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I can’t see very well.
—  Ravenclaw, forgetting to wear their glasses, and flying through a rainstorm.
Improper Evangelizing

Long context: In a 5e game, we’re being pursued on a carriage by a group of Fell bats in the middle of an undead siege on the city. The party has whittled it down to the last bat.

Our Paladin is the son of Bahamut, and must spread his religion to prove his worth to his father. To do this, a book has been created, and our Paladin wears a robe that will magically conjure one of the books every time he reaches into it and says the phrase, “Have I got a book for you!”

DM: The last Bat is still pursuing you. [Paladin], you’re up.

Paladin: Well, I don’t want to hold action again since my breath weapon is out. I’m going to try to evangelize the bat to my religion!

DM: It doesn’t understand common.

Paladin: Shit. Well, I guess I can throw a book at it.

*A moment of stunned silence as we all take in what he just suggested*

DM: (attempting to suppress his giggling) Okay. Roll a strength improvised weapon throw.

Paladin: I got… a 21 total.

DM: (giggling maniacally) That hits! Roll damage.

Paladin: 11.

DM: (trying not to laugh hysterically) You hear the voice of your father in your head, whispering “Use the book…”

Paladin: (dramatically) I reach into my robes, and shout the phrase “Have I got a book for you!”, and on ‘you’, I frisbee the book as hard as I can!

DM: The book has a beautiful curve to it, arcing gracefully through the rain, water cascading from its’ spinning surface. You watch as it moves and intercepts the bat, perfectly hitting it in the face, crushing its’ skull and killing it instantly.

Party: *bursts out into hysterical laughter*

Fighter: (me, imitating the DM’s Bahamut voice) [Paladin], you idiot! That’s not how you evangelize!

Paladin: (laughing and fighting back tears) I just wanted you to be proud of me!

Needless to say, our Paladin used his book to successfully convert many that night.

His || Jungkook || 0.6

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Watch a massive cold spot grow and travel across the sun’s surface

  • From Earth, the sun looks small and calm. Up close, it’s anything but.
  • Fortunately, NASA has an excellent view of the sun’s surface through its Solar Dynamics Observatory, equipped with three different devices for measuring the sun’s activity.
  • Between July 5 and July 11, that orbiter caught incredible footage of a fast-growing tangle of magnetic fields on the sun’s surface. Read/Watch more (7/13/17)

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I just read everything in your gods and monsters series and wow I am in awe. I am absolutely blown away by your writing it's beautiful the Icarus one had me staring at a wall for ten minutes afterwards absorbing what I'd just read. anywhoozle, I love everything you've written and not to rush or pressure you or anything but I was wondering if perhaps we could get more of the greek mythology stories?

a continuation of this

Caeneus has only ever had two loves in his life.

First is the sea. He’s loved her his whole life, heard her siren song from the time he had long curly hair and still tolerated being put in dresses and called a girl. He loves the sea like his parents go to temple, in an unmovable and inexplicable way that he no longer questions.

Second is Poseidon. Foolish, but so achingly kind. He’s a man who professes his wish to master the sea without ever really understanding it, and Caeneus smiles and kisses the stress lines from his brow but does not worry.

The sea has never loved him back, and it never will. She is power and coldness and loss, and her beauty is in her tragedy. Poseidon is warmth and thoughtfulness and strong hands on his hips. He is nothing like the sea, and he will never rule it.

Caeneus knows this, and he’s relieved by it. Poseidon loves him back. Poseidon is not the sea.

Then he wakes up to his lover’s lips on his neck, cold enough that flinches away from the sensation, and for a terrifying moment he doesn’t recognize the person touching him as the man he loves.

“I can do it now,” he whispers, and cool fingers splay against his waist, “I can make you the man you want to be.”

Caeneus wants the body that men usually have, wants people to stop looking at him and seeing a woman. But if Poseidon had asked, he would have told him – Caeneus would choose his lover over a new body, would rather live as he does now than have Poseidon harm himself for his benefit.

But he did not ask, so Caeneus closes his eyes and accepts the gift his lover is so eager to give him.


Amphitrite has never had a heart before.

She was the sea, and what she desired, she took. Men, women – she wanted, and she had, and then she moved on.

But the heart in her chest is softer, warmer. It turns her pearl hued skin pink and makes her swim to the surface to watch the sun set, makes something like empathy stir inside her when before all she had was selfishness.

The heart in her chest is in love, and she thought it was something she could control, something she could stop. It’s not. It will be one day, when she masters this heart in her chest, but not yet. She spends hours following Caeneus as he sails her seas, guides fish into his net and feels her borrowed heart beat that much faster whenever he pears into the ocean and she catches sigh of his gorgeous amber eyes.

So she says to Poseidon, “You spend too much time on the shore for a god of the sea.”

He glances at her, and his eyes are green just like hers, are cold and uncaring just like hers used to be. She wonders what her eyes look like now. “Caeneus is on the shore.”

“Bring him here if you’re so concerned with your mortal,” she says, focusing on weaving shells into her hair and giving the impression that she couldn’t care less what he does with his mortal plaything. “The palace is big enough.”

He stops and turns to her, eyebrow raised. “You do not mind me bringing him here?”

“Do with your mortal as you wish,” she repeats, and stamps down on the trembling joy in her chest, “It’s no concern of mine.”


Caeneus doesn’t know how to love a god of the sea. He knew how to love Poseidon – take him onto the water to watch the sunrise, feed him warm, sweet drinks, and let him curl around him at night and listen to his stories of his siblings, of impossible gods who do impossible things.

But now he sits in a palace under water, with his own room and the freedom to see the other side of the ocean he loves so dearly. There are no sunsets here, no cocoa to barter for, and Poseidon doesn’t tell him stories any more.

Poseidon still loves him. He kisses him and holds his hips when they sleep together and keeps him by his side while he crosses the sea and gains more and more control over this domain that he now commands. Poseidon still loves him, he tells himself when he itches to return to the surface and the home Poseidon build for him, and the life he built for himself.

He didn’t want to be a consort of the king of sea. He just wanted to be Caeneus, a man who loved a man and was loved in return, a man who loved the sea even though it would never love him back.

The sea will never love him back. He’s known that since he was a child, so the real question is – how much of the Poseidon he knew is left, and how much of him the depths of the ocean?


There’s a hurricane that requires her husband’s attention, and even he is not so foolish as to bring his lover to a place as dangerous as that. Which means it’s the perfect time for her to run into him in the interior gardens, as he stares up through the iridescent seaweed to the rays of sunlight that just manage to penetrate the water. “Do you miss it?” she asks him, and he startles, swinging around to face her and stumbling away.

“My lady!” he says, and falls to his knees before her, bowing his head. It’s what she expects of all mortals, but not from him, never from him. The heart in her chest loves him, and if it’s not her heart, well – the rest of her doesn’t know the difference. “A thousand apologies.”

“You are welcome here,” she says, and smiles. She’s never smiled quite like this before, she’s never felt quite like this before, fond and fluttery and so painfully eager that it would be embarrassing if she ever dared articulate it. It’s a wonder Poseidon managed to get anything done at all if this is what he had in his chest.

He looks up, hesitant, and she holds out her hand. He takes it, and she pulls him to his feet, pulls him closer until they’re nearly touching and he’s forced to look up into her eyes or be stuck staring at her chin. He’s warmer than her, she can feel the heat pouring off him in waves, and she wants him to hold her in his arms so she can languish against him like she would a sun-warmed rock.

Before she had a heart, she took who and what she wanted, when she wanted it.

Now she has a heart, and she takes his hands in both of hers and says, “Would you like to visit the surface? I can take you, and bring you back before my husband returns.”

He’s hesitant because he’s afraid of her. Caeneus will never love her, because although she holds the heart he loves she is not the person the heart belongs to. Not that he knows any of that, not that anyone will ever know the details of her and Poseidon’s arrangement. But she doesn’t want Caeneus to be afraid of her. She wants him to smile at her like she is a sunrise. “Yes, please,” he decides on finally.

She stands and watches as he walks through his home, as he touches the hearth and looks longingly at the bed, as he stands in the small cottage that he clearly prefers over her palace, over all the riches and adoration that comes with being consort to the sea.

Caeneus is a simple man, whose heart loves with a simple love.

He is a man whose heart loves someone who now has no heart, and Amphitrite can’t bring herself to tell him. She’s the one who took it away, and she won’t give it back.

She likes having a heart, and one day she will need to return it, but not now, not yet, not for a long time.


Caeneus lies besides Poseidon, curled up so his head rests on the god’s outflung arm and he can watch his chest rise and fall as he sleeps. There are bruises on Caeneus’s hips and down his chest, bite marks on his shoulder and up his neck. It’s not the first time his lover has been rough with him, and he doesn’t mind, like that Poseidon doesn’t touch him like he’s afraid he’ll break, likes that whenever he’s rough he’s careful enough with his strength not to ever cross the line from bruising to breaking.

It’s different than it used to be. It’s been different for a long time, ever since Poseidon somehow convinced the Lady to hand over her title as monarch, to share her power with him for no reason that Caeneus can see. It’s not love between them, because the sea does not love. But she got something out of it, something valuable enough to bargain away part of her power, and as soon as she did the man Caeneus loves ceased to exist.

He slides out of bed and angrily rubs at his eyes. He can’t do this anymore, can’t sleep and live with this man who has his lover’s face and memories and nothing else.

He knows this palace well, and everyone else knowns him too. The servants don’t question him, only offer shallow bows before hurrying on his way. He’s a fisherman who lives on the outskirts of society. He’s not any sort of person that people were meant to bow to. He stands in front of an ornate set of carved doors, the beautiful shimmering inside of a muscle shell of impossible size. Two guards stand at each door, but neither move to stop him as he pushes it open and slips inside.

“Lady?” he whispers. Large, bioluminescent carvings flare to life all across the room, bathing them in soft golden-green light. Amphitrite pulls herself out of bed, green hair loose around her and the rest of her on display, pale and flawless, as perfect an example of a beautiful woman as Caeneus has ever seen, and he averts his gaze. “Lady!”

“So modest,” she teases, and when he glances over she’s in a simple white robe and pulling her hair up behind her. She looks vulnerable like this, almost like his mother did when she would rouse him and his father from sleep in the darkness of early morning so they could catch the fish while they were still sleeping. “What’s going on Caeneus? I thought my husband had exclusive rights to your nights,” she winks, and he forces a smile.

He walks over to her, takes her hands in his because he knows she likes how warm he runs compared to her, and her smile slips off her face. “Please,” he whispers, “Poseidon is different than he once was, and I want to know why. Please.”


She shouldn’t tell him, but the heart in her chest loves him, and she loves him too, thinks she would even without Poseidon’s heart influencing her.

So she tells him, and when he starts crying she brushes away his tears and he doesn’t stop her. “He’ll never love you like he once did,” she tells him, “It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just can’t.”

“The sea doesn’t love you back,” he says, because he knows, because he’s a skilled sailor, because he’s one of the people who has worshipped her his whole life without ever expecting anything back, because that’s what an ocean gives back – nothing at all. “Can – can I give you my heart?”

She stares. “Excuse me?”

“Let me give you my heart,” he pleads, “so that I may hold Poseidon’s in my chest. You can have mine, I know I’m only a mortal–”

“You’re all mortal to me,” she says, because a hundred years, a thousand, ten thousand, what does it matter – she and Gaia were around long before gods and humans, and they’ll be around long after them. “If I give you Poseidon’s heart, you will become a god.”

He pales and flinches away from her. He’s not in this for power, this was never about power to him. It was always about love. “Lady, I’m not trying to – I don’t want that.”

“If you become a god,” she continues, because she loves him and that means she wants him to be happy, even at her own expense, “you will be alive when the time comes for me to reclaim my title of monarch. One day I will take back my heart from Poseidon, will reclaim the cold, black thing in his chest as my own, and when I do he will no longer be master of the sea. When I do, you can give him back his heart, and he will love you as he loved you before, as he will always love you.”

Caeneus has a hand over his chest and there’s so much hope shining in his eyes that it’s almost painful to look at. “Please, Lady. Please. I love him, let me carry his heart, let me have him back once you are done. I will wait.”

“It will be a long time,” she answers honestly, “Empires will rise and fall before I’m willing to give this up, before Poseidon will be willing to give up his power over the sea.”

“I will wait,” Caeneus repeats, “I love him. If you have my heart, maybe you will grow to love him too. If you have my heart, you will protect him, you will keep him safe.”

Amphitrite loves Caeneus, and Caeneus loves Poseidon, and Poseidon is incapable of loving anyone at all. “Very well,” she whispers, because a heart is a heart, and just like Poseidon she’s unable to deny Caeneus anything.

She breaks open her chest and takes out the warm, beating heart of Poseidon. She slits open Caeneus’s chest for him, and holds him upright while struggles to take out his heart and clumsily places in into her chest. She heals over instantly, and nestles Poseidon’s heart in Caeneus’s ribcage. He too heals over, and his eyes flash with power as the heart settles inside of him.

Caeneus becomes so much more than a mortal man in that moment.

This heart doesn’t feel too different, she still loves Caeneus because she’s capable of loving and he is worthy of it. “Go,” she says, “Say your goodbyes, and leave. If you stay, he’ll just continue hurting you, and in a few thousand years he’ll hate himself for it. Leave now, and spare both of you that pain.”

He leans forward and cups her face in his hands, kissing her on each cheek. “Thank you,” he breathes, and then he’s gone.


Caeneus can feel the power of a god flowing into him, but he doesn’t care about that, the only reason he’s glad he’s a god now is so he’ll live long enough to get Poseidon back, to get the Poseidon who loves him back.

He goes back to where Poseidon is sleeping, and takes a long, careful look. It will be a long time before he sees this man again. He kisses him on the lips, softly and carefully, the way Poseidon first kissed him when he thought he was sleeping.

Then he leaves, stepping outside the palace and using his newly gained powers to bring himself to the shore.


Poseidon is furious, bur Amphitrite won’t budge, says only that Caeneus left. He throws a temper, and half the palace is lost in the aftermath, but she does not care.

She doesn’t tell him that she no longer carries his heart. It doesn’t matter. Caeneus’s heart beats in her chest, and she sits on her throne amongst the rubble and does nothing more than sigh at the way he threatens to tear the world apart looking for his lover. It will pass. The depth and coldness of the sea is unable to sustain such fits of wild passion.

Years pass. Rumors reach them of a sea god, one who is known for rescuing sailors and fisherman from storms, one who they say used to be a mortal fisherman himself.

They call him Glaucus, and say that he swallowed a magical herb to become a god.

She smiles when she hears these rumors, and thankfully Poseidon has long given up trying to get her to explain herself. The rumors are only half right, but she likes hearing them none the less.

It comforts her to hear that Caeneus is well.

gods and monster series, part xiii

read more of the gods and monsters series here

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I see you reblogging crazy ex girlfriend all the time and it looks like a show I might like, can you tell me a little bit of what's it about? I trust your judgement cause you have A+ taste in shows (:

I appreciate how you said “reblogging all the time” and not “have utterly spammed my dash with this absurd-looking show, what the hell, Em?” and I thank you for the kindness. <33

The Netflix summary of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is “Still pining for Josh, the boy who dumped her ages ago, whip-smart lawyer Rebecca jettisons her New York life and moves to California to win him back.” Yeah, not exactly appealing. And also not really what the show is about. But I can forgive them, since it’s pretty hard to encapsulate what this show is in a brief sentence. Because yes, surface-level, it is a dark-ish comedy musical satire about a lawyer who quits her job literally just as she’s about to be made junior partner after a chance encounter with her ex and moves across the country to be with him and finally find true happiness, but it’s about so much more.

It’s about deconstructing tropes, particularly those found in romantic comedies, including, you guessed it, the “crazy ex-girlfriend,” and examining how said tropes normalize irrational, harmful behaviors and actions in the name of love, which, PS, is no guarantee of real happiness. Tropes and stereotypes get subverted and blown apart and shredded and it is fascinating because you never know quite what to expect. 

It’s about a woman who literally sees her life as a series of musical numbers, especially when her emotions are running high, which leads to pastiches of pretty much any musical genre you can think of. Boy bands? Done. Fred and Ginger? You got it. Big Broadway send ups? Yup! And no topic is off limits! In just two short seasons, we’ve covered the horrors women go through to get ready for a date, romanticized depictions of depression, celebrating being bisexual, falling for your sex buddy, intrusive thoughtsthat self-loathing feeling when you fuck EVERYTHING up, the truth about having big boobs, and the more joyful side of UTI’s. And that’s (literally) not even the half of it. 

It’s about people dealing with mental illness in a way that is brutally honest and sensitive but also funny at the same time. It makes the content approachable without diminishing the seriousness of the condition. (Speaking as someone who struggles with mental illness herself, I find these songs in particular to be both painfully accurate and remarkably reassuring.) And it’s about the long-term ramifications of growing up with emotionally abusive and neglectful parents. 

It’s about relationships of all kinds – romantic, familial, platonic. They’re complicated and messy at times, rewarding and emotionally fulfilling at others. And while yes, romance is a major plot point, we are constantly reminded that while yes, there’s romance and it’s a major plot point, the most important relationship in the show is between our lady protagonist and her female best friend. (Oh, but did I mention that the healthiest relationship on the show is between a bisexual man and a gay man? Because it is. And that there was a stretch of eps without a single straight white man? Because that happened.) 

It’s about an antiheroine who does objectively terrible things and who consistently makes awful life decisions, who’s impulsive and self-centered, but is still a good person just trying to find happiness, who is surrounded by similarly nuanced and beautifully flawed characters who are also at a crossroads in their lives and trying to figure out what steps they need to take to be happy. And while the situations they find themselves in may seem over the top, they’re also so relatable.

There’s a lot to unpack with this show. The content can be pretty heavy at times, and it can be painful to watch these people you come to love sabotage themselves and struggle so much with their dreams. But it’s also just such a smart comedy that thrives on taking risks, so trust me – you’ll be laughing nearly the entire time. And it’s so fantastical and absurdist at times (dream ghosts, anybody?) that it makes for great escapist TV and is literally the only reason I’m still alive and thriving post January 20, 2017.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is honestly like nothing else on TV, and you may be in a bit of shock when you first start watching. (Literally, my first time I swear I kept pinching myself and asking “is this an ACTUAL show I am watching right now what is happening HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!”) But trust me – there are so many reasons to watch this show and it took all my willpower to not just scream incoherently in this response for 10K+ words. So go on. Give it a shot. I bet before too long you’ll be falling in love and singing right along with the rest of ’em.

Don’t cut your hair

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.764

Warnings: funny fun and smutty smut ;)

One day, you saw Bucky standing in the kitchen as he made his breakfast. Well, you thought he would make his breakfast. Actually, he was standing in front of the metal fridge with the mirrored surface and you watched how Bucky stared at his reflection.

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grillby would be more of a dog person and he would’ve adopted a dog except when he first got to the surface he would see a human’s pet dog and ask to pet it (grillby would make a petting gesture since humans don’t understand him and they’d be like ”you’re fire but you’re wearing clothes so you probably won’t set my dog on fire.  ok”) and do that and then he’d try to give the dog his business card to let them know he’s just opened a bar on the surface and the human would be like “…do you mean to give that to me?” and he’d be a little embarrassed as he handed it over 

he’d probably adopt a dog and then set a place at the dinner table for them without thinking and then be like “oh, right.  they’re different than monster dogs”  

sans would come home like “there’s a guest or something?” and grillby would have to pretend he just counted wrong (there are three of us, grillbz.  go take a nap maybe)

either that or he would set a place for the dog at the dinner table every night and it would learn to eat there because papyrus and sans don’t care.  sans isn’t saying anything and papyrus thinks grillby is being very polite.  

Baby Bump (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! So I’ve gotten all of my requests done but I still have a few personal imagines I wanted to write so I have a few of those to write and then my requests will be open ✌🏻
Warnings: extreme fluff
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: where the reader is pregnant. She wakes him up in the night and he’s really worried but it’s just the baby’s first kicks and spence gets so excited and it’s really fluffy
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader bails Spencer out of prison…
You woke up to the familiar feeling of Spencer’s face in your neck and his arms around your body but you realized it was still dark outside.
You normally wouldn’t just wake… then you felt it.
You looked down at the large mound of a stomach you have and put your hand to it, feeling the kick again.
“Spencer! Spencer! Wake up!” You whisper-yelled.
“What what! Is someone here? Are you okay?!” He asked not even fully awake yet.
You brushed hair out of his eyes and sat in front of him.
“She kicked.” You said softly placing your hand to the bump again, feeling the slight push on your stomach.
Even in the dimmest light, you could see the bright smile of your husband.
You reached for his hand and gently placed it over your stomach, his large hand taking up about half of the surface area.
You watched as his eyes wandered as he waited for the little movement of your daughters foot.
Once you felt the little tap of her foot, you saw Spencer’s face light up and his mouth open widely in excitement.
“That’s so cool!” He whispered moving his other hand underneath your belly, holding the baby bump in his hands.
“She did it again!” He said moving his hands around gently.
“Can you feel that? She must me awake.” He said excitedly.
“Of course I can feel it. She’s inside of me.” You said giggling.
He held both sides of your face and kissed your forehead.
“Wow. Please feel free to wake me up whenever this happens.” He said laying back down.
You smiled to yourself and pulled him back close to you and resumed your sleeping position, but this time, his hand rested on your baby bump.
Whenever you felt her kick again, you could feel Spencer’s face contort into a smile.
You ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead
“I love you so much.” You whispered.
“I love you too.” He whispered back, snuggling into your neck, sending you back into a deep sleep.

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No but really this was great and I’d love to read more of it, I find the idea super interesting, like sirens are such a common and wellknown threat that lifeguards are hired specifically for their ability to resist them, super cool!

Sorry it took me a little while to respond to this, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to draw a lil smth for it

There was a time of the evening when it was easiest to strike. Sock had gotten it down to a science. When it got darker and cooler, the crowd on the beach thinned, and so too did the number of lifeguards. Three, two, and then just one, standing watch over the tourists still milling about on the sand and splashing around in the shallows. One life guard, however watchful, couldn’t keep track of everything at once, and there were blind spots to be exploited if you knew where they were.

Needless to say, Sock did.

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one in a million

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

Lucky or not, if I was destined to be with you, I won’t let rain or shine tear me a way from you.

pairing: yoongi x reader
words: 4.7k
genre: fluff, small touch of angst
summary: you think its fate that you end up stumbling into his life, even if they were in particularly unfavourable circumstances, but you would like to think that being under the umbrella on rainy days with your crush is a cliche way of falling in love
a/n: okay wot the flying fresh hell this is a month late scenario gift for my bubble tea babe, my partner in crime, my hoe from another home @yoongsigh​ SORRY BAE this is like my 323701737th draft and i hate it but NO WORRIES a jungkook one will be dedicated to you ;) btw patp pt.6 will be coming soon my loves

The first time you saw him was behind the thick veils of rain, an iridescent glow of ivory skin and mysterious coffee eyes underneath a curtain of blonde hair. The blurry rainy scene in front of you was now shifted to the stranger next to you, standing in all his glory with the shelter of a deep midnight blue umbrella hovering above both your heads. The sudden warmth that radiated from him startled you, as you stared at him, baffled and confused but relieved that you were finally not drenching in the heavy rain. A pregnant silent took residence between the two of you, accompanied by the drumming pitter pattering of rain against the umbrella and the distant cacophony of horns whizzing past by the both of you.

But the cold damp soles of your shoe and the chilling slap of wet clothes against your skin didn’t matter. Your gaze and mind was transfixed in front of this stranger. That is all.

It was as if time slowed down, the gloomy thoughts that clouded your mind dissipated and cold stone heart now melted under his piercing warm gaze. It could have been an eternity, it could have been goddamn eons or maybe you were just exaggerating but somehow, this stranger was able to take your breath away within a matter of seconds.

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Sorta “The Little Mermaid”... but it’s Trimberly
  • Trini is an 18 year old mermaid princess, unhappily living in the underwater kingdom of Angel Grove which is ruled by her mother Queen June
  • She dreams of what the world above her is like and collects sunken artifacts with her best friend Billy (an anxious but easily excitable little flounder fish)
  • She often visits the surface to see her other friend Zack (an “all knowing” seagull) and he tells her all kinds of stories about the human world
    • “I’m tellin’ ya crazy girl! I was this close to snaggin that Fittlefru for ya! Man, you’ve got to have one of those in your collection ‘cuz they’re super rare!”
    • (He’s talking about a bobby pin)
  • Her mother hates it when Trini visits the surface and will often assign the court advisor Jason (our little red crab and the voice of reason) to “babysit” her
  • One night, Trini, Billy, Zack, and a reluctant Jason visit the surface to watch a celebration for the birthday of Princess Kim aboard a ship
    • Trini is infatuated by Kim, much to Zack’s amusement and Jason’s distress
    • “She looks like all she eats is salads… but I bet ya could turn her into a good ol’ fish lover, eh crazy girl?”
    • Trini plucks a few of his feathers before Zack has time to fly off
  • The celebration is short lived when a storm hits and destroys the ship, sending Kim overboard after she saves her dog (Alpha Five)
  • Trini rescues her and brings her to shore, where she sings to Kim which seems to bring her back to consciousness, but Trini flees back into the ocean to avoid being discovered by Zordon, the royal adviser, who finds Kim on the beach
  • Kim’s parents, King Ted and Queen Maddy, are relieved to see there daughter safe and sound, but instantly grow worried when she starts talking about a mysterious girl with an amazing voice
    • “You don’t understand. It was like… the voice of an angel. Mom, Dad, she saved me. That woman saved me and I swear to you, I will do whatever it takes to find her again. And then, I’m going to marry her.”
  • Back in the ocean, Trini can’t stop thinking about Kim and actually finds a painting of Kim in a suit of armor still intact from the ship wreck and brings it back to put in her collection
    • Billy has to do quite a bit of poking and prodding but Trini eventually admits that she might be the tiniest bit in love with the human princess
  • Jason accidentally lets slip that Trini rescued a human to Queen June, and when June goes to confront Trini about it, Trini admits she’s in love with Kim and wants to go back to see her again
  • As punishment June destroys her entire collection of human artifacts with the Zeo Crystal (an oceanic crystal attached to the end of a golden staff)
  • After June leaves, Trini’s left to cry by herself until two eels named Goldar and Putty, convince Trini to visit Rita the sea witch
  • Rita makes a deal with Trini to turn her into a human for three days in exchange for her voice, which Rita puts in a green nautilus shell
    • Rita tells Trini that she needs to get “true love’s kiss” from Kim before the sun sets on the third day if she wishes to remain a human and be with Kim
    • If not, Trini will turn back into a mermaid and belong to Rita for all eternity
  • Trini’s tail turns into a pair of legs and shes quickly rushed to the surface by Billy and Jason where Zack helps construct some clothes for her out of an old sail and some rope
    • “Ya look great crazy girl. Ya look sensational.”
    • Jason: *facepalm*
  • Kim’s walking Alpha Five down on the beach when Alpha Five smells Trini and leads Kim to her
  • Thinking that this mysterious girl might be the same girl who rescued her and sang to her, Kims a little disappointed when Trini can’t speak
  • Kim takes Trini back to her castle to help her recuperate after which a hilarious dinner ensues
    • Maddy and Ted are quite confused by the mute woman their daughter found, sitting at their table and combing her hair with a fork
    • Kim finds it both amusing and absolutely adorable and nearly busts a gut when Trini blows all the tobacco out of Zordon’s pipe
  • Zordon suggests Kim show Trini around the kingdom, so the next day Kim shows Trini around the surrounding village, trailed by Zack, Jason, and Billy
  • Kim then takes Trini out on a little row boat in a secluded lagoon
    • Zack tries to “set the mood” with his terrible singing
    • Jason and Billy take over
    • Kim tries to guess Trini’s name (since Trini can’t tell her herself)
      • Jason: *whispering* “Trini. Her name is Trini!”
      • Kim: Trini?
      • Trini: *nods and smiles*
      • Kim: *smiling* “Well that’s kinda pretty… Trini.”
    • But just before they kiss, Goldar and Putty flip the boat and ruin the moment
  • Rita decides to disguise herself as a beautiful young woman named Tommie and hypnotizes Kim using Trini’s singing voice
    • Under Rita’s spell, Kim tells her parents that she wants to marry Tommie because she’s the girl that rescued her
    • Maddy, Ted, and Zordon try to get Kim to see reason but eventually concede and begin preparations to wed the duo at sunset
  • Trini is absolutely devastated when she sees Kim with Tommie and watches as the ship leaves from the dock just as the sun starts sinking in the sky
  • Zack is flying over the ship when he hears Tommie singing and discovers that Tommie is actually Rita the sea witch
  • He races back to tell Trini, Jason, and Billy that Kim is in danger and that Tommie is actually Rita in disguise
    • Jason: “Are you sure about this?”
    • Zack: “Have I ever been wrong? … I mean when it’s important!”
  • Trini jumps in the water and starts swimming with Billy towards the ship while Jason races to inform Queen June
  • Zack is tasked with recruiting and stalling the wedding
    • Two words: IT’S. MAYHEM.
  • Just as Trini climbs onto the ship, Zack destroys the green shell around Tommie’s neck which restores Trini’s voice and breaks the spell on Kim
  • Kim realizes that Trini was the one all along and races to her side, but just before they kiss the sun sets and Trini turns back into a mermaid
    • Tommie turns back into Rita and drags Trini overboard (and Kim jumps in after them), only to be confronted by Queen June and a loaded Zeo Crystal
    • Rita agrees to let Trini go if June hands over the Zeo Crystal and takes Trini’s place and June agrees because she loves her daughter too much to see her suffer under Rita’s wrath
  • Rita’s now the most powerful creature in the ocean and she threatens to kill Trini but Kim shows up and rescues her and they frantically swim to the surface while Rita grows to the size of a castle
  • Using the Zeo Crystal Rita creates a whirlpool that resurrects a few sunken ships, one of which Kim is able to board (it’s called MegaZord)
  • Trini falls into the whirlpool and dodges Rita’s blasts while Kim steers the MegaZord at Rita and stabs her with the ship
    • (A Rita Repulsa shish kabab)
    • Rita’s death reverses her magic, freeing all her prisoners and turning them back into merpeople, including Queen June who reclaims her crown and Zeo Crystal
  • Trini rescues Kim and drags her to shore once again, but leaves before Kim wakes up
    • She’s a mermaid and Kim’s a human, even if Kim wanted her theres no way it could ever work between them
    • So she sits in the water and watches from a distance as Zordon, Alpha Five, Ted and Maddy race to Kim
    • Kim frantically searches for Trini, calls out her name into the ocean, but Trini doesn’t appear
  • Queen June watches her distraught daughter and decides its time she let her make her own choices and turns Trini back into a human (with clothes this time)
  • Just as they’re leaving the beach, Alpha Five starts barking and when they turn around, Trini’s walking out of the surf and singing
  • Kim races to her, crashing through the waves before picking Trini up and spinning her around, both of them laughing and crying and happily in love
  • Kim pulls Trini close and finally kisses her
    • Zack, Billy, and Jason all watch a little teary eyed with June as the humans + Trini leave the beach and head back to the castle
    • Zack: “I-I’m not crying… there’s just sand in my eye you guys, it’s fine.”
  • Trini and Kim are married a month later, out on the water where her family, friends and her new human friends can all enjoy the ceremony
  • FIN

Wow. This turned out suuuuper long monster. Sorry! Feel free to add anything or fix any goofs I made. (Also may not be the only ‘…But it’s Trimberly’ in the works *cough cough*)

they warned u bout that ocean bro


RebelCaptain AU | The Little Mermaid

Cassian, a young merman dissatisfied with his life in the underwater kingdom of Yavin, yearns for more. Curious about the human world, he spends his days collecting human artifacts. Then one night, while on the ocean surface watching a birthday celebration aboard a ship, he spots Princess Jyn, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. 

Jyn, Princess of Lah’mu, a small coastal kingdom, spends her eighteenth birthday wishing she were anywhere else. The pressures of royal duty are getting in the way of her aspirations for her future. Rather than find a husband to appease the court, Jyn wants to sail the high seas, exploring new lands and hunting for treasures across the world.

When a violent storm disrupts the celebrations and tosses Jyn overboard, Cassian quickly swims to her rescue and pulls her ashore. He sings her a lullaby but leaves as she begins to regain consciousness, and Jyn is fascinated by the memory of his voice.

Both determined to see the other again, Jyn begins to scour the kingdom in hopes of finding her rescuer, while Cassian makes a dangerous deal with a sea warlock known as Krennic. In exchange for being turned into a human, Cassian gives up his voice, with the caveat of obtaining “true love’s kiss” in three days. 

Jyn finds Cassian on the beach, unaware of who he really is, but nonetheless brings him to the castle. As they spend time together, an attraction is evident. Cassian is hopeful that, even without his voice, she’ll recognize him. But then arrives Krennic in disguise as a suitor come to win her hand in marriage. 

Thanks to @operaticspacetrash for passing along the idea.


Authors note: just continuing the Greek mythology one shots

Summary: a young god on the scene cannot find a way to fit in. he should learn to just be himself.

Word count: 2800

Watching the other god’s converse and laugh together, Hansol felt further separated from them than ever. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, allowing his eyes to close out of boredom.

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Imagine Dark with faint scars all over his body, from the many times his shell cracks. The unbridled anger and power displays when it happens leave pale traces on his skin.

Imagine seeing his skin as his shell cracks. Seeing the lines spread across his skin, like broken porcelain, and it’s terrifying when his entire shell cracks, from top to toe, his face cracking like a broken doll to reveal his true look underneath. There’s no blood, nothing to suggest these cracks on his skin are anything but on the surface, but watching someone literally breaking apart because they can’t continuously keep up this façade of perfect control is pretty freaky.

When he rests, because even evil edgelords need sleep, the scars fade, ready to be replaced by new ones. His skin is never really free of them because his shell never stays perfectly still, it’s always shifting and cracking when things don’t quite go his way.

When Dark takes control of Mark, he leaves him with lines akin to stretch marks on his skin. They fade almost instantly when Dark has lost control, but Mark has spotted them before. It worries him that Dark’s skin literally splits when his true feelings try to come forth, but it doesn’t bother Dark anymore. The scars have just become part of his daily life, although they’re little reminders that so many things go so wrong.

The most scars he’s ever had on his skin was after the meeting for Markiplier TV, when he could barely control his rage at Wilford’s idea. The bubblegum idiot was apologetic, when he saw them.

As Dark gets stronger, grows in power and his skills of manipulation get better, he gets less scars. It’s easier to pretend, easier to control. And the less scars he carries, the scarier he becomes. The scars were a sign he was coming apart, breaking at the seams and barely contained. As they fade and don’t come back, they point to a Dark with extreme control and power, a Dark that is not a force to be reckoned with.

tea time for anon. prompt: secrets

some of the deepest secrets are the ones that are out in the open. 

some scouts have booze, others stray cats, many have special spaces in the training woods with their names carved out in the bark of tree trunks. levi has none of these. there’s no diary under his mattress, or lacy underwear deep within his dresser drawers. he has no hidden space to hide contraband, or a mistresses out in the capital. levi is as closed a book as he is open. he hides nothing about his interests or his intentions. in his stoicism is the truth, and everybody seems to have him figured out.

it’s no secret that erwin and levi are close. there’s rumors about them, but even if they are true, they don’t effect morale. mortality rate is too high to care about sexuality, about relationships, about anything much else but oneself. erwin is a capable and ruthlessly intelligent leader. levi is the strongest and most compassionate of them all. their secret is public, but it just somehow makes them stronger. a bond worth fighting for, even from on the outside, even from their men and women that have taken the wings. because together they fight for humanity; together they are humanity’s greatest hope.

erwin has levi mapped out. he has a routine, sticks to it so strictly that if it strays he becomes a compressed bottle of rage. erwin is included in on this routine–from sunrise to dusk, he’s cared for in little ways. shined boots, oiled leather straps, groomed horse, restocked blades. erwin has stopped fighting him on these things, appreciates being thought of because sometimes he forgets to think of himself. when on base, they’re almost always together. erwin knows levi; erwin knows everything about levi.

that is until his finger hooks into levi’s uniform pocket, his lips lingering on his captain’s. he leans back in his chair, digs his finger deeper down into the pocket as levi tries to move away. he succeeds, shoves erwin’s hand and steps aside from his desk.

“levi?” erwin says softly. he misses the heat on his skin, the smell of dark tea and honey on his breath. levi stands with his back to erwin, brings his hands up to his breast pocket and tucks the paper back in. “what is it?”


erwin wants to reach out to him, drag him back into his arms and feel the softness of his skin against his own. “all right.”

levi’s hand stays on top of his pocket before he finally takes the paper out. he holds it in his hands, folded and frayed around the edges, having been worn against denim for so long it has started to tear along the folds. his finger draws under the edge and he opens the paper as he turns to face erwin. he reads the words scrawled across the surface as erwin watches him intently, curiously. levi hands him the paper, his head down, as if he is a scolded child waiting to be reprimanded.

erwin takes it, eyebrow raised, and holds it carefully in front of the candlelight. the parchment is rough to the touch, and the pulp of the paper has rubbed away some of the ink of the words. it’s clearly levi’s handwriting, beautiful and careful with each loop of his cursive. it makes erwin’s heart seize–everything about this man is nothing short but awe-inspiring.

he reads it again. and a third time. there’s not much written on it, four words to be exact: he sees the sky.

erwin looks up, his eyebrows drawn close, and asks silently for an explanation. “i don’t know.” levi says quietly.

“a mantra?”

“i guess.” levi trails. there’s something he’s not saying, something he’s unable to say, but is trying to find the words. he sighs with frustration before settling on something. “i guess i forget sometimes.”

“forget what?”

“why i’m here.”

erwin places the paper down onto the desk. “to protect and free humanity, was it not?”

“yes.” levi says. “or it was.” levi turns his gaze up to the office windows behind erwin. he’s afraid he’s already said too much.

“how do you mean?”

“i should be looking at the sky too.”

erwin runs a hand along his cheek, his brow creasing with more thought, as if levi has presented him with an incredibly difficult riddle. “i am not sure i follow.”

“you’ve become my sky.”

erwin looks up from the paper, stares slack jawed at his captain who refuses to look back at him. there’s a sadness in levi’s eyes, something darker than usual. erwin has seen him deal with grief, has seen the minute differences of the creases of his skin as he works through each emotion. but this brought out lines along his eyes that made him look much older than his age, like the reveal had taken twenty years off of his life and cast it ugly across his features.

“i see…”

he sees now. this secret that is not a secret. this secret that levi wore in his pocket, a reminder to deny his feelings in the face of freedom. that outside of erwin’s office and bedroom, he has to play the role of weapon for humanity, to dedicate his heart to them instead of him. and even though they knew–their soldiers, hange, mike, nanaba… they never once felt the hesitation levi always had to fight against. the need and desire to protect one–to live and fight for erwin and erwin alone.

erwin folds the paper again, making sure to fold exactly as it had been so many times in the past and leaves it on the center of his desk. “it is difficult for me at times as well.” 

levi looks at him now, the whites of his eyes showing more. “how?”

“you are my soldier.” erwin closes his eyes and sighs softly out of his nose. “i fear the day i hesitate to put you into harm’s way.”

levi studies erwin, watches as erwin’s face falls into blankness fitting only for stone, and leans over to pick up the paper. he holds it over the candle flame, waits for it to catch before pulling it out and letting it burn between his fingers. they both watch, the flames licking and crawling up ladders of burning paper, until levi shakes his hand and lets the small nub of parchment fall to the desk and burn itself to ash.

“we can’t let anything get in the way.” levi says flatly.

erwin’s lips draw thin. he nods once, slowly, morosely. “understood.” but he doesn’t, and neither does levi. 

war knows no bounds–much like love. but they never, ever wanted to have to find it. never thought they could find it. never thought they were worthy of finding it. and now they wish it to be a thing that never had found its way to them. to not have it etched so deeply upon their hearts, burning under the shadows of white and blue wings and along fields of bloodied men. 

where the only futures that were open to them were ones that could hold no promises.