surface warfare officer

Sail the seas with ScriptSailor!

Hello everyone!  I was previously one of the Navy Mods (LT Robin4) over on @scriptsoldier, but we’ve decided to split out a ScriptSailor blog since we got so many Navy questions.

I am a 10+ year veteran of the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer.  The bulk of my knowledge is on surface ships, so I may reach out for help on non-surface questions (particularly for our aviation brethren - I can speak helo fairly well, but you fixed wing guys are a mystery to me!).  You can read all about me on my About Me page if you want more details.  

I’m also an amateur writer, currently working on two novels, including a Navy-based WWIII future novel that I hope to get published after I get off my butt and edit it.  I’m blunt and I’m outspoken, and I’ll try not to sound too much like the proverbial Sailor in my posts.

So, batteries release!  (Or, in normal speak, the ask box is open.)

Running one of the most advanced Navy Fleets in the world requires an Officer who has the extensive training to maintain and operate these ships, their crews and their internal systems.

Organization, leadership and decisiveness are the qualities we seek in our Surface Warfare Officers. Natural-born leaders, we are waiting for you here.