SVT MTL... To date a chubby/curvy girl

(100% believe all the boys would date anyone they loved. These are just what we believe are their personal preferences)


  • Seungkwan - As a marshmallow himself, he seems like the type to be intimidated by abs and prefers a little extra layer of goodness. Would have zero problem with her being ‘chubby’ or ‘overweight’. It’s just more to love ya know? 

  • Jeonghan - Would cuss you to hell and back if anyone had a negative word/glance/thought about his woman. He’s not trying to sugarcoat things either, if she’s fat he’s gonna call it what it is. Jeonghan would see it as just another attribute or physical trait like being short or pale. No one would be commenting about her needing to be taller or something so they’d better not say anything about her weight.

  • Soonyoung / Hoshi - Just genuinely enjoys all things soft and huggable so why wouldn’t he want a girl with a little extra meat on her bones? Cuddle time with a piece of mochi is 10x better than cuddling a broomstick in a dress.

  • Seungcheol / S.Coups / Scoops - Thinks it’s adorable and would 100% piggyback her no matter what. Scolds her if she gets insecure or goes on some ‘’absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary’’ diet and reassures her like every day that he’ll love whatever size she is.

  • Mingyu - Doesn’t really have a specific body type or set of features that he looks for, if he thinks she’s attractive then she’s attractive. Period. 

  • Wonwoo - Wonwoo’s type probably falls in a classic, bookish type. Not really chubby or thin, but just a healthy weight in general. It’s not that important and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker or anything.

  • Hansol / Vernon - Having a mother that obviously doesn’t fit korean beauty standards, he’d probably have a very open view on body types. But like personally he probably just looks for a pretty smile and boobs.

  • Joshua /Jisoo - Cali boi okay? He may be an choir boy with a halo but you can bet your bottom dollar he’s taking his guitar and fedora down to the beach to pick up some surfer babes okay.

  • Chan / Dino - He’s like 12, if you wear a bra you’re his type. 

  • Seokmin/ Dokyeom / DK - Probably likes girls that fit into that classic korean beauty mold. Like thin and pale with just a hint of soju glow around the cheekbones.

  • Jihoon / Woozi - Tiny. Not like anorexic or anything but just smol in general. A short, thin, quiet, wisp of a girl.

  • Junhui / Jun -  Jun would be the guy to like someone just a little taller than average, thin in a sturdy, athletic way. Not totally ripped but tall and tan and taut.

  • Minghao / The8 - Probably all about that thigh gap. Collarbones. A neck as long and skinny as his. Not sickly thin, not by any means. But just naturally a pretzel stick. 


anonymous asked:

Which Haikyuu character would be the most fun to go bowling with? Which would be the most fun to go surfing with? Which one do you think would be the best artist? Which one would be the best coach? (Besides the already existing coaches)

Bowling: NISHINOYA!!! He’d ROLLING THUNDAAAA the whole time

Surfing: BOKUTO WOULD BE SO FUN AND can’t you just imagine him being a surfer babe??? Im dead.

Best artist: Hmmm, Suga? He seems like the type to be artistic. 

Coach: Maybe an unpopular opinion but, Hinata? I think Hinata has the energy and patience needed to be a coach. Obviously, not as he is, but once he learns everything he needs to know I think he would be a great coach! I don’t necessarily think a coach has to be the best player or anything.