owlphallacies  asked:

either WHIRL SHENANIGANS or Tailgate and Rodimus hanging out

You betcha! (Did Rodimus comet surf, or meteor surf? I can’t remember the exact wording and the wiki is very unhelpful) 

“So you like the hoverboard thing a lot right?” Rodimus said, during the rare and extremely unlikely occurrence where both he and Tailgate were in the same elevator, alone. “You know, you should try comet surfing sometime. It’s kinda similar–but better.”

“Better?” Tailgate’s vizor scrunched. “Really?”

Rodimus leaned down conspiratorially. “Oh yeah. Way more fun. You can do so much more cool stuff.”

“Really!” Tailgate’s demeanor changed immediately, from suspicious to delighted. “We should go sometime!”

“Totally! Hell if we re-route the ship we can hit up a cool little surfing spot by next week!”

Tailgate beamed at his Captain, excited. “Awesome! Would you show me some moves?”

“You betcha. Hell I’ll even show you some videos, right now…” The elevator dinged, the doors sliding open and releasing the two to wander down the hall, discussing all kinds of “badass” (and dangerous) stunts one could pull, and how much faster you went than a plain ol’ hoverboard.

Somewhere, far off in the ship, twin bolts of dread raced down Cyclonus and Ultra Magnus’s struts, causing the same thought to occur to both.

‘What is he doing now!?’


An awesome commercial for the Jiujiteiro (brazilian jiu-jitsu brand).
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