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Ocean Worlds Beyond Earth

We’re incredibly lucky to live on a planet drenched in water, nestled in a perfect distance from our sun and wrapped with magnetic fields keeping our atmosphere intact against harsh radiation and space weather.

We know from recent research that life can persist in the cruelest of environments here on Earth, which gives us hope to finding life thriving on other worlds. While we have yet to find life outside of Earth, we are optimistic about the possibilities, especially on other ocean worlds right here in our solar system.  

So…What’s the News?!

Two of our veteran missions are providing tantalizing new details about icy, ocean-bearing moons of Jupiter and Saturn, further enhancing the scientific interest of these and other “ocean worlds” in our solar system and beyond!

Cassini scientists announce that a form of energy for life appears to exist in Saturn’s moon Enceladus, and Hubble researchers report additional evidence of plumes erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa.

The Two Missions: Cassini and Hubble


Our Cassini spacecraft has found that hydrothermal vents in the ocean of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus are producing hydrogen gas, which could potentially provide a chemical energy source for life.

Cassini discovered that this little moon of Saturn was active in 2005. The discovery that Enceladus has jets of gas and icy particles coming out of its south polar region surprised the world. Later we determined that plumes of material are coming from a global ocean under the icy crust, through large cracks known as “tiger stripes.” 

We have more evidence now – this time sampled straight from the plume itself – of hydrothermal activity, and we now know the water is chemically interacting with the rock beneath the ocean and producing the kind of chemistry that could be used by microbes IF they happened to be there.

This is the culmination of 12 years of investigations by Cassini and a capstone finding for the mission. We now know Enceladus has nearly all the ingredients needed for life as we know it.

The Cassini spacecraft made its deepest dive through the plume on Oct. 28, 2015. From previous flybys, Cassini determined that nearly 98% of the gas in the plume is water and the rest is a mixture of other molecules, including carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia. 

Cassini’s other instruments provided evidence of hydrothermal activity in the ocean. What we really wanted to know was…Is there hydrogen being produced that microbes could use to make energy? And that’s exactly what we found!

To be clear…we haven’t discovered microbes at Enceladus, but vents of this type at Earth host these kinds of life. We’re cautiously excited at the prospect that there might be something like this at Enceladus too!


The Hubble Space Telescope has also been studying another ocean world in our solar system: Europa!

Europa is one of the four major moons of Jupiter, about the size of our own moon but very different in appearance. It’s a cold, icy world with a relatively smooth, bright surface crisscrossed with dark cracks and patches of reddish material.

What makes Europa interesting is that it’s believed to have a global ocean, underneath a thick crust of ice. In fact, it’s got about twice as much ocean as planet Earth!

In 2014, we detected evidence of intermittent water plumes on the surface of Europa, which is interesting because they may provide us with easier access to subsurface liquid water without having to drill through miles of ice.

And now, in 2016, we’ve found one particular plume candidate that appears to be at the same location that it was seen in 2014. 

This is exciting because if we can establish that a particular feature does repeat, then it is much more likely to be real and we can attempt to study and understand the processes that cause it to turn on or off. 

This plume also happens to coincide with an area where Europa is unusually warm as compared to the surrounding terrain. The plume candidates are about 30 to 60 miles (50 to 100 kilometers) in height and are well-positioned for observation, being in a relatively equatorial and well-determined location.

What Does All This Mean and What’s Next?

Hubble and Cassini are inherently different missions, but their complementary scientific discoveries, along with the synergy between our current and planned missions, will help us in finding out whether we are alone in the universe. 

Hubble will continue to observe Europa. If you’re wondering how we might be able to get more information on the Europa plume, the upcoming Europa Clipper mission will be carrying a suite of 9 instruments to investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions favorable for life. Europa Clipper is slated to launch in the 2020s.

This future mission will be able to study the surface of Europa in great detail and assess the habitability of this moon. Whether there’s life there or not is a question for this future mission to discover!

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Can you pls write one of the SMH doing fiber arts?

Why yes I can! Have some Frog bonding.

“I’m sure they’ll let me back into Annie’s by now,” Nursey insisted to Chowder as he knocked on Dex’s door. “The sign incident was ages ago.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure,” Chowder said vaguely, distracted as he was by a text from Cait.

“It’s open,” Dex called.

Nursey opened the door and stuck his head into Dex’s room. “Hey, bro, you wanna go with me and C to…” He trailed off as he actually registered what he was seeing. “What are you doing?”

Dex was seated cross-legged on his bed, some kind of cloth in one hand and a threaded needle in the other, an open box filled with a rainbow of other threads next to him. He looked down at his lap and then back at Nursey like he was a moron. “Cross-stitch? What does it look like?”

Nursey came the rest of the way into the room so he could get a better look. “I wouldn’t know, man, my sister did ballet and my mom doesn’t do crafty shit.”

Chowder looked up from his phone and followed Nursey in, bouncing over to Dex’s side cheerfully. “How cool! What is it?”

“Uh, a fractal.”

“You can make fractals out of thread?!”

Dex cracked a smile. “Yeah, sure.” He handed the fabric on the hoopy thing over to Chowder, who ran a finger over the surface as he studied it intently.

Nursey pulled out Dex’s desk chair and sat down on it backwards, resting his chin on his folded arms. “Why do you do it?”

Dex shot him a suspicious glance. “Because it’s soothing and methodical and more portable than Legos.”

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Two More Times the Gods Bothered Icarus at Work

The library doesn’t actually pay, per se, but if he volunteers a given number of hours, it does give him vouchers for select items purchased at the campus shops – class supplies, food and other sundries.  Icarus did the math and determined that the value of the vouchers was nearly as good as actual money, with the added benefit of the convenient location where he could stop by between classes easily and rack up hours for the week. 

And it’s fairly peaceful work.  Running the checkout desk; entering returned books into the computer; shelving books; light cleaning.  And Icarus is free to do some of his own homework as well, as long as he gets the list of tasks done, while still earning credit for being there.  Hard to complain about it.

He enjoys the tasks, and enjoys the hush of the narrow aisles, packed with books on either side, higher than his head.  They have a good section on aviation: old and new books; practical and philosophical; aeronautical and astronautical.  Icarus likes to sneak back to steal a few browse through them whenever he can.

Icarus is on his way back to the front counter with two books in hand, when he hears a yelp of surprise, two feet to his left, where there are a couple small steps leading up to the study carrels and tables. 

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HC where MC has the hiccups??? Thought it would be cute and fluffy thank you goodbye have a lovely day ❤

OH GOODNESS I am so sorry for how late this is. But hopefully it didn’t disappoint. ^^ I certainly aimed for cute and fluffy!

Requests are open.~


  • lbr he thinks everything you do is cute
  • so this includes when you have the hiccups
  • he hears your little hiccups and his first thought is “omg so cute!!”
  • your glare is what finally brings him to sympathy rather than amusement
    • “I’m sorry Princess…you’re just so cute!”
  • it doesn’t help that he also thinks it’s cute when you’re mad
  • even when it’s at him
  • afterward he tells you to hold your breath to try to help them go away
  • ends up holding his breath with you until they’re gone
  • and only teases you a little bit afterward


  • super attentive tbh
  • he absolutely hates getting hiccups so
  • he treats you like you’re really sick even though you tell him you’re fine
  • tries to bring you food to bed
  • he’s so sweet like it’s just the hiccups it’s okay bby
  • brings you water and rubs your back
  • he googles a list of hiccup cures and makes you do them one by one until something works
  • you give him a big kiss once they’re gone
  • he’s so precious with his medical studies really surfacing


  • she’s got at least five remedies on the tip of her tongue
  • you hiccup once and she’s listing them all
  • glass of water at the ready as she tells you ways to stop them
  • like this girl has you covered as always
  • you are amazed because she is prepared for like everything?
  • it is nearly impossible to catch her off guard
  • seriously you’ve never gotten rid of the hiccups so quickly in your life
  • when all is said and done she’s rubbing soothing circles on your back
    • “Are you feeling okay, MC? Some people have really painful hiccups.”
  • as if you had a chance for it to hurt, seriously they were gone so quickly


  • this overprotective boy starts to panic very easily over things like this whenever you’re involved
  • one cough from you and he’s calling his private doctor to come check you out
  • so when you get the hiccups he starts to worry, not helped by the fact that he doesn’t really know how to help you
    • “MC, shall I call a doctor?”
    • “Jumin, what? *hic* No…it’s just the *hic* hiccups!”
  • like it’s almost amusing and definitely endearing
  • he looks worried when you’re holding your breath trying to get rid of them surely that is not the safest remedy
  • like this poor boy is actually kind of worried help him
  • finally calms down when you get them to go away
  • he’s pampering you for a good several hours after that as if you’d recovered from some terminal illness rather than simply swallowing too much air


  • hiccups?
  • more like a license to scare with no consequences
  • he sets up all kinds of booby traps all over the house
  • he comes to you as you hiccup with an evil smirk
    • “Ready to kill those hiccups?”
    • uh oh
  • you know what’s coming but end up jumping at literally every trap anyway
  • and at the end you’re…still hiccupping
    • “Well…I heard tickling is another way to cure hiccups…”
  • commence tickling war
  • somewhere between squealing laughter and attempting to tickle him instead, they vanish
  • you don’t realize it until you two are tangled on the floor, exhausted and breathless from laughing
    • “Hey, I’m cured!”
    • “Did you have any doubts? Defender of Justice is always here to help!”
  • as if it wasn’t an excuse to goof off for hours

For lack of better content at the moment, I thought I’d share some of my environment speedpaints from the past week. I was recently given a very generous gift (Surface Pro 4), which I used to paint these.

Thank you to the amazing person who made drawing and painting that much better for me! And thank you all for looking. ;u;

I plan on getting back to business soon with regular updates. Stay tuned!

- - - - -
I’m the original creator of these paintings. I’m so happy if you like them, but please don’t repost them. Reblog this post instead, thanks!

Drabble Inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson.

Deep in the seas of a planet with forest and ocean lived a mermaid prince. He had the largest, darkest tail of all, with ebony fins and scales that glistened crimson when exposed to light. His chest was adorned with pieces on his shoulders and wrists that only royalty could wear. Upon his mane sat a great crown.

In his hands, he was always holding a trident with red horns. This weapon was a gift made for him personally, and there were no others of it in the entire galaxy. This weapon could slice through rocks like a knife through paper. It was the perfect weapon to keep him in power and his enemies at bay,

His name was Kylo Ren.

Predators several times bigger than his black coral castle would swish out of his way when he came by. In his presence, the bravest man would tremble.

He had everything he could ever want, and he could do whatever he wanted.

Being the king, he was able to swim up to the surface to study the above world. The forests, buildings, and cliffs did not interest him in the least. If you asked him what the surface was like, he would tell you that you might as well stay in the water because the surface is bland.

Until he saw her.

She was always sitting by the shore at night, looking at the stars, daydreaming. 

He was never able to get close enough to her without the risk of being seen. Even with his blending skills, she would still hear him. 

Just from seeing her once, he believed she to be more beautiful and fascinating than anything in the deep. Whenever he had the chance, he would come up to the surface while she sat on the shore. She was always there at night, and sometimes, in afternoons.

Kylo Ren was a king, yet he couldn’t persuade himself to speak to her. What if he frightened her? He could have cared less if his species was exposed. He’d let the merfolk go extinct if it meant getting one close look at her. 

Living under the same waters but claiming different floors were the crolutes. Unlike merfolk, crolutes were able to walk among the surface, as they had legs. But they were dastardly and ugly. While they looked thin when wet, their bodies would inflate as they dried, making them look like walking blobs.

Unkar Plutt was their king, if anybody could call him that. In his society, money determined who was in power, and he was the richest of them all. He too always got what he wanted.

And he too had eyes for the girl, and since he saw her first, he believed she was his to claim. Unlike Kylo, he made himself known to her. She was repulsed and disgusted by him, turning him away each time with threats. One day, Unkar had enough.

It was a good thing Kylo was near the last time Unkar faced the girl. When he surfaced, Kylo didn’t see the girl in her usual spot, but he swore he could hear her. 

She was swearing and spitting and threatening whoever she was with. He heard her mention Unkar. The merman propelled himself to where her voice was louder.

Looking up, he saw she was on top a cliff, locked in Unkars grasp.

“I’m not asking you anymore!” Kylo heard him yell. “I’m tired of waiting for you to say yes on your own!”

Grasping her tightly, he backed away, then hurled himself forward to shove the girl off the cliff. Had she not been falling from a height so great, she’d still be cursing him.

Her body slammed into the water.

The sea king wasted no time, diving under the water and propelling towards her. As she sunk down, he realized she couldn’t swim. When he saw the blobfish jumping in after her, he flicked his tail faster.

No, he would not let him have her. The girl was too enchanting and astonishing to be taken by a nasty crolute.

As Unkar was about to grasp her, Kylo used his trident and fired at him. Since the weapon could easily cut through rocks, it had no trouble ripping through Unkar, splitting him in two.

By the time Kylo reached her, her eyes had closed. He enclosed her in his arms and jetted to the surface at light speed.

Once there, he looked down at her as he held her close. Her pulse still beat though her eyes remained closed. Sweeping her towards the shore, Kylo placed her gently over the sand.

This would probably be the closest he had ever gotten to her. After they parted, he would think of her every day, not even knowing her name.

His fingers gently brushed against her cheek and neck. She was even more beautiful up close. Why did she have to be human? Why was it, that the only time he ever showed interest in someone, they were of a different species?

Before saying goodbye, Kylo kissed the womans wet forehead, slicking back some hair strands that stuck to her face. Reaching for his tail, he picked off a scale to give to her. Maybe, if she had seen him for a moment, it would remind her of him.

Once he looked upon the girls face, her eyes opened. Kylo thought she would scream, but she was still. Probably still weak from before. But her eyes, oh, those eyes. He had never seen hazel until that moment.

“If only you were a mermaid,” he said. “I’d make you my queen and be your devoted servant. You would live in my grand palace with me and sit on my throne. You will have the most beautiful pearls and gems to wear and a tail like no other, so the other mermaids may envy you. I would place a crown of gold upon your hair and let the entire ocean know that you’re mine.”

She looked at him as if nobody ever spoke to her that way before, like she wasn’t used to being charmed. Then he realized right there that no one ever had. The girl was confused, as if she didn’t know how to respond.

“What would I call you?” 


Kylo looked up as he heard a mans voice. No, two mens voices. 

Not wanting to be seen by human men, Kylo slithered back into the water and took off. 

So her name was Rey, like a drop of golden sun. He liked it.

Hiding behind a rock, he saw two men help her up. Before they were able to carry her off, Rey looked back at the water, as if she were looking for somebody. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this mess. <3


This is along a similar theme as I will Remember You, focussing on Jamie and Frank and their relationships with Bree. I really appreciate all the fantastic feed back you guys give and also, I have answered most of my prompts now so if anyone has any requests, I would be happy to write something for you whilst I continue to work on the next instalments of my larger AU’s. xx 

Jamie sat down on the steps of Lallybroch and bit into an apple. The juice ran down his chin but when he wiped it away his fingers were dry and his left hand, when he looked at it, was whole and unmarked by the years. He smiled slightly to himself.

*’Tis a dream then.*
He thought, stretching his legs out before him as he settled  to wait for Claire, she always came to him in dreams, just as she had in their years apart, and he doubted tonight would be any different. He looked around the yard at the group of hens pecking at seeds or grubs in the drizzling rain and wondered why it was so often raining in his dreams.

As he had got older he had become more aware of when he was dreaming, not so much in the nightmares of Wentworth or Culloden unfortunately, but Jamie supposed that was not to be helped.

A figure rounded the corner and stepped through the gate and Jamie saw that it was not Claire; it was a man wearing odd clothes and a wide brimmed hat that Jamie recognised but could not place.
As the stranger got closer, he looked up and intelligent, dark eyes locked with Jamie’s.  


Jamie sighed and stood up. He had seen the man in the background of a one of the square pictures Claire had brought him, which was why he had known the hat. What the Hell did the bastard want?
Jamie stepped off of the door step and as his boot touched the ground the dusty courtyard hardened into flagstones and they were no longer at Lallybroch but toe to toe in a church, the church Jamie and Claire had married in.

Frank looked up at Jamie, the tilt of his neck exaggerated to show his recognition of their difference in height, a small smile touching the corner of his mouth, his eyes wide and contemptuous.

“You were a big bugger, weren’t you?”

He held out his hand to shake but Jamie couldn’t bring himself to touch the man and recoiled.

“I look a lot like him don’t I? My ancestor I mean.”

Frank asked; his voice was softer and a little deeper than Jack’s.  Jamie had not heard it before but he felt certain that it was truly Frank Randall’s voice and the knowledge sent goose-bumps skittering across his skin. How was he dreaming of Frank’s voice?

“Aye, but ye dinna sound like him. I’ve seen a … photograph picture of ye, but I dinna ken how I know your voice.”

Jamie looked around for Claire but she wasn’t there. He felt unease prickle down his spine and shivered lightly.

“Ah. You’re afraid. Is this merely a dream or is it purgatory? Are we both waiting for the same woman?”

Frank’s smile widened and he stepped in close to Jamie once again.

“Don’t worry James, you’re not dead yet and in the morning you will wake up and no doubt fuck our wife.”

Jamie swung his fist but where Frank had been there was only air and the bastard was sat in the pew behind him.

“I agree; that was callous of me, oafish even, but really? A punch? You tried to punch a ghost? You really are all brawn and little brain.”

Frank was almost laughing at him and Jamie felt heat creep into his face.

“What do ye want?”
He asked, his teeth clenched and fists balled at his side

“I don’t want anything at all. You conjured me to you, or really I suppose it must have been Brianna…”

Frank’s face softened at the mention of Brianna’s name, the smile becoming tender and proud and Jamie released his fists. He crossed himself and murmured a brief Hail Mary before answering.

“Aye. Brianna was tellin’ Jem about ye. I heard her.”

“Yes. I suppose that must have been difficult for you. Claire spared me that at least. She never mentioned you to Brianna. Never spoke of you at all.”

Jamie felt the words slice into him but pushed the feeling away. Spirits were not known for being kind, and Randall had less reason than most to be kind to him, spirit or not.

“Aye, weel, ye’ve that then.”
Jamie said softly and looked away. He did not want to be here with Randall, he wanted Claire. He allowed his eyes to roam toward the altar, thinking of Claire as she had been their wedding day.

And then she was there before him. Wearing the dress that Ned had procured, her cheeks flushed with the drink but her eyes clear and locked unwaveringly with his own and he thought again how he had never seen anything so lovely, neither before nor since. He heard Frank sigh.

“She loved you even then. Not that she had admitted it to herself but … she did.”
Jamie startled and glanced down beside him at Frank stood at his shoulder looking in the same direction as Jamie and clearly seeing what he was seeing.

“Don’t look so shocked. Of course I can see her.”
His voice was tight with longing and Jamie sighed.

“What do ye want Frank?”
He asked again, though gently this time. The smaller man looked up at him, dislike plain across his features.

“I truly don’t want anything from you. What do you want from me? I didn’t choose to be here.”

Jamie thought for a moment, what did he want from the man? Across the course of his life Jamie had regarded Frank with jealousy for sharing Claire’s affections with him, pity for his loss of Claire when she chose Jamie and then hatred when he had been forced to send her back to him.

“I believe I wish to thank ye.”
The words passed his lips before he knew he was going to say them and surprised them both.
Frank had returned to looking wistfully at the image of Claire in her wedding gown but now the small smile returned and he cocked his head at Jamie.


“For … for keeping them safe. For loving Brianna and raising her in my stead… she … she adored ye. You were a good father. I wish to thank ye for it.”

“And as a husband?”

Jamie shrugged. He was dimly aware that the church had faded around them. They were surrounded by woodland and the trees rose above them blotting out most of the light but Jamie could sense it was Fraser’s Ridge all the same, the home he had built from scratch with Claire by his side.

“No. Ye were no’ a good husband. You were not cruel but Claire says ye laid wi’ other women…”

Frank laughed, a warm, rich sound that sent birds scattering from the trees; his head tipped back just the way Claire did. A habit he had picked up from her? Maybe she had learned it from him? Jamie felt jealousy stir in his gut and tried to force it away.

“I was raising a red-haired, blue-eyed child who was taller than me by the time she was fourteen! Do you really think Claire has cause to complain?”

Jamie smiled a little at the truth of that but shrugged.

“She didna complain, but fact is fact and ye asked me if I considered ye a good husband. I do not.”

“Fair enough. I suppose I couldn’t really hold a candle to you could I? The warrior!”

Frank’s voice dripped with sarcasm and he stretched his hands above his head and yawned.

“I never held it against Brianna though. That girl was … she was the sun and the moon to me. You took Claire from me … maybe that’s unfair… I should really say that Claire gave herself to you, but Brianna will always be mine. You know that. Come to think of it, perhaps I am here to thank you. After all, you gave me a child.”

Jamie felt pain like a grief swell in his chest but more muted than grief. It was like a stubbed toe when the initial hurt fades and is replaced with a pulsating ache that lingers for a while but is manageable.

“Maybe if she had not met Roger it would have been different, but you gave her away again almost as soon as you found her…”

Frank continued and Jamie’s palms begin to sweat.

“Brianna is my daughter…”

“By blood, of course. There is no denying it! Even if she was the image of Claire physically she has your temper, your theatrical nature and let’s not forget her stubbornness! The girl is undoubtedly your biological daughter. But that doesn’t change the fact that in her heart, I am her father. I could tell you so many little things about her that you will never know …”

“Enough. I will hear no more from ye on it. Ye have said your piece and I have said mine now leave.”

Jamie’s voice was tight and a sound like rushing water filled his ears.

“Is it me or is this just your mind filling you in on the things you already know?”

“I ken her better than ye think.”

“Maybe, but not as well as I do.”

Frank placed a hand on Jamie’s arm and it was disturbingly solid. Jamie tried to shake him off but he only gripped harder.

“What does she even call you? Da? Da?”

Jamie jerked upright and gulped for air as though he had been drowning. Bree knelt beside the bed, her hand still on his arm.

“Da, it’s alright. It was a dream, whatever it was, it was just a dream.”

Jamie ran a hand over his face to chase away the last gossamer threads of sleep tying him to the dream and focussed his eyes on his daughter. His chest was heaving and he had to stop himself seizing her in an embrace. Swinging his legs out of bed he pulled the blanked over his lap for modesty and braced his elbows on his knees.

“I’m sorry a leannan. Did I wake ye?”

“No I was up with Jemmy anyway.”

“Where’s your mother?”

“Still in the study, I think she dozed off but I didn’t like to wake her.”

Bree sat on the edge of the bed beside him and smiled at her father.

“Do you want to tell me about your dream?”

Jamie shook his head, sitting up straighter.
“No, I dinna need to trouble ye wi’ my foolishness.”

There was little trace of the initial awkwardness between them but his refusal seemed to bring the remnants of it to the surface. Bree studied her bare feet in the candlelight and whether it was the pained look on her face or the need to prove Frank wrong, Jamie cleared his throat and began to tell her.
“In truth, I was dreamin’ about your … Frank.”

Brianna whipped round to face him, eyes wide with shock. Her hand flew to her mouth and she reached out to Jamie, catching his hand in hers.

“I’m sorry … I didn’t mean … What happened in your dream?”

“Weel, he wanted to tell me how much he loved ye, and I think to make sure I was taking care of ye.”

“Oh Da…”
Brianna blushed

“Earlier, I heard ye tellin’ wee Jem about his other grandfather and I want ye to ken that I dinna mind.”

Brianna bit her lip
“I wanted to tell Jemmy because …”
She faltered and Jamie drew her close to him, resting his chin on her head.

“Ye dinna want him forgotten.”

Brianna relaxed into his arms and allowed her head to rest against his shoulder.

“There is no one else to remember him. I think it is how Mama felt about you, that feeling that someone should *know* you existed, know who you were.”

Her voice wavered, but held strong this time and Jamie could hear the core of defiance that ran through her words. She didn’t want to wound him, but she wouldn’t apologise either; she was so like Claire in that way and Jamie hoped Frank had known that too. Brianna was not all him.

“I ken that fine a leannan, ye dinna need to explain. He raised ye and loved ye in the unconditional way a father should – ye are right to honour his memory.”

Jamie spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully.

“I know he isn’t – wasn’t- my real father, but I did love him.”
She said quietly, stifling a yawn and Jamie nodded, shifting her so that his arms cradled her against him, the solid weight of her leaning against his chest a comfort to them both.

“Love isna dependent on blood.”

Jamie smiled as he rubbed small circles between her shoulder blades, and felt her head grow heavier on his shoulder.

“I love you Da. I really hope you know that.”
She whispered and Jamie kissed her head in response, too overcome to speak. As Brianna’s breathing grew heavier the candle flickered and danced despite the lack of draft in the room and Jamie hoped that Frank was satisfied for one night at least. Then again, if he had ever got the chance to see Claire and Brianna during all the years of separation, he would have done it. If he had to haunt every dream that Frank Randall ever had he would have done it.

Love demanded it.


A Continuation of the Echoes, Apparition, Phantom, and Manifest Stories. This story, if enjoyed, will be broken up into several parts that will lead to the epilogue end of Emilia and Bucky’s story.

You can find the previous stories here

Chapter one: Easter Eggs. 

It had been one month since he’d returned.

One whole month of trying to get to know each other again. Of trying to capture what four years apart had done to our once strong relationship. But it wasn’t easy. We were strangers now, strangers with good memories…

Good memories and a daughter.

She adored him of course, looked at him as if the sun rose and set with him, and loved him with every fiber of her being. She didn’t care that he’d not been around for the first four years of her life. She didn’t care that he’d been an assassin. She only cared that she had him now and valued every waking moment with him.

Even now as she sat on the couch with him her eyes never left his. Instead she looked at Bucky Barnes like he was the hero he deserved to be. The hero he’d wanted to be his whole life. It was a beautiful sight to behold a sight that made up for the awkwardness that still existed between he and I.

“You and Robo cop still not speaking?”

Tony Stark’s voice breaks me from my train of thought, my eyes moving from my daughter and her father. Instead I meet the concerned gaze of the man who’d taken care of me for the last four years. When he says this I feel the weight of the engagement ring Bucky had given me before everything. Before he’d gone into cryo freeze and left me alone for four years. A part of me had thought I was over it when he’d come home. When I thought I’d finally had my happy ending, but a part of me still felt the harsh sting of what it had felt like to lose him. What it had felt like to live life without him.


I whisper for just Tony to hear, my eyes moving from his to the ring that seemed to feel as if it was growing heavier by the moment.

“It’s hard to speak to someone you’re still getting to know.”

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More Hogwarts!AU Merthur Headcanon things

Arthur is muggle-born. When Morgana gets her Hogwarts letter, her father disowns her and she goes to live with her half-sister Morgause. When Arthur gets his Hogwarts letter, he’s so scared of showing his father that it takes Professor Gaius (the Potions Master) showing up at their mansion for him to admit that he has magic. His worst fears are realised when his father disowns him too. Leon’s parents (also muggles with a magical child) immediately decide to adopt him as a second son. It’s not like Arthur doesn’t spend nearly every day there during the summer anyway.

Merlin is very nearly a Hat-Stall. The Sorting Hat sits for ages debating whether to put him in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. It eventually settles on Slytherin and Merlin doesn’t know whether to be relieved or not. His father was magical but he died when Merlin was really young, so all he has to go on are his mother’s vague memories of things she and his father used to talk about and the stories from Uncle Gaius’ brief and infrequent visits. Unc– Professor Gaius smiles proudly at him as he jumps off the stool to join the Slytherin table though, so he decides it can’t be that bad.

Arthur quickly makes friends with his fellow Gryffindor dorm mates: Elyan, Lancelot, Gwaine, Percival and of course Leon. They’re his favourite part of Hogwarts. Well, them and flying. He doesn’t care much for the rest of his lessons, but always feels a little thrill of excitement when he realises that his next class is flying. Realising how important it is to him, Leon’s parents have already told him that they’ll look into getting him a broomstick for second year if he keeps his marks up in the rest of his classes.

Merlin is in the year below Arthur, but he’s so naturally gifted that he breezes through the first term of his first year, achieving full marks in everything except flying. Professor Gaius suggests to Professor McGonagall that after the Christmas holidays, he be bumped up to second year, providing Merlin with extra lessons to catch him up on anything he’d need catching up on. Merlin handles the transition with ease and begins winning academic awards left, right and centre.

Leon and Arthur get new brooms over the summer holidays and all the Gryffindor boys decide to try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Only Arthur and Lancelot make it onto the actual team (as a Chaser and Keeper respectively) and Leon gets a spot as a reserve Beater. Arthur quickly finds that Quidditch is what he was born to do and with the strong side Gryffindor have that year, they manage to win the cup for the first time in five years. It’s the first time he’s felt truly happy since the day his father found out about his magic.

In fifth year, Merlin gets made a prefect. He’s nervous about it at first, given that he’s younger than the rest of the Slytherin fifth-years, but most of them seem to admire his tenacity and drive and don’t really question his authority too much. Night-patrol duties are a drain, but Merlin finds that when he’s assigned with Gwen, one of the Hufflepuff prefects, he doesn’t mind that much. When he’s assigned with Arthur, however, it seems to become twice as draining. Bizarrely though, after a while he finds himself looking forward to his duties with Arthur far more than his duties with Gwen. He tries to tell himself that it has nothing to do with how infuriatingly good-looking and annoyingly charming the prat is and fails miserably.

Arthur is surprised and confused when he discovers the Head Boy badge in his Hogwarts letter the summer between sixth and seventh year. He was so sure it would go to Merlin “I Got ‘Outstanding’ On All My O.W.L.s And Looked Completely Adorable While Doing It” Emrys. Muggle as they are, Mum and Dad (as Leon’s parents now insist he call them) are beyond proud. Leon can’t stop grinning and clapping him on the back every five minutes. He’s just so damn proud of his little brother. Arthur tries not to think about the fact that this might have been the one achievement in his school career that his father might have understood. Several attempts to contact him over the years have been enough to teach Arthur that Uther really doesn’t care about him or his achievements.

Merlin spends most of their final year with his nose buried in various library books, studying, only surfacing to eat, sleep and to try to work up the nerve to ask Arthur out like Gwen (now his best friend) keeps telling him to. When Merlin sees Arthur snogging Mithian outside The Three Broomsticks one Hogsmeade trip, he ignores the bitter disappointment that settles in the pit of his stomach and tries to convince himself that he would have been far too busy for any kind of real relationship anyway.

Gryffindor win the Quidditch Cup and Slytherin win the House Cup in what Arthur could only describe as a the most fitting end to his and Merlin’s school careers. Merlin has secured a pretty high-ranking job as a Ministry Unspeakable, and Arthur has been offered a position as a Chaser for the Tutshill Tornadoes. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if Gwen’s hint about Merlin’s feelings towards him turned out to be right. As there’s only one way to find out, he pulls Merlin aside just before he climbs into one of the Thestral-drawn carriages down to Hogsmeade Station. He decides to just go for it, pressing his lips to Merlin’s for the briefest moment before pulling back, smirking at the giddy smile on Merlin’s face. For the first and last time, they share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express, their fingers tangled and silly grins on their faces the whole way to London.

Arthur realises, for the first time in almost seven years, that he’s never needed Uther. He has everything he’s ever wanted and more.

Sex, Sweat and Liquor

A/N: This is a rather lengthy one, purely because I got so carried away with it!

Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader

Word Count: 3,155 (I was not joking when I said this was lengthy)

Warnings: Smut, swears, alcohol!

Summary: Your date stood you up, and while you’re waiting alone at the bar, someone better comes along, and you just so happen to hit it with each other off pretty well.

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