given any loop (of any shape), are there four points that, when connected, form a square? (unsolved) or a rectangle? (solved and proved in this video)

topology is really cool!! and so is this video, it’s got really nice explanations and does so in a way that people with no topology knowledge can understand
PS topology was used by this year’s winners of the nobel prize in physics!!

Andrea Dworkin | Our Blood

i’m subjective but you’re a hoax

the fake as more

deepest at its surface



“I,” as a woman?

I hunt for old wood at Longleaf Lumber on an industrial back street in Cambridge. Planks lean up against the high warehouse walls, white oak, black walnut, yellow pine. Boards pulled from old barns, old floors, weather-worn, bug-chewed, time-beautied.

On a search for a slab for a front-hall table I’m making for a friend, one plank sat apart with a group of miscellaneous wood, unidentified. My brother, on the hunting mission with me, saw it first and pulled it from the pile. The folks at Longleaf weren’t sure what it was. There have been guesses: butternut, elm. I like the mystery, but tell me if you know.

The swirl plunging down the right looks like a braid, a spine. On the inside of a tree, one finds bone, a thick lash of plaited hair. I’ll say it again and again: so much below the surface! Everything with its secrets, aspects dazzling and unexpected, in this ongoing process of unearthing, of slowly, slowly, getting to know.

[The drawing: Making Love with Debi by Danica Phelps]


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Sarah Kane | Crave | Complete Plays

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Natalie Eilbert | Conversation with the Stone Wife