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sugar daddy pool pt.1 (M)

bts member jungkook x reader you 

genre angst / smut 

M = mature contents read on your own risk 

well, i was trying to take a break but after the bomb ‘’young forever “ jungkook was so damn hot and mature i didn’t deny my self from writing an imagination about jungkook who turned to his 30 ^^

summary: being jungkook’s sugar baby who was 30 years  old for a while doesn’t go to be easy for both of you it was a night that changed your damn life but does it do the same for him ……..


part 2: here 

part 3: here


what are you doing there!! ‘jungkook’ who was already halfway to the big black  coach snatched his phone from teahyung”s hand

“ nothing just surfing in the net my battery is dead,, so mind to tell me about you you almost absent this days where have you been bro “

“ you broke into my condo while i was bathing and already check my phone than you want to know about me stop this weirdness ‘hyung’ we’re not kid any more i know you know everything you want to know

yeah….. you are 30 years old thanks to god i don’t mind i’m still feel young but look at your self you get old faster man “

“shut the fuck up and tell me what do you want i going out right now???

“is true “Annie” will send your daughter ultimately to Korea “

jungkook stood up not too much far from where ‘teahyung’ was sitting he was thinking about this two weeks ago non stopping he was a dad and that horrible idea didn’t leave him but he was happy though even he was scared he almost see his daughter few times a year while his trips to america for work “Annie” as an american girl wasn’t the ideal mother for his daughter she was living a 4 years ago in korea when jungkook met her , he was 26 then a brilliant young master for a big korean family he thought he was crazy in love with her she was the first time making him feel satisfied they had a great relation ship and sex every thing is perfect but only in jungkook’s eyes “Annie wasn’t the perfect girl she cheated on him she fucked random guys every time she went clubbing while jungkook was working it was the death of him when he found out that she cheated on him all this time not eveen for once and the worst her pregnancy his father was much restricted with his attitude and persuasion he almost forced him to marry her but she ends up running away he hated her a lot she broke every single beautiful thing he has for the love’s sake he just stay around her while her pregnancy period fortunately the baby’s father was him he has the right to doubt ,she ends up living in america after the divorce she promise to come back with his daughter when she get her 4th year …….

“ i don’t know what she is thinking about i only want my daughter now

“and you need to live too”

“ i’m alive do you see a dead leave right now hyung??”

“yeah you are maybe the most handsome man but the coldest too why the fuck you don’t get a girl how the fuck you will find a time to live normally while your little daughter will be here soon you will be busier jungkook ah’ i’m really wondering i will get a chance to find you here in your condo next time when i break into it”

“stop this shits and stop coming here out of blue you are a busy man so go prepare for your marriage and leave me alone “

“i’m not living i need to see you with a beautiful girl again “

“i don’t need girls i’m fine like that i was married to a gorgeous woman i loved her but look what happen to my life i became a father all of sudden she cheated on me and she run away with my baby why the fuck i will do the same shits again all the women are bitches “

“ya ya ya stop stop don’t start this i heard enough last time i’m not here to argue i said you need a girl i didn’t mean a girl friend or some thing like that i meant girls for one night it’s amazing to do it you will not feel responsibility well only if you ripped your condom he giggled , you need to taste  the sex life again what will you planning to be a saint!! just check websites you will find a dozens for one night stands  you can have fun 

“ i can’t believe the man who is talking like this will going to marry next week you are talking about girls as they are ware i really hate girls right now but i’m not planning to do this neither being a saint i’m not that quality man i’m a big sinner and a big loser 

“we will see then teahyung smirked and stand up rubbing his best friend shoulder see you bro please take care don’t work too much “

jungkook waved his hand and nod his head when teahyung turned around “please think about it didn’t you miss fucking “

“go out go jungkook shouted throwing the big pillow that quickly closed the door after his hyung “that bastard how yoonhee noona will bear him!!!!! “

the dark sky outside wasn’t frightened an hour ago it was full of stares but when you come out nothing was clear it was dark you felt scared you felt the need to cry but where is the fucking tears you almost now haven’t got tears you cried a lot non stop since you heard about your danseng condition why her why not you why it has to be she in that cold bed in that white closing room  you fell down your body was weak you didn’t eat from yesterday night your mind was unable to think 

“ hi mom yeah i’m coming home “kim yoonchae” huh she’s ok the doctor reassured me mom don’t come this night the doctor said we have to go home because the nurse can take care of her do you want some thing for dinner i will buy “

it was horrible to lie to your mom she of course felt that shaking voice but maybe she wanted to believe you 

you finally go into your room the small room you have in your parents apartment your life was ok since last year your mom worked hard after your father leaving her alone with two children she had a lot to deal with but she bear that pain till it goes away her work was pretty good for a small family who only want to live peacefully but your little sister disease ruined all that peace 

sitting up on your desk trying to check if you get some new notification on your social websites you almost use your eyes drop into a new message from that goddamn site ; it was your friend firstly speaking about having a sugar daddy a man who can help you indirectly the idea was disgusting in the first case when you heard that but something make it stick in your mind you are a poor girl now you didn’t have anything to help with you almost stop going to university you only go to practice  this year trying to work hard in your part time job just to earn much money to live and to the hospital expenses your mother will not be able to do that alone she barely can swing the house necessity and the hospital high bills so why not specially you are single after that son of bitch run away he took your virginity he promised you never leave you but he was a mother fucker guy he only drop you in tears 

          #  hi i saw your profile picture you look fascinating let me say that                honestly i didn’t do this before but i really want to meet you we can share a  good relation to fulfill our needs physically and mentally so if you are  interested reply me or feel welcoming to visit me this is my address “…..”

 it was an other message you received since last night when you decided to sign up in this website you swing a lot but nothing was interesting for you they didn’t attract you to be fair but after reading this stranger’s message you clicked his profile it was also new account 

     jungkook 30,sugar daddy


    seeking sugar baby 19_ 26

nothing here sounds important or unusual til your eyes dropped on his photos he fascinated you one of his photo he was smiling he looks like a bun he was super sexy and cute and hot in every single photo you can see a new feature it was really new for you to get to know this type of human 

you smirked again when you read his profile information the age request fit with you you were 23 years old 

many things hovered in your mind why a man like him is divorcing such in an early age who is that bitch who can get a divorce for this man he is rich young man who search for a girl for sex or pleasure or dating you bet he can have any girl he wants only if he smile so why he has to be here but after a while you asked this question to your self too why a girl like you is here though so every one has his own reasons the best thing here no one will ask you about your reasons or why you did this every one seems busy who only wants to have some sweet time sometimes you took a breath your mind was deciding to do that whatever happen next at least you will not going to lose any thing you need money he needs sex deal 

the next day you had a horrible tiresome day you didn’t believe that you are home now finally your mind didn’t stop thinking about that man sometimes you blame your self as you must reply him before just go to his home but it was clear he makes you choose whatever you wanted and you already choose 

you aren’t a rich girl who could buy a very stunning dress but you had such a beautiful taste with fashion stuff so you know how to be a women for any occasion searching in you closet your eyes drop to an old dress you bought it a year ago you almost forget it it was the dress you supposed to wear while you will meet your ex but he didn’t come and you didn’t wear it it was so classy but the problem it was red how will be his impression you already know this color is dangerous what if he didn’t like you or he didn’t feel connected with you you will be such a miserable girl then but thinking well you need to use every single weapon you have to get your money so it’s ok  now red tube dress will be a dangerous weapon  you were so nervous almost wanted to cry but it was ok now you need to experiment many things to get help as quickly as possible no one can feel what you feel now when you are close to that area: Seoul rich part of the town it was so damn beautiful at 8 o’clock  it’s also a relief you were wearing a black coat even your mother didn’t notice your appearance she was preparing food because she will spend the night at the hospital with your young sister so whatever what happens tonight she will never find out 

the address leads you to one of that giant building that you need a fortune to get one flat how lucky this man he will never get such a money lack in his damn life like you he must have a wealthy family you felt angry thinking about how you will offer him your body to get some of his mercy it was horrible  

finally the condo is clear to your sight you take a deep breath and you hit the bell the door automatically opened in front of your body releasing a half sleeping man who was fixing his shirt only one fucking thing you are sure about he is more freaking handsome from any photo you saw specially his messy hair 

“ good evening Miss how can i help you”

“emm good evening you are jeon jungkook ? right i’m … i’m kim y/N i came after receiving your message on the website 

jungkook was really taken by sleeping he even didn’t hear her clearly or he did the important that this girl know him so he must did something making her come here he didn’t want to make it weird any more 

“ come in we don’t have to talk here he grinned his mind is thinking and thinking he didn’t understand he was in his way to apologize to her as maybe she was wrong maybe it was an other jungkook when suddenly he remembered something “i’ll fuck killing him if he did it “he said to him self 

“Miss kim come sit in the living room excuse me i will be back do you want something to drink “

“ no thanks “

“but you’re my guest how come !! wait please 

jungkook grabbed his phone from the coach heading to the kitchen  he checked the historic page and he got it that son of bitch 

the story is clear now teahyung signed up in that site using jungkook photos and information he was meant what he said to help him get a girl but how the fuck he did this without his permission the worst when his eyes were eating the previous text that teahuyng wrote as jungkook he felt burning when he saw his address this private address in the text so the girl isn’t wrong she thought that he want her that’s why she come it wasn’t good to go tell her what really happened he wasn’t a kid he was a mature man who felt a forgettable feelings right now he grabs quickly tow glasses and his red wine bottle from the cup board and go back where this girl was sitting he take a look at her she has an attractive physic he can’t deny this her black long hair was flirting her shoulders sexily he noticed that she was wearing her coat 

“ Miss emm sorry but you can take off your coat you don’t need to wear it here “

“ ah yeah sorry i was enjoying watching the design here “

“did you like the condo “

“ yeah such an amazing style and colors 

he smirked while he was busy filling the wine he didn’t notice her stunning body curve until he turned his face to give her the glass his smirked changed into a dropping jaw 

“thank you “

thanks for you too for coming i must be a lucky man now you already accept my invitation ‘jungkook’ mind was stupefy he swear he wanted to tell her he wasn’t the one who sign up but something told him to carry on after all she is here for him specially after seeing her she was really a soft girl a beauty master

how old are you jungkook said playing with his glass

“23 years old “ you answered shortly actually that heart in your chest was madly pumping the way you wanted to get out running but you can’t you haven’t the right your sister needs you this thoughts make you conscienceless bite your lower lip the man sitting not far of you was enjoying this scenery 

“ how did you know that red is my favorite color “

“his question remind you that you still at this stranger condo you tried to be calm “ hh i really like red too “

“so this is a common thing we shared right now he smirked are you a student 

“ yeah i’m majoring in classic dance “ballet “

jungkook was really taking by your voice “no wondering you’re so beautiful and you have a beautiful body “

“thank you you blushed your red face make him giggled 

and you you asked him “well i’m a business man and i’m so busy my life is really stressful “

“ you must be a successful young master in such an early age “

“ thank you sweetie jungkook was living alone for two years without fucking a girl he was depressed the way he didn’t feel that he had sexual needs he hated women from the bottom of his heart he kept thinking about confidence and betray affair but this girl coming for sudden knocking in his door waved him deeply inside  

do you want an other glass “ you accepted his offer you only need to get drunk if something happen you will not regret it and you will easily forget it so you wanted to get drunk this wine was such an intense beverage but it tasted good

“so is your college time funny i think you have a happy life as a dancer “

“oh no it’s normal many guys thought the same but i swear nothing special “

“you must be a bad dancer then he teased you  

huh you wanna try me “

“ i will be lucky if i get a dance with a girl like you do you need music he grabbed his phone to play a nice classic music it was really fascinating getting in this apartment talking with this hot man then dance with him 

jungkook wrapped his hand around your thin waist and pull you closer you start moving your body professionally it was such a surprise for you that he can melt with you this way he follows your rhythm perfectly  your head was so damn close to his chest no wonder his scent is killing you jungkook continue swaying gently until a magnetic emotion told you to stare at his dark eyes his eyes didn’t let yours and oups it happens his lips finally dropped to kiss yours he kissed you smoothly his lips works as magic in yours already felt your core is yelling the kiss was so damn good it smells need, wine, desire, and any thing and every thing has an affair with sex every thing thoughtful  you wanted is happening now you get the trump card for sure no wondering he enjoy your service 

“ oh gosh you’re so beautiful and hot “he said grabbing your thighs squeezing it by his hands he suddenly lift you up you wraps his neck by your hands and returned to kiss him deeply you felt something as you were lucky he wasn’t such a disgusting man he was hot and freaking sexy how the hell you will refuse his touches which already turned you on 

jungkook finally throw your body on his bed you were busy kissing and sucking each others lips to feel his feet going upstairs you weren’t so much careful to stare at his grey and yellow room you were busy helping him taking off his shirt over his head his torso can explain every thing no need to words right now he was hot as hell how the fuck he is divorced who was that crazy woman 

jungkook unzipped your dress and stare at your body “ you’re so gorgeous come here let daddy touches this bright skin jungkook was on top of you kissing your neck sucking your sensitive area you felt his hardness touching your tummy he must be so damn turned up right now his hands was so busy scanning your boobs downward to your inner thigh he start rubbing there “oh no aah “

“ it’s ok sweetheart i will please you the right way nothing was clearer to feel than his tongue fucking your hole in such a tease way his fingers also worked well there you shout a yell when he suddenly insert them in your entrance you almost were about to com 

“ yeah com for me baby girl yeah good girl just like that “ please i need you in me right now “

“ you want me sweetheart emm” he smirked “

“yes please he already positioned himself on top of you sucking your nipples you tried to change his plan and be on top of him he seems pleased by your offer specially hearing his moan when you start kiss his chest his abs every thing in his body was inviting your hand rubbed his hard shaft you can see how bad he is enjoying this oh god “ he moaned under your touch it was such a long time he didn’t feel this amazing emotions seeing a beautiful girl busy sucking and massaging his erection was so good for him to let it go waste he was about to come you can feel him “fuck come here princess let me bring you heaven” he said hovering around you after grabbing his condom you can feel his cock gently asking for entering it was hurtful but so fucking good he didn’t stop thrusting until both of you reach your orgasms it was such an amazing experience for you you felt sorry to meet him in such a similar Circumstances he was such a good partner in the bed both of you were laying in his bid bed you weren’t able to think about any thing  but jungkook was already has many things in mind he didn’t  believe he did this again the worst it feels good he didn’t feel disgusting as he thought every thing about you was so pretty for him “ do you want to sleep “

“ i feel exhausted honestly yeah “

“come here baby he grabbed your naked body making your head rest peacefully in his chest he start rubbing your long hair with his hand making you feel amazing he can not be a sugar daddy this man is more tender and more human for this stuffs you innocently wrap his torso your action pleased him he smirked both of you leaning in silent enjoying the moment it was weird this feeling of safety in this stranger ‘s lap but it’s really  inoffensive you laid there peacefully forgotten for a while your own problems it was only two couple of minutes then falling asleep as an angel 

jungkook night wasn’t so much calm he was in an inner war something is ruined now that peace that he  used to live with for a long period is totally fall into the floor now he even hated to think about letting you go the next morning his free hand check his phone again he tried to understand the site needs another time nothing seems weird or opposite to ‘teahyung’ information he put on there the only thing he needs to remember now is to pay you this is a sugar daddy mission after all he tried his self to get out off the bed without waking you actually you were deeply sleeping to feel any thing he search for your phone in your bank account he transferred the amount directly then put the phone near your side-table he didn’t spend that mach time but he already want to come cuddle with you again …..

feel free to react … ^^

Okay but,

Keith is afraid of his feelings, right? (which is in the personality quiz thing on the website)

What if because he bottles shit up he just randomly breaks down for no reason whatsoever and doesn’t want to come out of his room. (obviously if an alarm went off he’d get up and push everything down again though)

Shiro knows that it happens because he’s always been like this, and if they can’t find Keith for an extended period of time he gets worried and goes to Keith’s room and finds him there having a breakdown for a number of reasons including shit that happened like months ago.

And he just sits there with him, not saying anything because he knows nothing needs to be said yet and that Keith will talk when he wants to, (because when you’re breaking down and someone tries to talk to you before you’re ready you just start crying harder and it doesn’t help at all). Maybe Shiro starts rubbing his back or something or puts a hand on his shoulder, just some kind of contact to ground him, and eventually he calms down enough to say something.

Even if something really stupid triggered the breakdown (like honestly if I’ve bottled things in long enough someone raising their voice slightly at me is enough to cause it), Shiro understands that it’s not that particular thing that bothered Keith, and it’s something repressed that actually caused his breakdown. He doesn’t tell Keith this behavior is unhealthy, because he already knows that first of all and second of all the last thing someone needs to hear after they’ve been crying is that they’ve done something incorrectly or wrong.

Then they just sit there for a while after it’s ended and they’ve talked about it, and depending on the time of day maybe Keith falls asleep in Shiro’s lap while he softly pets his head or something, (because crying takes a lot of energy out). The others probably find out about this behavioral pattern sooner or later, but nobody bothers Keith about it, (yes, nobody, not even Lance) because they know he’s not an emotionless thing and that he doesn’t outwardly show sadness or pain the way they do, so obviously it has to come out somehow.

Idk man this headcanon just got to me the second I saw what his biggest fear was, like poor smol child, don’t do that it’s bad for your health. ;-;


My California Summer 2014

I flew from London to LA for 2 amazing months last summer and here are some of the highlights.

Watch the full web series HERE

sequence error - (707 x mc/reader)

summary: who has their first date after they get engaged?

rating: 13+ (usual 707 route spoilers)

notes: So, this idea actually has been surfing around in my mind since I wrote Phone Call. LOL. But I never got around to it? Ehehe. It’s… okay. I hope you guys like it though! ; A;

those who follow my main may know this already, but the next fic (unless, of course another idea pops in my head) will be staring someone else. :D

now i gotta go finish moving so i can work on that fic~

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She’s not the type of person who’s going to board her windows and cower under the bed when you turn into a hurricane. When you turn into a hurricane, she’s going to go surfing.
—  and she’s a damn good swimmer // k.g

That one time I showed up to the troubadour show minutes before it started and got in through the back by Ted Dwane himself!
That one time I saw Mumford & Sons collaborate with Mark Hoppus, Tom Morello and T Bone Burnett and sing What’s my age again
That one time Ben crowd surfed and I helped catch him
That one time I walk out of the most amazing intimate show ever with Marcus’ tambourine as well as picks from both Winston and Ted!!!
That one time you cannot believe last night was real!

My Paily Problem

You know, I’m not usually one to make a huge deal of things when it comes to TV or whatever. I hate shipping couples because it always more than likely comes back to kill you in the end. But this is just bothering the hell out of me and I don’t know what else I can do but just write this down and get it out of my system already. So pass on if you’d like or read on. I’m not sure if it’s going to make much sense but maybe somebody will get it and I’ll feel a little less crazy.

Pretty Little Liars was a show I used to be so excited to watch. Like literally I would get so happy and just countdown the hours until it was on. Now…I could care less if I miss it or not. I actually haven’t even watched a full episode since 5x14. And the reason behind all of this, the reason I even started watching the show to begin with, and why I have now stopped, is because of Paily and the completely unbelievable way the writers have stomped across this relationship. A small part of me actually wishes I had never even watched this show because now all I feel is disappointment when I hear what’s happening. I wasn’t looking for this show, for this story but instead it found me. I was just simply minding my own business one day, just surfing the web for whatever and I stumbled upon a video of them. Instantly I was attached and I watched all the way up to what was current in like a week or something (This was season 4 times). I had only just discovered that I was gay myself and it was something I was still trying to learn how to deal with. Nobody knew and it’s still that way. I haven’t yet found the right way to ‘Say it out loud’ if you will. Honestly at the time the whole thing made me feel uncomfortable. Like, I just couldn’t grasp it fully that this was me, but it is and I know that and I’ve learned to accept myself as I am. I thought back to when I was younger and remembered quite a few instances where I had sort of unknowingly had crushes on some of my best friends. Slowly it all started to make sense, but watching Paige and Emily together helped a lot with that. That just sounds so bizarre though, doesn’t it? That two people who aren’t even real, don’t even exists outside of my TV helped me to understand something I felt that I never would. But it’s true. Seeing how far they’ve come, watching them grow together and fall in love with one another and become the people they have, it’s just given me hope for something I never thought I would have.

And what’s even better is that it was probably never even supposed to happen. Shay Mitchell and Lindsey Shaw are the only reason that Paily has become what it has. Paige was supposed to be gone after like two episodes in the first season. And now, 38 episodes and 5 years later, she’s still around (Until they shipped her off for nothing at all). But that means something, that wasn’t all just for the hell of it. This relationship between these two is important and while I don’t know anyone in my actual everyday life who ships these two, or even watches the show, I’ve talked to so many online that have fallen just as deep with them and the show.

When Alison first came back to the show, I knew things were going to get bad with Paily. It was kind of an unspoken thing that somehow she would pull them apart and she did. Even if not directly, her wanting Emily to keep her secrets is what led to them ultimately breaking up because it created a huge mistrust between Emily and Paige. And we all know how well that went down. I was really scared they weren’t going to bring Paige back after 4x23, but they did. And what they did with her and her relationship with Emily in 5A was amazing. I loved it so much. Both of them had great story’s on their own aside from the one they shared. Emily finally got to stand up to the person that had hurt her so badly in the past, she got to explore those uncertain feelings and finally put them to rest. And Paige got to confront the person that had hurt her. Although I still think we were slightly robbed on that confrontation scene, it should have been longer, but it was still good. Paige finally got to show Alison that she didn’t win. That her hatred for Alison didn’t take over the way she had hoped it would and instead she picked herself up and she came out on the other side a million times better and stronger. It was so good. To see them slowly rebuilding, re-trusting and just being there for one another was just so great. On their own and together they managed to get over what had gone down between them and they came out stronger.

It was amazing and I honestly really thought that 5B was going to be the same way. I thought 'Finally, we’re going to see Paige helping out! Like, Batman is back!’ But that wasn’t even close. All that build up, all that growth and finally the reunion we’d been waiting for all that time….it all got thrown away. And for what? What was the reason to shove Paige so far away and to kill everything that they’d spent all that time putting back together? And then they just add insult to injury in the episodes following her leaving. Paige ignores Emily and then suddenly she wants space? Really? That’s all the explanation that we get, for real? Okay…if only that actually made the smallest bit of sense.

I get that Paige was scared, that she probably did have to go on and go to California. That I could deal with. But then why couldn’t we just have the long distance then? If they wanted to make a drama move than what else do you need then Paige moving? Breaking them up without even showing half of the couple isn’t anything. That’s just garbage. I don’t expect Paige to be in every episode anyways, that’s a luxury only the male interests receive, so I would have been fine with her popping in every few episodes to visit. Why couldn’t we have just had that? It makes no sense to me why the writers took them down this path.

And then they make it even worse and bring in Talia, who I do not like in the slightest bit. Not even just because she’s basically replacing Paige right now, but because I feel like she just doesn’t need to be there. Why is that this person, this character who has done NOTHING for Emily in any kind of way and in the end probably will do nothing for her, is getting all this time? I don’t think Paige has gotten HALF this much airtime or story in the last two seasons that Talia has gotten in just a half season. Why is that? Why couldn’t Paige, the person Emily is actually in love with and wants to be with, you know her GIRLFRIEND, have just been written into the story? It wouldn’t have been that difficult. The writers know how to write Paige into the show even without Emily in the scene, they’ve done it before! So why not now? Is it just for the sake of drama? Are they just killing time because there’s still two seasons left?

I don’t know. But it honestly just feels like a humongous slap in the face. To have spent all this time watching this show, supporting it and supporting this couple, and then they just stomp all over it. They gave us Paily back and then ripped them right back away in the same breath. And I just find that to be very hurtful. That sounds crazy but it’s true. Like I know the writers don’t owe me jack, but come on! Like if you don’t want the couple, fine, but give the story the right kind of send off. You’ve got people that have invested years into this story, into these characters and to end them this way and then have Emily just throw herself at the first chick who walks by is completely disrespectful and it’s also just such a disservice to Emily’s character. She just looks desperate and it’s sad to watch it all happen this way.

I know Paige is coming back. I do believe Marlene and Joesph when they say that and who knows, this could all turn right back around. But it just all feels like so much was wasted here. So many opportunities and moments were stolen from them and instead were given to a character that in a few weeks will probably never be mentioned again. And that’s sad because I feel like this relationship, along with Hanna/Caleb, is the most real and genuine. They’re the healthiest relationships on the show, IMO.

The characters and relationship deserved better then this and I really wish that the writers could know and see how important Paily is. How much good has come from it and how many people it’s helped. I’m one of them. It sucks really bad to see where they’ve taken them and I just really hope that they take the time and fix it next season. Because I truly believe that Paige is the one for Emily and we already know that Emily is always going to be it for Paige. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. 

Ugh, okay. I’m done. I apologize in advance to anyone who actually read through that whole rant. Lots of feelings and not many places to put it.

Coach Mikey has instructed me to take up surfing to keep my old mind from resurfacing. I can’t remember my old name, but Coach has given me the name Tanner. Ever since the wetsuit was pulled onto my skin, the name Tanner is the only name I will ever need.

okay but do you know what i want?? an episode where steve takes danny for a swim. not fishing, not surfing. just a swim.
this has been on my mind ever since danny gave him the guitar like steve told him why he had stopped playing and danny tried to help him get over it now i want need steve to do the same for him. just take him for a swim where nothing goes wrong.