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From The Ashes (Pt. 1)

Summary: The life of a Outer Rim freedom fighter is complicated enough, without the Resistance’s poster boy dropping out of the sky.

Pairings: Eventual Poe x Reader

A/N: This chapter has nothing to do with The Last Jedi, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out, but you don’t have to worry about spoilers. Not yet at least.

Sweat beaded across your forehead, slipping down the bridge of your nose and divots of your temples, trailing down your neck and burning your eyes. Your hair had long since sprung free of its confines as your booted feet thundered across the packed dirt, expertly picking through the vines and thick foliage that covered the ground. You knew these jungles like the back of your hand, an advantage that your adversary didn’t have, and one you fully intended on using against them. The air hung hot and heavy, sliding down your throat like soup as your chest heaved. The rain would come soon. Good. The mission to intercept the parts and weapons shipment had gone perfectly.

A little too perfectly.

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U-boote heraus!

In the years before World War One the Kaiser became obsessed with building a navy to rival Britain.  But the magnificent dreadnaughts and battlecruisers of the High Seas Fleet were never Germany’s principal fighting force at sea - it was the notorious U-boats, who waged a new kind of war on merchant shipping.

The German navy wanted to fight, but the high command did not dare risk its darling fleet against the superior numbers of the British.  The Royal Navy adopted a chary attitude too, preferring to blockade Germany from a distance to a hammering naval battle at close range.  Thus came the U-boats.  “U-boat” simply means undersea-boat, the German word for submarine, but the U-boats developed a menacing reputation that belied their name.  They prowled the seas like packs of wolves, sinking Allied and neutral shipping and weakening the Royal Navy until battle could be joined on equal terms.

The U-boats were Germany’s trump card during the First World War.  Cut-off from vital trade by the Entente fleets, her shipping cleared from the oceans, Germany risked starvation.  The daring German high-seas raiders that garnered so much press attention during the early months had also all been swept away by April 1915.  The U-boats offered another choice. 

German submarines could take the economic war to Britain by sinking shipping.  Between January 1915 and February 1917, they did just that. In August 1915 alone the German wolf-packs sent 149,000 tons of Allied and neutral shipping to the bottom.  Neutral nations, especially America, complained when their citizens died, but the vast majority of the sinkings followed the rules of warfare, which stated that the submarine must stop its target and allow the crew to take to the lifeboats, and then sink the ship by gunfire.  This was a “restricted” campaign of submarine warfare.  It would be in early 1917 that the civilian government, agonized by the failure of the Battle of Verdun, agreed with the high command that only an unrestricted campaign could hope to bring victory.  This meant ignoring the rules of warfare and torpedoing any shipping without warning; it also meant certain American entry into the war.

It would be more appropriate to call these early U-boats submersibles rather than submarines, because they actually spent very little time beneath the waves.  They were crude, cramped, uncomfortable ships.  Diesel fumes choked up the crew - one officer recommended using opium before all trips of more than twelve hours.

Submerging left the U-boat virtually blind and inert.  Submerged submarines used electric motors to avoid burning up their air supply, which slowed them down, so diving was used usually only to torpedo a ship or to avoid detection.  Normally, a regular patrol submarine could manage a top speed of 14 knots while surfaced and 8 knots when submerged.  It carried four torpedo tubes, a 51-mm gun and a crew of 28.  Other, smaller, submarines were used for coastal work or deploying mines.  Submarines improved dramatically over the course of the war, and in the later stages some patrol vessels could make it to North American waters.

While the torpedo is the infamous weapon of the submarine, they were likely to fail beyond 800m, and rarely sank shallow-draught merchantmen.  The high velocity deck gun was more practical and more regularly used, or the crew could board a merchantman and scuttle it with explosive charges.

The decision to turn to unrestricted submarine warfare in early 1917 may have been the most important choice of the war.  Free to sink anything without warning, U-boat commanders tallied and impressive 3,844,000 tons of shipping between February and June 1917.  They came close to breaking the Entente, but Britain’s vast resources and her adoption of the convoy system allowed the Allies to hold on.  Right up to the end of the war the U-boats hurt Allied shipping, but they never again came close to forcing Britain out of the war.

Half a bajillion french knots later and it’s done. I thought that maybe making a bunch of french knots would help me dislike them less but nah, still think they’re the devil. 

And a detail for the colors. Variegated thread is the best invention. I learned a ton doing this but I’m hesitant to do it again cause ugh. 

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one of michelle’s guy friends is flirting w her at a college party and peter gets super jealous so he grabs her arm and leads her upstairs to an empty room

it got long so there’s a cut

  • so this was partially explored in two fics but i’ll go a bit further i guess
  • pre-warning that probably should have come with a label but people don’t com with labels, is that peter is a jealous motherfucker
  • like jealous
  • really jealous
  • one may think that because he has that super red suit hanging in his closet, super strength, and muscles whenever he flexes, that he would be good, right?
  • but underneath that, just below that which is the surface, is still the nerdy, self-conscious peter parker that trips on flat surfaces, double-knots his sneakers, still mixes all the fountain drinks together, who didn’t stop sleeping with a nightlight until middle school, has to take ten, fifteen, twenty minutes pep talks before doing anything remotely nerve-wracking, spills drinks on himself by doing literally nothing, and blubbers and turns a bright rosy red and starry-eyed when talking to his crush

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What I’ve been noticing a lot of is personal truths are starting to surface on all levels especially between people. I’ve hinted at this before but it feels like people’s internal knots are surfacing into external reality. Everything is flipping upside down and inside out. OBSERVE and LISTEN. There are symbols all around.

Everything that is hidden will be revealed upon awakening….