How Californian are you?

Add up your points and put what you are in the tags

  • You live within half an hour of a beach (10 points)
  • You’ve gone to the beach after school/work (15 points)
  • You’ve worn shorts in winter (5 points)
  • You’ve eaten at In-N-Out (20 points)
  • You’ve ridden a long board (10 points)
  • You’ve complained about 60 degree weather being too cold (15 points)
  • You could look out a window right now and see a palm tree (10 points)
  • You have blonde hair (5 points)
  • You tan easily (5 points)
  • You know how to surf (10 points)
  • You frequently say “hella” or “gnarly” or “dank” or “dude” (5 points)
  • You’ve gotten yourself in a car accident (10 points)
  • You own more shorts than pants (15 points)
  • You’ve sat in traffic for over an hour (5 points)
  • You’ve experienced an earthquake (10 points)
  • An earthquake happened and you didn’t even notice (20 points)
  • Snow excites you (5 points)
  • You’ve had Chipotle and Starbucks within 24 hours of each other (10 points)
  • You’ve seen a celebrity in public (10 points)
  • You tend to lean more towards liberal than conservative (5 points)
  • You attend/attended an outdoor school (campus is not one giant building) (10 points)
  • There are 3+ Starbucks in your hometown (5 points)
  • You frequently practice the ‘California Rolling Stop’ (10 points)
  • You’ve had a California burrito (15 points)
  • You’ve had at least one fire day (like snow days but for wild fires) getting you out of school or work (20 points)
  • You say the word ‘like’ in almost every sentence (10 points)
  • You have a pool at your house/complex (5 points)
  • You’ve been to Disneyland (15 points)
  • You’ve ever been on any sort of “cleanse” (10 points)


0-100 - Not really Californian at all

100-200 - Eh, you could pass as Californian

200-300 - Congrats, you’re stereotypically Californian