surfin' the highway

Some age headcannons (from young to old)

S&M surfin’ the highway: sam is about 28 while max is 25 (i like to think sam is 3 years older then max)

Hit the road: about the same age maybe 1 or 2 years older

Telltale games: mid to late 30s sam i say about 39 while max is 36

Poker night 2: again probably still the same age maybe 1 year older

The cartoon series: late 40s to early 50s

Feel free to add your own headcannons or point out anything i missed

My baby boy has arrived today ; A ;

He’s so soft and precious and marketable of course! Now my dream has come true since I saw this thing in my dream once and I bonded with it and now I can make it a reality ;v;

Now all I need to do is to wait for the anniversary edition of the Surfin’ the Highway to show up! 

Okay, would you all please excuse me while I go and weep openly over how precious he is ;v;