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He gotta give him that air you know

coffin-dust  asked:

For "send me a ship" can you do Darcy/Loki?

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Loki is the werewolf, thousands of years old and becoming more wolf, less man with every year. Darcy is the hunter, born and raised, but she’s never faced a quarry as skilled or dangerous as Loki.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Loki is the merman (son of the Merking) who enjoys flouting the rules and visiting the surface, luring mortals into the water with his tricks. Darcy is the only child of a fisherman who takes his boat out when he disappears and demands that Loki gives him back right frigging now.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Darcy is the witch, Loki is the black cat familiar who’s actually a cursed sorcerer and brings her a lot of luck with her spellwork. 

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Darcy’s the barista and Loki takes his coffee black with a lot of impatience

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Loki is the professor. Professor of what, nobody’s quite sure. He lectures, people listen, but he doesn’t actually appear in any information provided by the university and nobody can sign up for his classes, they stumble into them accidentally. Darcy needs a bit of spare cash to get through her PhD and somehow ends up as his assistant even though she didn’t apply and nobody at the university seems to know about her either.

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Loki is the prince, obvs. Darcy is the knight, the daughter of a minor noble family who refused to accept her lot in life as “marry an old man and die in childbirth”. Instead, she’s found her niche as a dragon-slayer with help from her friend, the inventress Jane. Only trouble is, when she rescues Loki from the dragon who has him prisoner, she begins to suspect all is not it seems. Like, maybe, Loki’s really a dragon?

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Darcy’s the teacher, still new in the job and not sure if it’s really her calling. It does help pay her student loans. Loki is the widowed father of an adorable, precocious girl in Darcy’s class, but something tells Darcy there’s more to him than meets the eye. Why is an upper-class Brit living in small town Oregon, and why exactly is a six-year-old so convinced she’s a princess?

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Loki is the writer. A pain in the arse, too, but at least Darcy isn’t his editor and only has to listen to her friend bitch about him while she deals with more easy-going authors. Right? What do you mean you’re leaving? Oh hell no, you can’t reassign that drama queen to me.


“Is that dirty enough for you?”

anonymous asked:

Will you talk merman stiles to me? I just discovered the merman!stiles trope and I've been following you for a while and thought you were best to ask.

*clears throat* sorry this has taken me so long to answer, precious nonnie

Alright, but we all know Stiles is that merman who is hella curious about everything human and land-y.

Mer!Stiles who once found a box of abandoned curly fries on the beach and begged his dad to give him legs for a few days so he might find the source of this new holy grail of salty food (the sheriff said no and he sulked for days until his mom gave in and swam them both to the surface, luring a local waiter over with a plate of fries because his mom is the best).

Mer!Stiles who notices a boy with really pretty ears and teeth swimming out to a cove every day one summer. Stiles has no idea who the boy is or even his name, but the boy always reads aloud from something he carries with him, unknown to him telling Stiles stories of creatures called werewolves and dragons- whatever those are- and forbidden romances that make Stiles want to cry because the boy speaks with such passion when reading, making Stiles feel every word.

Mer!Stiles who is kind of terrified of getting too close to the boy, remembering the tales his grandma used to tell him about merpeople who would become so overcome with the desire to take a human home with them, to love and chersh them in the only way they knew how, they accidentally drowned them.

(mer!Stiles ignoring all the stories and getting close to the boy anyway, convinced he would never be able to drown something so beautiful)

The boy introduces himself as Derek. He tells Stiles he won’t hurt him and Stiles laughs, wondering how Derek could possibly hurt him.

Derek has fangs and his eyes can glow blue. He’s the most beautiful person Stiles has ever seen. He likes to tell stories and read about old people in even older books- he brings them to Stiles, sometimes letting him look at the pages and teaching him to read, his jaw dropping practically to the sea bed when Stiles picks it up after only three days  Apparently it takes humans years to learn to read- Stiles finds this fascinating. 

Derek’s favourite food is ice cream and he lets Stiles share his cone with him, bringing a new favour each day for him to try. He tells Stiles he’s pretty and plays with the webbing between Stiles’ fingers as Stiles speaks to him in several different languages. Stiles doesn’t quite understand Derek’s awe of languages but if it makes him happy, he is more than happy to teach Derek what he knows. His favourite, though, is when Derek speaks back to him in Spanish- it makes Stiles feel tingly in a way he never has before. 

Stiles finds out that Derek can hurt him, the day he leaves, without so much as a goodbye.

Mer!Stiles who visits the cove every day for a year, hoping Derek will come back, but he never does.

Six years later, mer!Stiles who recognises a familiar shape swimming towards the cove. Stiles is darker now, his mother captured by hunters, and even though the familiar shape brings him joy the sky crackles overhead, angry and black, unrelenting in its fury and despair.

Mer!Stiles who swims up to the cove, his breath catching in his throat. Derek is older, bigger; he has muscles and a beard. Stiles can’t decide if he likes him, even though he is just as beautiful as he ever was.

The moment Derek sees him, however, looking up at him somewhat hopefully, every feeling Stiles had from that summer comes rushing back. Neither of them say anything but Stiles knows something is wrong when Derek lowers himself into the water, clinging to Stiles like a little kid. Derek had only let himself be that vulnerable once, the first and only day they kissed; Stiles had swam away, terrified, as he had begun to push Derek down, overwhelmed by urge to take Derek home with him- to drown him. He almost didn’t come back after that day.

Derek tells Stiles about a woman called Kate; about how his family had come here to escape her, all because of him. He tells Stiles she he found them anyway, killed everyone but him and his sister, Laura. Stiles holds him tighter and tells Derek about his mom, about how no one comes to the beach anymore because the sun hasn’t shone since her death. The sky continues to crackle overhead dark and ominous, as if reinforcing Stiles’ words, but - just behind a cloud – a little light begins to glimmer when Derek finally whispers, I never wanted to leave you, you know.

Derek and Laura Hale, who buy a small cottage, right on the beach, overlooking the sea. 

Mer!Stiles who, for the rest of his life, goes between land and sea with the blessing of his father; with the last bit of magic from his mother, giving him legs.

Derek Hale who shakes Stiles awake one morning, two years after he came back, kissing the back of his neck - asks, is that the sun? as he looks out of the window. Stiles, who blinks, turning in Derek’s arms, smiles. Yeah, he replies, not even looking out the window, I suppose it is.

The Signs as Sirens

Aries: Hair like fire, long, red, yellow, and seemingly glowing, they’re voices burn just as strong. Their tails are a glistening black that shines in the sun, and fade into tips of orange flippers that seem to wave out like flame. They prefer to lure ships to their island and climb aboard with their strong arms, and attack from there, keeping whatever it is they find useful on the ship. Though they are naturally born with some of the smallest teeth of all the sirens, they are born with the strongest arms to make up for it. They are vicious creatures that show no mercy.

Taurus: Truly of the most beautiful of Sirens, able to lure men before even humming a note. They prefer to reside in large areas of sharp rocks, and they sing songs of treasure before they cause another ship to crash against their dangerous home. They love treasure, and will loot every shipwreck that falls to their hand. Their collections are some of their greatest pride, along side their beauty. These sirens are known to have hair dressed in pearls, usually light brown in color.

Gemini: Tails of glistening blue and yellows, reminiscing that of the sky, these sirens were graced with the fastest swimming of them all. They like to keep moving, and will swim to ships and lure sailors to fall off the edge of their own ships before swimming back to their island. These creatures tend to stay towards the top of the water, or in shallow beaches.

Cancer: A rather innocent looking species, these sirens are sometimes mistook for mermaids, which usually turns out to be the last mistake those sailors make. They have enchanting eyes, that seem to house the ability to capture men with just a look. They prefer colder water, staying away from hotter temperatures. Their tails are a deep blue, with fading shades of icier blues, blending in well with the water around them. Though they seem to prefer isolation from other species, these sirens live in groups of at least four usually.

Leo: Graceful swimmers with tails of gold, these sirens are the crown jewel of the deep. They decorate their golden tail with shells, and love to look rather flashy. Sailors can easily see the bright colors as they swim closer to ships, which is exactly what these sirens want, they gather the attention of the sailors before attacking. These sailors are born with nails like claws, and strong as bone, which make for easier attacks. Some have been known to kiss the sailors after they die, leaving a mark that can sear through to the bone.

Virgo: Tails of deep green that blend in well with seaweed, sirens like are dangerous and beautiful. Their hair tends to be dark, and grows in rather slowly, but it softer than anything in the ocean. They are slower swimmers, due to their tails being slightly shorter than the rest, but that does not stop them from being just as deadly. Their songs mimic that of the loved ones of sailors, sounding different to each who hear the song, and lure them in with the sense of their beloved calling to them. They tend to keep to themselves, and claim caves on the coasts of the ocean or near islands, decorating them with the bones of sailors.

Libra: The social butterflies of sirens, their tails shine in coral and pink colors, with the texture of ribbon, and moving like it too. The take pride in their beauty, and in their voices, which can be heard from miles away. They have a tendency to keep the lockets or personal items of sailors and hang them around their territory. Their songs sing of love, and they usually trick sailors into believing they are human before attacking. Their smiles hide rows of sharp teeth that they use to attack, and they carry with them the old knives of sailors they have kept.

Scorpio: These sirens have a tendency to be solitary, living in the depths of the ocean alone, only going to the surface to lure sailors. Their hair is dark, and overgrown well past the edge of their fins. Their tails are a dark blue which blend with the deep ocean wonderfully, with glowing lines of green that accent the sides of their entire tail. Their eyes are sensitive from living in the deepest parts of the ocean, so they only attack at night. Their song could be heard from underwater, even when you’re above the sea.

Sagittarius: Highly dangerous sirens, with long tails of silver that fade into red, and voices like daggers. They are normally seen with dark hair that seems to be ablaze with fire when the sun hits it. They love to play games with sailors before attacking, acting as mermaids before striking entire ships down. Not many sailors live to tell the tale of these creatures, as these sirens are merciless during attacks, using mainly their sharp tails to slash at sailors. They are usually accompanied by creatures like eels or sharks.

Capricorn: These sirens are sort of rare to find in the ocean. That, or no one lives to ell about them usually. These sirens have an almost impossibly shark-like build in their tail, grey and smooth, with a white underbelly and fins slicing out the back. Their hair is usually tied back, and their teeth are of the sharpest in the ocean. They prefer to speak to sailors rather than sing, talking them into coming to their island, where they attack.

Aquarius: These sirens are usually found near shore, with tails of purple laced with blue at the edges, they are truly stunning. Their voices, sound like that of a goddess, until you get too close, which is already too close to escape. They collect rocks and gems, with which they make paths that lead the curious to their doom. Their hair is usually very long, and light colored, sometimes even decorated with coral. They have an affinity for crabs, in which they keep many around them for company.

Pisces: Tails of teal and mint green, these sirens are quick swimmers, and hard to notice in large waves. Their hair is usually free flowing and takes up all the water around them, filling the see with the light shine of it. They have high voices that sing words of wisdom, but rarely do sailors follow their words before being attack. They have sharp fins that grow in on the outer ends of their forearms that are used to attack sailors. They generally love the company of any sea creature, jellyfish in particular, and are rarely seen alone.

the little mermaid inspired au ideas.

by originalstrumpet

the mermaid & the sailor.
                  after years of watching him sail her father’s seas,
                  she decides to approach his ship on a dark, calm
                  night and reveals herself to him.

the hero.
                 a stormy night arrives, and while it is all calm in the
                 depths of her home, the surface is full of danger and
                 destruction. as she swims home, she sees someone
                 fall into the water, someone half like her, and by instinct
                 she saves him and waits by him until the storm calms
                 and he wakes. 

                 her lifetime wish was to be human, and a witch gave
                 it to her. she could now live freely in the human world,
                 with the condition that she wouldn’t be able to speak
                 ever again, unless she fell in love and was fallen in love
                 with, or she could return to sea but belong to the witch. 

holding fate around the neck.
                 long ago, a sea witch sought revenge against the
                 mermaid and the humans because a mermaid won
                 the heart of the human she loved before she could.
                 after much practice, she managed to place a curse
                 on every human and mermaid. every mermaid’s soulmate
                 was human, and every human’s soulmate was a
                 mermaid, and they all had traditional amulets that
                 were given to them at birth. the only way to know
                 which was your soulmate was being close to them,
                 and hoping that the amulet around their necks would
                 both glow and that’s when they could choose how
                 to be together, in sea or on land. but because of the
                 fears and barriers between them, she figured they
                 could never be together. but she forgot one thing,
                 every curse can be broken.

                 after years of saying no, her father finally agrees to make
                 her human. but making sure she always had the choice
                 to turn back into a mermaid, now every time she touched
                 water, her tail would grow back in minutes. 

where the mermaids are.
                 because of the father’s denial of turning her into a human,
                 the human decides to be turned into a merman to be with her.

                 after long days of curiosity, the mermaid reveals
                 herself to the human and they become friends.
                 they meet by the beach often and exchange things
                 from their worlds, along with laughs, stories, and
                 friendship and/or romance.

siren’s curse.
                 some mermaids are born fine, but others are born
                 with the siren’s curse. humans believed that all
                 mermaids were dangerous, but that wasn’t true.
                 only those with the siren’s curse were inevitably
                 drawn to the surface, where they’d lure men into
                 the sea with their beauty and voice and dragged
                 them down to the deep. and they weren’t dangerous
                 to all the men aboard, only one who they would
                 watch daily and slowly grow to love them. except
                 the one man notices her, and with time falls for her
                 too. so they have to either figure out a way to break
                 the curse, or forever live in different worlds, only
                 communicating from afar.  

peace marriage.
                 the king on land and the king in the sea have lived
                 against each other for too long, and have decided
                 they needed peace. and they would achieve this
                 peace by marrying their only children together.
                 but one must make a life changing decision. either
                 one becomes human to live on land, or the other
                 becomes a mermaid to live under the sea. the
                 problem is, they don’t even want to be friends.

these were just a few plots that came to mind.
some are very vague so the players can choose
the fate. feel free to put your own twist on them,
change up the genders, add people to the plots,
etc. reblog and/or like if you want! just please don’t
repost, steal them and/or claim them as your own.