surface currents

sorry but 5 years later and i’m still convinced that there was no way stefan couldn’t have saved both elena and matt from drowning at wickery bridge

So probably I have too much time on my hands atm, but I need to talk about this scene for a quick minute:

[.gif by carolpeleiter]

A thing is that I happen to think it’s one of the most underrated Caryl scenes that exists.

The backdrop to what’s happening here is so important, because for all of us who ship it like Fedex, it’s easy to get lost in the shippy perfection of this episode and forget where the ep fits into the larger context of the show.

Carol has been banished by Rick, spent three and a half minutes thinking maybe life could be “normal” for a second, found Lizzie standing over Mika’s dead body, shot Lizzie, and offered her own life to Tyreese as atonement for killing Karen and David (not to mention killing a bunch more people in order to save all of Team Family at Terminus).

Daryl has watched Hershel be murdered, thought he and Beth were safe for three and a half minutes, hung out with the nighmarish Claimers, offered up his own life to save Rick, Michonne, and Carl, and been about thirty seconds away from having his throat slashed so he could watch his own life bleed away in a trough.

They’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

But then we get the quiet of this ep, and the entire episode takes place pretty much in two layers. First, there’s the obvious action – the plot. But beneath that surface so many currents are flowing, both Carol and Daryl simmering with emotions they’re not yet willing to directly address.

This tiny scene functions at face value as some amusing banter, a way to lighten the tone of what in so many ways is a deeply somber, sad episode. (Every time I watch it I pretty much want to marry Bear McCreary, omg the music.) Daryl hilariously mocks the painting, and Carol – most likely just to be contrary, although perhaps she merely has interesting taste in art – insists that she likes it.

And that’s where level two comes in. When he says “Stop” in response to her insistence that she actually appreciates the painting, she replies with, “I’m serious. You don’t know me.” She only uses those four words, but what she really means is:

“You have no idea about the terrible things I’ve done. If you knew the choices I’ve made – if you could see everything – you’d probably be running away at top speed, because at this point even I can’t be sure I’m not a monster who deserves to burn in hell forever.”

Without missing a beat, Daryl responds with, “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.” But what he really means is:

“I’m fully aware by now that I don’t know the whole story of what happened while we were separated. But I know your heart inside and out, and no matter what you think you’ve done – no matter what kind of horrifying punishment you think you deserve for your imaginary sins – there is nothing in this entire universe that could make me love you any less.”

And she smiles. An absolutely for real smile.

Because although she’s not even close to forgiving herself, there is some kind of bone-deep comfort in Daryl’s words, in the knowledge that he will always believe in her, even when she’s lost all faith and ability to believe in herself.

She can’t love herself in this moment, but this tiny exchange shows her that he unquestionably still can

And idk, to me it’s just everything.

an ocean of thoughts containing you kept me from reaching land.
i tried to swim away, to go far beyond the scene of my unfortunate predicament, to escape the treacherous waters, but the waves were against me.
next thing i knew, i submerged myself, sinking downward, the blue of the ocean mesmerizing me, the vastness overwhelming me, the depths urging me to explore deeper.
the ocean welcomed me to its own territory, and i let its waters fully envelope me in their grasp, but i was oblivious to their deceit and their intention to prevent me from returning to the surface.
the current became harsher, and a force was pulling me to the bottom, where the slaughter of sunken ships lay and the piles of bones rest.
i fought it, tirelessly swimming upwards, pointlessly kicking and flailing, to the point where i became delirious.
i saw hallucinations of impossible hopes and fabricated scenarios on the surface of the bubbles underwater.
i saw you
and i embraced my fate, no longer foolishly battling the tides.
turns out, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be.
—  still delirious
Yellow Diamond’s Motives

Many people have wondered why exactly Yellow Diamond would want the Cluster. The theories I’ve heard so far are:

1: Homeworld may be fighting a war with another alien race

2: They might be in the middle of another rebellion

3: She wants it out of revenge/spite for Rose and the Rebellion (and Earth)

4: She wants to destroy everything related to Pink Diamond so she can forget and move on

5: She wants to overthrow White Diamond and install herself as the sole leader (with Blue Diamond being manipulated to be on her side)

The first and second theories don’t really make sense to me, because then it’d be awfully convenient that NOBODY, not even the Diamonds, mentioned it on screen. It may be because I’m so used to “As you know”-esque exposition, but it’d be odd that at no point Yellow Diamond says something like “Blue, the [alien species] can’t be defeated without a leader!” or Peridot say “The Cluster was designed in the face of the New Rebellion” (because if you need an uber-large planet-destroying behemoth to take care of your threat, it likely isn’t a secret, unless you’re going for overkill)

Also, from a logistical standpoint, we’re far too late in the game to adequately develop ANOTHER alien species when we’ve just barely scratched the surface of our current one. I don’t think it’s even been hinted at that there’s any other species out there besides Gems. For all we know, Earth was the first planet Gems ever came across to have organic life.

3 and 4 have mostly been confirmed, or at least heavily implied.

“I will take immense satisfaction erasing that hideous rock off of our star-maps!” - Message Received

“Wouldn’t you rather forget her? Won’t it be grand to get rid of it all?” - That Will Be All

Let’s not forget that she wants to shatter all the Rose Quartzes (“She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The rest of them deserve the same fate!”) but that seems to be more out of your standard Homeworld bigotry rather than genuine emotional motives, unless you interpret it as Yellow D trying to rationalize her coping.

So that leaves us with the fifth one. Here we’re left with the same dilemma as 1-2, the fact that literally no one has mentioned White Diamond at all, but then again, nobody mentioned Blue Diamond until The Answer, and that was in flashback as told by Garnet. Peridot may have mentioned her if Steven had jumped in front of her mural in It Could’ve Been Great instead of BD’s, but she got distracted by the mural of her own Diamond so it was natural. Peridot only tends to assume everyone else knows what she knows when its things that aren’t currently relevant (Like Jasper being from Beta; She only brought it up because she found out what Amethyst was going through at the time).

Going by theory 4, most of Homeworld’s modern day interest in the Earth at least stems from Pink Diamond (Peridot says that the Cluster was made after Earth was “no longer a viable colony” in When It Rains), so it can be theorized also that White Diamond has no major beef with the Earth and has since moved on, which is why she isn’t involved in the events of the show yet. Going by the theory that she’s in charge of Homeworld (since she has that sphere at her chest in the mural while her other planets are off to the side), Earth is likely none of her concern at the moment.

Which brings us to what the ultimate purpose of the Cluster was supposed to be: To overthrow White Diamond.

Now, why would Yellow D want this? It could be out of the sheer want of more power, but let’s remember the one other place we may have seen a portrayal of White Diamond: The mural in the Pyramid Temple. We aren’t sure yet who exactly is the one confronting Rose, or what she’s holding (might be remains of Pink Diamond, might be the Shooting Star), but the Gem certainly has the hair for it and WD is the only lead we have (the triangle on her chest is the only evidence against it, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be her gem).

So, if this is true, White Diamond may have led the final major confrontation against Rose, but failed and the Diamonds had to resort to corruption and the Cluster instead.

That would give Yellow D (and possibly BD) quite the sore spot with WD, and an apt motive for wanting her out. Of course, YD has control over Homeworld’s army, as Peridot said in Hit the Diamond, but I think she’s smart enough to think that an army going up against their own people aren’t the most reliable, given how the Rebellion was made up of former Homeworld soldiers, and the solid, undefeatable threat of the Cluster would be a way for her to get rid of WD without having to resort to a society-destroying war.

In fact, “What’s the Use of Feeling, Blue?” and Yellow D implying to catching more humans may be a ploy to get Blue Diamond on her side before she puts her plans in action (though not ENTIRELY insincere; I do think she legitimately loved PD and is still grieving in her own way)

Let me know what you think!

Springs in the Summer (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Hey guys! This is actually a combination of requests. Since two of them were so similar, I just decided to combine them instead of writing two incredibly similar stories. This one-shot includes the requests of “I Can’t Swim!” (with Ham my man) and “Hamilton and the other revolutionaries seeing you in a swimming costume for the first time.” Also, I figured knocking two birds with one stone would be great, considering I didn’t post yesterday; since I graduated from high school! I won awards for high honors, and got my ropes for music honors society, latin honors society and the international thespian society. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragements during my finals, you guys really mean the world to me. But without any further ado, lets get FLUFFING.

The creek gurgled and bubbled cool water beneath your feet as you felt the unforgiving rays of the sun inflict themselves upon your complexion. You were going to miss this place. 

Today was the armies last day working in the area, with the battle already won, there was nothing left to do but pack up and move to the next location for another battle. Although, being a revolutionary war nurse, you often moved from place to place, but for some strange reason, you felt this particular area resonate with you more so than any other had. The camp was surrounded by an oasis of fresh, green grass littered with colorful summer flowers and tall oak trees. However, your favorite feature was always the large creek, an astonishing seven feet deep, that cool,crisp water calmly flowed in. You stood there for a few minutes, watching the occasional fish dart by, or leaf from a nearby tree flutter through the air, then gently land on top of the current, to be swept away and deposited into the nearby pond. 

You wondered how this sanctum and the revolutionary war could possibly exist in the same world, at the same time. 

“Hey.” a voice suddenly said behind you, making you jump at the sudden disruption.

You spun around, startled. Sure enough, it was the major general’s right hand man himself. He always seemed to be running into you.

“Alexander!” you gasped, hand clutched firmly to the front of your uniform, as if to prevent your heart leaping out of your chest.

“My God, you almost scared the life out of me.”

“Sorry,” he replied, “I couldn’t help but stop and notice the impeccable beauty.”

You nodded your head in agreement. “This place truly is a work of God above.”

He huffed, his flirtation sailing right over your head.

“Say,” he began again, “the other revolutionaries as well as myself are all going in for a dip in about ah hour, would you like to come?” His brown, shoulder-length hair fluttered a bit in the gentle breeze.

You were taken back a bit by his request. Typically the nurses didn’t take part in any of the revolutionaries’ celebrations or parties. The men, they said, always were too loud and too drunk. And not to mention, wearing a swim suit around the men would be an adventure all on its own. Most of these men had not seen a woman dressed in anything less revealing than a typical nurse uniform for months. Still, you were quite fond of Hamilton, and wanted to spend your last few hours in the heavenly place with him.

“Yes,” you replied. “I would like that very much.”

He grinned his trademark sly grin, “Very well.”

He grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles softly. 

“I will see you back here in an hour’s time.”

He turned and walked away, the tail of his coat gently flapping behind his as he returned to his tent, probably to write. You turned back to the creek and inhaled a deep breath of fresh air, watching the water gently tumble over the smooth stones that bordered it.

This should be fun.


You could already hear a group of men splashing and laughing in the creek as you made your way towards it. It was nice to see them like this, having fun and enjoying themselves. More often than not, they were on the battlefield, risking their lives for what they believed in, while seeing their comrades massacred. It was nice to see the humanity they still had in them. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as they began a splash fight, looking like little kids. You kept you hand firmly clasped on the bed sheet you had wrapped around your body that doubled as both a cover-up and towel to be used eventually. Not that you had any intentions of swimming, but just to lay on the ground and sit on while you read your book and watched the commotion. You saw Hamilton and his friends, Lafayette, Laurens and Mulligan all in the creek, appearing to be partaking in a game of chicken. Laurens sat on Lafayette’s shoulders while Hamilton perched on Mulligan’s, and the top half wrestled as the bottom tier tried to keep their balance, impaired by the fighting men on top of them.

Finally approaching a spot under the shade of a large tree, you set the book down on the ground, and began to unwrap the bed sheet that covered you. As you slowly removed it, you felt several pairs of eyes fall onto your body. You were wearing a dark-blue two piece bathing suit (one pieces were hard to come by these days due to fabric conservation) the bottom half started at your mid-waist and stopped at the bottom of your hip bone, while the top piece was a halter, wrapping around your neck for support, your breasts slightly spilling out of it. The crowd grew quieter as you stood in the open with such a revealing outfit on, bending down to smooth out your blanket. When you sat down and looked back out on the crowd, you saw that just about everyone’s head was fixed in your direction, and the chicken game that had been going on completely stopped, all four men remaining in position, but gawking at you. You blushed and cracked your book open, trying to take some attention off yourself. The noise eventually resumed, the men going back to their games or conversation, but you felt their occasional glances. Alexander and his gang still stared, when Laurens said something you couldn’t hear. Whatever it was, it caused all the men to laugh, and Alexander blushed as he completely shoved John off of Lafayette’s shoulders, sending him crashing into the water. 

You sat with your book, enjoying it and passing the time. It was good to feel some rays of sun on your skin. Most of the time you were cooped up in the hospital tent, and your complexion suffered because of that. 

Suddenly, drops of water began hitting the paper pages of your novel. It couldn’t be raining, could it? But you found the source as soon as you looked up, a drenched Alexander smiling down at you, beads of water dripping off of his hair and onto your precious book.

“Coming in?” he asked, eager to get back into the water, his crew anxiously waiting for you.

“No thanks, Alex. I’m not entirely fond of swimming,” you responded, dodging your secret.

“Aw, come on… the water’s great,” he pouted, still hanging above you.

“I’ll take your word for it,” you said while smiling, returning to your book and wordlessly dismissing him.

“Fine, have it your way.” he replied, turning around and walking back to the creek. You saw him turn to his friends, and say something while gesturing his head towards you. They smiled, and all clamored out of the water together.

You shot Hamilton a confused look as his friends walked away from the pool. He replied with a large, toothy smile. You shrugged and continued reading your book, ignoring the odd exchange.

Suddenly, an arm reached out from behind you and your book was snatched from your hands. You spun around to meet nose-to-nose with a very mischievous looking Laurens, beaming at you.

You raised your eyebrows at him, then two hands wrapped around your wrists, while another two seized your ankles. You realized it was Lafayette with the tight grip on your ankles, while Mulligan held your wrists. Before you could realize what was happening, they had lifted you up in the air and were quickly carrying you towards the spring.

“Wait, let go!” you screeched, trying to tug your hands out of their grasp, to no avail.

“Calm down, amour eux,” Lafayette grinned as they took position by the side of the water. “It’ll make this easier.”

“ONE!” all four men called out, as they swung your body towards the water.

You fought their hold and shrieked as they swung you away from the water, building up momentum for the next swing.

“TWO!” they yelled again, you began to panic as they swung you towards the water again, realizing you were running out of time.

As they guided your body away from the water, building up power for one last swing.

“Wait! I can’t…I can’t…” you cried out frantically.


You felt their grips loosen and release as you flew through the air.

“I can’t swim!” you screamed out as your body crashed deep into the water.

The cool, crisp water enveloped your body and you heard the laughs of fellow soldiers, watching the display from land. 

Your animal instincts quickly kicked in, as you began clawing at the water around you, trying to find the surface. The current began gently guiding you downstream. 

You desperately writhed in the water and tried to manage your remaining oxygen supply. However, as time crept on and you continued to thrash, you felt your lungs burning in need of air. You continued to try and paddle your war up to the surface, to no avail. You felt yourself being carried even further down the spring.

As much as you tried to resist it, your natural instincts took over as you opened your mouth, and sucked in a large mass of water to try and appease your lungs. You suddenly felt very tired, and seemed at peace with yourself, stopped fighting and let the water caress your skin. Alexander was right. The water was great. Black dots began appearing, growing larger and larger as they ate at your vision. 

Suddenly the world was black. Peaceful. Silent. 

You sensed large crash behind you, as your body decided it was content with the water in your lungs, and began to shut down. 

You weren’t even startled by the hands that hooked under your arms, and began dragging you upwards. Your limp body followed their tug. You began feeling a solid, rough surface underneath you as you were dragged to the shore, and an ear pressed to your chest. Then you a different pair of hands support your head, as a pair of lips connected with yours, and their deep exhale filled your mouth. Then, hands pushed firmly down at the area where your sternum ended.

One, two, three.

The pair of lips returned to yours, filling you with air, then returning to push down on your sternum.

One, two, three. 

The pattern continued on, before you began coughing, sputtering up mouthfuls of water as the man propping your head up turned it, so you didn’t choke. Water splashed onto the ground as it left your lungs, and you were able to open your eyes, vision slowly returning along with control over your body as you desperately filled your burning lungs with air. You looked up, and saw Laurens holding your head, and Alexander hovering above you, pausing the CPR, with terrified eyes. Several other soldiers stood around, worried expressions on their faces and trying to help, but with really no way to.

You slowly steadied your breathing from frantic breaths into slow, calmer ones. Everyone had their eyes locked on you, waiting for some kind of declaration that you were okay.

“Sorry…about…that…” you breathed, as everyone breathed out a collective sigh.

Hamilton gathered you into a hug and you hung limply, your muscles still a bit week from the sudden loss of control.

“Oh God, don’t ever scare me like that again (Y/N)…” 

You managed to place your hand on his back, trying to comfort him.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” you cooed.

The crowd slowly began to disperse as they realized you were fine, leaving only Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Hamilton and you. 

“So…ah, we’re…uh…really-” Hercules began.

Pardon,” Lafayette finished.

“It’s okay,” you quickly responded, not trying to press guilt on any of the men. “You didn’t know, you were just trying to involve me in the fun. No need for an apology.” you smiled, before feeling an immense pressure in your lungs and sputtering up more water, Laurens hand gently guiding your head, making sure you wouldn’t choke.

Once you were finished, you looked back at him and smiled.

“Thank you.”

He returned the grin.

“So…I take it you would like to go back to your tent?” Hamilton offered, trying to get out of the area where you almost lost your life.

“Yes, please.” you responded.

You struggled to get to your feet, and Lafayette quickly rushed to your side and supported you, while Hamilton took the other side. Hercules gently laid your blanket over your shoulders, covering you, and handed your book to Alexander. You felt blood rush to your legs and awaken them as you attempted to walk. Lafayette and Hamilton practically supported all of your weight during the first few steps, where you practically mimicked a baby deer with your wobbly legs. Eventually, you could walk quite comfortably, and Lafayette kissed the side of your head before parting off in the direction of his tent.

“Feel better, petit cerf,” he said before walking towards his tent. 

Hamilton remained by your side and continued to walk you back to your tent as the other men wished you a healthy recovery and made their way back to their tents. you wobbled along with Hamilton, before completely gaining back the strength in your legs, and only having to slightly lean into Hamilton’s shoulder for support. You approached the tent, and you both stood in front of the opening, as you both knew you did not want to go inside just yet.

“Thank you.” you said, breaking the silence.

He looked taken aback.

“Me? For what? I basically told my friends to drown you.”

You chuckled slightly.

“As I said before, there’s no reason to feel guilty. You didn’t intend for that to happen. And I should thank you for jumping in after me, by the way.”

He smiled and hung his head down.

“Ah, it’s the least I could do.”

Silence. You both looked at each other longingly. 

“You know,” he suddenly started, “I was hoping our first kiss would be under less life-threatening circumstances.”

“Ah,” you agreed. “At least we have an ample amount of time to make up for it.”

He smiled. You both slowly moved towards each other, he having to dip his head down slightly as your lips connected into a soft, passionate kiss.

You kissed again, not breaking the contact, feeling his silky, warm lips.

You parted, and then softly buried your head into his shoulder. His head leaned down onto yours, pressing you into him.

“That was really scary.”

“I know.” he responded, kissing the side of your head.

You slowly drew off of him, taking his hands into yours.

“I really should start packing the supplies, we leave pretty early tomorrow.” you started.

“You’re sure you can manage?” he asked, still willing to help you.

“I think I’m fine thank you,” you smiled up at his reassuringly. 

“Well then, I’d better get going, Washington probably needs me by now.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” you said, half statement and half question.

He nodded.

“Definitely,” he said as he pressed a kiss to your cheeks. “I’ll see you in the morning, my love.”

“I look forward to it.”

He smiled at you, then began to walk back to his tent. You watched as he became smaller and smaller, then disappeared behind the flaps of the tent. You could see his figure as he pumped his fists in the hair, jumped up and down and let out a victory cry.

You smiled.

What a dork.

The breeze flowed softly, and you directed your attention back down to the babbling creek, small but still visible in the distance. The leaves on the branches shoot, and you heard the chirping of birds and soft whispering of the long, wild grass as it gave way to the wind.

How crazy is it. You thought.

That little paradises such as this live in the same world and timeframe as a horrendous war.

And how crazy is it, that in the middle of it all, were people as incredible as Hamilton.

3D Perspective layers in FireAlpaca 1.6

First, add a 3D Perspective layer
You can use the Object/Operation tool to resize the 3D layer
Double-click the 3D layer to open it for editing
Camera mode: click again to exit camera mode
Context-sensitive controls (if you change a camera view, click Update)
Object manipulation tools
Show composite canvas = show other paint layers
Select objects or camera views
Rotation sliders (drag the red line), right-click to reset
Add/delete/duplicate objects, cameras
Important hints
OK  to finish editing
Add another paint layer, or use an existing layer
Click the 3D Perspective snap button
The surfaces of the currently selected object will act as “snap planes” for painting
Double-click the 3D Perspective layer to change the selected object
Even if you don’t use the snap button option…
… you can still use the 3D layer for visual guidelines when painting or transforming

La Fantasia de La Sirena (The Fantasy of the Mermaid) Pt. 2

It had been at least a week since he had last seen the lovely mermaid who had stolen his heart away in one breathtaking night together. Jungkook had been keeping track of the passing days by carving a mark into a tree trunk with a sharpened stick every time the sun rose in the morning.

The days passed slowly and the nights without Jimin were lonely and too quiet for Jungkook’s taste. He tried to busy himself with the daily routine of finding food, exploring the island, and gathering little shells and pieces of smooth glass that washed up on the shore.

After a few hours of wandering up and down the shoreline in the sun, he decided he was thirsty and started off down the path to the waterfall and freshwater pool he bathed in and drank from. His mind was on nothing in particular as he approached the clear water of the lagoon and knelt down by the edge to appease his dry throat.


Startled, Jungkook raised his wide eyes to the sparkling water in front of him. He expected to see a fish or maybe a bird bathing in the basin that the waterfall emptied itself into. What he saw made the air leave his lungs in a sharp gasp.


Jimin’s lithe form was swimming in his direction, his tail creating gentle ripples and waves in his wake.

“J-Jimin? Is it really you?” Hastily, Jungkook lowered himself into the water and waded closer to the merman, closing the distance between them easily.

Gracefully, the ethereal creature glided to a stop in front of the human boy and smiled sheepishly. His tail was swirling back and forth underwater to keep him above the surface, creating tiny currents that tickled Jungkook’s ankles.

You are just as magnificent as I remember. Where have you been?

Hesitantly, Jungkook reached out and caressed Jimin’s smooth cheek the way he had before the merman had disappeared. If he had found the other boy beautiful in the moonlight, he was absolutely radiant under the generous rays of sunshine. His skin was glowing with happiness and health, the scales of his tale reflecting the light even submerged.

“You…” Jimin echoed in his bell-like voice. He sounded relieved, as if he had been afraid that Jungkook wouldn’t be on the island still. The expression on his face shifted to something more mischievous and he splashed a bit of water at Jungkook with his tail.

“Hey, no splashing!” Jungkook protested as droplets of water hit his face and slid down his neck. It wasn’t like he actually minded the playful mood the other boy was in, though, he did wonder where the merman had been for so long. Returning the action, he tossed a handful of water at Jimin.

A soft squeal of surprise left the merman’s parted lips as he stared at Jungkook for a moment, his eyes dancing with fun.

Before Jungkook could even register what was happening, Jimin’s tail swept a wave of water over him, drenching his hair and causing it to drip in his eyes and down his face.

Oh, it’s war now.

With a yell of mock outrage, Jungkook started wading hastily toward the merman. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping to accomplish but he wasn’t going to let the other douse him and then get off without the same treatment. He would be lying if he said that playful Jimin wasn’t one of his favorite things on earth.

Widening his eyes almost comically, Jimin started swimming backwards, his tail working powerfully to propel him away from the dripping human. His eyes were glittering with amusement and anticipation as he kept a wary eye on Jungkook.

Once he was up to his waist in the cool water, Jungkook paused for a moment to see if the merman would also halt his movements. Sure enough, Jimin stopped swimming backwards with a curious look on his face, likely wondering why the chase had ended to anticlimactically.

Three… two… one…

Lunging forward, Jungkook caught the merman around his slender waist and hauled him against his broad chest, keeping a tight grip on his hips so he couldn’t wiggle away. A startled sound erupted from the petite orange haired boy as he squirmed and protested in his silvery language, his hands pushing at Jungkook’s solid chest.

Jimin’s body was warm and slick with water, the skin of his hips smooth to the touch until it melded into slippery scales. Jungkook realized that, though he had kissed the merman, he had never felt him this personally before.

“Jungkook!”  The merman squealed and thrashed wildly, the water on his skin making it hard to hold onto him. Jimin’s head was tossed back with laughter, his eyes dancing with fun as he struggled against his human friend.

Despite the writhing, giggling merman in his arms, Jungkook managed to keep his grip. He marveled to himself at how right it felt to hold Jimin so intimately though they were playing a game. He must have lost himself in thought for a minute too long because the fairytale creature suddenly went still in his arms.

Snapping out of his daze, Jungkook gazed down at Jimin in surprise. “You’re not going to try to get away anymore?” He asked in a curious tone, wondering why the merman had decided to give up. He was met with wide eyes, realizing that Jimin was pressed up against him in a rather suggestive position. Their chests were brushing with their close proximity and a shuddering breath left Jimin’s parted lips.

“Anymore…” The merman echoed before he leaned up and daringly pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss.

Warmth and desire flooded Jungkook’s system as he let his eyes flutter closed and returned the affectionate gesture. His hands rested perfectly on Jimin’s waist as he drew the other boy more firmly against him. The action elicited a quiet sound from the merman which the human swallowed eagerly as they kissed.

Parting for air, Jungkook kept his close proximity to Jimin and rested his forehead against the merman’s own. Their eyes met in a moment of intimacy and the human was struck by the clarity and mysterious allure glistening in the sea creature’s gaze. There were so many unspoken stories and words dancing just below the surface of the crystalline irises and Jungkook wanted to hear them all and understand them.

They stood like that for what felt like an eternity, basking in each other’s presence in the peaceful quiet of the cove. Jimin’s tail stirred up gentle ripples underneath the surface as the sun shone down generously, illuminating his skin and dancing through the vibrant hues of his hair.

Even in all my travels, I’ve never seen anything that holds a candle to you.

Months passed with Jimin visiting the island on and off throughout the weeks at varying times. Jungkook no longer worried about not seeing the merman again because he learned to trust that his friend would return sooner or later. There was no rhyme or reason at all to the timing of Jimin’s appearances but it gave the stranded sailor something to look forward to.

On a day when he was alone, Jungkook was standing on the sand of the shore, gazing out across the vast blue ocean. He had no idea where he was in relation to his hometown since his ship had capsized in the middle of a voyage. His eyes closed and his mind wandered back to the night he had been swept overboard as he wondered how he had survived.

A splash and the icy impact of the water rushing up to meet his skin was the last thing he remembered before his entire vision went black. He was sinking, down into the dark depths of the night ocean as his body weight dragged him further away from the surface. The sound of the waves crashing against the hull of his boat suddenly went silent and all he could hear was the rapid beating of his own heart. Further and further he went, falling into an abyss of midnight where he couldn’t see, hear, or breathe. Slowly, that faded out also until every one of his senses dulled and he went unconscious, his fingers outstretched longingly.

No matter how hard he tried to remember anything after that, his brain couldn’t seem to recall. He must have floated to the surface and then been washed ashore on the island but he found it highly unlikely since his clothes would have weighed him down. Jungkook wondered if any of his crew had gotten as lucky as he had but doubted it because they surely would have searched for him; their captain.

Growing up with a sailor father, he had been introduced to the ship and her functions as soon as he could walk upright. Sharp in his memory was the day his father had finally allowed him to sail around the inlet of their home port. He remembered the proud look on his father’s face as he watched his son man the wheel of his prized ship.

He could almost hear the sound of the hull parting the water before her, the sails billowing out in the wind and the clanking of the bell hung above the cabin door.

And then he realized that he could almost hear the familiar and nostalgic sounds because they were actually resonating through the air. Opening his eyes hastily, he saw a ship in the distance,  approaching the shore where he was standing.

After a moment of shock and disbelief, he started waving his arms around and yelling in the hope that they would notice him. “Hey! Ahoy! Help, I’m stranded on this island!” Jungkook raised his voice as loud as he possibly could, wanting his words to carry as far as possible and reach the ears of the crew.

Steadily, the boat drew nearer to the sand before an anchor was tossed over the side to maintain the position. With wide eyes, Jungkook stared at the proceedings, praying that they had seen him and were coming to rescue him. Before long, a smaller rowboat was lowered down into the water with several barely visible crew members inside of it.

Hardly able to believe what he was seeing, partially convinced that he was trapped in a dream, Jungkook waded out into the water until he was up to his knees and waited to see what would happen next. As he stared, barely allowing himself to even blink, the rowboat drew closer and closer until he could make out the faces of the sailors inside of it.

“Hello! My name is Captain Min Yoongi of the ship Agust D. Do you need rescuing?”

In response to the slight man who introduced himself as captain, Jungkook nodded hastily and called back, “Yes! I’m Jeon Jungkook. My ship, the Butterfly, capsized and the rest of my crew was lost about four months ago.”

Aided by the gently rocking waves, the rescue boat drew close enough that Jungkook could easily climb in when the time came to depart the island. The crew set their oars down and tossed a makeshift anchor over the side to keep themselves from floating away while their captain continued his conversation.

“Well, well. I’ve heard tales of the infamous Captain Jeon. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard rumors that your ship had been lost at sea. Such a devastating turn of events.” Captain Min shook his head dolefully as if picturing losing his prized ship. “Would you do us the honor of accompanying my crew and I back to port?”

“You have no idea how relieved I am to be rescued at last. I had accustomed myself to the idea of living on this island until I died.” Jungkook admitted to the captain, accepting the offer without a second thought.

Nodding his head good-naturedly, the captain surveyed the island in curious wonder. “Do you have any belongings that you’d like to retrieve? My crew and I will wait here for you and maybe do some exploring of this island.”

“Actually, I–” Jungkook started to say that he didn’t have any belongings other than the tattered clothes he was wearing until he saw a sudden flash of silvery scales in his memory.


“Um, yeah, there’s something I’ve got to take care of before I go. I’ll meet you back here as soon as I’m done! There’s some really cool looking trees if you go down that way.” Pointing towards the other end of the island, Jungkook attempted to send the exploration crew away from the freshwater lagoon where he always met Jimin in case the merman decided to show up.

As the crew started hopping out of the boat into the shallow water and wading ashore, Jungkook took off down his worn path to the waterfall, hoping and praying that he would be able to see his mystical creature one last time before he departed.

When he arrived at the edge of the clear pool, he raised his voice slightly and called out to alert the merman of his presence. “Jimin? Jimin, it’s really important.”

Silence mixed with the bubbling sound of the waterfall greeted his ears as he stood anxiously on the shore. His heart was pounding so loudly that he was sure it was actually audible to the human ear as he waited for his friend to appear out of the water.

Regretfully, Jungkook turned away, not wanting to be away for too long in case Captain Min and his crew came looking for him. He had just taken two steps away from the lagoon when a familiar voice stopped him in his tracks.


Spinning around, Jungkook caught sight of Jimin swimming hastily towards him. The merman was out of breath and his cheeks were flushed, signs that he had come to their meeting spot as quickly as he could.

“Jimin! I was worried I wouldn’t get to say goodbye before I leave.”

“Goodbye? Leave?” Jimin’s brow furrowed as he neared the edge of the pool and rested his arms on the rocky ledge, gazing up at Jungkook in confusion. Over the course of their relationship, the merman had picked up on several different words and used them whenever he could to try and communicate. It was apparent that he was distraught even though he was confused at Jungkook’s sudden summoning.

Kneeling beside the water, Jungkook caressed the smooth curvature of Jimin’s cheek tenderly with his hand. “Yes, I have to leave now… there’s a boat here to rescue me from this island.” He wasn’t sure that Jimin would even be able to understand what he was saying but it was worth a try.

Leaning into the human’s touch, Jimin stared up at Jungkook and bit his lip nervously. Something was clearly not right and Jungkook had a feeling the merman could sense it even if he wasn’t able to comprehend the verbal explanation.

“Jungkook… goodbye?” With a forlorn look on his features, Jimin murmured the words in his sweet voice, raising one of his dainty hands to Jungkook’s wrist to hold his hand against his cheek. Crystalline tears were forming in his round eyes and it took a great effort from Jungkook to keep his own at bay.

“Yes, Jimin… I have to say goodbye to the island and–”

You. You, my Jimin. You who is more beautiful than all the sunsets we’ve ever watched together combined. You who has taught me what it feels like to love another unconditionally.

His voice broke before he could utter the last words he had intended to say. Despite his determination, tears started to overflow from his eyes and slide down his cheeks and his thumb stroked over Jimin’s cheekbone.

The merman’s lips parted as if to say something back to Jungkook but nothing came out as their eyes met. As if drawn in by a magnetic force, the human leaned down and pressed their mouths together in a fleeting, emotion filled kiss. All the thoughts running through Jungkook’s mind crashed to a halt as the feeling of Jimin’s plush lips and the taste of the sea overtook all of his senses.

He would have stayed like that forever if he could have but in the distance, he could make out the sounds of the captain and his crew on the beach. Not wanting to jeopardize Jimin’s freedom and happiness by letting him get seen, he pulled away from their kiss reluctantly.

“I have to go now and you should return to your underwater home before those men catch sight of you.” Jungkook whispered, inches away from Jimin’s soft lips.

“Jungkook… I…” The merman replied, his voice full of melancholy and sadness, pressing another chaste kiss to his lover’s mouth.

“What is it, Jimin?” Jungkook asked curiously, wanting to know what the other boy was trying to say before he had to leave their meeting spot for the last time. “You what?”

“I… love… you.”

Shock filled Jungkook’s system as the merman formed his first ever sentence on his own. He had always repeated and echoed select words from whatever Jungkook said to him. And to have something so meaningful and full of affection and hope leave his coral lips made the human’s heart nearly come to a stop.

“Oh, Jimin… I love you, too… and I–”

Before he could finish what he was saying, a shout nearby alerted him of the presence of the crew drawing near. Hastily, he kissed Jimin again before straightening up, gesturing for the merman to swim back the way he had come to avoid being found.

“Go! Quickly, Jimin!”

His urgent words were greeted by one last longing look from the merman before a soft splash signaled his disappearance.

Shortly after the pool had gone still again, Captain Min and his crew emerged from the path and Jungkook turned to greet them with what he hoped was a non-suspicious smile.

“I’m just about ready to go. I wanted to see this place one last time.” He explained, gesturing to the view of the waterfall emptying into the lagoon.

“Ah, you’ve fallen in love with the island, have you?” Captain Min asked with a playful lilt to his voice.

“You could say that… but it would be more accurate to say that I fell in love with what the island has shown me.”

I fell in love with a merman whose beauty cannot be compared to anything on this earth no matter how far you sail around the world. I fell in love with the sea because it’s his home and it will always remind me of bubbly laughter, sunset orange hair, shy glances, and the taste of the ocean on coral lips. I fell in love with Jimin.

This Mobile Masterlist Hopes 2017 Doesn’t Play The Author Like 2016 Did

Alright, minions, this is the last Mobile Masterlist of 2016! I thought we could bid this garbage year goodbye with an easy-to-access, read-while-you-wait-for-the-ball-to-drop compilation of literally everything I’ve written on this blog. This post is the mobilized version of the “Masterlist” page for all those unfortunate enough to be viewing my writing on their mobile devices. We pray constantly for your safe deliverance to a laptop or other computing device. You’ll find links to every piece of writing I’ve posted to this blog listed below by character, genre, and in chronological order with the most recent work listed first. Everything continued or part of a continued story line is listed on this page in groups of collective stories, and can also be found on the “The Story Continues…” page with additional details (brief summary of each installment and story, genre, links). Links should open to a new page, so don’t worry about losing your place on your dashboard. Anything you want to read can be found directly below, linked, sorted, and desperate to be discovered. It’s all down there waiting for you. Happy New Year, minions. Over and out.


Continued Imagines: 6 (“Through An Iron Door” - “Let Me In” -/- “Warden” - “Guard Down” - “The One With Wings” - “This Is Gospel”)


- “Check Yes, Juliet” - “From The Depths” - “Anything But Zeppelin” - “Unintelligible” - “Finals” -“Carve” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Off The Beaten Path” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Eavesdropping” - “Damaged Goods” - “The Pit” - “A Miracle” - “Groceries” - “Use Your Words” - “Can’t Bail On Tradition” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “Perfect Length” - “Demon Spawn” - “Ink And Amulet” - “It Suits You” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Tutor” - “A Mutual Confession” - “Ransom” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Driving Miss Daisy” - “Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” - “Abandon All Hope” - “Choose” - “Control” - “She’s Taken” - “You Have No Idea” - “Don’t Judge A Book” - “Save Me” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Family Don’t End With Blood” - “These Boys…”  - “Sam”


- “A Welcome Distraction” - “Silence In The Shadows” - “Wiggle Room” - “Here’s To Forever”


Continued Imagines: 9 (“Angel Radio” -/-“A New Look” - “A New Approach” -/-“Gone Without A Trace” - “Marco, Polo” -/- “Best Kind Of Liar” - “Little Blue Lines” - “Better Late Than Never” - “Home Delivery Services”)


- “A Heart So Big” - “Scorch” - “Loophole” - “Carve” - “Strictly Professional” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Meet The Parents” - “One Foot Over The Line” - “Uh… Mrs. Winchester?” - “Lover, Hunter, Doctor” - “Stay” - “Bubble Bath” - “Hopeless Romantic” - “Soap Suds” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “When, Not If” - “Different This Time” -“Heartache” - “Date Night” - “Us… Someday” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Assisted Living” - “Just Studying” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Honey, I’m Home” - “Broken Bottles” -“Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” - “Responsibility” - “Choose” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period”- “Night Terror” - “Everything Will Be Okay” - “Waiting Up” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Doctor Doctor” - “These Boys…” - “Shortened Tempers” - “A Case Of Fetch” - “Stage Kiss” - Handcuffs” - “Dean”


- “Better Than Research” - “If The Tent’s A Rockin’” - “Losing You…” - “You’re Mine” - “The First Time”


Continued Imagines: 20 (“At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing” - “Wandering Thoughts” - “Warrior Of Heaven” - “When You Wake” - “The Ultimatum” - “A First Glimpse” - “A Flared Soul” - “A Final Farewell” - “The Crosshairs” - “The End” - “Heavenly Repair” - “Northern Lights” - “Human Emotions” - “The Natural Progression” -/- “In The Name Of The Father” - “Et Filii” -/- “Under The Spotlight” - “Lock And Key”)


- “Watchful Eye” - “Preference; Your Angel Cheers You Up” - “Love And Let Go” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Nicotine” - “I’ll Be Seeing You” - “Prayer And Promise” - “When the Ball Drops” - “If I Had Lost You…” - “You’ll Be In My Arms” - “A Flirtation”- “Seven Minutes In Heaven” - “Under The Influence” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Jump” - “Chains” -“A Heavenly Stranger” - “More Than You Can Chew” - “Bake Day” - “Stars” - “Shoulder To Cry On” -“Overprotective” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Keeping Company” - “Feeling Human” - “The Fall”


- “Like A Virgin”


Continued Imagines: 5 (“Mr. Lonely” - “Forming Habits” - “Conflicting Emotions” -/- “Come Ten Years…” - “Just A Pinch”)


- “Tugging On Heartstrings” - “Usurper” - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” - “One Up” - “The Jester King” - “Prince Of Hell” - “Running With The Devil” - “A Proposition”


- “Torture Chamber”



- “Preference; Your Angel Cheers You Up” - “Playing Doctor” - “Familiar Face” - “Too Good” -“Designated Flier”



- “From The Fire” - “Breath By Breath” - “Where Have You Been?”


- “Roll Of Thunder”



- “Overworked”


- “Walking On Eggshells”



- “The Great And Powerful Oz”



- “Watch Your Step”



“Parent Slash Guardian Angel”



- “Puncture Wounds” - “Moonlight Memory” - “Beneath The Surface” - “Amber” - “Current” - “The Riverlands” - “Adaptation” - “Taking Rides From Strangers Never Did So Much Good” - “The Unexpected” - “Whisked Away” - “The Dare” - “Breaking Tradition” - “The Light” - “Strange Beginnings”


- “The Liberation” - “The Ballad Of An Unseen Shift”


- “Loss Is Every Breath”

What can I help you with?

Hi all! Mod Terra here!

I’m still in Italy taking my class, but I’m starting to think ahead, which means I have a question for all of you:

If I were to start writing posts this summer, what topics would be most helpful?

I can generally cover topics related to geology (i.e. locations of ore deposits, formation of geologic features), paleoclimate (i.e. linking temperature and precipitation patterns to the landscape), paleontology (i.e. general patterns in evolution, how evolution relates to climate), and oceanography (i.e. surface vs deep ocean currents, global ocean circulation).

Basically, I’m hoping to spend some time writing posts after I return to the U.S. in a couple weeks. But first I want to see what people would be interested in. These would be relatively generalized posts, which will hopefully be useful to multiple people with their worldbuilding.

So, tell me what you want to hear about!

-Mod Terra

Help me please

Hey!! I need your help! I really, really need a normal decent laptop, because the Windows surface tablet I am currently using is the worst shit ever. Skype, Steam, everything that isn’t from the Windows Store or made for the surface’s Windows modification isn’t supported and doesn’t run, even installing anything besides this windows 10 modification is nearly impossible without major hacking skills. I cannot even install anything besides Internet Explorer, and the tablet overall runs terribly slow, since most websites don’t support IE anymore. I don’t blame it on the Surface, since it’s made for office working wherever you are and not for game development and blogging, which is why it’s cut short on all “unnecessary” things so that it has a stronger battery

I don’t know too much about technology and I have even less money. My future laptop should:

-Have more than one USB port (lol every Laptop has that. Except mine, which isn’t a laptop)

-Have a CD slot where you can insert actual real life CDs without additional hardware ((sobs softly) I this even possible ,,, oh I forgot most people can do this)

-Run with a newer version of Windows but,,,,the normal, tolerant and accepting windows (starts crying),

-Not be too small, like, I don’t need a huge ass screen but it shouldn’t be less than 40cm/15” (Is that even a normal laptop size?? You know, average laptop size, you know)

-Have enough RAM to properly run Tumblr

-Have a real, physical keyboard that you can press and not some shitty onscreen touch whatever yeah, NO TOUCH OPERATIO WHATSOEVER PLEASE

-(sobs) Does the MS office package come with windows?? I don’t know anymore (sobs harder) but I definitely need the MS office package I can’t survive without PP and WRD because I need them for school to

-not cost over 400€ (€ not $) and be available over amazon with shipping to Germany lol. I don’t know if that’s even possible. Even 300€ will take me a shit ton of time to pay off but well. Better would actually be laptops up to 300€ but I don’t wanna be picky. (still sobbing softly)


Thank you a lot!

anonymous asked:

What would you say is a better way of world building in the fantasy world?because I have struggled with it when writing my own story with fantasy/sci-fi elements. The problem comes with striking the right balance, giving enough information and not too much as to overload the reader. So what would be a good example, in your opinion?

I am possibly not the right person for this, because I love being dumped into a world with no explanation - for example, Yoon Ha Lee’s Ninefox Gambit just hits you with concepts straight off the bat. I love it. Other people are like ‘what’s going on?' 

But I think Robert Jackson Bennett does a good job in the Cities series - his history is obviously right under the surface of the current plot, and since most of what happens is about that history and his “magic” system is very important to the plot, the reader needs to know, but he doesn’t do info-dumps - he does characters finding out about things as we do. 

I am again not the right person for this, because I really enjoy characters talking about the world they’re in and how it works (see this thing from a thing I was working on)- but only if you have a really good excuse for it. In the thing I linked, the characters are talking about how to use the worldbuilding to defeat their enemy. Which I think is a perfectly good way of doing it. 

(I’m also not against scenes/dialogue like 

“Let’s sneak out and go on the town tonight!”

“Hm, let’s not. Your father, the king,” Eseria said pointedly, “will have an absolute shitfit if his daughter gets murdered in a dive the day before she’s officially made Heir." 

Some people might say it’s "as you know, Bob” dialogue, but, like, here Eseria is emphasizing how bad an idea this is; also, “Do you want to go out tonight?” “No, I have a final tomorrow” is perfectly normal real-world dialogue, so.) 

This is another μηδὲν ἄγαν case - you can definitely do some dumping, I think, but I’d prefer if authors let us figure it out. 


I am going to start doing commission based sigil drawings.
I can do a photo of the drawing /OR/ a digital copy for $5. I can also draw a small approximately 4" x 4" drawing on regular paper in black ink, and mail it to you for $10 - $20 -/+ depending on shipping.

I’m also willing to take custom orders such as larger prints, different colors, all painted on different surfaces (currently I have canvas readily available along with PVC board and card stock) I can also charge the item on my personal alter for a while if requested. Cost for those situations would be determined after the project is discussed.

If you have any questions please see below- if you are interested or still have questions please feel free to send me a message!

Q: Why for a commission?
A: Because I work 43+ hours a week as well as have a chronic pain condition so putting energy towards extra things can be a little difficult. However- I love drawing sigils for people. The ones you see above are examples I’ve drawn for friends and have decided to share. Since I’ve sent them to my friends they’ve all come to me and told me that what ever it was they were trying to achieve happened with help of the sigil, therefore I feel as though it’s a gift I should share.

Q: What is a sigil?
A: Sigils are a symbol, usually associated with spells or magic/Magick or metaphysics. You take a phrase or something you are trying to embody and you turn it into a symbol. For instance, if you were having issues with a plant looking a little extra gloomy or not growing the way it should be, you can create a symbol for “grow” and place it on the pot of the plant.
Something to keep in mind though; sigils ONLY work as hard as you do. So in this example it would almost with as a subconscious or maybe conscious reminder to take extra good care of your plant such as remembering to water it or move it into sunlight. Like most forms of metaphysics, you create your world around you. Sigils just help you to give what you need more leverage. So basically if you don’t put any sort of energy towards it the sigil won’t do what you need it to. If you try and you do put energy towards it the sigil can help to amplify it.

Q: What if I don’t like the way it looks?
A: If that is a concern then this may not be the best bet for you. Since there will be genuine energy going into these, I may not be able to draw multiple versions. I can certainly try however it may increase the cost.

Q: so what do I need to do from here if I want to commission you?
A: send me over a message stating what you are trying to accomplish through the sigil and if you’d prefer photo/digital copy or physical copy shipped.

Q: how do I pay you?
A: either with PayPal for Facebook messanger.

Q: Can I request a sigil for anything?
A: not anything. I will not make a Sigil that is intended to cause harm to anyone or anything. I will not create a sigil with malicious intent behind it and it will be left up to my judgment on rather or not I feel that is the case. I’m mostly a white witch, I won’t wander down the left hand path that much, Keep that in mind.

Q: will you share my sigil publicly?
A: likely yes unless you ask me not to or it seems as though it’s more personal and should be kept quiet.

Q: Can’t I just use one of the ones you’ve already created?
A: I mean I guess you could if you wanted to be an art thief. You should also be aware that the energy put into it is not for YOU it’s for someone else therefore it may not work the same way.

Byron did not do with the Gothic hero-villains what Blake and Shelley did–infuse them with existential force, ramify them profoundly. Rather, Byron made the Gothic hero-villain into a bourgeois attraction, the merely interesting man. For if Byron is himself the hero-villain–an original enough stroke–he never confronts what’s darkest in himself with a transforming urge.

Byron lacked all capacity for introspection. He had a sharp, mercurial mind, capable of lightning response to events, but he had the analytic ability of a songbird.

And what is darkest in the Byronic hero is not really very dark. He cannot see deeply enough, look with sufficient coldness, to reveal anything truly disturbing. Byron is forever playing at evil. He’s sentimental, shallow, always posturing, never conveying the intensity of precursors like Hamlet, or even of Ambrosio. The Byronic hero is charismatic, but thoroughly conventional and small-scale in all of his crises and woes. He performs the role of alluring aristocrat to the philistine middle classes. Without intellectual capability, without emotional nuance, the wildly popular Byronic figure cheapens the image of the Gothic hero-villain, and makes the serious Gothic-visionary encounter that much less tenable.

Byron had what Freud would call a stunningly mobile libido. He was able to shift commitments of psychic energy with the speed that an accomplished trader can move futures on the floor of the Exchange. Byron never rests where he might be caught out an made to commit himself. He’s always on the move, always changing–in part out of a fear of being confronted for the opportunist that he is. He’s radically attractive, but loves no one but himself.

Byron turns the idiom of the Gothic into the stuff of Hollywood entertainment; his persona influences every cheaply alienated actor from Humphrey Bogart to Jack Nicholson, as well as the femme fatale. In his vision of life as endless irony (for what is irony but the expressed unwillingness to render full investment in one’s beliefs or relations?), he offers a deconstruction of the various modes of mental strife that Blake and Shelley and Emerson practice. He’s a progenitor of everything in the Anglo-American mind that’s attracted to our various postmodernisms, predicting and endorsing the world of parody, cut-up, pastiche, mime, impersonation, repetition, surface flash, and ceaseless movement. (If David Letterman could rhyme, he’d be a second-tier Byron.) Byron saps the potential for Gothic and visionary conjunction, leading culture toward a new age in which wisdom lies in the art of sliding well on surfaces. In the current cultural imagination, one of Gothic’s main alternatives is the skimming mode manifest in the postmodern culture of unabated irony.

—  Mark Edmundson, Nightmare on Main Street: Angels, Sadomasochism, and the Culture of the Gothic [1997]


NASA time lapse simulation showing sea surface currents around western Europe. The visualization covers 11 months, from16 February ‘05 to 16 January ‘06. with each second in the video representing 2.75 days. The different colours represent current depths - white flows are nearest the surface, and darker colours running deeper.



It’s an unusually hot day in California which means it’s really fucking hot because it’s already hot as hell in Cali. The heat caused power outages leaving multiple neighborhoods without power which meant no tv, no lights, no wifi, but most importantly, no air conditioning. You couldn’t even in plug a fan because there is no electricity. All the stuff in your freezer and fridge is probably going to go bad before someone fixed the problem so you decided to savor the last cold stuff you had. You and Frank had already drank about 5 beers so you’re a little tipsy. 

Now you’re sitting outside in a bikini next to a shirtless Frank, trying to eat all the Popsicles before they melt but it’s not looking like you’re gonna make it. You’ve eaten 3 so far and you just started your fourth and there are 20 left. It’s hard not to make a mess and not drip Popsicle juice everywhere since they’re melting so fast in the heat but you still trying your best to slurp all the juice into your mouth before it can fall from the sticky dripping treat. Every so often you pull off the Popsicle with a loud slurp and a satisfying *pop*. You were about to put back in your mouth when Frank sets his book down, turns to you, and takes off his sunglasses. 

 "Listen, if you keep sucking on that Popsicle like that, I can’t be held accountable for my actions. Alright?“ He says smirking at you. 

You slowly push it back in your mouth until it’s completely gone and the only thing sticking out is the wooden stick. You raise your eyebrow and put a middle finger up on each hand. He reaches over and slowly pulls it out of your mouth, licking his lips while his eyes were focused on yours. He sets the Popsicle down in an empty cup on the table next to you then places a hand under you chin as he leans in and connects your lips. You can feel him lick the cherry flavor off of your lips as you place a hand on the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Just as he wraps an arm around you, his phone rings. He pulls away and sighs. He looks down his phone to see who it is before putting it back in his pocket. 

“It’s Gee. He’s here to get me.” He says, standing and putting his tank top back on. He bends down and picks you up, you wrap your legs around his waist and drape your arms around his neck. He carries you inside and back out the front door, setting you down on the porch. 

“I gotta go, Babe.” He says when you refuse to let go. You pull him towards you into a hug and he nibbles on your neck a little before leaving a kiss. You both suddenly jump at the sound of Gerard honking his horn. 

“It’s hot as fuck, hurry up so we can get this over with!” He yells out the car window. Frank kisses you one last time and you wink as he gets in the car and leaves. You go inside to start finishing off the now lukewarm beer and mostly melted popsicles, taking them back outside and laying on a towel on the grass since it’s the coolest surface outside currently. Not even 5 minutes after he left, you receive a text from Frank:


::This was quite the clever idea for an imagine, and by far I think this is going to be my favorite imagine, thanks Anon! I feel like breaking the forth wall in some way today, talk to me, lovelies::


(F/N) - Friend’s Name

(F/D) - Favorite Drink

          The job you’d always wanted, and you everything was finally right in the world. All of the hours spent pencil pushing, and now you were here; This plush office life was just for you, a comfy chair, room with a view at the pay- The pay was- Alright alright, Who are we kidding, you’ve all read my other stories. The reader is never a hundred percent okay in any of them; so let me tell you about how your life is really going. In reality, your back breaking work meant nothing, surprise! This is real life, So let’s give you a lesson 101 on how much of a shit show it is; You’re working in what you were sure used to be a closet, seeing as how the were no windows. Your chair, was straight from the kitchen table, you even had to buy your own cushions; And your position might as well be the assistant to the assistant’s assistant, so you were basically basically paid fuck all. Yeah, It was that bad; Now let’s spice it up with some fun, phone call!

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! So I'm kind of sloppy with my pattern making and I play it by eye and I know it's not really good to do that, so I was wondering if you guys have any tips on drafting patterns? Your patterns look so neat and clean and you guys do a very nice job of figuring out what needs to go where

There’s a lot to say here and I’m slowly working on a master post for drafting patterns, so for this ask I’m just going to start with the right tools for the job, because that tends to make a huge difference. When Christine taught me how to draft this way, my cosplay game surged. Having the right drafting toolkit is invaluable.

A typical draft for us includes the following tools:

White drawing/sketch paper. We buy this in a 50 yard roll, generally around 36″ wide. You can probably expect to pay about $50 for this, which is a decent start-up cost, but Christine and I have both been working on the same roll for about a year and a half now and we’ve done probably 25+ costumes on it and we’re barely halfway through.

This is the paper you’ll use to draw all your patterns on, flat, without seam allowances. All your patterns should exist primarily on this paper, because they are the foundations of your drafts: if you want to make changes to the pattern, this is where you make them. If you want to add decorative seams on the pattern, this is where you make them. Making your patterns without seam allowance here also means you can “pull” pieces onto the tracing paper with different seam allowances as you so desire.

We also keep these and label ‘em and pull them out again from time to time. Shazz’s Lucina tunic, for example, was initially traced and pulled from a 60s dress pattern that Christine had made for Shazz, and then I refined it down into its own pattern. More recently, I pulled Anna’s sleeves from Say’ri’s sleeves – Emmy and Syd are the same size and the characters have the same style sleeves, so why not? If you’re making costumes primarily for yourself, you might do this a lot, coming back to re-use old drafts or adapt old drafts. If you know they already fit you, might as well!

Tracing paper, typically Borden & Riley #41 tracing paper, bought in 20 yard rolls, 36″ wide. These cost about $15 CND from Curry’s and generally get a good number of costumes out of them; the current roll I’m working on has done almost all of Tiki, Anna, Libra, Say’ri, Ike and Emmeryn. (Not including Tiki or Anna’s capes, including Emmeryn’s cape.) (These also make great gifts for cosplayers, given their functionality and price point.) This paper is what your final patterns are on, traced from the drafts you’ve drawn on the sketch paper – you trace them and add seam allowance as you desire. 

Various quilting rulers. I believe these are called 8th rulers, but I’ve encountered so many names for them that I’m not sure what to call them beyond the quilting umbrella. We like quilting rulers because they typically have a lot of demarkations we use a lot, and they measure across the entire surface of the ruler, rather than just down one edge. I can measure 3/8ths away from an edge (looking through the clear ruler) and then draw a straight line that is exactly 3/8ths away – that kind of thing. Something like these Westcott ones in 18″ and 26″ are great.

A french curve. With enough practice you can draw curves like a beast with a straight quilting ruler, but a french curve will help you get all those angles. Plastic three-piece kits like this one are cheap but invaluable; I think I’ve been using the same $3 ruler set for like ten years now.

A large eraser. You’ll make changes. You will. Standard Staedtler white erasers are my favourite.

Mechanical pencils. Don’t use regular pencils. A 0.5mm mechanical pencil will prevent you from constantly running to the sharpener and your lines will be neater, thinner and hopefully smudge less. Regular pencils will get you dull lines as they lose their sharpness.

A big surface to work on. Currently it’s the kitchen table for us, but when necessary we will spread out on the hard floor; try to avoid this whenever possible because it will hurt your back and knees over time. You may want to acquire a large folding worktable or find some sort of dedicated surface to work on that isn’t your kitchen table, too; my table is 10+ years old and looks like hell already so I don’t mind working on it, but lots of craft work will eventually damage the surface. The poor thing gets wiped down from graphite and pencil nicks and whatever all the time. 

Good lighting. We don’t have this and it is slowly killing me.

Scotch tape. Sometimes we use the tracing paper to trace an element, mirror it (flip the paper over) and then tape it to another part of the pattern to repeat something. Alternately, we sometimes use it to trace and element and then MOVE it in the pattern. Notice how in that image I wasn’t using scotch tape? That’s because I was out of scotch tape. Scotch tape is neater and thinner, and while harder to reposition than masking tape, a lot less distracting/ugly.

A flexible tape measure. Need to make sure two seams are the same length? This guy. Need to do a long distance your quilting ruler can’t cover? Make notches along the way with this guy. Need to figure out a measurement on yourself and transfer it to paper? This guy.

Paper scissors. Sing it with me: you never, ever, ever cut paper with your fabric scissors. Keep dedicated paper scissors and dedicated fabric scissors and never, ever cross over. In this household, we mark the handles of paper scissors with white electrical tape. You know there are commercial locks on the market specifically to lock your sewing scissors together to prevent the ignorant from using your sewing scissors to hack into cardboard? I’m serious. They’re wonderful.

Some sort of filing system. Patterns are very easy to lose. We use standard 8x11.5″ envelopes for our patterns, sometimes larger/thicker for bigger projects. If a pattern is not in use, it goes in envelope – no excuses, don’t lose pieces. (But hey, if you do… you can trace another off your draft!)

Some sort of labelling system. Nothing sucks more than unfolding a dozen drafting papers trying to find so-and-so’s shirt or so-and-so’s pants ‘cause later down the line you realized you could use it again… if you could find it. 

Anyway, them’s the basics :) I’ll try to follow up soonish with more on this subject, because I honestly think it’s the most helpful thing I’ve learned in this hobby, hands down.

- Jenn

Mind Games (Part 2)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Nogitsune Stiles x Reader, Stiles x Reader
Warnings: Kidnapping
Writer: micoools
Summary/Request: Part 1: X

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