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Just Like That (Joshua) // Oneshot

A lot can happen within the first semester of college, especially when you have a friend like Joshua.

Genre: Fluff, College au

Word Count: 3114

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who get easily distracted, and those who are the distractions. Normally, you were the kind of person who would get lost in an endless array of Tumblr posts, tweets, and videos from that side of YouTube at three o'clock in the morning, which always left you with little to no sleep, under eye circles, messy hair, and a blank stare. But as of lately, you had been putting a lot of work into staying on task, since it was your your second week of college.

University was extremely intimidating. Unlike in High School, you couldn’t tell how old or what year someone was. Initially you had begun several conversations in a couple of your classes, to find that a large handful of people you had thought were Freshman, like you, were Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who were just finishing up their G.E’s. It wasn’t like you minded, since age didn’t really matter when it came to friendships, but the massive amount of newness that came with being in college overwhelmed you. You no longer had your parents to cook food for you, and the closest you could get talking to them in person was talking via Skype or by calling them. And it was the same for talking to your friends from back home. They had all gone to different universities, and were probably experiencing similar situations. You found comfort in that. Everyone else was going through the same thing.

But because university was so different and new, you found that you felt more at home when you did you homework and projects whenever you could. Hey, the professors gave you syllabi for a reason. Not only did you feel a surge of pride whenever you finished an assignment ahead of time, but constantly working kept your mind distracted from the fact that perhaps you were feeling a bit more lonely than you were willing to admit. Sure, you messaged your best friend everyday, and you occasionally talked to your parents on the phone, but you had yet to make an acquaintance that you thought could grow into an actual friendship. That is, until today.

“I swear to god,” you muttered in frustration as you tried, for the fifth time, to upload your online assignment to your course webpage. The spinning loading screen appeared before you once again, and you crossed your fingers tightly, hoping by some miracle that the assignment would upload and that you could call it a night.

// something went wrong with your session - upload failure //

“Are you kidding me?” you shouted as you slammed your laptop shut, grabbing your pillow and screaming into it with all the pent up frustration you had in you, “I’m done. I’m so done.”

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    Cheery Christmas music floated down the hall as you dragged Dean towards the library and the waiting Christmas tree him and Sam had put up the night before. Boxes of decorations covered every available surface, lights were already plugged into wall and emitting a warm Christmas glow, and Sam and Cas were turning the tree to find the best angle.

     It took all you had to not jump up and down from joy and pull your boys into a big group hug.

     “Okay, Winchesters!” Cas tilted his head to the side. “And honorary Winchester. Are we ready to decorate?!”

     Your enthusiasm was met with a rather tepid reaction, but you expected as much from your Christmas-oblivious family. Dean had already made his case last night for the pointlessness of putting up decorations just to take them down a few weeks later. Sam hadn’t really said much of anything, though you knew you’d still yet to totally convince either brother that all this was a good idea, even if they were warming up to it. And Cas was just curious, as he was about all human traditions. But you would let nothing deter you.

    You walked over to the table and picked from an assortment of bulbs and icicles, Santas and Reindeers, and picked the first ornament to go on the tree. You turned around and found your boys smiling at you. Maybe you couldn’t resist that hug after all.

     For the rest of the evening you listened to Christmas carols – music even Dean seemed to be enjoying after all this time – drank the spiked eggnog Sam made, and did you best to answered all of Castiel’s curious questions, though you had to admit even you were feeling confused about Christmas by the end of the night.

     You stepped back to admire the first tree anyone in this room had had in a long time. Dean came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest and looking at the tree over your shoulder.

     “Are you happy?” Dean whispered against your ear, his breath ghosting over your skin.

     You smiled and placed your arms over Dean’s, urging him to hold you tighter, and looked around the room at Sam and Cas, at the soft glow of the tree and the star picked by Dean himself adorning the top.


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A Review of Modern Artist Hardware -or- Don’t buy a Wacom Cintiq

Warning: Long Post

Ok, so let me explain first: The art industry/hobby is diverse and no one piece of hardware or software will work for everyone. This is meant for middle market artist who want to level up their digital art experience, or even break into digital art. I want to give my thoughts on a few devices out there, their pros and cons, and why I choose the device I did after a long journey. Plus I don’t see a lot of people talking about the device I use and I think it’s a shame not many people know of this option.

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anonymous asked:

How much does your gravitational pull affect the earth's elliptical orbit?

Alright well first we need to know the gravitational force between Earth and the sun. Let’s use Newton’s gravitation equation which looks like this 
F= G (mM/r^2)
F is gravitational force (what we’re solving for), G is the gravitational constant (6.67x10^-11 Nm^2/kg^2), m is Earth’s mass (5.98x10^24 kg), M is the sun’s mass (2.0X10^30 kg) and r is the distance between the two (approximately 149.5x10^m … sometimes). Plug all those in and we get a gravitational force of 3.57x10^22 N. Whoa! So much gravitational force!
Now that we know all that, we can calculate mine! G is the same - it’s a constant, m is gonna be my mass - probably about 100kg, M is Earth’s mass and…. yep that’s still the same as before. And let’s say I managed to jump a half a meter off the surface of the Earth. Plug in those and we get a gravitational force of 1.59x10^17 N. 
So not fucking much you limp noodle.


Plugs/Eyelits for sale!

eBay makes it way too difficult to search for large sized jewelry, so I’m selling them via other social media.

#1$10 -Purple acrylic double flared eyelits. Only worn once or twice. No real sign of wear. The pair retails for $19.78- My price is $10

#2- $15.00 -Ebony wood double flared concave plugs. Minor surface damage, only noticeable upon examination. The pair retails for $41.00- My price is $15

#3$30.00 -Ebony wood double flared plugs with heart cutout. Basically no signs of wear. The pair retails for $59.99- My price is $30

#4- $20.00-Bleeding Chanel plugs. Double flared. These were hand/custom made. Minor surface damage, only noticeable upon examination. The pair retails for $50.00- My price is $20

#5- $25.00 -Pink lace plugs. Double flared. These were hand/custom made. Never worn, only tried on. The pair retails for $50.00- My price is $25

#6- $10.00 -Pastel pink acrylic plugs. Double flared. Cosmetic imperfection on the back of one plug. Has no effect on the quality or wearability. The pair retails for $24.99- My price is $10

#7- $30.00 -Black bling acrylic eyelits. Double flared. No missing gems. Very minor signs of wear upon examination. The pair retails for $69.99- My price is $30

#8- $10.00 -Black acrylic eyelits. Double flared. Minor signs of wear. The pair retails for $24.99- My price is $10