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It’s been so long, it’s been so long …. but I’m back ! ( … mostly. I won’t promise a rec a week for now, but I started reading Larry fics again, so there’s that ;) )

(FIC REC MASTERPOST) (it needs an update, right?)

Barefoot in Blue Jeans , by @indiaalphawhiskey: AU. Louis Tomlinson is trying desperately hard not to fall for his son’s au pair, but he can’t, for the life of him, remember why.

Larry famous-not famous AU (24k, E) : single dad Louis (and famous football player) and Au Pair Harry? sign me up ! (Bottom Harry)

We’ll Be Seamless , by @dinosaursmate​ : Louis spends all his spare time scrolling arty nude blogs on Tumblr but amongst them all, Green is his favourite.

Larry Tumblr and coworkers AU (52k, E) : Holy shit. HOOOLLYYY SHIIIIT. Okay read this now, it’s hot as fuck, and awesome, and also hot as fuck. (kind of share that)(a lot)

Has the Ocean Lost Its Way , by @fullonlarrie​ : Louis and Liam are professional surfers who have been traveling the world together for years. Now they travel with Liam’s pro-surfer girlfriend Amelia and their baby Vivian. They’re in Manly Beach, Sydney to compete in the 2017 Australia Open of Surfing when Louis meets Harry, a freelance surf photographer working for Surfer Magazine. Louis wonders if his nomadic lifestyle will keep him single indefinitely or if there’s someone out there who’ll fit in with his little makeshift family.

Larry surfer AU (28k, E) : Of course I’m gonna read a Surfer Louis/Photographer Harry fic :D So you should do too. (b!Louis for the smut)

My Saddle’s Waiting, by crimsontheory : It’s late and Harry is bored. He texts his one night stand from last week for a quick, no strings attached hookup. As it turns out, the guy gave Harry the wrong number and it ends up being Louis instead.

Larry smut AU (E, 6k) : …. I mean, they kind of share that … but quite literally. Holy shiiit.

we can meet again somewhere , by  LSFOREVER :  or, The morning after his party Harry wakes up naked on his bed, and there is a Polaroid photo of a stranger right beside him. Harry wants to know who is this tiny little boy that has soft fringe and a smile from heaven. He has endless hope.

Larry AU (9k, M) : perfect read if you’re feeling a big sad and you need to be cheered up ;)

Kissing in the Rain , by WritcraftIt starts at a party with shitty cocktails, a DJ that’s definitely not as good as Nick and some ‘that only happens in the movies’ kissing in the rain.

Tomlinshaw AU (93k, E) : canon fic during Hiatus era minus babygate … and so much great smut !

Outed , by @milehigh-larry : Louis Tomlinson needs a safe place to hide when his night out ends up on every major entertainment site. His safe place has always been Harry. Will ten years make a difference?

Larry famous not famous and ex friends to lovers AU (30k, E) : Actor Louis and Veterinary Harry in the Montana, angsty and smutty ! fuck yeah ! (bottom Harry)

Boys Fall Like Dominoes       , by @domestic-harry: Harry slips into an early heat while riding the tube. Naturally, that’s when he meets Louis.

Larry A/B/O (7k, E) : so yes, that’s it, basically : A/B/O smut with omega Harry :)

Fic Recs

It occurred to me today that I should do these more often.  I love reading fic and while I remember to leave kudos and often yell in excitement at the authors, I rarely make lists like these.  So in light of the recent climate and wanting to spread some positivity for fics and writers, here is a list of some fics that I’ve read and enjoyed recently.  Maybe you’ll find some new authors to check out.  I hope that you do, and if you enjoy what you read, please consider leaving kudos and (positive) feedback.  We authors thrive on that.  Some may even say we find it inspiring :))

Has The Ocean Lost It’s Way by @fullonlarrie (Ummm Surfer Louis, need I say more?)

Louis and Liam are professional surfers who have been traveling the world together for years. Now they travel with Liam’s pro-surfer girlfriend Amelia and their baby Vivian. They’re in Manly Beach, Sydney to compete in the 2017 Australia Open of Surfing when Louis meets Harry, a freelance surf photographer working for Surfer Magazine.

Louis wonders if his nomadic lifestyle will keep him single indefinitely or if there’s someone out there who’ll fit in with his little makeshift family.

Them Butterflies by @gaycousinlarry (I haven’t gushed to you enough to express how much I loved this fic!!)

To sum it all up - Louis is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And Harry can’t find it in himself to even question the fact that he thinks so. Louis is mesmerising, nearly magnetic with all the energy bouncing off of him. Harry doesn’t know what to make of it, but he knows he doesn’t want this night to end.

This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where Harry falls in love for the first time and Louis learns how to fall in love all over again.

I’ll put the rest under the cut!!

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Good morning❤

Today I’m emerging from the little cocoon I’ve been hiding in. Sometimes we have to take a little break to process the big things in life. I’ve missed a couple of races and had a birthday since last week, but today I feel good. After a few espressos I’m heading to the gym!

Cheers to life and being grateful for it.
Happy Monday ✌🏼

Kiwi: Part Two

A little mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

The next day, Calliope woke up at one in the afternoon.

Going off of a full nine hours of sleep, she hopped out of her twin sized bed and brushed her teeth, running a careless hand through her cropped locks and setting off for a jog along the beach.

When Cal first arrived in Jamaica, she was looking for places to stay on the tourist side of the island. But not only was it easily five times as expensive as living where she was now, it was crowded and loud. The first morning she went for a run she had to stop about seven times to take group pictures and be asked for directions by families of five or more. It wasn’t until she started befriending the locals that she even knew there was a quiet place on the island.

Now, she could go for runs every day and she was rarely ever interrupted. Her life in Jamaica consisted mainly of three things: running, surfing, and working at the bar. The bar was owned by a tall Jamaican man whose nickname was Pipo, and whom she’d met close to when she arrived. She began to frequent it during the lunch shift, and when she did she spoke to Pipo every day about her life back home. One day when he found out that she was unemployed he offered her a job on the spot.

And that was Cal’s life. That’s what it had been like for the past month and a half—working to save a little money, but mostly to pass the time. When she wasn’t working she was taking walks on the island and exploring new places, or surfing. It wasn’t a luxurious life by any means, but it was what she needed right now. She needed to get away.

It was all completely predictable, until she stumbled upon Harry last night.

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Prince of Lies Meets the Queen of the Waves

The Avengers take a day off to spend time at the beach. The day they pick just so happens to be the same day as a surf competition. The beach is teeming with people watching the top ten surfers duke it out on the waves. One surfer in particular caught the eyes of a certain raven haired Prince of Lies.

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Surf Instructor AU Idea:
Bodhi works for Imperial Resort, Cassian works for Wave Guardians’ Surf Shop

“We can’t all be beach bums like you,” Bodhi says, leading the attractive trespasser and his trouble maker dog back out before they are caught and he gets fired.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment. You always wear the spandex when you go out?” Cassian asks.
“Regulation,” he shrugs, he hates it, missing the warmth of the sun on bare skin.
“What about after work? I’d love to see you out of it,” he says making Bodhi blush fiercely.
“You look a little red there.” Cassian smirks going through the gate as Bodhi sputters.
“Sunburn, I should go,” Bodhi answers quickly wanting to bolt.
“Well, you should definitely get some calamine on that…and come find me if you’re ever free,” he says backing away from Bodhi before winking and running off with his crazy dog. Bodhi can’t help but think about him for the rest of the day.

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Went for a sunset hike with some friends and one friend’s dogs Nishka and Sitka (total darlings).

16km, and we got up to a fire lookout with a crazy gorgeous view.

There was nobody up there, but I don’t know if that’s a usual. This might be something I could do with Epic.


Max Is A Demon Camp Camp AU

Aka: Me and my friend thought, hey what if Max was a demon that the other campers summoned? And now we have this.

  • Gwen is a witch who tried to take over the world 32 years ago but was stopped by the Counsel of Witches and as punishment has to run a summer camp for magic kids for 100 years. 
  • David is an Archangel who is there to make sure she does her job, but also genuinely enjoys being a camp counselor. (Queue intensified Max and David shenanigans from them being a demon and an angel - also that much cuter when David starts to become Max’s father figure.)
  • Harrison is a wizard who’s also kind of a prodigy but he’s a muggle born so he’s trying to learn how to control his powers.
  • Nikki is a werewolf. Because, duh.
  • Preston is a necromancer, but he still has a lot to learn. The only thing he’s really done is make a talking skull. Skull dude is chill.
  • Ered is a mermaid but can have human legs when she wants. She surfs and skateboards. Her dads work in area 51 so they know all about the magic and that’s why they adopted her.
  • Nerris is an actual elf who uses fake elf ears to hide her real elf ears.
  • Nerf is a half-giant, Dolf is a vampire, and Space Kid is part alien. (Sorry I was too lazy to draw them.)
  • Quartermaster is an immortal being who steals the life-force of his family members to elongate his lifespan. (Though this is basically cannon..) He stays at the camp because he’s wanted by multiple governments, magic and otherwise. Gwen is the only who knows but she doesn’t say anything because she’s salty about being trapped there.
  • Jasper was a human, but he died, so now he’s a ghost.
  • Cameron Campbell has noon idea about any of this. He thinks the camp is a cover for his money laundering schemes when, in fact, it’s a cover for Gwen’s imprisonment.
  • The flower scouts are a sassy guild of fairies. Nuff said.
  • The wood scouts are cryptic hunters, so when they’re fighting for “the fate of the camp”, they mean they’re trying not to get discovered.
  • The platypus is a dragon.
  • Oh, yeah, and Neil is just a human.


  • The wood scouts are being particularly aggressive this summer, and in the middle of dealing with one their bs schemes Neil and Nikki arrive on the bus.
    • David to Gwen: I thought we didn’t take human campers after the uh… incident. (Eyes Jasper.) (Jasper gives a sassy eye roll.)
  • Preston and Harrison conspire together to solve one problem with another~
    • They find a demon summoning book in Quartermaster’s Quarter Store and tell the campers to meet up in the woods at midnight. 
    • Neil is cluelessly strung along.
  • Neil arrives and sees a pentagram with surrounded by candles. Harrison and Preston start chanting in latin as their eyes roll back into their heads.
    • Neil starts ranting ranting about this is scientifically impossible, until-
  • Max appears in a blaze of fire, his head thrown back and cackling.
    • Neil dead faints.
    • Max:So! You’re the f*@#ing idiots who tried to summon gramps, huh?
    • Preston and Harrison: (Look at each other, then back at Max) I thought we asked for Lucifer, not an angry five year old.
    • Max: I’ll have you know that I am ten thousand years old! And the best you punks are gonna get as far as a demon. Now what the hell do you want?
  • They ask for Max to protect the camp from the Wood Scouts for the rest of the summer - and offer Neil’s soul in return.
    • Neil, when he wakes up, is understandably upset by this. Queue Neil trying to escape from the camp for the next month.
  • At the end of the summer, Neil’s resigned to the fact that his soul belongs to Max and gets dragged down to hell to become a demon. 
  • Next summer they both return as campers. 

Credit to @cryingoreos for helping me come up with a good 50% of this!


I’m always over the moon when I find out about local bands that I’d hitherto not been aware of. Enter MT. EDDY, an Oakland based rock band previously known as Jacob Danger, lead by guitarist and singer songwriter Jakob Danger Armstrong who’s the youngest child of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. The Oakland quartet released the second track of their forthcoming album Chroma today. Working Title’s punky chugging rock channels bits of chalky, early The Strokes and some sooty Arctic Monkeys with a hint of surfy bands like DIIV, Fidlar, or Beach Fossils. MT. EDDY will be embarking on a West Coast tour tonight in support of SWMRS, which also involves an Armstrong lad, too. That family is becoming a Bay Area music dynasty of sorts at this rate! Pre-order MT. EDDY’s debut album Chroma from iTunes, here, before it’s out on Uncool Records come June 2nd.