zimiskoalas  asked:

How can I personalize my character's faces/bodies and stuff without getting away from my own style? You're really good at it, and all of my characters look the same (except Newt Scamander)

First think what exactly makes your style. These are mostly:
medium you use
traditional or digital brushes, what brushes?
it doesn’t really matter if you do lineart or not, it’s the way your hand works, and the more you draw the more fluent and really yours the lines become; it’s this repetitiveness of the movement
colours and their application
colour palettes, the way you apply them to a surface
characteristic elements that don’t change
e.g. the shape of the eyes might differ but you add an ellement that stands out every time, let’s say… thick eyelashes

In my opinion, lines are the most important because as far as all the other things can be imitated by anyone (you can have access to the same brushes, use the same colour palettes, add the same characteristic elements as some other artist,) lines are the most difficult to emulate.

Also, I don’t think my style is that special and distinctive. I just use the same brushes all the time, my colouring process is pretty much the same for each piece. And drawing rosy cheeks is my habit lol. Tbh, I don’t really have a style. And even more tbh, I don’t care about it anymore. There was a time I wanted to find a style but now the improvement is what matters the most to me. I draw to make my hand feel confident and that’s it.

Stop focusing on your style so much, draw and have a good time doing it, draw different faces and body types without thinking that it might not look like drawn by you. It all will be yours as soon as your hand feels free and not restricted to the same few shapes. Try to repeat the process rather than shapes.

This is actually super canon but I feel like so many people don’t know it or over-look it for his surface characteristics? Tsukishima Kei is not an unaffected, cold person. He is actually so affected that he’s scared. He’s seen what happens when people care so much and get let down. That terrifies him. So, he distances himself. He hides behind his calculation and reason. That’s why he’s so impressed when Yamaguchi, his timid best friend who’s never really reached for anything, confronts him and calls him out.

Even more, though, than having himself disappointed, I think he’s even more scared of letting other people down. Akiteru mainly. That’s why he didn’t want him coming to the Shiratorizawa game. That’s more headcanon territory though.

Basically, Tsukki is a music-obsessed, dino-loving, scared to death baby who doesn’t want to let anyone down and it needs to be remembered!