard)

I’m open to new ideas and more custom designs and I’ll probably make sketches for all the corps, even DCA corps to support those who march DCA, message me if you’ve got ideas!