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“Are you searching for purpose?
Then write something, yeah it might be worthless
Then paint something then, it might be wordless
Pointless curses, nonsense verses
You’ll see purpose start to surface
No one else is dealing with your demons
Meaning maybe defeating them
Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.”

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So between me and Louis,who's in front and who's behind?

*cue harry and louis literally turning mario kart into a sexual innuendo*

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Sea, why do you say the idea of Louis is in all Harry's songs in his album? Because I only see it in two ghost and in sweet creature, and in the second one Harry said it wasn't about Louis, so... :( Thanks for your answer! ^^

On one level, it’s just something I feel in my gut. It’s not a good answer, because it sounds vague and biased, and I can’t prove the way I feel. But I’ll try to pin down my reasons here.

Harry writes from personal experience, and for the last few years, much of his experience has been spent on the road, isolated from his family and friends. His songs allude to hotel rooms, loneliness, waiting, pining, feeling abandoned, then finding consolation and validation. They show the intense pain, anger, and guilt of being jealous. They express a conflict that has been pushed down and silenced (“Just stop your crying”), and the protectiveness and urgency he feels in escaping (“the bullets”— can’t be any clearer). They express the oblique, witty, sometimes sarcastic joy (witty in Carolina, sarcastic in Kiwi) of being able to shout out internal jokes that someone— his intended listener— will understand.

His songs use details that seem vague to us, with multiple possible meanings (“I gotta get better” in Meet Me in the Hallway, “empty at the news” in Ever Since New York), yet with specific details (“fridge light washes this room white,” “couple more tattoos” in Two Ghosts) that are signals to the intended listener— the listener knows the references to them, and knows the song is about specific episodes in their lives. These words feel special, in the way that they have been jotted down and preserved for their special reasons.

In his Rolling Stone interview, Harry allegedly told CC that the album was inspired by one woman, a longterm relationship, to whom he wanted to tip his hat— to give his whole hat, in fact. Later he changed his mind and said the album was about himself, yet I remember Harry saying that the person for whom the songs were written would recognize his references, and that each song was written for one particular listener.

I think that as songwriters, Harry and Louis know these songwriting tricks, to write at multiple levels at once— a superficial, generalized layer for popular consumption, and a specific, detailed, personal layer for themselves, and at times for other songwriters. I think they’ve always done this, from Happily and Something Great and Strong, to Stockholm Syndrome and Home.

I was chatting with @annalarrie about it just now. Louis wrote “Home” with a lot of layers too. On the surface, the lyrics are about reassurance that one’s feelings about attraction to another person is valid, no matter what— and that One Direction supports you. Beneath, the harmonic progression says the same thing. The song starts in the tonic chord, or home key. Every line in the verse ends in the home key. The chorus wanders away from home very briefly, but every line still comes back to the tonic key. Here, the Roman numeral (I) depicts the chords that end in the home key.

Make a little conversation (I)
So long I’ve been waiting (I)
To let go of myself and feel alive (I)

So many nights I thought it over (I)
Told myself I kind of liked her (I)
But there was something missing in her eyes (I)

I was stumbling, looking in the dark (ohho) (I)
With an empty heart (I)
But you say you feel the same
Could we ever be enough? (I)
Baby we could be enough (I)

And it’s alright (I)
Calling out for somebody to hold tonight (I)
When you’re lost, I’ll find the way
I’ll be your light (I)
You’ll never feel like you’re alone

I’ll make this feel like home (I)

As if to drive the point home (haha!), Louis HIMSELF sings the line, “I’ll make this feel like home,” and then repeats it, at the end.

The image “When I run out of road, you bring me home” in “Sweet Creature” might be an answer to the song “Home.” As the bears have told us, the word “home” has a heavy weight in the One Direction dictionary (tattooed on both Harry and Louis). And do you really believe Harry’s denial on the Cooper Lawrence interview? If anything, his answer was a confirmation that the song was written for Louis. The timing of the songwriting is pretty great too (February 2016).

The feeling that Harry’s album refers to Louis doesn’t mean it’s all about Louis and nothing else. I think as musicians, they have a special understanding of the ways songs can work, and a special appreciation of the way songs can publicly declare something that, say, an interview cannot.


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Group: BTS


Excerpt:  “I like your lyrics and i can give them a tune.”

Genre: fluff, wizard au

Length: 1.5k

A/N: give the wizard au a chance.

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Potions class never seemed to agree with you, you never listened to busy writing lyrics on your textbook to make notes on what they were saying. This almost always led to a cloud of purple smoke or that one time you accidentally made an amnesia potion instead of a simple heat potion to prevent a cold.

Currently, you were ruffling your hair trying to remove the green dust that was clinging to your face, hair and apron. That was when you spotted him, Min Yoongi the musical genius that sat next to you in music; he was standing next to your desk, paused with cauldrons in his arms as he looked down. You followed his eye line to see what he was looking at and realised it was your textbook, sitting perched on your old leather notebook. You flushed before reaching forward and snapping the book shut, your eyes locked before he walked away shaking his head.

The rest of the lesson passed and you were fidgety, knowing you would have to face him tomorrow in music. Then as you jotted down a few notes from your friend’s notebook, her pastel notes seemed so pretty as small animations danced on the page. It seemed you weren’t the only one who had been distracted.

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I heard this song when I woke up un-groggy for the first time after an abortion. It was the first time I heard it. And riding in the car beside my Mom, who had been pro-choice her entire life until the moment she was staring that decision right in the face, both of us were silent the entire song.

Through every lyric, it was as if Sara had written a eulogy of my life. Everything we had been through, everything I had suffered. Everything I had seen. Every time I had to grow up sooner than I should have. Everything I had to push to the back of my mind so I didn’t lose myself completely. Everything surfaced through these lyrics.

This will just be another comment lost among this thread. But if someone happens to read it - if someone who NEEDS to see this comment see’s it - know that things will always be better. TIME HEALS ALL. Even if it seems as though no one would care if you were gone. Even if it seems as though you have no purpose in this world. YOU MATTER.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you have made. It doesn’t matter how many times you have sworn to God “you’d change” if he just forgave you for this one mistake. Hell. Even if you don’t believe in God. If you don’t know what to believe, if you’re lost, if you don’t know what to do - just keep going. Keep doing. Keep moving in any direction that is away from the heartache and pain that keeps you tied down.

Let go of the past. Let go of the fear and hurt your heart endures on a daily basis. Just keep living. Keep going. Forgive. Never forget. Learn from your mistakes. Better yourself. Live for you.

Find your happiness. Love unconditionally. Live.

Marauders-era headcanons

- They actually went to Hogwarts in the late 80s/early 90s???? Sorry I’m not sorry for shitting on “canon”
- That means: Slip dresses, high waisted pants, oversized flannel, amazing hair, movies, good music, obsessing over the royal wedding (mostly Lily and Dorcas), MacGyver, The X Files…etc.
- Alice made the World’s Best chocolate chip cookies. They’re everybody’s favorite.
- Lily often braided Sirius’s hair. He usually left it in for the whole day. She taught him how to braid hers. James was a bit jealous, but thought it was charming.
- Frank Longbottom would write/paint on any surface a quote or lyric he felt that more people should know. No one ever removed his tags.
- Lily got everyone to sneak off and go see Jurassic Park when it premiered. It was a break from studying and also “Think of the DINOSAURS, Remus.”
- Mary has the most beautiful curls, the most beautiful singing voice, and the most beautiful brown skin. She’s enchanting, and sweet as honey.
- Remus came out to Lily during their sixth year, and she let him sleep on the window seat of her dorm for a week while he tried to sort himself out emotionally.
- James was the most physical person EVER. Constantly holding someone’s hand, or getting in their personal space, giving hugs when people needing them but didn’t ask for them, kissing foreheads, holding Sirius through his panic attacks and night terrors.
- Lily consumed any story she could. She read aloud in the common room the entire Chronicles of Narnia. Everyone loved it.
- Marlene and James grew up together, and though she had older brothers, she was always closer to James. Before Hogwarts, they snuck off on adventures, usually giving their parents heart attacks. They were a terrifying unstoppable duo on the Quidditch pitch.
- Regulus loved Sirius and Sirius loved Regulus. So much.
- Lily fell asleep in the common room half the nights.
- Dorcas was half-Chinese on her mother’s side. (FIGHT ME ON THIS, I DARE YOU)
- Dorcas was mostly an introvert, but loved the positive energy around the group​, so she was never uncomfortable.
- Sirius had the most infectious laugh.
- The girls loved Divination.
- Mary and Dorcas were usually the ones who snuck alcohol into group hangouts.
- One time someone made a slur about Marlene’s sexuality, James and Sirius opened a Boys-Only kissing booth the next day. The proceeds, (which was an impressive amount), went to starting an LGBT club. They met every Wednesday.
- Sirius and Marlene lost their virginities with each other in 5th year. Despite Marlene being gay, (and kinda knowing it at the time), they both still count each other as their “firsts.”
- Lily struggled with depression, before she was with James, Remus and Marlene were the ones who would hold her while she cried. When she would let it show, that is. She had a hard time being emotionally vulnerable.
- Frank and James loved any excuse for a party or game night. “It’s the Queen’s birthday! We need to celebrate!”
- Despite the group’s closeness, the only people who knew about Remus’s “furry little problem” were the other Marauders and Lily.
- Lily loved going on late-night walks. She would always find someone to drag along with her.
- The Potter’s didn’t ever have house elves, they had people who helped take care of the house and property and they paid them well for it. Their employees were basically family.
- Alice was a vegetarian.
- Through the years, despite every shitty thing that happened, on Regulus’s birthday, Sirius made sure his brother got to have spaghetti for dinner. It was their favorite, and they both always managed to get sauce in their hair.
- Dorcas was the last person on Earth you wanted to piss off. If she was mad at you, you had no one to blame but yourself.
- Frank and Alice being “childhood sweethearts.” Alice was referred to as “Alice Longbottom” years before they married.
- James not being Lily’s first, but being the first and only man she ever had.
- Marlene was an extremely spirited girl, and thought that Dorcas was the loveliest person anyone could meet. They were adorable and complete opposites.
- Lily got Sirius his motorbike.
- The Potter’s always threw an “End of Summer” extravaganza that lasted an entire weekend. Everyone was invited, everyone came.
- Lily, Sirius, and James all identify as queer.
- Remus has been dubbed 100% “Siriussexual”
- Alice and Frank identify as heterosexual.
- Dorcas and Marlene are both lesbians, Dorcas being a “lipstick lesbian” and Marlene being “soft butch.”
- Mary is asexual, but thought that Remus was the most handsome out of all the guys.
- Marlene and Lily worked at a salon in Hogsmeade during their sixth and seventh years. Lily, because she wanted to be financially independent. Marlene, because she liked to socialize; she also liked to change her hairstyle every few months.
- Remus’s favorite flavor of ice cream is actually strawberry, despite popular belief. He thinks it tastes like summertime, his favorite time of year.
- Sirius and Lily drinking together was the most dangerous mix. They wreaked so much havoc, and loved to obscenely dance together.
- Frank has never once been beaten at Wizard’s chess.
- Remus and Frank both played the piano incredibly well. They’d often play duets.
- James occasionally spoke Tagalog. He was proud of his father’s heritage. He also taught the other Marauders some particularly crude phrases.
- Lily first told James that she loved him in Tagalog.
- Did I mention how often the went out dancing and to karaoke bars?
- Remus and Sirius both figuring that Lily was pregnant with Harry before she did, because they could smell the difference.
- They ALL took Muggle Studies. It was so important. Dorcas, Remus, and Lily were always correcting the professor.
- James and Sirius being each other’s first (guy) kiss.
- Everyone was heartbroken when Remus decided to cut his hair between 3-4 year, because they all loved his cherub-like waves and curls. There was a petition for him to grow it back. Sirius Black started this petition because he didn’t know the meaning of the word subtle.
- Alice and James were everyone’s confidants.
- Lily was SUPER (geddit?) into comic books and the super hero universe. She got everyone somewhat interested, and one Halloween they all dressed up as their favorite characters. She was obviously Lois Lane, Sirius decided to be Catwoman. She thought James looked like an even handsomer Clark Kent though she’d never admit it
- Birthdays were always a big deal.
- During holidays, they all got together as often as they could to watch movies projected onto a bedsheet.
- James and Sirius may have been the most mischievous, but that’s only because Lily, Remus, and Frank never got caught.
- It’s embarrassing how often they played Truth or Dare, as well as sardines.
- Lily didn’t know that James was the stag for the longest time. They often went on walks around the grounds together, and she’d talk about things that she never opened up to anyone else about. James never let on. She didn’t discover that it was him until after a particularly bad full moon and a near-fatal accident that it had been James she’d been divulging her most private thoughts to. Lily had been falling for him before, but this is what completely sealed the deal for her.
- Despite his mother’s objections, Frank and Alice didn’t get married until after Neville was born.
- People who you do not want to cross before their morning coffee/tea if you know what’s good for you: Mary, Lily, Remus, Marlene.
- Though they all drove each other mad sometimes, they all loved each other and fought for each other’s happiness.

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I agree, I don't see how that line is shading management at all? 1D is their band.

yeah i’m like……????? maybe that is the INTENTION of it, but how do we know that? do we only think that because we want it to be true? because all he’s actually saying is that he was in the band, and now he’s free, and i can almost guarantee that random people listening to it will think he’s saying “oh, thank god i’m free from that fucking band now” because that’s….what it sounds like.

idk, once again, i’ll wait for the full song, but it’s so frustrating that fans have to read so much into lyrics to explain away shitty meanings when we really shouldn’t have to do that and when nobody else is going to do that. other people are listening to it on the surface, and on the surface, those lyrics don’t sound like he’s shading management….it sounds like he’s shading the band.


She has love.


On this day in music history: April 14, 1986 - “Digging Your Scene” by The Blow Monkeys is released in the US (UK release date is in February 1986). Written by Dr. Robert (aka Bruce Robert Howard), it is the US debut release and biggest hit for the British pop band led by lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dr. Robert. Originally formed in 1981, The Blow Monkeys original sound draws from a variety musical genres including new wave, glam rock, jazz and punk rock. The band are signed by RCA Records and release their debut album “Limping For A Generation” in 1984. Only a minor success in their home country, they record their second album with producer Peter Wilson (The Jam, The Style Council) in 1985. While writing material for their next album, Dr. Robert discovers that a close friend of his from the London club scene is dying of AIDS (“I just got your message, baby. So sad to see you fade away.”) . Though seemingly ambiguous on the surface, the lyrics of “Digging Your Scene” deal with the prejudice and negative attitudes of people (especially in the media) standing in judgment (“it’ll get you in the end, it’s God’s revenge”) toward those suffering from the disease. With the hysteria surrounding the AIDS crisis reaching a fever pitch, it is one of the first pop songs to deal with the topic, and show support for the gay community and their culture (“Tell me why, is that I’m digging your scene”). Released in the UK first in February of 1986, “Digging Your Scene” becomes the bands biggest hit to date, peaking at #12 on the UK singles chart. Issued in the US two and a half months later, the jazzy pop single becomes a solid hit on American radio, peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 on August 2, 1986. In spite of that success, “Scene” is the only US chart entry for the band, though they remain visible with their cover of the Lesley Gore classic “You Don’t Own Me” recorded for the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack in 1987.

Youtuber!Yoongi's Proposal

So someone asked if I would be making this into a series and since I actually really wanted to, I’m using that as a request bc I’m so ready for this youtuber au is so aesthetic and I love fluff so combing those two together is just 10/10 so without further ado, here is our sweet lil marshmallow, half of the Daegu line, Min Suga aka Yoongi aka can we talk about his gray hair bc I feel like he pulls it off so well this kid is honestly half chameleon he’s had so many different hair colors from red to blonde to black to green to pink and he looks amazing with all of them this isn’t fair at all what the hell bighit I didn’t sign up for this I signed up for this cute orange haired boy (tae) and then just got attacked with other shit like um okay then

  • For the original youtuber!yoongi post, click here, for an alternate version of Yoongi proposing, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original youtuber post, Yoongi has a music channel
  • He does everything from album reviews to covers to his own originals
  • Okay but highkey head canon he has a few videos teaching people how to play the piano bc my love
  • I love the piano I love Min Yoongi I love his hands why would I not want all three in one video um fucking subscribing to that shit
  • Like can you just imagine his lazy raspy voice explaining which key is which how to tell them apart how to play all while his hands are the only thing on camera  
  • 10/10 top quality sign me the actual fuck up
  • But lowkey do you pay attention to the voice the hands or the actual instructions bc I have no idea what I would do
  • So Yoongi isn’t very personal on his youtube
  • But he’s also really really personal in his songs
  • Like his songs describe all of the feelings he wouldn’t admit to people he’s close to offline let alone online
  • His viewers like that about him though
  • Of course they would love to know the genius behind songs like Let Me Know but they also kinda like that he’s a bit of a mystery
  • They know basic facts about bc he’s done literally one singular Q&A in his multiple years on youtube
  • They know his age, where he’s from, his cat’s name simple things
  • They don’t know every detail about him but it honestly just makes them want to come back over and over again 
  • It’s like solving a puzzle, you can’t just get up when you’ve started connecting pieces together you just can’t you gotta keep going
  • He’s v v private with his relationship though
  • All they know is your name, a brief summary of your personality and what you look like
  • They don’t know the story of how you met, how old you are, how long you’ve been together
  • They’re constantly asking him to do another Q&A but this time include you bc they wanna see more of you
  • You’ve inspired so so many of his songs and they just wanna know why they want to know the stories behind the lyrics
  • Little do they know he has a plan
  • He writes you a song but it’s a very special song
  • Although, to most people who listen to it, it’ll just be a cute lil slow song dedicated to someone who is obviously very loved
  • But underneath the surface, the lyrics are just littered with references to you and your relationship
  • “All of the rooftop dates at 3 in the morning”
  • Yoongi often writes on the rooftop of your apartment building and it’s kinda his lil getaway
  • He brings you up there sometimes bc you’re his biggest muse and it always turns into romantic lil dates that make you feel like it’s only you two despite seeing the streets of Daegu lit up
  • “The little café that sits on the corner marks our start”
  • Your very first date was to a lil café that’s not too far from his apartment (which you later moved into)
  • He could write song after song based off of that night tbh bc it’s one of his favorites with you
  • It was the night that started it all and it’s v v important to him
  • “Things aren’t always perfect but you stay anyways”
  • There have been nights where you two argue and he’s written many songs based off of them
  • But at the end of the day, he’s never spent a night without you in his arms bc you both always end up working things out since the arguments are normally just stress induced
  • When you listen to it you can pinpoint all of the memories he was mentioning
  • The long drives down to Busan to be able to visit friends and stroll on the beach
  • The passionate karaoke sessions that leave all of your neighbors glaring at you the next day
  • All of the promises you two have made that you fully intend to keep
  • You kinda tear up a bit bc he’s never written anything that’s so outright directed to you and it means a lot bc it’s basically him saying all of the good times outweigh the few bad times and that he’s willing to do it for the rest of his life
  • That night, he proposes
  • He doesn’t do it on camera though bc like I said his relationship isn’t really something he wants on the internet
  • It’s really sweet and it’s personal and v v catered to you bc he would want it to be all for you
  • He only intends to propose once in his lifetime so he wants to make sure it’s something meaningful to the both of you
  • The ring definitely fits your personality but it also fits his like you can easily tell he picked this out himself and that it wasn’t just handed to him when he asked for an engagement ring
  • Lowkey though, he’s nervous as fuck
  • Like Min Yoongi is all chill right not today he isn’t
  • His palms are sweating so he has to keep rubbing them on his jeans and his foot keeps tapping the floor while he tries to think of what he wants to say
  • His fingers would be playing with the box, with the ring, with his hair basically anything they could
  • He wouldn’t sleep the night before bc he was just too !!!!
  • When he does propose, he’s laughing but tearing up but is also trying to be serious
  • He wants everything to go smoothly but his voice cracks mid-sentence bc tears and he just has to laugh bc he rarely cries
  • You’re laughing but also lowkey crying and it’s all v v personal and touching and endearing as fuck
  • No it isn’t huge and grand no there aren’t fireworks spelling your name out but it’s perfect
  • It’s just Yoongi and you with only the stars to watch you two
  • He doesn’t really mention it to the viewers but a few weeks later, he puts up another Q&A
  • You make a brief appearance since so many people requested it
  • One of the questions is “when will you guys get married??”
  • You both just smile at each other and you move your hair out of your face purely to show the ring to the camera
  • “This fall actually”