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  • <p> <b>Dazai:</b> *rubs Atsushi's chin*<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> *purrs with delight*<p/><b>Dazai:</b> *rubs in other places*<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> *moans and tries to hide it*<p/><b>Me:</b> oh fuck... please continue I need more<p/></p>

Okay but,

Keith is afraid of his feelings, right? (which is in the personality quiz thing on the website)

What if because he bottles shit up he just randomly breaks down for no reason whatsoever and doesn’t want to come out of his room. (obviously if an alarm went off he’d get up and push everything down again though)

Shiro knows that it happens because he’s always been like this, and if they can’t find Keith for an extended period of time he gets worried and goes to Keith’s room and finds him there having a breakdown for a number of reasons including shit that happened like months ago.

And he just sits there with him, not saying anything because he knows nothing needs to be said yet and that Keith will talk when he wants to, (because when you’re breaking down and someone tries to talk to you before you’re ready you just start crying harder and it doesn’t help at all). Maybe Shiro starts rubbing his back or something or puts a hand on his shoulder, just some kind of contact to ground him, and eventually he calms down enough to say something.

Even if something really stupid triggered the breakdown (like honestly if I’ve bottled things in long enough someone raising their voice slightly at me is enough to cause it), Shiro understands that it’s not that particular thing that bothered Keith, and it’s something repressed that actually caused his breakdown. He doesn’t tell Keith this behavior is unhealthy, because he already knows that first of all and second of all the last thing someone needs to hear after they’ve been crying is that they’ve done something incorrectly or wrong.

Then they just sit there for a while after it’s ended and they’ve talked about it, and depending on the time of day maybe Keith falls asleep in Shiro’s lap while he softly pets his head or something, (because crying takes a lot of energy out). The others probably find out about this behavioral pattern sooner or later, but nobody bothers Keith about it, (yes, nobody, not even Lance) because they know he’s not an emotionless thing and that he doesn’t outwardly show sadness or pain the way they do, so obviously it has to come out somehow.

Idk man this headcanon just got to me the second I saw what his biggest fear was, like poor smol child, don’t do that it’s bad for your health. ;-;