surfing hippo

Sam from Remo Drive FELL ON ME AND I WAS HELLA EXCITED LOL LOOK AT ME I LOOK SO HAPPY OMG where the cute white boys at, hit me up head ass

But on a serious note
went to the city w Kallan and John for a Hippo Campus concert and it was so great!!!!

I’ve only seen YG, Jeremiah, Big Sean, J Cole, Tyler the Creator, Taco and Jasper live so this was my first rockish concert

i did way more jumping than at Tyler’s but there was a moshpit at Tyler’s and not this one but still amazing
and I’ll post more of that later

when I got shown their music, they reminded me of old Green Day. And I LIVE FOR GREEN DAY, also got reminded of Real friends a lot.

I rly wanna see Green Day and Real Friends someday for sure